Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Misteri Nusantara 2

semenjak 2 menjak akak ni sgt bz.. iya bz dengan kegiatan paranormal yang berlangsung dirumah akak tanpa akak sedari.. ala-ala mistik gitu..so semenjak akak dah aware dgn aktiviti paranormal tu, terpaksa la akak mengambil usaha untuk memberhentikan kegiatan 'haram' tersebut ( haram la, dah berlangsung tanpa kebenaran tuanrumah) dengan pergi berubat kat beberapa orang ustaz ( nanti la akak updatekan lain kali secara terperinci)
.. balik dr istanbul ari tu, akak ke jogjakarta ye mas mas dan mbak mbak sekelian ( motif tetiba cakap indon?) untuk mengunjung universiti gajah mada dan juga untuk aktiviti berwisata dan libur dan shopping kat pasar beringharjo. hasilnya wang di akaun akak susut berjuta-juta rupiah... heh:)
sekembalinya akak daripada liburan di jogja, akak kembali ke kampung halaman sambil membuat lawatan mengejut ke rumah adik akak di KT. dan baru minggu lepas akak kembali ke serdang... dan sekarang seperti dipermulaan paragraf tadi, akak tgh berusaha untuk mengurangkan aktiviti paranormal daripada terus berleluasa di teratak buruk akak.. ecewahhh
Minggu ini, akak ada konferens di KL, dan minngu depan mungkin akan ke Penang barang semalam untuk melawat student praktikal...
Rasanya masa berlalu dengan begitu pantas.. Niat di hati masa cuti semester ni sempatla menulis paper untuk penerbitan jurnal...
Aja-aja fighting akak! ( tetiba... )

Saturday, May 01, 2010

Motivational story.. you think?

Im a bit melancholic tonite, bear it wth me then..
Ever since I came back from Istanbul last sunday, I still cant overcome this fatigueness.. and i tot the jet lag would only last for a few days after my return.. Unfortunately, I am still not able to adjust my sleeping time.. I ve become very sleepy at daytime and wide awake at nite time.. I think my body has been warning me regarding tis but i just simply ignore it.. now..i think this body cant take it anymore la..
Anyway..on lighter note.. Things are still gonna be hectic for me for the past few weeks.. the final year students have just finished their viva voce.. the rest have gone back home for the semester holidays.. and I guess.. after this I m gonna be quite free to start writing a few papers.. while taking some time off to see my parent.. and another visit for the studnts who went for their LIs.
I managed to blog visit to a few blogs in my list.. and I cant help to feel empathy towards budlee regarding his blog content.. I did see him couple of times in the faculty, as I know his face thru his blog. I guess this is wat most of the postgraduates feel during their studies.. and I m not an exception either..
However, its not that I want to brag during those heydays of mine.. but just want to motivate you ( if u r reading this post), your life is much more easier than mine.
If i can do it.. ( and you have to remember, I do not possess a good health, I ve rheumatoid arhtritis when i was 10 years old till now), u d surely can go through it till the end.
Those were the days la kan.. I went thru so many hindrances when i was in my 1st unmdergraduate year. Took 2 years leave as my condition was worsening at dat time. continued my study when all of are my friends were at their final year and i was still struggling to undergo my 1st year. I ve been yelled at when i accidentally trash my samples by my supervisor.. I remember weeping softly in the elevator on saturday afternoon, rite after i came out from my supervisor's room. and i still remember what she told me in that room," Saya tak pernah jumpa budak yang tolol macam awak ni,simply buang jek samples awak dalam sink without consulting anyone".. ( and how i was supposed to consult anyone when i was all alone in the lab most'f d time, as I started my FYP in 2nd semester, when the rest of the students have already finished their project during that time.
But I guess i have a thick skull, and when the the incoming semester started, I ve registered myself as a Msc student under the same supervisor and I guess that's why I ve earned her respect until now. She's still mentioning my name (in a good way) to her current postgrads even tho the incident had happened more than 16 years ago. Whe n i did my phD,due to my condition, I had undergone 2 incidents of sprained arm and other worst cases. I have to choose between my pain and the lab works and usually the former won. Nevertheless, all those incidents never stopped me to go on. at times i felt so frustrated, I was all alone.. but the tot of' this is the thing that I wanted, nobody put a gun at my head for that. and i ve never complained about it no matter how tough it is. so to you... my advice.. you cannot just put all the tots in the writing.. some things are better left unsaid.. Nobody will say that its an easy things to do.. any jobs in the world is tough.. The students will say that their times are the toughest.. and when they started working,their perception will also change..the key word is the patience. and the gratitude..when I have no one to turn to.. I know I still have HIM that protects me ever since I was born. I know, with his protection and his doings, I am what I am now. As muslims , we all are.. rite?
Last time, I have a supervisor who cannot be yr 'friend'. we do not have hps that we can just simply text ur supervisor and pour out yr problems even on weeeknds. and I personally believed that doing postgrad studdies nowadays are much more easy. we do not have the internet access during those time and we had limited references to be included in yr thesis. .....
owh well.. enuff about it I guess.. am still trying to overcome this tiredness..
Good luck..