Thursday, August 28, 2008

and I just realised..

dat i never feel like posting any pics in my blog, making my blog so dull n ugly kan?
and I also realised tat i m a silent reader to many blogs, which i d never bother to acknowledge my presence in their blogs.. well tat's me allrite...
i also realised tat due to the reasons above.. nobody read my blogs.. I mean new readers.. well... maybe bcos this blog is a syok sendiri punya blog kan...
The 2 stooges kat fac tu pun.. tak penah tau their stooge-mate ni ada blog.. hahaha
WAT differ this blog with the other 2 stooges?...
ANSWER: i confide to them with all my personal matters but i wont confide in this blog..well sorry to say.. wat u read is wat u got.. which is only the exterior surface of moi...which only contribute 0.05% of the real makcik in real world actually...
which only... arghhh...
P told me once.. "u shud not do it too often u know"
Moi : shud not do wat?
P: talking to yrself.. if u still wanna do it.. go infront'f d mirror and talk to it..
Moi: well wats wrong wth talking to ourselves? I mean.. when i talk to myself.. u ll see me mumbling je.. if i talk out loud.. tat d be another story.. rite?
P: then do it infront'f d mirror
Moi: Nope..
P: itu lah u.. keras kepala.. never take other ppl advice
Moi: Does it make any diference.. i mean.. i d soliloquy anywhere, any place any time.. when i feel like it.. why do u wanna make it difficult for me by wanting me to TALK INFRONT OF THE MIRROR.. whenevr i feel like talking to myself.. I mean tat thing is spontaneous u know.. i wont just simply talking to myself if i dun hv any issue..
P: ok, when do u usually talk to yrself then?
Moi: Like now maybe .. (mumbling to myself: eee org tua nih.. byk songeh tul.. aku pelempang kang..."
P: sorry i didnt hear u..
Moi: see.. shud i find any mirror now.. can u find me a mirror.. or maybe this side mirror will do ( we re in the car when the conversation took place).. Opps.. toot.. time's up.. i m already done with the talking (moi grinning)
P: ok la u win.. ( buat muka "ada lori ada bas.. ada hari boleh balas")
Moi: showing her contented smile..
After a few minutes...
Moi; Bang, kita nak makan kat mana kejap agi..
P: Buat muka dono.. while ignoring me
Moi: Helloooo.. kita nak makan kat mana ni..( a bit louder tis time)
P: huhhh! r u talking to me?
Moi: ya la... nwho else is in this car?
P: Owhhh.. tot u r still talking to yrself....(with a wide grin smile)
Moi: &^%$J*&#$$@$%% ( PAYBACK TIME.. soonnn..)

Owh.. im thinking of posting a few pics here..well.. havent posted any pics for so long anyway..and here they are... jeng jeng

muka penat cam nak mati..( after more than 24 hrs atas flite + 8 hrs transit kat dubai) pas tu sesampai kat airport.. kununnya nak jadi adventurous.. tarik luggage naik metro to hotel.. ampeh takder pemandangan menarik pun along the way.. tapi ok la... we saved a lot by taking a train to the city

1st day kat athens.. while having our bfast at the bfast corner.. well since its free.. this is all wat we ate for bfast for the whole week there..

well first thing i did when we reached the conference place was looked for the posters room. put on our posters and snapped the pics of us beside the posters.. well they r the proofs tat we did attend the conference, mingled wth other particpants, made networking.. etc.. etc..

anyone cud tell me how to upload the pics along wth its caption to the blog in fastest way?. been uploading one pic at one time and added the caption above by typing it..( hate doing it in mundane way)..

well watever it is.. i ll upload more pics when i m in the mood again... haishhhh...

Sunday, August 24, 2008

And Life goes on..

