Friday, October 04, 2013

of teaching, supervising and such

Nice..I m in my writing mood on this blessed friday... we ll see whether I am able to post this one or it may end up again in the draft section.. hahaha
By the way.. i am a bit busy with classes, students and what else... more tests for the students. we are now in our 4th week, so there is another 10 more weeks to go before the semester ends.. wohooo...
I have submitted my sabbatical leave form and I guess they will approve my application. I got fed up with some people in the faculty and feel like gonna quit at that time...
But then, i got back to my sense, thus life has to be continued with or without the malicious people surround us.
and out of sudden, i was called for an interview for the Faculty's selected lecturer! darn! and this means more and more works to be done. I mean how on earth i am being selected for that category? My HOD must be in her impossible mood last time when she nominated me for the 'award" and next tuesday, I have to go for an interview with another 5 shorlisted candidates to convince the juries of my potential performance.. the question is Do i have one? wohaaaa... in silence i did curse my boss for submitting my name to the commitee.. I mean compared to other 'makan garam' lecturers.. i am still building mounds of salt hills instead of consuming  em.. got what i meant?
Frankly speaking, I do enjoy teaching.. the students expressions on their face while gaping their mouths when I told them stories related to the syllabus is priceless. But there are several cases when they gaped their mouths as in snoring would just bring some irritation to anyone who teach them hahaha. but this is neither the time nor the trend of hitting their palm with the ruler anymore.. or make them stand on the chair as our primary school teachers did to us many moons ago.
Some of the students especially the guys are even taller than me.. ehem i am only 4'9" mind you..
But what enjoys me the most is seeing them expressed their ideas in various forms. I frequently ask them to do  presentations in unconventional way. hence, they came up with scenarios, drama, pantomime etc, and the class will roar with laughter when they performed. Their acts were way better than the AF thingy or they can even beat the comedians in superspontan show hahaha.
hey wait... am i still on the same subject? Come to think of it, the chances of me being selected is like 0.0001%. How do you compare yourself with a pediatrician, ortopaedic surgeon, pathologist or family med doctor? I neither have their expertise nor experiences. Hmmm..

on a lighter note, I am going back for Eid-ul-Adha. We ll be having our 'korban' at the isolated kampung with beautiful sceneries ( I hope). None of my siblings will go back except me and my sister who is living with my mom. Anyway, she 'd be very busy with her stroke patients and i doubt whether she's be able to make it on that day. She has moved back to the general hospital which is only distance away from my parent's.
By the way, I ve been spending my weekend by making trifles, a type of simple pudding dessert. ever since I brought it to our dept meeting + potluck, a few have been requesting it from me. So i gave them for free, and with that my brother called me ' a trifle entrepreneur" hahaha.. I'd be so  lazy to bake or make edible things and have to eat it by myself tho. My niece whom is in her fresh year is always unavailable and therefore, I cant ask her to spend her weekend with me.
I am still stuck with one thesis report  and the faculty is very quiet on friday. I have 7 final year students who will be doing their projects under me. They came just now asking about their proposed project.To answer their questions about so many things have worn me out hahahaha.
taaa.. till next time

Monday, September 16, 2013

Now and back then

I guess i m getting even lazier to post anymore.. yet i have time to watch the korean drama series which i am not able to catch up on tv.. duhhh
there's nothing interesting in life too.. as I lead one monotonous, boring life. I mean.. how would I go on and on with my work.. lectures are still lectures... students come and go.. i got fed up of my postgraduate students.. how many times i have been babbling about that?
does this world consist of non-stop complaining? should i rant about it again and again? nahhh i dont think so..
I guess i have lost the passion of writing.. I used to love writing... I wrote essays and fiction stories when i was younger.. hahaha
when i was on leave due to medical problems 20 years ago, i spent my time doing cross-stitch, wrote interesting articles to Jelita Magazine.. and they gave free gifts like a set of tupperware containers when the article got published. hahaha those were the time.. and every week I got to guess the list of the songs in Muzik Muzik.. and once i managed to get it right. and they gave me RM1000 for that...I remember i bought an exercise equipment with the money and treated my family with an enormous dinner..
and later i became fit to go back to school, soi neglected the hobby.
I guess my life was more interesting during those years.. we are not too engrossed with the internet.. there was no FB yet, and people do not post some weird status and post whatever unnecesary pictures.. ( ok i have to admit the reality btes when i watched lawak ke der 2 a few nites ago.. lol)
We lived in an honest and unpretentious world last time.Nowadays, I cant even ask my niece to chat with me when they always glue to their laptops 24/7.
Even people confide their feelings and how they felt in the internet..we may become advance in technology.. but our lives have not improvised..
am i complaining now? Darn...
ok enough crap..


Friday, August 23, 2013

Eid and Excuses

I guess I do not have the mojo anymore... Blog writing has become the bottom item in my to do list. What can I say.. Age is catching up with me. and every now and then, I hear news about more demises...
and that has made me think... we do not have tat much time... and it has even made me sick to the max when people keep on posting of what's happening all over the world in their FB. Its a reminder... yes.. I know that.. indeed..

Come to think of it, I should have become a recluse.. isolating myself from the community.. moving to another world which there are only animals and carnivores.. hey wait.. I might end up been eaten by them... okay.. next plan...

Frankly speaking... I am so tired.. I mean mentally tired..the only thing that would put smile to my face is when I am no longer making excuses for not doing things that I am supposed to do ( Okay.. blogging is not in my to do list).

Just a few hours ago, I received another ( and many more) excuses from a student who has disappeared for quite sometime.. without any news or progress. I emailed.. whats-apped.. called.. but to no avail. The last resort was by telling her friend that I m expecting some results on her project, which has been delayed too long after her wedding. and she emailed me with more excuses..

I do not want to start preaching. again with the klise line of.. "during my time... pbhttt"

I guess quitting is the trend nowadays...

Wait... making excuse is even more popular... and blaming others.. comes second..

Enough said...

Anyway.. on a happier note.. which has put a crooked smile on my face.. I managed to accomplish something that I dream/planned before. A few years ago, I posted something in here, and every year I dream of seeing it happened for real. And this year, when those 2 makciks came to collect their duit raya, I voiced out my idea to them, and they said, they ll ask around. I even gave my sister's hp no, as she would be around in KB, in case the ketua kampong calls him.  A week after raya, they came back and updated the news. My father who is also into this idea, asked them to find the cow, if they ever knew any cow breeder. and just early this week, I got a call from my father saying that he was going to see the cow owner and at the same time purchase the cow for the korban. Looks like we are going to have a meaningful eid-ul-adha at the kampong this year.The kampong is actually far from my home and  also quite far from the main road. and I know the people there will appreciate the korban performed by my family this year.  And I can see that it is gonna be a yearly event for the incoming years. In shaa Allah.

