Friday, August 27, 2004

New job new life..

Tot i ve lost this blog cos last fe weeks i ve bene trying to log in but it seemd that my blog has disappeared! so it surprised me when tonite i 'found' back my missed blog! Actually there r lotsa things happened this month.. First.. I got bz with my convo.. and then I finally landed for a job! Finally.. i m suppose dto report duty last week.. been procrastintaing it.. as i ve clinic appts and tried to change the incoming appt to tis week. moreover.. i ve to find a suitable/ comfy hse in ipoh.. so we ve been to ipoh every weekend fpr the past 2 weeks to hse hunt..finally we found it.. tho its not to 'cosy", after all its only a low cost flat.. but.. its very convenience.. i dprobably move to a better hse once i m safely settled.. it d be very lonely living alone withput anyone to talk to..
so.. today is my last nite in KL.. tomoorow i m going to ipoh.. settling down for a few days b4 starting my new job next wednesda
I ll be celebrating my merdeka day in ipoh in fact.. alone
HappyMerdeka day.. and a happy new life to me...
Perhaps i d be able to write again when i m in ipoh.. I m sure there d be a netweork in the college..
yet.. i wont be able to chat anymore.. esp at nite..
Ode to IRC