Monday, May 18, 2009

and he is my idol now..

I was at Eagle Ranch Resort last weekend, from friday to sunday, attended a "compulsory" course/program for the lecturers who are less or 5 yrs in service. We did not hold any outdoor activities or any teambuilding games as wat Eagle Ranch is famous for, It is a place for adventurous people, not for me who is unable to do any physical activities.
So since it was my first time there. I was hoping that at least i wil have some enjoyable moments over there with some nice sceneries to feast my eyes with.. or the sounds of birds n eagles chirped/howled will be a soothe to my ears.
Well, it was not a nice start, i have to say. First, well.. they put me in a 'kampung house' on the 2nd floor and to go there, i have to walk a bit far, crossing a man made bridge and climbed a flight of stairs before reached the destination. I sweated all the way back to the registration place , as i have decided to ask them to change my abode to the nearest one and the most important thing, the one that is on the ground level. Yes, i managed to change it.
The hall is located far from our abodes, and since the day is always sunny with extreme heat and the sun block that i applied to my face was not that strong to block the uv rays penetrated directly to my skin, i sweated again when i went to n fro.
Frankly speaking it was not a suitable place to hold this kind'f programme. the food wasnt tat tasty as well.
However the best thing came outta this programme, we had the best lectures from the great motivators. One of the spekaers, I have decided that he;s gonna be my idol from now on. Forget Tun Mahathir, Jason Mraz or Britney Spears(oopss) for the time being..
he 's the one who managed to make my eyes watery for a couple of times during his speech, and i was so engrossed with his talk that i forgot to close my mouth and blink for 2hours and 45 minutes. yes, it was such a good talk, while he reminiscense over his past life, the past gaiety, my mind was automatically tried to relate things that somehow felt so similar with the one he narrated.. I tried to not to burst into tears.. It was like something has awaken up.. the one that has been put into dormant for such a long time.. as i tried to ignore it all these while..
maybe this is wat i need.. a positive energy surrounding me, people who produced this positive energy, the one who r not going to demoted us...
after all.. its life in your years that matter.. not the other way around..
..and I finally understood about it..
Thank you Pak Sheikh..

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Restless.. apakah..( and pissed off)

owh well.. yes i am.. as restless as ever.. thinking about the unreturned proposal of mine.. been calling Sofia for the past few days, and i m dementedly worried.. how come tbey havent returned my proposal yet.. everybody seems to have returned the amended copy to the 2nd floor and here I am.. still waiting like a fool.. if i were able to get the name of the evaluator.. mati belasah aku kije kan ( grrr..)
Owh.. breathe in.. breathe out CC...
on lighter note.. there were a few events, or should i say tragic events happened during the long weekend.
My bro's Camry was stolen during his overnite stay at Hotel cikai Grand View in ipoh last saturday. yes.. the reason I shud hate Ipoh and its people especially Grand View Cikai hotel from now on ( wah tetiba emo.. CC)..
They didnt do anything abt it.. even tho the parking was under the hotel's authority.. siap cakap lagi... 'kenapa tak parking kat dalam pagar" yes.. stupid q from the hotel people.. Dah memang parking gilaswine penuh ( haaa kan aku dah mencarut), u r supposed to make an effort to remind the people who occupy yr darn hotel abt this rite? now dah ada kereta yg hilang, baru cakap.. ha'a memang kat situ dah ada kereta yg hilang before ni.. WTF?
Apasal aku emo padahal tu bukan kereta aku? in fact it'was the company's car? Abg aku pun tak se-emo aku...
I care becos of the car plate.. it was DBD311.. susah payah abg aku tender menender nak dapat no tu.. alih2 ilang.. and he suspected the hotel ppl tu subahat sama... well he has the feeling.. and i am an empath... bley?
itu pasal akak emo.. okehh...
Enuff about that... ( dah.. dah takder peluang aku nak naik camry abg aku... sedeyyy)

ok lah.... tak ilang lagi emo akak nih.. kalau citer pasal tu.. especially it happened in ipoh... ishh... sapa2 org ipoh tak pasal2 kena ngan aku nih...
eh daaaaaaa...