Friday, November 16, 2012

Being vain and demanding,, is that u, niece?

Greetings peeps... and salam
Its been almost a month since i last posted. There were so many things happened since then. The new hijri year was celebrated by all the muslims all over the world yesterday. Nevertheless, there were tragic incidences happened to the Palestinian refugees and the people in Gaza. It is so heartbreaking watching the injured babies and elders, suffered in the incidence due to Israel's cruel attack I wonder whether those cruel people, are their hearts made of stone? Do they think they re God? trying to rule other people's lives? When are they gonna stop hurting and injuring others?

But then, whether we want it or not, we are slowly crawling to the end of the world. Sooner or later, we ll face the hereafter, and we ll be judged for our actions.  I have been thinking, what will happen to those who are not moslems? and to those who are moslems but never practise it? I m having this envious feelings for those reverted moslems. They found the true meaning of the 'deen' and treasure it more than the ones who are born moslem, including yours truly. I mean, how many of us, thank  our Creator for each morning that we r still able to wake up, for every portion of food that we have eaten, as the food is our rizq from Him. For every moment that we re able to do our daily activities such as taking a bath, praying, sleeping etc..
As far as I know, we do take things for granted. We are living in a peaceful country, yet there are a few who r still complaining about many things. We are able to perform our solat anywhere, and able to go anywhere without people following us, and threatening us. Those people in Gaza, the kids will be bombed outta no where, whenever they step their foot outside their abodes, they r a step closer to death. They live in an insecure world, not much food to eat and we re 1 million times fortunate than them.. but... sadly, we re never be grateful for the lives we had, instead, there are several people still grumble over darnest things, talking about puppy love like that was the most important thing in her life, skype-ing with the so-immatured 17yr old- crush, showing your hatred towards your immatured crush in FB and demanding polaroid camera for her 16th birthday.. eh!
Ok, I have to admit..  Ido not purposely condemning you.. i m such a bad person, albeit all those statements above.. huwarghh

Owh.. later.. am late for dzuhor..