Btw, last eid.. was the same as before. while everyone went to so many houses for makan2, I had my compulsory visit to the remaining aunts and uncles. And most of my time.. I spent it at home. It so happened that I am the only one who did not suffer from any diarrhea, emesis, sore throat or fever. owh well, celebrating the 1st Syawal doesn't mean that  you r free to feast yourself with loads of food. moderate is more like it.. haha

The new semester is gonna start in a week time.. wohoooo... I am anticipating for the year to end.. as I ll be having my sabbatical leave then. Not sure where to during the leave thou.. maybe I am still stuck in here...

Last but not least...

Selamat Hariraya from the purple (la pulak) family.. pbhtttt... Thank God I was in a different color... a Raya theme is a big no no to me..:)

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Iftar and demises..

I have several drafts which i never posted. whilst everyone keep on posting their menu for iftar everyday without fail, I never had enough courgae to post my daily iftar menu, as i have to admit I am not a good cook. I never want to bake as I do not like any sweet cakes. the only cakes that I eat are the traditional bahulu, and the traditional steamed cakes which we called it as "ambong'.
Last year, thinking that my knee was still weak to cook for iftar, i ordered the food from an online service, called 'mangku* tingka*'. It was such a bad service as some days they just cancelled the service due to the lack of despatchers. the menu was terrible too. It came with such a tiny portion, and with the cost that they charged, i assumed that I ll get better food. therefore, half of the fasting month, i had to order from pizza hut delivery service. owh well, lesson learnt duhhh...
This year... i ve been cooking everyday.. there's nothing to brag about tho, as it is only meant for one mout.. yes... moi...
the problem with me is, i do not know how to cook for one person, ended up, i have to eat the same food for days. and i kept on repeating the same menu as those are the dishes that I do not mind having it every alternate days hahaha.
Btw, tesco online made my life much easier ni, as i am able to order mygrocery online,and i guess i am now addicted to it as i ve been ordering the grocery online every fortnite hahaha ( mati la bangkrup nanti). the only thing lacking is, all those poultries and fishes come unprocessed.  whilst, in a normal mini market, we can ask them to clean em for us. So far, my iftar menu consists of grilled chicken, grilled fish, sea food tom yam,spicy sambal chicken, spicy sambal sotong, chicken soup, cabbage pickles and mixed vege. once a week, i had fried kue teow, fried mee hoon, spaghetti... come to think of it, it was indeed a long list.. hahaha
during sahur.. owh well.. i woke up for sahur without fail. there were some leftovers from the iftar, so i dont have any problem to eat sahur.. I had preserved fruit pickles, dried fish pickles, beef floss from hometown.. yes, those are the things that would increase your appetite during sahur...
Btw, next week will be the last week before going back to hometown.
on a heavier note, there were too many demises in the family for the past few months. 2 months ago, my youngest aunt from mom's side passed away, when we were in Turkey at that time. and 2 days ago, my 2nd youngest aunt's husband passed away due to lung cancer with brain metastasis. it came quite a schoked to all of us, as he was diagnosed after my cousin realised that his speech was quite slurred after he came back from umrah last may. thinking that it was an early symptom of stroke, my sister asked him to go to husm for a further check up. a few days later, my cousin called my sister again, narrating an amnesic incident of an uncle this time. he had a ct scan later, when the doctors told us, it was secondary brain metastasis. everyone in the family was so nervous, cos we never thot that he had cancer and the big question mark was, where was the primary one? after underwent a contra- ct scan, it was comfirmed, he had lung cancer stage 4, and it has already metastasized to brain. we didnt know it till it was too late :(
he never showed any symptoms, and he was normally thin back then, so we never thot.........
The brain rapidly degenerated,, and before we knew, he could not recognise any of us anymore..
he passed away last friday, on the day of nuzul quran...It's gonna  feel awkward when we visit my aunt this coming raya.
sooner or later, we re going there too.  I only want to give as many good deeds to my parents before the time's come.... when they are still alive.. those are the things that we, the chldrens should do, before it is too late.
Anyway...Selamat HariRaya to everyone... May we have a blessed and meaningful eid this year..


Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Viva Istanbul

Safely arrived in KLIA from Istanbul on the early dawn yesterday. am still on leave today, as I need to  gain as much strength for the tasks starting tomorrow.There'd be paper markings, viva, thesis reading and the list goes on and on..
On a happier note, i did enjoy Istanbul and Izmir, tho I never got to visit most of the tourists attraction. and I guess this is the first trip that i did not spend much on shopping. when u r with elderly people, u cant go anywhere as much as u wanted, and need to attend them. Its ok. I am actually learning something from this trip, and patience is one of them :)
Next trip... ermm.. maybe Tunisia or Albania..and it will only happen next year. I need to start saving thou..

Till then..

Sunday, June 02, 2013

Wake me up when the year ends..

Anyong ha seyo :)

No, I m neither  in Seoul nor in any area nearby this K-pop country..
I am still at home..spending the rest of the weekend peacefully..I totally agree with the idea of recharging yourself on weekends  and start your first gear back in the beginning of the week.
I guess i m getting older (undoubtedly) and eventually  losing my energy and with that I have to conserve the remaining of my energy for something which i plan long time ago. Previous week was so darn hectic. and when the internet was unavailable at work, I felt like crying for no reason and blame on the administration for giving me so many deadlines.. ( I m such a drama queen).
Hahah no, i didnt blame anyone, but me. I thought I ve been working hard enough, but still I couldnt finish it on time. Since last week marked the final week before the final exam, all events were held on  the same day, but at different time.
I went to a seminar on tuesday while neglecting the viva voce session on the same day. My disappearance somehow went unnoticed.. hahaha.. so much for thinking that I am such an important person for the event. Anyway, we have 25 other assessors, so my comment was not that crucial tho..
I rushed back rite after lunch tho, to attend another proposal presentation. and the next day, i have another proposal presentation for the whole morning. on thursday and friday, i had the time to key-in the attendance, marks etc, before they closed the portal. and then i noticed that there are 3 students whom are not able to sit for the final exam. They do not fulfill the requirement of 80% attendance to be able to sit for the finals. Major disaster!!
.. and this is the perfect time i should write... "during my time, such things were not happened at all.. bla bla bla".
The problematic students, one of them is a girl whom has created  so much headache to other  lects. She claimed that she is not able to attend classes as she need to give injection to her father ( i think its due to diabetes, and her father only wants her to perform that, not others, and because of that she cant attend the classes.
Can you believe that? I mean, why her father has turned so selfish and wants his daughter to inject him? and the next thing i heard, she was somewhere in Japan during the semesters, and she must be having good time as she posted her pics in her FB.
when i counted how many times did she really attend the class, it was only in the beginning of the semester, tho she did show herself during the tests. she failed both tests tho.
During my time (here is goes again lol), nobody bothered if you were absent for a whole semester, its your doing, so you must accept the consequence. but nowadays, we have the ISO, and u have to give full concerns with these kind of students. not that our concern will  make them a lot better and improvised,. yet, its best if they got kicked outta university bcos they are such spoilt brats.
even during the class, you can see students go in and out without reasons, eating and talking right infront of your nose. and when u warned them, you ll be in their black book, and you will be also poorly evaluated by them. Education nowadays.. *sighing*
and when u give exm questions which need them to think a bit, an applied questions, they will report us to the academic division, that we did not give them any notes on that question., and how they supposed to answer it when its not in the lecture *rolling eyes*
I wonder, is this why there are major increment of students who obtain more straight As nowadays, because they only memorize what they read.
Ok, enough with the blabbering..

