Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Hapdet katernyaa

Aku sebenonya sekadar mendengar kata, sama cam aku dengar kata ma n bak, dengo kata cikgu, dengo kata pensyarah, dengo kata kawan2 (yg betul jek la). so bila incik shahe suh aku HAPDET, aku pun HAPDET la.. walaupun jiwa aku meronta-ronta melaung2 perasaan malas dan TAKNAK, TAKNAK.. aku tak nak happdet....
.. tapi disebabkan aku ni seorang yg mendengar kata.. ...
AKU pun HAPDET la...
walaupun hanya sebaris ayat ( ewahhh lirik lagu jugak yg terkuar)..
akhir kata..

YEAHH! aku dah HAPDETTTTTT (ada gema)


Thursday, July 24, 2008


I came in early today. My 2 good frends semua pi dengar talk by the Elsevier editor of 'how to publish a good journal" katernya ( sori pakcik., aku dah terikut2 gaya ko cakap der gamoknyer). So I was left alone this morning ( still early, baru kul 8.30). and since i know tat I'd be left alone today, soI ve decided to finish the saki baki posa aku yg lum berganti agi tu.. ( iya, aku sungguh kejik, dah penghujung cam ni pun lum abis lagik huhhu), and to top it all, kawan aku jugak dgn sesukahatinya suh aku wakilkan dia pi meeting sbb dia nak pi dgr talk. so dalam kul 11 karang, aku dgn blur dan sopannya ( or is it sopan dan blur) akan duduk sebagai pokok bunga hiasan kat meeting yg langsung takder kena mengena ngan hidup aku ( boleh gitu?)
and since its stll early to do things that need to be done, i logged in to maybank2u to pay all the bills , deposit, downpayments etc, tengok2 aku dah abiskan sebulan gaji aku, infact terpakai lagi a few hundreds, boley? so.. (and i just noticed gaji baru masuk hari ni and i ve finsihed it all? kellesss mak kah kah kah) so lagi sbulan aku kutip la pucuk2 kayu kat tepi jalan wat makan kan? kah kah kah.
ishh tengok keadaan, kena la puasa sepanjang bulan rejab ni nampaknyaa.. sejuk la perut mak aku nengok anak dia yg kushyuk dan bertawadd-uk berposa nih..
Opssss. luper nak cakap.. my condition is getting better.. ehh if not, takde la rasanya nak merapu meraban kat sini kan..
Dah.. nak kena wat claim so dat i ll have some money to be taken with during my trip early next month.. Pakcik! ko nak kirim aper dari Greece? Aku wat balik mak tiri Hercules kat ko nak? kih kih kih

Moral of the story: 1. Gaji aku ciiput, gaji ko byk pakcik.. sampai beli 7 helai baju kije.. tu stock aku setahun tuhh..
2. I m so hopeless when it comes to financial management.. boley?

Monday, July 21, 2008


im so so so so not well today, actually it started since last saturday, nope.. last week actually. Well something went wrong wth my body ( macam la tak penah pun kan), the right side of my body from head to toe is in great pain ( the shoulder hurts, the wrist swells, the elbow in pain, the knee can not be bended, the ankle.. still swelling like hell ). Even tho I ve been lying on the sofa for like 24 hours, the body is still aching, and it metastatasized, i mean the pain, sekejap sakit pinggang, sekejap kat shoulder blade. The worst thing i m having fever as well, but its in low grade form. tatau nak cakap apa.. last nite, i woke up at 3 amfeeling so fibromyalgic, so i took a panadol and i sweated later on. Tis morning, since I ve a class at 2 to 4, I ve to drag my body to the fac. Cant postpone the class, bcos I dun have other empty slots to fill in. and muka aku yg moyok ni of course la, very obvious, kalau dah tak sehat, when a colleague asked, i ve to tell him dat, I dun hv the energy to move my body anymore and wish someone could put me inside the upih kelapa and drag me to the destination.
So pathetic!
by the way, last nite, i dreamed of my late friend who passed away last year in Mekah..
reminds me of some "so called friends" aku yg senang bersama tapi susah sensorang ittew.. kejik ! huhuhuhu. Aku rasa kalau aku mati pun lepas setahun kot baru dorang tahu..
*mode emotional*
i m taking a medical leave tomorrow.. Losing my appetite some more..
Nasi dimakan bagaikan pasir .. huhuhuhu

