Tuesday, May 22, 2012

A quick update.

before i crashed to bed... somehow i think even a quick update will actually beneficial to me in the future... as for example, i managed to recall what had really happened before i went sick last year... i tot i did not get any symptoms,, but yes.. there were the symptoms but i was too ignorant at that time to seek for any help ( thinking i can always be a superwoman) hehh! 1. I sent off the maid on 1st May.. it was a victory to me to be free from her.. hahahha 2. I am able to walk faster nowadays... thank you Allah.. 3. They..ethem you know who.. will be going off for a long holiday in France this thursday... and i m so green with jealousy.. 4. and when they came back, my bro will be working in Bahrain for a few years.. will bring the family along... ookk... the good side is..i m able to visit them probably next year..who knows.. 5. I think i m becoming more productive lately..oh yes.. to quote.. keberkatan dalam bekerja.. eh 6. I still feel how lucky I am to get to breathe the same air , until now..GOD knows better what HE has for me 7. I can walk faster now,, with some limping.. ( eh i ve listed this already) 8. I m grateful for the life HE gives me.. not able to describe with words 9. I love myself LOL 10. Now, I can go to bed peacefully... will update again in 2 months time hahahah