I have gotten Task 2 from the teamleader and the deadline is on 21st June. I ll be doing more readings as there are10 disruptors and their protein targets need to be cross validating. and many more to come in July.. and that makes me.. ermm all work and no play makes me a dull one? lol
I am already dull with or without works..

till then..

Sunday, May 26, 2013

If i could ease the pain... but the ego hurt the most

How do you feel when you have to lie down on bed for 5 months, with your leg fully bandaged, and you cant even squeeze your toe, bcos your leg was so fu&kingly hurt and you have to wail yourself out every morning when it's time for a dressing.
And you dream of tossing and turning on bed like you used to do. whilst at the same time you ve been lying on the same side forever, and GOD knows how sore your body was due to the similar awkward position that you have to bear for 5 months
To top it up, you have bedsore, pressure sores in both of your calves and you cant even put your feets properly on bed due to the wound..
to worsen it all, you have every feeling-less and empathy-less HO who poke your every vein and artery in your body, without even looking at the pathetic patient's face. and when they cant get the blood outta vein, they scolded you for being agitated, and never want to admit that they are suck in that particular procedure.
yet, there is one or two who really respect the patients and will drop by every now and then and asked how the patients felt.
When others are so stuck up, and boasted about their med degree obtained from university of liver pool .. pbhhhttt..
Indeed, i suffered. not because of the pain and wound and all. but the 'well mannerism' of those Houseman officers whom think that they are all qualified to bark, torture and neglect the patients' feelings.
You have taken your Hippocrates oath and within a year, you totally forgot about it.
I lost count of all  the HOs whom i met and yet, I only remember these 2 sweetest HO who treated me as a human being. I have even confidently told them, that they ll become great doctors later.
Anyway, this happened almost 3 years ago, and the memories suddenly came to me, when i take a look at those HUGE scars on my leg, as  reminder that i ve been there and felt that.
and that reminds me of an HO who ignored me thou i begged him not to poke me on the artery of my leg, I even begged him not to poke me anymore after unsuccessful countless times, and asked him to call someone else who is more expert, but he ignored me and he did that, and again it was another unsuccessful attempt. with tears brimming on my cheek, he continued doing that until another HO stepped in and took over the procedure. He left without even apologizing.
and that is how efficient he is..
I still remember his face and i wish i can see him back and giving him 2 pieces of my mind. Just you wait. I know that you d not gonna be a great doc with your kind of darn attitude..
on another note, the scar is looking much better now. I can even feel it at times, and some muscles is getting stronger by day. I am now using the leg as often as i could to strengthen it. It still an ugly sight to look infront of the mirror thou, but I ll survive.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013


As expected i spent all day to attend a viva which took half day and a faculty meeting which lasted till 5.. sob sob.  so much for carrying my laptop all the way from home, when all i got to write was just a few lines.
anyway.. a good mail was waiting for me in the morning, when the first thing that i read has actually brightened my day.  I got the grant.. yess! and with that I d gotta start looking for the future postgrads..Anyone interested? hehehe you d be rewarded with monthly lunch treat at Red Wok hahaha. ok.. not funny.
on another note, when u re so bz, u tend to skip meals. my last meal was a pack of nasi lemak in between the viva session.. and a cup of coffee after the meeting ended. than, i had 2 mushroom soup from pizza hut, which left me feeling nauseous afterwards. i just induced my gastritis again...
owh well.. anthr drastic ending..


Tuesday, May 14, 2013


Remember the task that I am supposed to submit tomorrow? well, i had accomplished the task earlier, when the team leader told me that he only wanted me to name the disruptor and its protein target, that's all. so i  submitted mine 2 weeks ago. there are still several members who re still not clear with what they r supposed to do.. so they inquired the team leader in the email which can be read by everyone who's involved. I told my colleague, he should ask earlier, and why he did that in the last minute hahhaha. i m so glad i ve accomplished mine.
and this morning, the first thing i read when i opened my email was, the team leader instructed me to explain why did i chose that particular disruptor for my area and please include all the references that can support my proposal. and he wanted everything by tomorrow... huwaaaa
there's one thing that i always want to avoid... ie doing things at the last minute. I know i still have 24 more hours to do it, and he just wanted a short explanation regarding that.
I remembered i read everything related with that, but i have a big problem of compiling all those informations and come up with just one conclusion.  It was killing me, so i spent half day to read and browse thru all the journal, but i still have no idea how to start it.
asked for a one day extension, tho, tomorrow will be spent in the viva and the fac meeting. and the day after tomorrow, i am supposed to take blood tests and xray prior to my rheumy appointment.
i felt like crying when i cant even foucs on my readings today as students kept on coming into my room. ...
owh well, this is too depressing to continue..
sob sob...
why cant he asked me much earlier for the task,...
i m feeling so demotivated now...


Saturday, May 11, 2013

words arent enough..

Oh my.. it's mid may already? what have i been doing for the past few weeks? Life seems to pass by in a speed-like nowadays. All I could remember was, before the D-Day, i got to lecture for a few hours, and in the afternoon, invigilate the exam. and in between, i was too occupied to notice what i ve completed. Come Friday, i was in KLIA, catching an early flight to KB. on the D-Day itself, i had an early queue at the saluran 3, for the poll, whilst my parents were downstairs in a longer queue. we did come early, but it seemed that everybody had the same thought as us. I had to wait for 1/2 hours for ma and bak to finish. Cma e across a neighbour at the saluran 1, whom queued along with the parents. Looked like she knew quite a lot about me when she suddenly asked me regarding the incoming trip. "Are you going there to study?" she asked me and I shook my head so hard while glancing at mom.
We had breakfast, at one of the indian restaurant, and I had tosai. Later, i found out that mom was the one who told our incoming trip to the neighbour. and it was quite surprising as mom is not a person who like to boast about her children.
" It was tiring to listen to her boasting about her daughter", and priorly mom told us that the neighbour was telling her about her visit to KL, to take care of her daughter whom recently underwent angiogram. since the neighbour went on and on about her KL visit, mom cant take it anymore, so outta blue, she blurted" I am going to KL too next month, as my daughter is taking us to Istanbul" . hahahaha.
She also felt like adding " what's the fuss about taking care of your daughter in KL, as i went to and fro for 5 months taking care of me 2 years ago,"
Indeed, she was. I was hospitalized for 5 months in HUKM, and my mom was with me during my critical time, for 5 months. In one of the surgery, i was pushed over and i looked so pale, that she volunteered to be with me that night. knowing her condition,which was not that stable, with hypertension and all, i told her to go back, as I can manage my self. but she did that nite, lying on the cold floor in the ward.
back to the d-day, ...
in the afternoon, mom got a call from her sister, regarding her youngest sister, who is also staying in the sister's house. My youngest aunt, has been diagnosed of schizoprenia for almost 15 years. Her condition worsen each year,and last year, we managed to bring her outta house for treatment. Before that, she was in denial, and shooed us of everytime we asked her to go to the hospital. The condition was stable for a few months, until recently, my aunt noticed that her youngest schizoprenic sister did not take her medication anymore. to cut the story short, we managed to take her to my mom's. and my sister, has brought her to the hospital last monday. we have decided to take her to old folk's home, as that is the only option now. My mom and her other normal sisters are too old to take care of her. and I am quite worried that my mom's BP will drastically increase after this. However, the procedure will take quite sometime, so in the mean time, she is staying at my mom's.
on monday morning, i came back via the earliest flight to KL, thinking that monday will be a public holiday for selangor. It was, but the Dean emailed in the early morning, instructing us to work as usual. since i was half way to home already, i asked the cab driver to drop me at the faculty. There was no one in the faculty, only a few staffs who might have read the email, and while i was there, i just finished a few tasks till 5. and guess what? they later announced that monday was a public holiday and for those who worked on that day, they will have and unrecorded leave. very clever rite.. and tell me, when should i insert the leave in between my working days as i always have appntments,lectures or vivas or bla bla bla, every day.
I seriously need a holiday. I m having the back pain, waist pain and knee pain frequently nowadays.
owh a sudden ending..