First of all.. i m still here.. eyah eyahh..
tah.. tang mana nak gumbira haper tahh..
i went to the 'seminar keusahawanan' yesterday. Not tat i m so keen to be a future 'usahawan" but it was a seminar for those who took MGM3180 aka Asas keusahawanan in UPM. I m one of those who teaches this course.. which is so amazing la kan. bcos i never had any basic on this subject ( except for a 3 days 2 nites crash course tat they conducted last march).
It wasnt tat bad anyway. I mean the seminar. the speakers r the entrepenurs tat already had established businesses.. and I love the advice tat one of the speakers ie Dr zainul Azizan, the owner of Nagasteel equipment gave to the students who attended the seminar.
When he's been asked of "how to manage yr time" .. he'd just simply said.. To manage yr time.. 2 things tat u shud do are.. 1. off yr handphone.. 2. Off yr YM
which is so true la.. cos I have seen the effects of how thse two things have affected most of the workers in our country.. generally.
I have seen a freind who cant live without her hp and thinks tat she can multitask by doing her works n chatting at the same time...(no offence to ppl yg mmg cam tu ek)
There's one report which i read quite sometime ago.. on a survey and its been reported tat we re actually wasted 70% of our working (quality) time when we started checking our emails.. cos one thing will lead to another, rite? U wont just simply check yr email cos there'd be emails which link to some websites and u opened the websites , they will lead to other websites.. and it will go on.. There'd never be a stop for it..
and to quote wat dr zainul said.. " how r u gonna think of some ideas.. when u r engrossed with chatting to ppl who r online at the same time? "
That makes sense.. seriously. I mean.. I have stopped chatting while i work.. except.. I know I do have some time to do dat.. Most of the time I d be invisible.. and besides.. well im not as chatty as i used to be.. when there r always loads of work tta need to be done before deadline.. owhh well look who's talking.. aku pun kekadang terbabas jugakk.. kah kah kah
Ok la.. on lighter note.. I was free allday today. Pusat KOKO didnt call me for finishing school.. so melangok la aku kat umah.. cam bosan la plak if i had too much free time neyhh..
Uploaded the pics which i ve snapped when i was in Athens last time.. most of the pics were snapped by my freind.. and most of them r not interesting la... we snapped lotsa posters.. as there lotsa infos tat we can gain from em.
I missed the students.. n the class as well. They r gonna start operating their bizs this week. its part of the keusahawanan syllabus. haishh cam tak sabo la plak nak nengok dorang niaga. all the groups have already submitted their business plans but i havent got time to read em yet. i m having 2 appointments at HUKM next week. Tomorrow, i m off for Ortho and a Ct scan on tbursday. Cehh kalahkan pak dokter...
Gotta run.. i mean.. crawl ( kah kah kah).. lum solat n im supposed to be in bed already neyh... ubat lum makan...
well nitey nite nocturnals ( bukan aku ekk)

Friday, August 22, 2008

It cant be any lighter..

Well 12 days has passed since I last wrote in my blog. Lotsa things happened after md last 'transit' in Dubai ( which was happened to be a nitemare for me). I mean LOTSAAA things.. which.. I dun think I have neither the time nor the energy to spin the yarn to my few-kerat readers here.
But i just want to narrate abt wat happened to me this morning..
Which make 'my blood go upstairs" ...
and make me realised how patience i cud be, when confronting this kinda situation..
and I also realised.. whenever i becam mad like hell.. the only resort was to cool myself down by... ermm.. (clearing my throat).. weeping..
yeah.. me so PATHETIC..
wait till u hear the second part of the story.. I m sure u d all crying bucketss..
well.. to start a story, we ( me and my P (which stands for Pakcik, no,.. not U .. incik Shahe).. decided to go to the postoffice.. after having our bfast at kedai mamak. I ve just checked my mailbox a nite before ( with tears streaming on my chubby cheek, and tat will be anothr story okkayy) and found out tat I got an undelivered reg letter, and due to dat, i have to go to Seri Kembangan Post Office , at their kaunter serahan tingkap to obtain the letter.
We parked at a 'secluded' area ( la sangat).. thinking tat no car wud dare to block our car.. by parking their cars behind ours..
UInfortunately.. we were so WRONG. there was this silver Nissan Sentra, and her stupid owner has happily parked her car just behind our car. which is so ridiculous la kan. bcos there is no WAY that we can leave without she removed her car first..
Thinking tat the owner must be somewhere around, P went inside the post office , trying to look for the owner.. later on, he went to all the shops opposite the post office. One hour has passed but still there easnt any sign of the bloody owner. I was late for work anyway.
I even had this tot tat 'she' ( we re very sure ttat the owner must be a SHE) is doing his facial at the beauty salon nearby ( spotted one or two) opposite the post office, while both of us r waiting impatiently for her to come. after 1.5 hours, we ended up our waiting.. with the arrival of AHSO bangang outta nowhere, i think she went to the bank which is like 1/2 km away from the parking place.
and her first q was like ( while pointing to our car).. "Yours arr?" I didnt get the chance to curse her anyway.. bcos P was much quicker than me..
" so stupid! everyone says U r stupid.. u must be born stupid!" sorta.. and before i cud add to his stupid vocabularies, she has already gone!
Should have told her.. not even stupid.. u r also blind!
so much for the tot la kan...

on heavier note.. ( well there is like.. heaviest as well)..
We went to yankies Hut for dinner last nite.. I was not well yesterday ( tat will be another story too).. ermm i ll just cut the story short..
Mom called when we were abt to go back.. and i cried after the phone call.. Goddit?

