Friday, September 30, 2005

The Train Ride..

Its a very cold, lazy friday to me. santi has followed Norul to KL tis morning, even spent the nite at Norul's hse. If i were her, i may act like her too. knowing that yr car been wrecked by some adjusters who think they knew everything about insurance claiming, u d gonna be dementedly worried!
Abg has promised to come to ipoh after work today and we ll take a train to Kl together at the wee hr. Still hasnt succedded on contacting the ipoh train station, but i think there will be available seats for us. hahaha.. if thing goes as we planned, this will gonna be my first train ride yee haaaaaaa! with my beloved beside me.. yeahh.. it will gonna be a train ride to remember..dum deee dummm
We ll be reaching KL at 6.30.. perhaps take some brekfast first with abg before heading to Bandar Utama. Abg Li wont be in Kl till sunday evening. Might plan to go somewhere with Syazana tomorrow. Abg wants to spend whole sunday with me, and we r planning to hse hunt. There r lotsa things to do now with abg around.. hahaha.. cant wait to occupy the hse with him and the twin.. Hope the dream will become true early next year.. apa2 pun.. kumpul duit dulu....
The Rheumatoid clinic is on Tuesday. Abg has promised to go with me. hehehe bestt... having someone who is very concern and loving.. a visit to the clinic is always the most boring and dull event to me.. hmm.. do i need to bring along the paperback or not... now i have a talking companion going with me next tuesday...

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Emotional imbalancing

Blame it to my PMS. or perhaps i woke up at the wrong side of the bed today. sooooo lazy today.. trying to mark soem students answerimg script.. but i managed to finsih one page of many pages only.. Huarghhhhhhhh... feel like lazing on bed... daydreaming.. Watching the pittering appetring of the rain drops at the window panes... waiting for the colrful rainbows to come out.. feeling the breezy wind on my face... i wish i were now somewhere in the middle of the field, in a hammock, sipping some fruit juice, with abang pampering me all over.. owwwwwwwwwww...
guess.. i got to land back on reality land now... i need a break.. i really do!!!

Friday, September 23, 2005

Katrina and now, Rita

Years ago, when i was not at tis age ( which i consider i m a very matured person at tis age, tho at times, i wondered abt it), i read an article about why hurricanes and typhoons are named as women's name. There are Betty, Lulu, Lola etc and lately i heard about katrina and there will be a Rita coming to Texas as well. they r women bcos thats how they interpret the women's mood. Chaotic, haywired like a hurricane. Unpredictable, unexpectable, worst out come bla bla..
Then how abt the men? I guess they wont name any hurricanes on a man's name. There wont be a John typhoon.. or an Albert Hurricane.. LOL
I monder how they get those names .. who give the names? Some men fella? in dat case, i salute him for giving such cute n gorgeous nicks to hurricanes.. hahaha
Anyway.. i m still waiting for an Edward typhoon.. I hope there will be one in the future..

Monday, September 19, 2005

I left my heart in Perlis

left for perlis at 10.30. Abg arrived abt 10, went to medan gopeng, picked him up.. and Perlis here we come..
Reached Perlis at 3 pm. sampai sampai jek terus makan nasik. feel a bit uncomfy.. have to sit on the chair whilst they served the food on the floor.. seemed tat they ve been informed abt my condition.. so i tried to b at ease. Food was superb.. all kampung dishes.. healthy as well..
opssss fz dah nak balik.. sambung esok.. bbye bloggie

Saturday, September 10, 2005

Dalam hati hanya ada Abang

I think tis has gone too fast..I ve only known him for less than a week.. but now we ve been making plans and all.. For the first time I think I ve found my suitor.. He's a GOD send and the only one that I can think i can spend my whole life with.. His honesty and sincerity.. has melted me and it seemed like.. all my previous love affairs were erased from my memory
Now I understand y ppl can be so mellow and romantic.. and obsessed with love.. he's my soulmate.. i nvr doubt abt it anymore..
The feelings is undescribable.. the tot of him.. he fills every space of my mind.. i dun have the exact words to say.. but the only thing that I know..
I want to spend the rest of my life with u... abang.. Je'taime beau coup...

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

After a year

God.. its been too long.. since i started working in ipoh, i ve forgotten to write my blog anymore.. tho it keeps on sending me reminder to fill it.. so wat happened after a year?
hahahaha.. my wish has become true... i ve been too bz with my works, students and all..
and the most important thing is... I ve found him... YES.. him.. only a few days ago.. and he is the most honest and sincere man that i ve ever 'met" I know i ll be safe with himm..
lotsa things that i wanna tell abt him.. tapi lidahku kelu... he's he GOdsend.. he's all i wanted in a man..
finally i ve completely over pakcik.. tho he's working in teh same college as me now.. feel nothing towards him now..
abang has filled every inch of my mind now..