Sunday, April 28, 2013

Rest and Digest :)

Sunday morning again!!
Eh, correction.. sunday afternoon.. seems like a few hours has passed since i woke up, watched tv ( while having breakfast), showered, hesitated between doing house chores and transforming to  a couch potato all day long... I voted the latter..:)

Anywayy, life was hectic as usual. I had like a few hours lecture on tuesday, and been doing my homework ( of reading some more articles ), whilst cursing myself in between the readings for being too challenging haha

The teamleader finally replied to my email asking for an extension for the task. It seemed that my email has straightly  went into his junk, which explained his silence all these while.

He apologized for that and told me that he can only extend it till the end of May. So i replied back saying that i thought he purposely ignored me for the illogical request that I made. anyway, i told him that i have already obtained some ideas about  the chemical disruptot and its protein target, yet I am still having difficulties to put all the ideas on paper, with all those lectures and exams and viva which need my particular attention.
and he replied back that i do not have  to write a paper as he only wants the name of the disruptor and its target. That's all!

hahaha... I was so worried that i didnt digest his email clearly.. yes.. i did come across his request in the earlier emails, but since he attached another document which i went thru later, and in the document itself, they asked everyone in the team to put all the ideas in a format attached.

It seems that, i do not have to do that yet. That is only applied to other 11 teams, and in our team's part, we need to do a lot of cross check in validating their ideas, and that particular task will start onve we have all the fed backs from all 11 teams.

So, I am so relieved with that, and i intend to submit mine next week. Yeay!!!

No more flight or fight response, yet i am only into rest and digest now lol.
and as I will only let my parasympathetic system works from now on, I wont have anymore of the panic attack, even though I ll have 4 hrs lecture which start at 8 tomorow morning.

On an interesting? note, I am going back to KB for the election. I have no idea, where did I get so much excitement in wanting to vote this year, tho I did not in the previous election. This will be my 2nd time tho. I have taken this effort to go back, whilst during previous election, I never bother to go back, hahaha
well who knows, my vote will actually determine who's the parliament member selected in my area.. (dream on pbhhtt)

My mom has been asking me whether I will be voting at the same area as theirs. I told her, that i have voted once and I remembered going with her to the same school to vote last time. and she was like "did you?"
With that, I have to logon to  SPR website again to check whether I am still able to vote this year...


Saturday, April 20, 2013

Adrenalin rush

Saturday morning!! (ok, it is afternoon already.. how time flies)
Weekends are supposed to be spent loitering infront of the idiot box, by changing its channel every 5 minutes. No lunch included.
Yes.. that's how I defined my kind of weekend. It should not be spent by triggering my adrenaline as I have yet to write a review paper less than a month!)
.. and am sorry Mr Weekend, I do not have time to even turn on the tv as I am now extremely occupied with a lot of readings and to understand what I ve been reading...
Ok, I lied. I did turn on the tv this morning, but it bored me off as every one in the tv are so busy elaborating on the incoming election. 
Whats with me having a hectic schedule for the next incoming weeks, I know I won't have time to steal some working time allocated for this task.
I should not have 'gatal' applied for this work in the first place.
But then, a year ago i did not have much work to be done, nor any lectures to be delivered.
So here I am, burning the'midnight' oil in pretending trying to accomplish this given task. I know, by completing this paper, they will actually review my performance   laterwhether I d be able to retain in the team.
Nevertheless, I ll give it a try, need to finish it by a help from a colleague, but if this paper is not up to their standard, I will not have any regret if they just exclude me from the team later on.

ok.. back to some more readings..

Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Far and Away

I noticed that there are people who actually read my old posts back in 2005. Whoever you are, please dun do that. To date, my life is actually changing  360 degree from the previous. I should have deleted al the ancient posts and only concentrate on the new and upcoming ones. yet honestly, there are still the remnants of yesterday that i want to preserve, be it was too cruel, sad or happy.

Ok, back to year 2013..

I lost my room key, and it is so weird as  remember I drop it in my tote after locking the room, waited for the cab, reached home, put the tote without taking anything out, took it back this morning, and when i scruffled inside the tote, it was missing. Grrr.. Luckily there is a spare key in the office and I managed to go in, after 30 mins.  and I am still thinkng about the key.. where the hell are you key.. should I call CSI then.. lol ( okay.. not funny)

HBO is now airing good movies early in the morning, and I managed to watch like 1/4 of ir before rushing to work. Today was Far and Away, with Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman starred in it. The movie was a talk in town back in late90s I guess, as I remembered I was still doing my Masters at UKM at that time. and was it later that they coupled? (or was it prior to the movie)

Never mind, who cares if Nicole and Tom have become couple since then? as I yet, have to find a life partner lol.
Ehem.. what a confession pbhttt!

Recently, I registered on this one muslim marriage website. been reading various profiles, which are are rather annoying and irritating. I mean, they have been boasting of how pious they are, developing 100 hobbies  at the same time, permanent gym freaks, and they end their profiles by " looks do not matter, and pictures would be deceiving, but hearts are not yada yada", yet when I asked to look for ther pics, nobody bother to reply, in fact even rejected my requests..
okay, fine then. Do I look that pathethic and desperate?

Got bored of them anyway. Anyhoo, I could ave said that I have made a tiny effort in seeking a lifepartner.. nah... it sounds ridiculous tho.. I mean by advertising yourself at the website? Erkkk...