ok.. here's the last one.. on heaviest note...
I was very bz after coming back from Athens.. I mean.. like bziest.. Touched down at 12.. got my luggage and all.. and i safely reached home at 2 am.. and the next morning.. I had a lecture at 2 pm.. need to prepare the lecture notes as well..
and my my.. how do u call yrself.. after a long trip of more than 24 hours.. withoutany proper rest.. ( remind me not to transit at dubai again)..
i cant even open my eyes..
and on Tuesday.. i have an appt with my beloved Rheumy.. and they have decided to start a new drug via infusion on me.. meaning tat I need to spend a nite in d ward.
which I have done dat.. been there.. last monday.
Again.. they didnt have any vacant bed for me.. so I have to wait. Just imagine.. i ve been in HUKM since 9.30 but at 4.30 pm.. i m still not able to be admitted. and they finally put me in at half past six. I was so dead tired at dat time.. and then.. after the usual check up by the MO, they discovered a huge mass in my womb.. so the mission is now changed.. next day i was put for ultra sound, xray.. gynae clinic bla bla.. and yes.. all these while, i am living with a huge ovarian tumour inside myself for God knows, how long...
well.. did have dysmenorhea frequently. and this feeling of bloatness sometimes.. well.. was thinking tat it must be due to my irregulare eating habit..and this superficial massed thingy.. well i dunno.. i blamed on my ignorance la..
I was discharged last wednesday.. have to go again next week for a CT scan and next.. i dunno.. the gynae will decide I guess.
I have another nitemare.. before i d be able to be discharged. well not gonna tell u anyway.. just remind me to get my MC from tat HO lembab itu.. she forgot to give me one.. tho i have requested it beforehand..
owh.. i forgot.. they have like tonnes of things to do kan.. HO la katakan..
well i ll tell u if there is another double heaviest note in my entry..
The only thing tat I have to remind myslef again n again.. Allah has put me into test once again.. So watever it is.. redha jek la dgn ujian yang ALlah beri ni..
Semoga makcik ini akan dimasukkan dalam golongan org yang sabar dan redha dengan ketentuan Nya.. I ll accept watever the outcomes anyway..
Hmm.. I dunno.. when wud be the next entry.. kalau ini the last one.. ( tho I m really looking fwd to posting the next one)... well this is it..
Au Revoir.. and.. kenang daku dalam doa mu.. ekkk

kih kih kih..

Sunday, August 10, 2008

In Dubai again

ahlan wa sahlan from dubai..yeah.. im now in dubai airport at 4.42 am(MYT), 12.43 am(Dubai Time) and 11.43 pm ( Athens time). Anthr 8 hrs to go b4i d be able to board. Gila bosan aku, dah le emirates hampeh takbagi aku hotel voucherjust bcos i m only economy class passenger. Udah le, terminal dia dah setahun tak siap2 renovate, asal sampai jek kena turun tangga naik bas pi terminal.. Nasib baik jek entertainment dlm flite bagus..kalau idak dah lama aku hantar surat layang kat emirat4es ni..
I amsoo exhausted,checked out at 11 am tis morning and went straight to airport.. the flite departed at 5.30 ( supposed to depart at 4.40 tapi ada la manusiamana yg tak gheti2.. tinggalhand luggage tapi tuannya pi shopping) sampai the pilot siap cakap.. u have my permission to give them the dirty looks when they came..the cabin vrews siap bagi round applause lagik once they entered the cabin hahaha.
Funny,this morning,i was at the greek cafe nearby,sipping greek coffee while listening to some greek pop songs, life seeemed blissful at tat time,how i wish i cud have many other precious momemnts like thismorning.and tonite i am in dubai airport.. thousands ppl allover the world r walking infront'f me now..and tomorrow morning,i d be in the tutorial room,delivering lecture to mystudents.. Now it doesnt sound like the usual sounds more like living on a fast lane kan..kah kah kah...
Sekali sekala leh la wat cam tu.. cuba tiap2 bulan like my bro.. ada la yg tertiarap tgh jalan karang..
I am now trying to stay awake with a can of pepsi,some crackers and a bottle of mineral water..
I miss my crib ( kater incik Shahe) so much... my "Pakcik".. kirim tadi sempat merayau2 cari.. its much cheaper than the one i asked in Athens..
I spent yesterday, strolling around the places nearby..ended up 'shopping' kat Hondos Centre. tapi takshopping pun.. later i found a supermarket which is actually behind the hotel buildinhg.. cett..dah nak balik baru jumpa... purchased some greek coffee and toffee for the kids..
Owh btw,while i was walking to the shopping centre yesterday,when a guy managed to catch me and guess wat? i shrieked a bit thinking that he'sgonna pickpocket me.. but he handed me a 10 euro note and squished it onto my palm instead..Tak sempat aku nak cakap apa2 dia dah lari...
hahaha he must think tat ilooked a bit forlorn wanderinng around the places... well dah selamat duit tu aku guna for d lunch.
owhh... batt dah kong.. cess... tak sempat aku nak tulis byk2..wat am i gonna do for the next 7 hours ni....huwaaaaaa....
some arab monsters r preying my seat now...maunya aku tak berganjak dr tempat duduk ni...

