Thursday, December 11, 2014

The day that I lost my temper..

In chronology:
1.i banged the phone
2. emailed the complaint while wailing
3. came back to my senses and listened to a long explanation from someone over the phone
4. Insaf... terus ambik wuduk pi solat hahaha

and no.. it got nothing to do with lover's quarrel. I was actually raging over some stupid rules and some senseless delivery staff who refused to deliver my grocery when the delivery truck was not allowed to go inside.

mintak mahap abang guard yerr...

PEACE NO WAR!! hahaha

Friday, December 05, 2014

Revisited: Mostaganem

In not less than a month, 2014 is going to end... pheww.. ( lap peluh)..
I seriously think that time files very fast lately. Imagine.. I clock in at 8 ish everymorning.. and after a while, it seems like hours and its almost time to go back home... It is either I am the slow person.. as I am not able to read a few pages from the text book or the clock is ticking twice faster than before.. ( clock ticking sound at the back..)

anyway... I am suddenly inspired to write a post.. today as .. it marked the end of my last lecture, safely delivered to the students this morning , for this semester. We still have another 2 weeks before the whole semester ends, and the final exam week starts..

Let see what I have been doing since my previous post. which is in September...
We celebrated Eid ul Adha in early october, and this time the whole family of my brother went back home. We managed to have our 'qurban' at some place close to our vicinity.
and then my sister and family prepared for a short attachment in London. They are supposed to leave in early October, but still they were waiting for the visa approval first. I think it was the second week of October that my sister managed to take the flight along with her 3 kids and the husband. However, the rest of the family's visas have not been approved, and even my sister's working visa for the duration of 6 months was also not approved. Nevertheless, they went there and have to be back after 3 months. Whilst, for my sister she has to return back to complete her 6 months attachment. Well, if she's still there in march, there is a big probability of me visiting her there. Anyway, the rest of the family will be back for good in the end of December

I attended another conference in Algeria in the end of October,  all by myself. Well, this is my 1st time travelling alone after the major things that changed my life in 2011. The insecured feelings are still there, but I realized I have The AlMighty that protects me where ever I go, and with that I knew that I am all prepared to conquer the world to travel all by myself.. again

A long transit at Istanbul.. ( by the way, the current mosque is now bigger than the last one, when I had my isyak ) during my previous to Albania. Since it is still summer in October, so I managed to have my fajr prayer in the new mosque. However, it was a really long hours before I got to catch the connecting flight to Oran. It was almost 1 pm Turkey time when I got to board, and after 4 hours I safely arrived at Oran. Since the conference place was situated at Mostaganem, the same place I went to last March,, which is about an hour drive from Oran, I have decided not to use the same route from the Last March's flight. Oran is another  international airport in Algeria and several international flights especially from Spain and some neighbourhood countries, but still its size is much smaller than our domestic airport.
Anyway, the conference committee have waited for us there, so off we went straight to the hotel.
and this is when all my misery started hahaha.
The hotel... was not as we expected. the apartment seems like an abandoned building with water flooded everytime we take a bath. The worst thing, I was locked in the shower, as I was not able to open the door. Luckily there are people outside whom unlocked it for me. Was not able to get the wifi as well...
Anyway.. I managed to survive for a few days and flew back home. Oh by the way, I was accompanied by a few Turkish Professor and we were actually complaining about the condition of the hotel. To bad, I was not able to go for sightseeing in Oran due to time constraint. I was hoping that there will be excursion after the conference but they cancelled it at the last minute.
Since I have been there before, I did not feel like taking anymore pictures ha ha ha. By the way, most of the people that i met in Tunisia were there... so I have no problem in mingling with them.

Wow,, this entry took a lot more than I thought...
I d better continue next time...
Anyway, these are all the pics ( still have some with my lovely daughters friends from Algeria). The 1st one is the "hotel". The 2nd one is Oran airport and the 3rd one is the pic that I snapped from the car.
Till then..