Sunday, April 28, 2013

Rest and Digest :)

Sunday morning again!!
Eh, correction.. sunday afternoon.. seems like a few hours has passed since i woke up, watched tv ( while having breakfast), showered, hesitated between doing house chores and transforming to  a couch potato all day long... I voted the latter..:)

Anywayy, life was hectic as usual. I had like a few hours lecture on tuesday, and been doing my homework ( of reading some more articles ), whilst cursing myself in between the readings for being too challenging haha

The teamleader finally replied to my email asking for an extension for the task. It seemed that my email has straightly  went into his junk, which explained his silence all these while.

He apologized for that and told me that he can only extend it till the end of May. So i replied back saying that i thought he purposely ignored me for the illogical request that I made. anyway, i told him that i have already obtained some ideas about  the chemical disruptot and its protein target, yet I am still having difficulties to put all the ideas on paper, with all those lectures and exams and viva which need my particular attention.
and he replied back that i do not have  to write a paper as he only wants the name of the disruptor and its target. That's all!

hahaha... I was so worried that i didnt digest his email clearly.. yes.. i did come across his request in the earlier emails, but since he attached another document which i went thru later, and in the document itself, they asked everyone in the team to put all the ideas in a format attached.

It seems that, i do not have to do that yet. That is only applied to other 11 teams, and in our team's part, we need to do a lot of cross check in validating their ideas, and that particular task will start onve we have all the fed backs from all 11 teams.

So, I am so relieved with that, and i intend to submit mine next week. Yeay!!!

No more flight or fight response, yet i am only into rest and digest now lol.
and as I will only let my parasympathetic system works from now on, I wont have anymore of the panic attack, even though I ll have 4 hrs lecture which start at 8 tomorow morning.

On an interesting? note, I am going back to KB for the election. I have no idea, where did I get so much excitement in wanting to vote this year, tho I did not in the previous election. This will be my 2nd time tho. I have taken this effort to go back, whilst during previous election, I never bother to go back, hahaha
well who knows, my vote will actually determine who's the parliament member selected in my area.. (dream on pbhhtt)

My mom has been asking me whether I will be voting at the same area as theirs. I told her, that i have voted once and I remembered going with her to the same school to vote last time. and she was like "did you?"
With that, I have to logon to  SPR website again to check whether I am still able to vote this year...


Saturday, April 20, 2013

Adrenalin rush

Saturday morning!! (ok, it is afternoon already.. how time flies)
Weekends are supposed to be spent loitering infront of the idiot box, by changing its channel every 5 minutes. No lunch included.
Yes.. that's how I defined my kind of weekend. It should not be spent by triggering my adrenaline as I have yet to write a review paper less than a month!)
.. and am sorry Mr Weekend, I do not have time to even turn on the tv as I am now extremely occupied with a lot of readings and to understand what I ve been reading...
Ok, I lied. I did turn on the tv this morning, but it bored me off as every one in the tv are so busy elaborating on the incoming election. 
Whats with me having a hectic schedule for the next incoming weeks, I know I won't have time to steal some working time allocated for this task.
I should not have 'gatal' applied for this work in the first place.
But then, a year ago i did not have much work to be done, nor any lectures to be delivered.
So here I am, burning the'midnight' oil in pretending trying to accomplish this given task. I know, by completing this paper, they will actually review my performance   laterwhether I d be able to retain in the team.
Nevertheless, I ll give it a try, need to finish it by a help from a colleague, but if this paper is not up to their standard, I will not have any regret if they just exclude me from the team later on.

ok.. back to some more readings..

Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Far and Away

I noticed that there are people who actually read my old posts back in 2005. Whoever you are, please dun do that. To date, my life is actually changing  360 degree from the previous. I should have deleted al the ancient posts and only concentrate on the new and upcoming ones. yet honestly, there are still the remnants of yesterday that i want to preserve, be it was too cruel, sad or happy.

Ok, back to year 2013..