Friday, August 08, 2008

Another day in Athens

yeah.. today is my free day.. duno where to go yet.. masih lagi melepak kat lobi hotel ini.. (alone occay), my companion buddy dah balik (uwaa).. and i cant wait to go back home too... missed my nasik kerabu..( i think i ve lost a few pounds alreday,cehhhh lagik maucakap kan).
Yesterday, i was alone for the half of the day. Zura went back to the hotel to check out at 11, and outta blue i became so independent. ( aku selalu cam tu if i had friends with me, i wud be so ignorant hahaha, ). so after hearing quite a number of mundane lectures ( bcos it wasnt my kinda- niche area), i decided to go back. It was still early tho.. around 4 pm and the sun was above my head.. tersangat la teriknya ( hitam la makkk cam ni kah kah ). Intead of taking a usual cab ( cos they will charge us double fare if we took it infornt'f d hotel), i walked to a next block , heading to a kossoumoli tram station. Since everything is written in greek character, aku pun asked for a help dgn seorang greek god (yang hidung dia sangat 'tinggi': toread: sombong), tapi tak kira gak, aku wat muka seposen .. yeahh makcik kalau kat obersea.. sentiasa dgn muka seposan yg tatau malu. so it cost me 80 cents to go to syntagma square. was looking for some souvenirs to bring back ( they said there were lotsa souvenir shops there). so berjalan la aku tanpa arah tujuan.. from the tram station.. i m so hopeless at map reading.. so baik tak yah bawak kan). Found a small shop with a nice lady there who helps me a lot. To make it worst, tapak sandal aku dah tercabut dr pagi tadi but i did not realise it till the aftrenoon. From the shop, i walked to the metro station to go back to the hotel which is nearby the omonia station. I was lost , ( told u aku ni hopeless wth direction) , i was like going around n around bcos , the place is actually sorta square area ( its called Omonia Sq btw), i tot i came out from the right exit ( svbb dia byk exit) so berpusing2 la aku kat situ.. till i spotted a greek policeman yg tgh sonok menyaman org. It so happened dat the hotel was just across the street, was looking at the landmark actually tapi aku tak nampak pun.. cess). safely arrived at my hotel room, with a flushed face at 8 pm ( masih lagi terang benderang tho). I had problem unlocking the door, luckily Zura has already informed the person at the check in counter so he happily ( agaknya) unlocked the door for me.
Well time to go sight seeing now ( if i d be able to find all the places la hahaha), or else need to look for anther greek policeman lagi kan...
Haishhhh.... sengall..


Thursday, August 07, 2008

From Athens with love

Hahh.. i am now enconscedly writing from the lobby of my hotel.. Yeah, we have got the wifi at the conference place.. but i havent brought my lappy yet.. Nanti la esok2 bila aku dah bersorangan. Zura is going back tomorrow, leaving me behind,and i can only leave on saturday. Today, we had a great skive, went to the remnant Temple of Zeus, Acropolis ( which i only managed to climb half way.. mak sakit lutut occayy!) and Olympic Stadium. It was so darn hot sampai aku rasa cam nak heat stroke, the rest of the interesting places,, it d be all in my memory.. nak snap gambo aku dah tak larat nak pi sensorang.. the knee isstill in pain.. once walked non stop.
The Greek, my God, if u cud only see their noses.. leh wat sangkut hanger katernya.. and the features..wahh.. hensemmm sungguh... havent been able to snap withany of theGrreek guys yet.. they r not friendly like any other Europeans nn most of them cant speak english.. to make it worse, we cant even read their writingss..
Eh i ve togo now..wanna go upstairs, wash myself.. and off to zz land.. i still hvtomorrow and the next day to explore Athens.. tu pun kalau rajin la..
well.. ciao for now..

Sunday, August 03, 2008

temporarily closed

Am flying to Greece tonite.. will be back next monday ( haishhh terus ada kelas plak tu)...kacooo...
Doakan kepulangan ku selamat pergi dan balik.. (haishh... cam sentomentol la plak)