Come to think of it. i dont think it will be a fruitful effort later, owhh just forget about it... (erased)

Last week, i heard a 90s song sung by ( cant remember his name), but surprisingly, I can still remember the lyrics..  and  I asked my student" do you know this song", and  she shook her head, and it just strck my mind that I am OLD.. lol
My student n her 20s did not know any of this song, yet it seems like yesterday, I was listening to the song while finshing my assgnment.. oh my... I am such  an OLD SCHOOL lol

I grew with back Street Boys, NKOTB, GUys next door, just to name a few. back then, the songs have good qualitiies and u tend to recite the lyrics, whilst nowadays, who cares about the hip hop or talking songs lol

owh ok.. I rest my case.. I have a few hours class this afternoon

Saturday, April 06, 2013


Morning peoples :)
Its been almost than  3 weeks after my birth-day. Nothing much to boast about being 45 lol
Anyway, for the past few weeks, I have classes mostly everyday. The reason is.. i have to replace 17 hrs-lectures and squeeze the normal 14 weeks-lecture to 7 weeks!
They are the 1st year medical students, and of course their schedules are totally different from the normal semester schedules.
I have other lectures tat I need to deliver as well..
No.. I am not complaining tho..

The 'good' thing is, they get to meet me so often, and thus, i have reminded them earlier that " i ll see u more often that you see your mom, so I hope you will bear it with me"
They even asked me to do unethical thing like skipping classes lol, and i gave then a one hour lecture of ethics lol

Owh, what's new in here?
Yeah, the hottest issue is , we ll  have an election in probably 3 weeks time! yeay!
i have decided that i should do my responsibility as a good citizen tis year,so I am going to elect.
The previous election, i did not manage to go back home ( as my electing place is at my hometown) since it was held on working day. whom I gonna vote for? That would be a top secret hahaha.
My FB has been tarnished by all those propagandas and people who are so engrossed into this issue. and I found it so irritating as they tend to enlarge and worsen the issue by their own  disgusting standard.
(pause for a laundry)
one a lighter note, ( is it?)
my feet swells since last week. but still i managed to go the lectures with me limping all the way..Hope it will be much better when i m going back for an election at the end of the month..

Hmm.. nothing interesting happened when i m so bz with classes. life is so hectic that I ll sleep instantly when my head touched the pillow.
Come to think of it, i know i m such a boring people as my life only revolves work, work and works..

Love life? should I have one lol. I guess the one who is going to be my love partner will be dying of boredom if he'd ever known me

Health wise, i think i am still gaining on. i do not know why but i can feel my heavy body without even peeping on the weighing scale, and i have just read that by consuming enbrel might also  contributing to my weigh gain..

it is so gloomy now, i think it is gonna rain soon.. oh my laundry :)

I should post more frequent I guess.. but by leading this so called life,, what else could i put on this blog?


ok.. till then

Monday, March 18, 2013

The day I turned 45 Pt 1

Finally, the maid arrived. I ll have to accomplish another mission later which is sending her to mom in KB. I ll take this opportunity then to take a few days off, before coming back to work on monday morning. Isnt it great?

Btw, I got an Elizabeth Arden perfume for my birthday. Oh my, it has such a strong manly smell that I, no doubt will faint if i ever smell it for more than 60 secs. I cant give it back to the sender, as it is meant as a birthday present. She might not know my preference. I m only into floral sweet light smell.

Now i have to find a way to put it in some secret place where I cant find it for like a few months, and if i ever accidentally found it again, maybe it is ok to give it to someone else who love the smell..

Ok, i have weird thought.. i know.

Anyway, there's nothing much happened today. I had a test in the afternoon. waited for the maid all nite ( nahh.. i lied)
anyway, it almost 11 now, I should have been in bed long ago.

anyway, this is some notes that i wrote yesterday. That was meant to be posted today
The day I turned 45
Do you know that u can travel around the world just by bloghopping? I had so much free time
yesterday that i just click on the next blog at the top of my own blog. It leads to everywhere. a
disabled retiring manager's blog who just turned 45 a few months ago, a SAHM who just delivered
her twin many months ago, a teenager with a tag line, I make babies everyday.. and another SAHM
who revealed that she was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease which is most likely an SLE or
RA ( now why did I feel that she sounds like me lol), a Radio DJ whom just confessed he is not into
party that much, and many more blogs which talk about stitching, doll making yada yada .
Ok.. just finished making some fried bee hoon adorned with mince meat and chicken
iiver…………….ok.. I know i m not a good cook myself, but when i cook, i ll really turn it into
something edible and tasty.. believe me lol
still on bloghopping, i am now stuck with blog of trees.. I guess there are people who develops
snapping [ics of trees as their hobbies..
come to think of it.. do i have any hobbies? or did i have any hobbies before? hmmm (long pondering)
2 hours later..
it was a long ponder i guess. as i managed to pray, had 2 plates of fried glass noodles and watched
tv… own and also had a call from my sister, telling about the maid. She ll be available in a few days
time.. *sighing*

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Are we stuck with each other?

I am still waiting for the maid to pop in..
Yes.. my sister has been impatient, and everytime she gets to be on FB, she sent me msges too, asking whether the maid has come or not?
It's supposed to be today. The agent promised us that she'll be coming this weekend.
And I m being impatient too.. so i asked my sister to ask the agent.
Dont get me wrong. The impatient sister is the elder sister, and the sister who connects with the agent is the younger one.

I guess, its hard to differentiate which of the sisters I mentioned in here, as I have tadaaaaa.. 4 sisters
But only 3 are mentioned here every now and then.
Anyway, the younger sister answered my sms just now, she forwarded the agent's msg as well.

Anyway, the maid is all ready, except, they still havent gotten the ticket to be here.
Maybe.. I need to wait for another day or two before 'attacking' the agent again.

Health wise,my ESR reading is still high, despite the jab that i ve been taking. I dunno, we ll just wait and see then.

And, after cursing (silently) everytime my pc trying to get kaput infront my very eyes.. I finally got a (drum rolling) NEW PC!

Now, I can relate, the phrase of 'if u need something too much, just pray silently, and GOD will grant your wish without u even realising it"- is there such kinda phrase? or is it me inventing some lines again? lol

I am still exploring my superfast pc now, and being an alien who just landed on planet earth.. it feels so awesome brailling the features of my new pc. There are still a lot of features that need to be xplored , and i ll be doing that as soon as I came into my office tomorrow. ...
Except that, I still have thousand of things to do, but they are all been put on hold, as the new pc owner is still in cloud 9 when the IT staff upstairs popped in and asked, "do u want a new pc or not"
and I still think I m dreaming :) Please wake me up someone!!

Cut the crap Ida! You re exaggerating again Pbhhht!

