Thursday, July 23, 2009


Yes, it was a month ago since i updated my blog. and it's been a month since the students came in , and akak masih terkial-kial dgn clas schedule yangtak tentu hala.. ( yes, this is the 3rd week dah) and ada satu kelas tu, i kept on changing dia nya class schedule because....the students cant make it on those slots, so akak terpaksa memerah otak so that they r able to attend for every class, bukannya attend ikut turn.. bley?
it was not my job to reschedule ke apa ke, tapi itu la.. since those meant students r from Medical faculty, in their 1st clinical year plak tu, so their supervisor suka ati jek la panggil dorang anytime even tho those slots are already scheduled for my class..
tapi ntah la.. malas nak ckp lagi... the course pun , it's not from the fac, in fact it's from other fac. ikut ati malas rasanya nak ajar, howeversince i was told to teach, so .. akak ajar la.. not my niche area pun....
other than that, akak ok sajork. I gotta teach and coordinate an elective course, supervise 5 undergrad students for their final year project, and having this huge problem of terminating an iranian post doc who hasnt performed at all. This makcik, has the gut to go to the top people in this university, trying to appeal as she 's the innocent party and i was the bad one who can simply terminate her. After all the chaos that she has created, including the soxhlet extractor that she claimed she accidentally broke it, I finally decided that it has to be ended. and terminating her, is the best solution ( even tho giving 3 montsh prior notice wont give any benefit to the univ), as she 'd simply get 3 montsh alary withour doing anything when she's known that she's been terminated.
Akak pun malas nak berkata apa lagi.. the onlything that I knew is she's one big liar... harap muka jek cun tapi pembohong besar... i shudnt have taken her in the 1st place..
on happier note... despite the hectic schedule and all, I managed to have a sorta break cum overseas conference trip again. Its the time of the year anyway.
last year I managed to go to Athens, andthe year before to Austria, and before that to Washington, this year, despite the H1N1 pandemic, i have set my mind to proceed for the Kyoto trip which i d be leaving this weekend. me and 4 other post grad students from my fac. so, the good thing i wont be alone this time
well moshi moshi Kyoto.....

P.S getting back to work..