Friday, February 15, 2013

a jet lag after a week? is it possible?

I m having a hectic life ever since I came back from my vacation. Ok.. i lied.. lol
Actually, my jetlag only started after a week i m back in Malaysia. and for the whole week, i felt i only had light sleeps at night. Anyway, it was totally recovered during the long weekend.
And now, life's back to normal...:)
Anyhoo, the students are coming back next week! oh noooo!
I ll be totally busy again starting next week..
Ok, this is totally boring, but i have to remind myself that I ll be having 4 taught courses next semester. Lets hope that another one course wont have any students so that i can drop it from the smp.
on top of it, i dun even have time to compile all the documents needed for the promotion purposes. the boss has been warning me again.. pbhtt!
on the other hand, the postgraduates are all in static mode. I cant complain much, as it'd stress me out. One is completing her thesis soon. At least, that's a happy one.
health wise, the hand surgeon has decided not to proceed with the wrist replacement, as according to her, that'd be too risky. owh well, what's riskier than been admitted to ICU numerous times due to their's fault lol. Okay, so, i wont be undergoing any surgery this year.. should i say yeay!
I was thinking that i should go to an international conference this year. I have to end my hibernation soon.
owh btw, i think i have gained a few kgs. the last time i weighed, i was 2 kg heavier. I have to skip lunch constantly from now on. and maybe more exercise? (as if)..maybe it will make some improvements if i take a brisk walk to the kedai mamak infront the  apartment to have my roti canai?lol
I m gonna have an early nite..
till then


Friday, February 08, 2013

Back to work.. (Fighting..!)

Ok, here I am writing live from the warm seat in my room at the faculty, in my home country. I love yo. alaysia.. (ngeee LOL).
We touched down on last saturday afternoon, and i ve instructed(loL) my nephew to pick us up. The flight was ok, except, there was a chaos made by the passengers who were impatiently queued for their turns to check in at the Bahrain Intl airport. actually the chaos were made by the perspn in charged at the airport, as another person in charge has let some passengers cut off the queue. We suspected, the passengers are related with that PIC, and this arab officer created a scene there, protesting ar his colleague's leniency. Well, we did grumble and complain along with them. after 45 minutes, we had our turn, and that was because abg li has opened the 'barrier' after the long queue did not move at all, due to some other passengers who went straight to the check in counter. Later, the officer asked who opened it, and everybody pointed to abg li. Lol. They opened 3 counters and we were queuing infront the counter in the middle. The staff at that counterwas so slow, and we started querying him in malay. when our time came, we re way behind others who queued behind us. and he (the staff behind the counter) did not even look at my face while asking me. Then abg li again was telling me "dah la sombong, rambut belah tengah pulak tu" and i roared with laughter.
After some sad moment saying goodbye to my brother's and family. we went in. after a while, we figured out that tehre's no one waited at the boarding hall, and i asked my father, where were all the people who queued with us just now. It seemed that they have changed our boarding gate to another gate further from the current one. We rushed to another gate, and there, we saw all those Sri Lankans and several indonesians waited at that gate. The flight ( it was an uncomfortable flight, with no entertainment and hard seat lol) landed at Colombo in the early saturday morning , and we straightly went to another gate for a boarding to KL. Luckily, it was only for an hour transit. This time, all the Sri Lankans have succesfully went back home and most of the indons from previous flight have transfereed to another flight to Jakarta (maybe). The colombo-Kul flight filled with a lot of malaysians who just came back from their umrah. It was only a 3 hrs flight, and tis time, we had comfortable seats and a bit of entertainment. Tho, by comparing the airline meas with MAS is like comparing gourmet to fastfood, literally.
Amir (abg li's eldest son) picked us from the airport, and we had our luch of roti canai telur at Kayu mamak's at Kota Damansara. owh well.. had enuff of nasi arab and kebabs lol.
I had an over nite at Abg li's at rafflesia's Damansara Perdana, and that nite, zuni came to collect her abaya, whilst providing the itinerary for bak and ma's flight to KB on sunday afternoon.
The next morning (sunday), amir drove me back to Kajang. and we stopped by at Satay UK for a brunch.
I went to work the next day. feeling so tired, and jet-lagged maybe.
but until now. I still did not enjoy my sleep. I do not know why. Its been  a week already tho. btw, my knee is becoming painful each day. Told you, it must be the weather which actually affects my pain.back to work, there are a few papers need to be reviewed and one thesis  to be read.
So, there ended my vacation.. and.. back to normal life.
You know how much i ve been sighing before i really can force my body to wake up from sleep early in the morning. Not good at all.

Till then

Friday, February 01, 2013

Viva Al Manamah

We are going back home tonite. Yesterday was spent by going sightseeing ( in the car) when abe li drove us around the island,, explored the desert etc. We had lunch at yemen restaurant for mandy rice. after lunch, we prayed at the mosque nearby.. Bahrain is so safe, we just put abid sleeping in his stroller outside the female prayer room.
I wish I can put the pics snapped once a while whilst we were exploring Bahrain. Unfortunately, my cap ayam hp was not able to transfer the pics direct to my mac. tho, i managed to transfer the first few pics to my lappy, and managed to post em on FB.
I did not buy much tho, still have around 30BD (=RM240) in my purse. FMs are so expensive ( when u converted the price to RM), so i just bought a few pieces only.
Last nite, we went to Bahrain City centre (BCC), with the intention to spend all the BD in my pocket. thought of purchasing a new bottle of perfume, but when i asked the price of 75 ml Jadore Dior, it cost about 68BD which is equal to RM550? wow, it is so expensive compared to what we had in malaysia, so i decided to purchase it at the airport later. One more thing, the SA in the shopping malls here are not friendly tho. I guess, they are quite prejudice with other ethnics excluding the rich Arabs, thinking that we cant afford to buy all those stuffs. Most of the SAs are pinoys in here.
we went to autumn fair at Bahrain Convention Centre for 2 consecutive days. There were lots of items sold from various countries, yet, i cant hardly see any booth from Malaysia. The items there were so much cheaper, and we can get items up to 1 BD only. last nite was the last day, and as usual they will try to sell their goods much cheaper on that day. However, as yesterday, was also the weekend for the Saudis, we did not want to be squeezed to death by all those huge mak2 arabs,  thus, a plan to visit there on the last day was not preceded.
The only thing that i admire in Bahrain is whenever the adhan is heard, they will straight go to the prayer room, and at that time we were in the middle of the autumn fair, so we were stucked in the middle of  huge mak arabs lol.
and also, Bahrain is so safe, that my SIL will let her kids go to the mall with their friends, without any chaperon.  If you let your car door opened on the street whilst you re not around at that time, u ll find your car untouched when u returned. there are no crime reports on newspaper, tho,there r a lotsa immigrants especialy from Sri Lanka here.
In contrast, you wont believe how reckless the drivers are. Pedestrian can be hit anytime cos they 'd never bother to drive rationally. the women drivers are even worst lol.
ok, enough about the condemns. I m going to work back next week. I m hoping that i d be able to stand the jet lag.

the next time i ll update, it will be on the bed of my room at home..