Owh, talking about dream. I had a dream after I wrote about the previous entry( about someone lost my documents). and I dreamed that I got the documents back and it seemed that an Iranian student took it accidentally, thinking that the documents was hers. I was so relieved, and rite before I feel like celebrating the "lost and found' episode, I woke up, and realised that it was only a dream.
Anyway, the next day, I went for my rheumy follow up. It was such a boring day, with me discovering i ve gained another kg.. boo hoo hoo.
Tried to connect on the internet using the tablet, cant connect although the signal was there. Anyway, I had another msg from the person who sent my dcument last time, and it seeemd that they have found my documents.. yahooo... I was about to ask him, whether was it the iranian student who took it and  returned it back when she realised that the document wasnt hers, when I realized i was actually referring to my dream last nite..

So, I am now a happy girl who just found her document back. Plus the new pc that i ve just gotten..

owh about the title? it means nothing.. its just a song in a movie that i watched on HBO this afternoon.  I give you a hint here.. A girl with the green scarf? :)
owh well..
I m so tired after cleaning the house today.
Till then..

Monday, March 04, 2013

Frustration with a capital F

maybe its more of disappointment.. truly disappointed when a person did not do his job well.

In another word, I am totally mad..

2 weeks ago, I asked the person in charge with all these deliveries including mails and documents to send my document consists of an application for a postdoc along with all his certificates and papers. I spent half day to compile all the necessary documents and put in the out tray in the dept office. I put a stick on note telling the PIC to deliver it safely to the Research and Internalization office at level 2.

As i havent heard any news from the office, i ve been looking for the guy whom sent my document and everytime I looked for him in the office, he is either missing in action or went to some other place.

But today, I cant wait any longer, he was nowhere to be seen so I asked for his mobile no instead from another girl in the office. I called him wanting to know to whom did he sent the document previously. He said he just put the document in the counter as no one is around that time.

Priorly, I called the girl in charge with the document at the Research office and she informed that she hasnt received any documents before. She then lookedevery nook and cranny for the document but to no avail.

I later messaged the guy asking him to trace back the document. Since I had class from 2-5 this afternoon, i never got to see him in person. Never thought of checking any phone msg as well

And guess what, i just read the msg, and he told me to reprint the document again because he said ' it is ok to do that"

so, here comes the ugly part..
I feel like banging his head on the wall (if i were there infront of him now).. feel like cursing as well. but my vocabulary is so limited tho.

So i replied his msg- I have no problem with reprinting the document but the fact that I have spent half day to prepare the documents and to compile all the appendices which God Knows, where the hell shall i start to look for them again in my congested superslow pc.. and how should i let the candidate knows that the staff here is so underefficient , he can always lose your documents-

The only thing that I can do now is crying with frustation..

I so detest the people who take for granted of their works.

Enough said.

and i so hate the people who think that they re so superior they can belittle others without mercy.. and if u think u r witty and funny.. i suggest u should use other words to describe yourself, maybe old, and snobbish? or maybe u think u re so good u can act like GOD?

People have feelings and u have none?

Case closed

Sunday, March 03, 2013

Ides of March?

March already... woweeee.. how time flies..
I know this sounds so cliche.. but every now and then I m thanking The Almighty for letting me to live in this world.. to enjoy whatever i m having now ( watching the grace card on HBO early in the morning.. yes I know.. its not good)

Class seems to be not so hectic at the beginning of the semester, but I ll be having more towards the end of it. well, at least i can concentrate in preparing my CV, which is nothing to be boasted about..

One of the post grads has finally submitted her master's thesis, and being pregnant while trying so hard to finish up your dissertation is something that you should be amazed , i mean as her SV.. so she was so overjoyed that she sent me a lengthy message saying how thankful she is for having me as her SV, and thanking me too for having her all these while...

and tears brimming on my cheek while I read her msg..
Dear Erna, I am thankful too for having such a good student as you.. and well i have to admit that i am such a snob sometimes lol

I guess,when it comes to my students.. i would be the happiest if they appreciated what I have given them so far, be it.. dozens of encouraging words or gallons of complaints..

ok, I m being such a sensitive fool again..

Health wise, I have my weekly enbrel jab in my room since last month. There are always someone who would be willing to play nurse everytime I had my injection. So far, I havent missed any yet, and it was quite painful when u need to put into yourself like a 50 mg of the fluid.. yes.. it is painful, and I cant do without the help of my colleagues..

My rheumy followup is next tuesday. hopefully I ll have some good news from the Rheumy, ever since I had this medication..Its been more than a month already

We have decided to take a maid for my parents. We ll get it most probably by today, have to train it for a few days at zuni's and I ll be sending her back to hometown, next week.

I guess, ma would be glad to know tat she has someone whom can help her with the house chores, and the most important thing, assisting her taking care of the kids. When ma called me last nite, telling me that Zura was shocked to know tat I m bringing the maid home.. which quoted from ma' terkejut beruk~translated "monkey shock" lol
i was like.. kind surprised too as I noticed she was on the FB and she'd surely read the status that Abang Li put up last week. I asked ma, didnt she read the post? and ma told me she has to hang up now, in case Zura's coming in.. lol
My mom is so adorable, and now she's acting like a spy telling her 5th daughter about the 6th daughter..
Frankly speaking, I do not have any problem with my sister, but I have been thinking a lot for these past few days, and i personally think that it is so inappropriate of her to let my mom, i mean my 70 years old mom taking care of her 3 kids. and being mom, she wont dare to complain that she's too old for 'grandchild' sitting anymore.

I ended up asking Zuni, the youngest sister to get me a maid. It was so quick, and after a few days she told me the agent called saying that there are 3 indonesian maids coming in the next week. I was about to handle everything on my own, when i remember I still have my other siblings, and being a good sister (rolling eyes), i informed my decision to my brother. and then the brother put up a post in our family group in FB, asking whether everybody would  agree to take a maid for the parents. We had a consensus right after that, but Zura never responded to the post.
so, we thought she might be offended of our decision since she has decided not to take any maid since the last tragic incident. But i still feel, she should not let my mom to take care of the kids.. I mean my mom has been taking care of us the siblings when she was younger, and she should not take any other responsibilities now she's older. When it comes to your kids, please do not burden your mom any more. She had enough already,and now it is the time that we should takecare of our own kids, and not relying on our parents anymore.

Owh well, easier said than done eh. I havent gotten any kids, and its easier to condemn others when u were never been in their shoes.
Well, maybe that's why i am neither married nor having kids. So that, I would not burden my parents with my kids, if i had one.
Ok.. i am ranting now.. lol

I have to start doing the house chores now. Its not tat i have to do it, as this is my house, and nobody will ever bother whether its cleaned or not. but as my mom always say to me, "do it in your own sweet time, Ida"..
and being a prodigal daughter, lol.. nah.. an obdient one I would say.. I will start vacuuming the floor, one I m done with the  movie. Flashdance is on tv now. Such a good movie to go down on the memory lane..

tata peeps.

Friday, February 15, 2013

a jet lag after a week? is it possible?

