Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Ramadhan kareem

5th day of Ramadhan....
Dont expect me to show off the dishes that I cooked for Ramadhan..
Nan ado ye tuan puan..
"bukan kah puasa itu sinonim dengan memperbanyakkan amalan bukannya memperbanyakkan juadah?" sarcasm di situ hahaha

lagipun puasa tu makan ala kadar jer... kalau boleh rasanya nak makan kurma jek seketul pastu minum air....
memang nak buat macam tu.. tapi hasilnya acik hypo kul 1.30 pagi terus suruh bibik buat air sirap dan pergi makan coklat hahaha..

eksen sangat ko ni makcik kann

Tapi acik memang kurang selera skit bulan puasa ni... penat la bibik kena masak sendiri sebab acik asik buka posa makan pizza je.. westernnn sangat tu

Oranglain asyik tunjuk juadah berbuka ngan anak2.. acik cuma ada anak tekak.. elok sangat la tuuu

bulan puasa tu niatnya nak jadi sebaikbaik manusia...
kalau kita tak buat orang orang yang buat kat kitakan..
elok2 acik tgh bergurau senda dgn colleague kat WA, ada pulak orang yang salah paham dengan statement pastu marah2 tak tentu pasal..
sedih pulak rasa hati.. takpe itu ujian di bulan Ramadhan
maka acik pun minta maaf dengan sekelian umat..
balik rumah stress terus demam malam tu hahahaha

manja sangat ko ni acikk..


Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Doom's (ke?) day

I am gonna have my teeth ( as in a row of teeth) extracted tomorrow. Sila pegi menangis balik pintu hahahaha.
I have to prepare my mind for a  week liquid diet starting tomorrow hu hu hu
Tak tahu lah.. kan dah 20 tahun acik tak pernah cabut gigi dengan dentist... asyik cabut sendiri je
I have to mark tomorrow's date as one of the unforgettable day in my life...

Ok... propa overloaded..

Friday, March 03, 2017

Entri separuh hati (ku di bawa pergi)

last post was written in April 2016. fast forward its Feb 2017 already. Pheww

Lotsa things happened thou.. I m listing it down in chronological order..

May 2016 - A trip to Bulgaria with sista, more like a conference trip thou, but as usual I managed to go sight seeing albeit my swollen ankle

August 2016 - I finally underwent a surgery to replace the prosthesis due to another infection on the knee. they replaced it with a temporary implant, a molded one made of cement, a very light one thou.. I asked the surgeon, how long should I wear this, btw it was implanted inside the knee, and the surgeon said, until we confirm that you r free from infection and it may take up until 6 months.. and he told me again that you wont be walking without any crutches or knee brace, and at that time I have been thinking about all the lectures that i ll be  missed and MCs etc..
anyway, how long they ll be giving mcs then?

so the first few weeks were tough enough.. wearing knee braces will actually limit your mobility. post op is another torturous moment. You can feel those "thing"rolling inside your knee, trying to adapt itself, and it hurt like........ that i have to move to various knee positions while wailing myself for hours. It did not help thou as the on call MOs did not give me any morphine,  Instead they injected me with pethidine which did not even work on me. so after a painful nite, the surgeon came to check on my condition. he has already prescribed morphine for the post op, but the oncall MO dare to joke with me, asking me on the pain scale.. I told its beyond 10, but he said, i did not look like i was suffering, still can pray and talk... I ignored him then.

anyway... right after i was discharged i had to present a proposal at MOHE, so there i was struggling on a wheel chair while presenting the 'so called" proposal (seeking for sympathy as well lol hence the wheel chair.. too bad nobody noticed *sob sob")

(continue from previous draft yang dah berbulan ni)
fast forward a few months later.. after a few episodes of flare ups,,, uncountable counts to Ortho and RA follow ups.. here I am (switching to "too lazy to type mode" haha)
By the way I did not get the research grant from the shortlisted proposal presentation last August..
still looking for a new one.. (nangis balik pintu)..

eh dah le.. malas pulak nak type banyak2..

Sekian laporan yang tak semengah dari saya..

Till then ..