Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The vacation started..

I was so busy for the past few days trying to clear up all the deadline tasks before my leave. At the end, i managed to review a paper for medicinal plant journal, attended a few meetings, had my weekly enbrel injection, lunch at kenny rogers roaster, yet i  was not able to complete reading the student's thesis draft, so i brought the draft all the way to Bahrain....
Yes, I am in Bahrain now, with my beloved parent, spending my 2-weeks leave here at my bro's rented villa ( as it is a huge house). My bro has been working in bahrain since last eid, and I have been wanting to bring my parent to a vacation. so what's more perfect than sending them to their son which they missed so much :)
anyway, we have been here for 3 days already, and everynite my bro or my SIL will bring us to see Manama at nite.  Its not a beautiful city tho as houses here are more like big match boxes without any beautiful decoration. but most of those match box houses are huge and look so luxurious, especially with the huge gate and front door which resembles all those arabic houses. Cant really describe them. will try to sna a few shots on those huge apartments and villas.
SIL has been cooking our hometown food everyday, thus we did not really miss the food in malaysia. have eaten out as well, with lotsa food ladened with nan breads, hummous and everything arabic lol. i think i am now saturated with kebabs.. Lol
The cars and petrol here are very cheappp that a huge mpv will only spend MYR60 for a full tank petrol. how awesome is that... and luxurious cars only cost MYR 60-70 K , whilst in Malaysia, it will triple the price.. so on the road , we see many branded cars which we dont even see em in Malaysia. You name it, porsche, wald, mercedes and bmw are very common here..
The foods can be all delivered at home,, even the groceries... even on the road side restaurants, you dont have to go out,  but you can just order from your car window, and they will immediately deliver it to you.. its not even a drive thru fast food restaurant tho..
Looks like Bahrainis dont like to move around. they prefer others to bring everything on their beck and call.. hahaha..
I am still in awed with all the buildings they built on the lands which are more like causeways. and bahrainis are careless drivers too. for them, there is no such rule while driving, you can see that they can just cut off other cars, by speeding nonchalantly, and parking a car inbetween  parking lots..
owh great, now this post is more like condemning them .. oopsss..
On the other hand, i feel like treasuring my beloved country more..

Friday, January 11, 2013

Whats Up Whatsapps?

Ok.. maybe i am so outdated.. when everyone is so engrossed with another latest technology of whatsapp, i never even bother to know what it is. When my siblings were talking about the mentioned tech, I still neglect it. When I emailed somebody, asking for a maid-service, she insisted on me whatsapp-ing her, whilst I only know how to text people, using the SMS .
And, when everyone is so bz updating their FB-status or blogs using the smartphone, I only use my phone to set alarm, apart of calling and texting people.
I am still using the mobile phone which I bought 4 years ago. and I do not have the proper internet service which you can just use it 24-7.
Come to think of it.. I can be considered as a fossil in this high-tech world LOL.
Ok, back to work.

Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Eat, pray, love

No, it's nothing to do with either the same novel or the movie. But it somehow fits to what I did today within 30 minutes! That shows how you are able to do things at a speed time when u r alone, hence, i save another few hours to keep marking the students exam scripts, without fail.. ngeeee
So, i couldnt keep my promise to skip my lunch today, as, by marking the scripts, it made me giddier LOL, I need to gain some strength to finish marking, thus i need to eat.. Yes.. eating, within a record time, consists of rushing to a cafe which is about 200 m by walking via shortest route, excluding the stairs that i need to pass by, so I used the elevator. Since it is past 1 already, there is not many choices of the menu, had a small portion of rice, two kinda veges and fish. finished eating less than 10 mins. Rushed back, using the same elevator, took my wudhuk and prayed.. alltogether it only took me approximatey 30 minutes. and for the love of my vocation, I have an enjoyable time marking the students essay LOL. See.. what a perfect phrase to describe what I did today.. except for... yes, it took me longer just to post this entry.. blearghhh!!
Owh.. ok.. 20 more scripts to go... fighting Ida!!

Monday, January 07, 2013

The excess 2 kg..

As I plan to put off a bit of my few kgs here and there ( I think everything has been accumulated and turned into few layers of flabs in my stomach LOL), I m trying to skip meals especially lunch, and I m doing it today, so, to replace the growling sound in the stomach, I m having my instant coffee now. owh well , most probably I still have to fill in my tummy, maybe in  a few hours time and later, once i m back at home, I do not have to eat anymore.. ( see, how smart I am pbhhtt).
Anyhoo, i am now 2 kgs heavier compared to my usual weight, and being a petite, 2 kg will show a lot of changes in your body. As far as I could remember, I havent eaten a lot ( maybe the rice portion is getting bigger each time), even once a while I would still experience hypoglisemia at nites.
I have been thinking very hard, what have I done to gain this excess kg? Maybe, I was a lot happier for these past few months, ya know, u r happy, u tend to eat a lot, and u move a lot ( dream on), and when u move a lot, u ll get hungrier more, then u eat again, unpurposely, and at the end, when u realise it, u r a lot heavier . Oh my, I was in my perfect weight during last year ramadhan.. even my mom complimented on how I look ( and that is very rare, i tell you).
Maybe I should start taking honey again, and pomegranate juice. Somehow, in between the most occupied months, laziness, and maidless, I just forgot my daily consumption of those 2. Besides, I was never eager to get the supply, once I have finished taking both. Maybe I should start taking it again. Okay.. need to give a call to my supplier in Kelantan  later on. My parent will be coming to KL in 2 weeks time anyway.
On a lighter note, everybody is talking(literally) about the last nite's AJL. Haha, I never bother about any tv shows nowadays, be it a live telecast or a re-run. Anyway, I can just watch the re-run next week. My daily life consists of me surrendering to bed very early, which is rite after the maghrib prayer. Thus, I never watched any tv-shows at nite. But somehow, I ll try to watch Adam & Hawa at 10.00. The evening re-run of A&H is on sunday, at 5, and unfortunately, it will collide with my favorite  weekend KBS drama at 7.
Ok enough, and U r confessing that u r not much of tv-shows fan? Pbhtt Ida!
Owh btw, this s my first entry for 2013. and on this very day last year, I came back to KL on wheel chair, to start working after an 11-months leave. and this is the right time should I say the cliche phrase ' How time flies" LOL
I do not have any resolutions. I ll just have plans, outta blue . With resolutions, you ll have to go thru it at the end of the year, and see whether U have fulfilled it or not. with plans, ermmm.. they are eligible all the time.. and by making plans, you wont be too stressful to accomplish it.. Just my 2 cents worth.. so say NO to resolutions, say YES to plans.. rotfl..
Ok, the last one, my Rheumy, has got me started on enbrel, ip, by weekly dose. I do not mind injecting myself every week, but, this kinda ritual will land me on difficult situation if I travel abroad. For a start, it needs to be put under 8 degree C. and that means I have to bring the ice packed bag along whenever I am away for more than a week. Such a nuisance rite? Er... maybe I can just skip it for like 2 weeks.. and shhh I hope my rheumy wont get to find it.. (lip zipped)
owh.. I still have to continue the 2nd entry of the previous post.. Hey, when can i finish anything that i start with.. U r so bad Ida (soliloquy mode)