Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Viva Istanbul

Safely arrived in KLIA from Istanbul on the early dawn yesterday. am still on leave today, as I need to  gain as much strength for the tasks starting tomorrow.There'd be paper markings, viva, thesis reading and the list goes on and on..
On a happier note, i did enjoy Istanbul and Izmir, tho I never got to visit most of the tourists attraction. and I guess this is the first trip that i did not spend much on shopping. when u r with elderly people, u cant go anywhere as much as u wanted, and need to attend them. Its ok. I am actually learning something from this trip, and patience is one of them :)
Next trip... ermm.. maybe Tunisia or Albania..and it will only happen next year. I need to start saving thou..

Till then..

Sunday, June 02, 2013

Wake me up when the year ends..

Anyong ha seyo :)

No, I m neither  in Seoul nor in any area nearby this K-pop country..
I am still at home..spending the rest of the weekend peacefully..I totally agree with the idea of recharging yourself on weekends  and start your first gear back in the beginning of the week.
I guess i m getting older (undoubtedly) and eventually  losing my energy and with that I have to conserve the remaining of my energy for something which i plan long time ago. Previous week was so darn hectic. and when the internet was unavailable at work, I felt like crying for no reason and blame on the administration for giving me so many deadlines.. ( I m such a drama queen).
Hahah no, i didnt blame anyone, but me. I thought I ve been working hard enough, but still I couldnt finish it on time. Since last week marked the final week before the final exam, all events were held on  the same day, but at different time.
I went to a seminar on tuesday while neglecting the viva voce session on the same day. My disappearance somehow went unnoticed.. hahaha.. so much for thinking that I am such an important person for the event. Anyway, we have 25 other assessors, so my comment was not that crucial tho..
I rushed back rite after lunch tho, to attend another proposal presentation. and the next day, i have another proposal presentation for the whole morning. on thursday and friday, i had the time to key-in the attendance, marks etc, before they closed the portal. and then i noticed that there are 3 students whom are not able to sit for the final exam. They do not fulfill the requirement of 80% attendance to be able to sit for the finals. Major disaster!!
.. and this is the perfect time i should write... "during my time, such things were not happened at all.. bla bla bla".
The problematic students, one of them is a girl whom has created  so much headache to other  lects. She claimed that she is not able to attend classes as she need to give injection to her father ( i think its due to diabetes, and her father only wants her to perform that, not others, and because of that she cant attend the classes.
Can you believe that? I mean, why her father has turned so selfish and wants his daughter to inject him? and the next thing i heard, she was somewhere in Japan during the semesters, and she must be having good time as she posted her pics in her FB.
when i counted how many times did she really attend the class, it was only in the beginning of the semester, tho she did show herself during the tests. she failed both tests tho.
During my time (here is goes again lol), nobody bothered if you were absent for a whole semester, its your doing, so you must accept the consequence. but nowadays, we have the ISO, and u have to give full concerns with these kind of students. not that our concern will  make them a lot better and improvised,. yet, its best if they got kicked outta university bcos they are such spoilt brats.
even during the class, you can see students go in and out without reasons, eating and talking right infront of your nose. and when u warned them, you ll be in their black book, and you will be also poorly evaluated by them. Education nowadays.. *sighing*
and when u give exm questions which need them to think a bit, an applied questions, they will report us to the academic division, that we did not give them any notes on that question., and how they supposed to answer it when its not in the lecture *rolling eyes*
I wonder, is this why there are major increment of students who obtain more straight As nowadays, because they only memorize what they read.
Ok, enough with the blabbering..

I have gotten Task 2 from the teamleader and the deadline is on 21st June. I ll be doing more readings as there are10 disruptors and their protein targets need to be cross validating. and many more to come in July.. and that makes me.. ermm all work and no play makes me a dull one? lol
I am already dull with or without works..

till then..