I m having a hectic life ever since I came back from my vacation. Ok.. i lied.. lol
Actually, my jetlag only started after a week i m back in Malaysia. and for the whole week, i felt i only had light sleeps at night. Anyway, it was totally recovered during the long weekend.
And now, life's back to normal...:)
Anyhoo, the students are coming back next week! oh noooo!
I ll be totally busy again starting next week..
Ok, this is totally boring, but i have to remind myself that I ll be having 4 taught courses next semester. Lets hope that another one course wont have any students so that i can drop it from the smp.
on top of it, i dun even have time to compile all the documents needed for the promotion purposes. the boss has been warning me again.. pbhtt!
on the other hand, the postgraduates are all in static mode. I cant complain much, as it'd stress me out. One is completing her thesis soon. At least, that's a happy one.
health wise, the hand surgeon has decided not to proceed with the wrist replacement, as according to her, that'd be too risky. owh well, what's riskier than been admitted to ICU numerous times due to their's fault lol. Okay, so, i wont be undergoing any surgery this year.. should i say yeay!
I was thinking that i should go to an international conference this year. I have to end my hibernation soon.
owh btw, i think i have gained a few kgs. the last time i weighed, i was 2 kg heavier. I have to skip lunch constantly from now on. and maybe more exercise? (as if)..maybe it will make some improvements if i take a brisk walk to the kedai mamak infront the  apartment to have my roti canai?lol
I m gonna have an early nite..
till then


Friday, February 08, 2013

Back to work.. (Fighting..!)

Ok, here I am writing live from the warm seat in my room at the faculty, in my home country. I love yo. alaysia.. (ngeee LOL).
We touched down on last saturday afternoon, and i ve instructed(loL) my nephew to pick us up. The flight was ok, except, there was a chaos made by the passengers who were impatiently queued for their turns to check in at the Bahrain Intl airport. actually the chaos were made by the perspn in charged at the airport, as another person in charge has let some passengers cut off the queue. We suspected, the passengers are related with that PIC, and this arab officer created a scene there, protesting ar his colleague's leniency. Well, we did grumble and complain along with them. after 45 minutes, we had our turn, and that was because abg li has opened the 'barrier' after the long queue did not move at all, due to some other passengers who went straight to the check in counter. Later, the officer asked who opened it, and everybody pointed to abg li. Lol. They opened 3 counters and we were queuing infront the counter in the middle. The staff at that counterwas so slow, and we started querying him in malay. when our time came, we re way behind others who queued behind us. and he (the staff behind the counter) did not even look at my face while asking me. Then abg li again was telling me "dah la sombong, rambut belah tengah pulak tu" and i roared with laughter.
After some sad moment saying goodbye to my brother's and family. we went in. after a while, we figured out that tehre's no one waited at the boarding hall, and i asked my father, where were all the people who queued with us just now. It seemed that they have changed our boarding gate to another gate further from the current one. We rushed to another gate, and there, we saw all those Sri Lankans and several indonesians waited at that gate. The flight ( it was an uncomfortable flight, with no entertainment and hard seat lol) landed at Colombo in the early saturday morning , and we straightly went to another gate for a boarding to KL. Luckily, it was only for an hour transit. This time, all the Sri Lankans have succesfully went back home and most of the indons from previous flight have transfereed to another flight to Jakarta (maybe). The colombo-Kul flight filled with a lot of malaysians who just came back from their umrah. It was only a 3 hrs flight, and tis time, we had comfortable seats and a bit of entertainment. Tho, by comparing the airline meas with MAS is like comparing gourmet to fastfood, literally.
Amir (abg li's eldest son) picked us from the airport, and we had our luch of roti canai telur at Kayu mamak's at Kota Damansara. owh well.. had enuff of nasi arab and kebabs lol.
I had an over nite at Abg li's at rafflesia's Damansara Perdana, and that nite, zuni came to collect her abaya, whilst providing the itinerary for bak and ma's flight to KB on sunday afternoon.
The next morning (sunday), amir drove me back to Kajang. and we stopped by at Satay UK for a brunch.
I went to work the next day. feeling so tired, and jet-lagged maybe.
but until now. I still did not enjoy my sleep. I do not know why. Its been  a week already tho. btw, my knee is becoming painful each day. Told you, it must be the weather which actually affects my pain.back to work, there are a few papers need to be reviewed and one thesis  to be read.
So, there ended my vacation.. and.. back to normal life.
You know how much i ve been sighing before i really can force my body to wake up from sleep early in the morning. Not good at all.

Till then

Friday, February 01, 2013

Viva Al Manamah

We are going back home tonite. Yesterday was spent by going sightseeing ( in the car) when abe li drove us around the island,, explored the desert etc. We had lunch at yemen restaurant for mandy rice. after lunch, we prayed at the mosque nearby.. Bahrain is so safe, we just put abid sleeping in his stroller outside the female prayer room.
I wish I can put the pics snapped once a while whilst we were exploring Bahrain. Unfortunately, my cap ayam hp was not able to transfer the pics direct to my mac. tho, i managed to transfer the first few pics to my lappy, and managed to post em on FB.
I did not buy much tho, still have around 30BD (=RM240) in my purse. FMs are so expensive ( when u converted the price to RM), so i just bought a few pieces only.
Last nite, we went to Bahrain City centre (BCC), with the intention to spend all the BD in my pocket. thought of purchasing a new bottle of perfume, but when i asked the price of 75 ml Jadore Dior, it cost about 68BD which is equal to RM550? wow, it is so expensive compared to what we had in malaysia, so i decided to purchase it at the airport later. One more thing, the SA in the shopping malls here are not friendly tho. I guess, they are quite prejudice with other ethnics excluding the rich Arabs, thinking that we cant afford to buy all those stuffs. Most of the SAs are pinoys in here.
we went to autumn fair at Bahrain Convention Centre for 2 consecutive days. There were lots of items sold from various countries, yet, i cant hardly see any booth from Malaysia. The items there were so much cheaper, and we can get items up to 1 BD only. last nite was the last day, and as usual they will try to sell their goods much cheaper on that day. However, as yesterday, was also the weekend for the Saudis, we did not want to be squeezed to death by all those huge mak2 arabs,  thus, a plan to visit there on the last day was not preceded.
The only thing that i admire in Bahrain is whenever the adhan is heard, they will straight go to the prayer room, and at that time we were in the middle of the autumn fair, so we were stucked in the middle of  huge mak arabs lol.
and also, Bahrain is so safe, that my SIL will let her kids go to the mall with their friends, without any chaperon.  If you let your car door opened on the street whilst you re not around at that time, u ll find your car untouched when u returned. there are no crime reports on newspaper, tho,there r a lotsa immigrants especialy from Sri Lanka here.
In contrast, you wont believe how reckless the drivers are. Pedestrian can be hit anytime cos they 'd never bother to drive rationally. the women drivers are even worst lol.
ok, enough about the condemns. I m going to work back next week. I m hoping that i d be able to stand the jet lag.

the next time i ll update, it will be on the bed of my room at home..

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The vacation started..