I lost my room key, and it is so weird as  remember I drop it in my tote after locking the room, waited for the cab, reached home, put the tote without taking anything out, took it back this morning, and when i scruffled inside the tote, it was missing. Grrr.. Luckily there is a spare key in the office and I managed to go in, after 30 mins.  and I am still thinkng about the key.. where the hell are you key.. should I call CSI then.. lol ( okay.. not funny)

HBO is now airing good movies early in the morning, and I managed to watch like 1/4 of ir before rushing to work. Today was Far and Away, with Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman starred in it. The movie was a talk in town back in late90s I guess, as I remembered I was still doing my Masters at UKM at that time. and was it later that they coupled? (or was it prior to the movie)

Never mind, who cares if Nicole and Tom have become couple since then? as I yet, have to find a life partner lol.
Ehem.. what a confession pbhttt!

Recently, I registered on this one muslim marriage website. been reading various profiles, which are are rather annoying and irritating. I mean, they have been boasting of how pious they are, developing 100 hobbies  at the same time, permanent gym freaks, and they end their profiles by " looks do not matter, and pictures would be deceiving, but hearts are not yada yada", yet when I asked to look for ther pics, nobody bother to reply, in fact even rejected my requests..
okay, fine then. Do I look that pathethic and desperate?

Got bored of them anyway. Anyhoo, I could ave said that I have made a tiny effort in seeking a lifepartner.. nah... it sounds ridiculous tho.. I mean by advertising yourself at the website? Erkkk...

Come to think of it. i dont think it will be a fruitful effort later, owhh just forget about it... (erased)

Last week, i heard a 90s song sung by ( cant remember his name), but surprisingly, I can still remember the lyrics..  and  I asked my student" do you know this song", and  she shook her head, and it just strck my mind that I am OLD.. lol
My student n her 20s did not know any of this song, yet it seems like yesterday, I was listening to the song while finshing my assgnment.. oh my... I am such  an OLD SCHOOL lol

I grew with back Street Boys, NKOTB, GUys next door, just to name a few. back then, the songs have good qualitiies and u tend to recite the lyrics, whilst nowadays, who cares about the hip hop or talking songs lol

owh ok.. I rest my case.. I have a few hours class this afternoon

Saturday, April 06, 2013


Morning peoples :)
Its been almost than  3 weeks after my birth-day. Nothing much to boast about being 45 lol
Anyway, for the past few weeks, I have classes mostly everyday. The reason is.. i have to replace 17 hrs-lectures and squeeze the normal 14 weeks-lecture to 7 weeks!
They are the 1st year medical students, and of course their schedules are totally different from the normal semester schedules.
I have other lectures tat I need to deliver as well..
No.. I am not complaining tho..

The 'good' thing is, they get to meet me so often, and thus, i have reminded them earlier that " i ll see u more often that you see your mom, so I hope you will bear it with me"
They even asked me to do unethical thing like skipping classes lol, and i gave then a one hour lecture of ethics lol

Owh, what's new in here?
Yeah, the hottest issue is , we ll  have an election in probably 3 weeks time! yeay!
i have decided that i should do my responsibility as a good citizen tis year,so I am going to elect.
The previous election, i did not manage to go back home ( as my electing place is at my hometown) since it was held on working day. whom I gonna vote for? That would be a top secret hahaha.
My FB has been tarnished by all those propagandas and people who are so engrossed into this issue. and I found it so irritating as they tend to enlarge and worsen the issue by their own  disgusting standard.
(pause for a laundry)
one a lighter note, ( is it?)
my feet swells since last week. but still i managed to go the lectures with me limping all the way..Hope it will be much better when i m going back for an election at the end of the month..

Hmm.. nothing interesting happened when i m so bz with classes. life is so hectic that I ll sleep instantly when my head touched the pillow.
Come to think of it, i know i m such a boring people as my life only revolves work, work and works..

Love life? should I have one lol. I guess the one who is going to be my love partner will be dying of boredom if he'd ever known me

Health wise, i think i am still gaining on. i do not know why but i can feel my heavy body without even peeping on the weighing scale, and i have just read that by consuming enbrel might also  contributing to my weigh gain..

it is so gloomy now, i think it is gonna rain soon.. oh my laundry :)

I should post more frequent I guess.. but by leading this so called life,, what else could i put on this blog?


ok.. till then