Monday, July 14, 2008

complementing the unfinished products

It was a HECTIC weekend! Seriously, i sacrificed my whole weekend for the sake of students yg was an 8 to 6 activities. and we only stopped for tea and lunch break. Ko bayangkan lah, betapa makcik ini bercakap dan cakap dan cakap jugak sampai kering tekak ni.. heeshh.. and to see all those students melopong dengar apa saja jek kelentong aku.. kah kah.. its priceless!
i was still ok on saturday. setelah 'dera' bebudak tu skit2 for the ice-breaking activity, they started to feel relaxed. Or else, i almost felt the tension amongst them when i first arrived. after all, they r not from my faculty. Later on, for the next 6 hours, I really had a good time. thse students, when they'r given an opportunity to be themselves, they wud come out with lotsa creative ideas, and u would be surprise, especially seeing their performance in all those sketsas.
However, things were not so good on sunday. i was a bit worn out after the saturday's activity. ached all over.. but still i cant just back out at the last minute. so nak taknak.. i just prayed tat my condition will get better by the afternoon. the students from my own faculty were not as creative as the ones that i conducted on saturday, but there wud alwasys be one or two who'd be outstanding. If the tagline from the saturday's school was "dua-dua", and I think tat was something that they picked up during their orientation week, the tagline on sunday's school was "unfinished product". and they actually referred the term to themselves..students are unfinished products. i guessed I m the only one who even laughed more. and they continued laughing when they saw me cant put a stop to this contagious laugh.
i was totally out when i reached home at 7. so darn tired, physically and mentally.. i just hit the bed rite after the shower and it was only 7 pm. Owh before hitting the bed, i gulped some painkillers,put some blanket, dah demam der pun masa tu.. and off to zzzland. Woke up at 7 am this morning.
begitulah adanya...
len kali nak buat lagi pun... besides achieving something in my SKT, i can also get some extra money.. more than enuff for few stress therapies next time.. kan kan incik Shahe kan?

Friday, July 11, 2008

makcik's day out

i was on leave today.. as i told incik shahe, i went for a stress therapy at J-Card day at JJ Taman equine. Ye la,,sapa lagi nak abiskan duit yang berkepuk-kepuk kat dalam bank tu kan ( bukan duit aku. duit org) kah kah kah
so dengan tekad dan semnagan yang kental, I reached there at 9.30, thinking that we'd be the first one arrived.. ghopanyaa....
hampeh.. dah berbaris2 keter parking kat luar, meaning dat d parking lots inside r fully occupied. Thank God Cik zura managed to park at the rooftop parking and i was too bz sipping coffee with lotsa sugar n cream to rejuvenate the energy.. yess aku sungguh hampehh..
Actually i m not into shopping wth crowds. my kind'f shopping is.. a pleasant one on monday morning and of course la, time takder sale.. it ll be very empty..
so tis is sort'f change ( actually i need ppl who can push the trolley )kah kah kah.. tau la aku ni.. bawak barang skit.. cam dah nak patah tangan
We managed to come out'f the JJ at half past 6!
korang bayangkan le.. the time we spent inside was longer than the time we spend at work all day.. tapi tak kisah la.. janji dah ambik cuti.. not like some ppl whom I believed came straight from their offices.. cladded with office attire ( hari ni khamis.. so most of them wear batik0 .. apa kes!
kalu nak skive pun berpada-pada la kan.. at least bring some extra clothes and u can change it in the toilet.. ( habis la aku bagi cadangan yg amat kellless)
Tho i didnt spent tat much ( compared to my friend), and i did wait for her who was at the kid's section for more than 2 hrs. jenuh la aku bilang org kuar masuk ngan incik guard yg buat lawak bodo kat depan tu..
so the result from this therapy.. aku sakit kaki.. n sakit lutut...
stress whoaa... esok lecture kul 8.. can i change the topic to ' CC's day out at JJ for a so-called stress therapy".. boley?
anyway.. the good thing out'f tis is..i managed to buy an advance bday present for beloved ma n bak. (it wont be a surprise one tho as aku siap consult saiz depa in the middle of the chaotic crowds)
seriously, regardless the hike of fuel price , the hike of so many necessary goods, people are still spending their money lavishly like no tomorrow. I still have no idea why ppl want to buy so many pillows n bed linens just bcos they put the unbelievable discount price. some people bought few big suitacses some more.. and they had like a few trollies to put all the goods.
ye, aku sungguh tak paham.. i just bought things tat i have planned for ages to buy, only i havent had time to buy it til now..and there r items tat i was still unable to buy bcos it doest suit my taste..
so lebih kurang aku ni.. kiranya a good consumer kan? kih kih..
ye tepuk to CC!