I was so busy for the past few days trying to clear up all the deadline tasks before my leave. At the end, i managed to review a paper for medicinal plant journal, attended a few meetings, had my weekly enbrel injection, lunch at kenny rogers roaster, yet i  was not able to complete reading the student's thesis draft, so i brought the draft all the way to Bahrain....
Yes, I am in Bahrain now, with my beloved parent, spending my 2-weeks leave here at my bro's rented villa ( as it is a huge house). My bro has been working in bahrain since last eid, and I have been wanting to bring my parent to a vacation. so what's more perfect than sending them to their son which they missed so much :)
anyway, we have been here for 3 days already, and everynite my bro or my SIL will bring us to see Manama at nite.  Its not a beautiful city tho as houses here are more like big match boxes without any beautiful decoration. but most of those match box houses are huge and look so luxurious, especially with the huge gate and front door which resembles all those arabic houses. Cant really describe them. will try to sna a few shots on those huge apartments and villas.
SIL has been cooking our hometown food everyday, thus we did not really miss the food in malaysia. have eaten out as well, with lotsa food ladened with nan breads, hummous and everything arabic lol. i think i am now saturated with kebabs.. Lol
The cars and petrol here are very cheappp that a huge mpv will only spend MYR60 for a full tank petrol. how awesome is that... and luxurious cars only cost MYR 60-70 K , whilst in Malaysia, it will triple the price.. so on the road , we see many branded cars which we dont even see em in Malaysia. You name it, porsche, wald, mercedes and bmw are very common here..
The foods can be all delivered at home,, even the groceries... even on the road side restaurants, you dont have to go out,  but you can just order from your car window, and they will immediately deliver it to you.. its not even a drive thru fast food restaurant tho..
Looks like Bahrainis dont like to move around. they prefer others to bring everything on their beck and call.. hahaha..
I am still in awed with all the buildings they built on the lands which are more like causeways. and bahrainis are careless drivers too. for them, there is no such rule while driving, you can see that they can just cut off other cars, by speeding nonchalantly, and parking a car inbetween  parking lots..
owh great, now this post is more like condemning them .. oopsss..
On the other hand, i feel like treasuring my beloved country more..

Friday, January 11, 2013

Whats Up Whatsapps?

Ok.. maybe i am so outdated.. when everyone is so engrossed with another latest technology of whatsapp, i never even bother to know what it is. When my siblings were talking about the mentioned tech, I still neglect it. When I emailed somebody, asking for a maid-service, she insisted on me whatsapp-ing her, whilst I only know how to text people, using the SMS .
And, when everyone is so bz updating their FB-status or blogs using the smartphone, I only use my phone to set alarm, apart of calling and texting people.
I am still using the mobile phone which I bought 4 years ago. and I do not have the proper internet service which you can just use it 24-7.
Come to think of it.. I can be considered as a fossil in this high-tech world LOL.
Ok, back to work.

Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Eat, pray, love

No, it's nothing to do with either the same novel or the movie. But it somehow fits to what I did today within 30 minutes! That shows how you are able to do things at a speed time when u r alone, hence, i save another few hours to keep marking the students exam scripts, without fail.. ngeeee
So, i couldnt keep my promise to skip my lunch today, as, by marking the scripts, it made me giddier LOL, I need to gain some strength to finish marking, thus i need to eat.. Yes.. eating, within a record time, consists of rushing to a cafe which is about 200 m by walking via shortest route, excluding the stairs that i need to pass by, so I used the elevator. Since it is past 1 already, there is not many choices of the menu, had a small portion of rice, two kinda veges and fish. finished eating less than 10 mins. Rushed back, using the same elevator, took my wudhuk and prayed.. alltogether it only took me approximatey 30 minutes. and for the love of my vocation, I have an enjoyable time marking the students essay LOL. See.. what a perfect phrase to describe what I did today.. except for... yes, it took me longer just to post this entry.. blearghhh!!
Owh.. ok.. 20 more scripts to go... fighting Ida!!

Monday, January 07, 2013

The excess 2 kg..

As I plan to put off a bit of my few kgs here and there ( I think everything has been accumulated and turned into few layers of flabs in my stomach LOL), I m trying to skip meals especially lunch, and I m doing it today, so, to replace the growling sound in the stomach, I m having my instant coffee now. owh well , most probably I still have to fill in my tummy, maybe in  a few hours time and later, once i m back at home, I do not have to eat anymore.. ( see, how smart I am pbhhtt).
Anyhoo, i am now 2 kgs heavier compared to my usual weight, and being a petite, 2 kg will show a lot of changes in your body. As far as I could remember, I havent eaten a lot ( maybe the rice portion is getting bigger each time), even once a while I would still experience hypoglisemia at nites.
I have been thinking very hard, what have I done to gain this excess kg? Maybe, I was a lot happier for these past few months, ya know, u r happy, u tend to eat a lot, and u move a lot ( dream on), and when u move a lot, u ll get hungrier more, then u eat again, unpurposely, and at the end, when u realise it, u r a lot heavier . Oh my, I was in my perfect weight during last year ramadhan.. even my mom complimented on how I look ( and that is very rare, i tell you).
Maybe I should start taking honey again, and pomegranate juice. Somehow, in between the most occupied months, laziness, and maidless, I just forgot my daily consumption of those 2. Besides, I was never eager to get the supply, once I have finished taking both. Maybe I should start taking it again. Okay.. need to give a call to my supplier in Kelantan  later on. My parent will be coming to KL in 2 weeks time anyway.
On a lighter note, everybody is talking(literally) about the last nite's AJL. Haha, I never bother about any tv shows nowadays, be it a live telecast or a re-run. Anyway, I can just watch the re-run next week. My daily life consists of me surrendering to bed very early, which is rite after the maghrib prayer. Thus, I never watched any tv-shows at nite. But somehow, I ll try to watch Adam & Hawa at 10.00. The evening re-run of A&H is on sunday, at 5, and unfortunately, it will collide with my favorite  weekend KBS drama at 7.
Ok enough, and U r confessing that u r not much of tv-shows fan? Pbhtt Ida!
Owh btw, this s my first entry for 2013. and on this very day last year, I came back to KL on wheel chair, to start working after an 11-months leave. and this is the right time should I say the cliche phrase ' How time flies" LOL
I do not have any resolutions. I ll just have plans, outta blue . With resolutions, you ll have to go thru it at the end of the year, and see whether U have fulfilled it or not. with plans, ermmm.. they are eligible all the time.. and by making plans, you wont be too stressful to accomplish it.. Just my 2 cents worth.. so say NO to resolutions, say YES to plans.. rotfl..
Ok, the last one, my Rheumy, has got me started on enbrel, ip, by weekly dose. I do not mind injecting myself every week, but, this kinda ritual will land me on difficult situation if I travel abroad. For a start, it needs to be put under 8 degree C. and that means I have to bring the ice packed bag along whenever I am away for more than a week. Such a nuisance rite? Er... maybe I can just skip it for like 2 weeks.. and shhh I hope my rheumy wont get to find it.. (lip zipped)
owh.. I still have to continue the 2nd entry of the previous post.. Hey, when can i finish anything that i start with.. U r so bad Ida (soliloquy mode)