Monday, April 16, 2012

Of some health matters..

I just found out that my BIL"s sister whom in the same age as me, had breast cancer. When my sister broke the news, I feel like... If i were in her shoes rite now... what is the first thought that should be lingered in my mind at that time.. I have been put into the same test by HIM a year ago. And now, its her turn. My BIL has lost his both parents a few years ago. as he is the eldest of 7 siblings, most of the worries would be burdened onto his shoulder. They are very close to each other.. With this sudden news, i guess they will all be brokenhearted. I will pray for her recovery. She is supposed to undergo a mastectomy cum reconstructive surgery today. My prayers will be with her ....

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

10 interesting things (not) about me.. so far

1. feel like walloping amanda brownies kukus ( bandung mari) for these past few days. Going to Bandung just to purchase this is totally outta mind. Baking it by my self? Hmm i do not have the proper baking utensils, boleh? 2. They have rejected my manuscript, again. Disappointed for the umpteenth times. 3. Elder sibling has refused to bring me along to his next-holiday trip. I am still on silent-mode with him due to this.. hehehe 4. Just found out that its been ages since I last watched Anuar Zain singing on really tempted to get a ticket for his incoming Secretary week performance 5. Due to point (3),am able to get a new tote bag, purchased by SIL in France. Well, if i weren't able to go there by myself, its not worthy to ask the elder sibling to get me the bag when he goes there during his holiday-trip. Remember, i m still in a bitter mode. Alas, a new tote bag, yeay! 6. I put off anther kg since I came back to work. Overall, I'm still lighter by a few kgs compared to the time before i was hospitalized 7. I m thinking of substituting the present maid with the new one. Hopefully the incoming one will have a good attitude and well mannered. 8. A lot of things happened in the department lately.. conflicts amongst staffs etc. 9. Due to lots free time during weekends, i have subscribed with various channels in astro beyond. still feel bored afterwards duh! 10. Am determining to get my 12 papers published this year. 3 more papers to go! waiting for another 7 to get accepted. *sighing*