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Woke up at the wrong side of the bed

well.. the title narrates it all.. and my grumpiness only started when I could not find my body shop perfume bottle after the final touch up. Scruffed thru all the bags, tote bags, over nite bag, hand bag.. yet i still couldnt find it. i wear the perfume whenever i m not in my menses time (get wat i mean?), and dabbed other perfumes when i m in tat time of the month ( still get wat i mean?)..
yeaa.. aku biol hari ni.. after swearing like 100 times and later merintih cam org mati anak kucing .. i was still unable to find it. Ishh i have other perfumes tat i can wear.. tapi tu la.. today is the sparkle sequioa's body shop day.. kalau takder.. jgn harap aku nak pakai lain..
ishh... i remember i held it and planned to put it in my overnite bag as i was at my bros last weekend.. ishh.. I am soo absent minded nowadayss...tuihh!
so i dragged this grumpiness all the way to work. I have the first class tonite.. ( but i dun feel like preparing any lecture notes,, boley? ) there goes the award for this year's most dedicated lecturee ( another ptuih!)
the usual bfast partner decided not to come today.. lagi la aku grumpy.. and its been raining cats n dog since tis morning..
To add to my grumpiness.. i could not find the air tickets.. i remember i just put it in the first drawers along with all my monthly pay slips.. the drawer.. ishhh was an extremely messy.. while r'ransacking' my own drawer, i was like.. allah huakbarr.. mana aku letak ni.. for 100 times.. (luckily i was not into swearing mode)..
I blamed my age for this so bloody absentmindedness.. and my 'taking for granted'-ness.. but i know the ticket is in the drawer..
after abt 15 mins.. i found the ticket.. yes.. its actually inside the drawer.. leaning to the wall of tat drawer.. ( ko imagine la sendiri.. bahasa aku ni pun dah lintang pukang)
and now i feel like... makan goreng pisang sambil lepak atas l-shaped sofa aku tgk 'shutter' the movie leh?
Cam bosan jek hari ni..
and yes.. i am still in 'grumpy' mode..
rasa cam nak makan anak lebah memangh ada anak tebuan dalam perut aku ni? it hurts like.. hell.. ( no like reban ayam)

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

The next Philip Kottler?

Seriously, I m so oversaturated today.. well forget abt "sepi' with this kinda situation.. 'sepi' wud be the last in my list for he time being. Let me begin the story.. ( bunyi org tiup nafiri kat belakang " sound effect' beb)
I was told dat i wont be teaching any courses this semester, and kalau ada pun, theer wud be one, and i m so darn confident that they wont appoint me to teach the course ( FYI, it was "asas keusahawanan' course, which is a university course for the students who have registered starting 2007/2008 session. so, since all the students will reg for this course, and the experts who came from the econ n mgmt fac are not enuff.. they have appointed lecturers from each fac, and yrs truly ni.. have been selected amongts a few others la. I have attended its TOT kat sban last march.. which i have to admit.. i was totally 'bingaied' thru the course. so we ( me n my 2colleagues from Biochem n a anatomy depts, just sat quietly and let the experts yg mmg dah taraf sifu tu controlled the floor. and dgn konpidennya jugak, i dun think they will let all the students reg this course at one time.. they must put the quota for the numbers taking this course kan.. and THEY did.. latest info dat i got a few days ago tat, they ( the xperts) will handle all the classes, and hearing tat, i was so relieved, bcos I can imagine how much damage wud be done if i took the class..
surprisingly, well expectingly la kan.. i was told to handle one class which the group will consist of the students frommy faculty, ( wat happened to the experts yg ramai2 kat their facs) and the reason is .. bcos the studnts came from yr faculty... and to add it more.. i have no teaching workload tis sem ( Cett.. i ve been planning to be publication productive tis semester).. and end up.. I m gonna teach the nursing and dietetic students about the principle of entrepeneurship.. best la sangat kann.. I cant even pronounce the word rite..
and to show how dedicated i am.. the class will only start from 8 pm to 10 pm.. twice a week.. so i have to bid goodbye to my early nites.. kah kah.. ( no.. they gave me the timetable bcos nursing studnts only finished their classes at 7pm every day.. ) well thinking abt them, i was so lucky during my heydays.. have to salute la this nursing students whom majorities r the veteran
I m offering anothr course at the last minute anyway.. so they wud think tiwce abt appointing me in teaching this course next sem kah kah.. ( yes.. i m so smart rite? ). there will be more students who r registering for tis course next sem.. and we only have 6 lecturers from our fac who have attended the TOT.. the chance of me teaching again next sem is very huge tho.. and i have anothr 3 core courses to teach next sem.. when can i have the time to produce papers la?
anyway on lighter note.. i m not complaining bcos of my teaching workload.. i m dissatisfied bcos i have to teach the class at nite.. and i ve heard lotsa creepy stories regarding this building at nite.. scary laweyyy
anyway... I hope 'it' wont show its faces to me la during the time..
or else i t d gonna be anothr label in my blog namely "Ghost stories' kan?