Sunday, July 28, 2013

Iftar and demises..

I have several drafts which i never posted. whilst everyone keep on posting their menu for iftar everyday without fail, I never had enough courgae to post my daily iftar menu, as i have to admit I am not a good cook. I never want to bake as I do not like any sweet cakes. the only cakes that I eat are the traditional bahulu, and the traditional steamed cakes which we called it as "ambong'.
Last year, thinking that my knee was still weak to cook for iftar, i ordered the food from an online service, called 'mangku* tingka*'. It was such a bad service as some days they just cancelled the service due to the lack of despatchers. the menu was terrible too. It came with such a tiny portion, and with the cost that they charged, i assumed that I ll get better food. therefore, half of the fasting month, i had to order from pizza hut delivery service. owh well, lesson learnt duhhh...
This year... i ve been cooking everyday.. there's nothing to brag about tho, as it is only meant for one mout.. yes... moi...
the problem with me is, i do not know how to cook for one person, ended up, i have to eat the same food for days. and i kept on repeating the same menu as those are the dishes that I do not mind having it every alternate days hahaha.
Btw, tesco online made my life much easier ni, as i am able to order mygrocery online,and i guess i am now addicted to it as i ve been ordering the grocery online every fortnite hahaha ( mati la bangkrup nanti). the only thing lacking is, all those poultries and fishes come unprocessed.  whilst, in a normal mini market, we can ask them to clean em for us. So far, my iftar menu consists of grilled chicken, grilled fish, sea food tom yam,spicy sambal chicken, spicy sambal sotong, chicken soup, cabbage pickles and mixed vege. once a week, i had fried kue teow, fried mee hoon, spaghetti... come to think of it, it was indeed a long list.. hahaha
during sahur.. owh well.. i woke up for sahur without fail. there were some leftovers from the iftar, so i dont have any problem to eat sahur.. I had preserved fruit pickles, dried fish pickles, beef floss from hometown.. yes, those are the things that would increase your appetite during sahur...
Btw, next week will be the last week before going back to hometown.
on a heavier note, there were too many demises in the family for the past few months. 2 months ago, my youngest aunt from mom's side passed away, when we were in Turkey at that time. and 2 days ago, my 2nd youngest aunt's husband passed away due to lung cancer with brain metastasis. it came quite a schoked to all of us, as he was diagnosed after my cousin realised that his speech was quite slurred after he came back from umrah last may. thinking that it was an early symptom of stroke, my sister asked him to go to husm for a further check up. a few days later, my cousin called my sister again, narrating an amnesic incident of an uncle this time. he had a ct scan later, when the doctors told us, it was secondary brain metastasis. everyone in the family was so nervous, cos we never thot that he had cancer and the big question mark was, where was the primary one? after underwent a contra- ct scan, it was comfirmed, he had lung cancer stage 4, and it has already metastasized to brain. we didnt know it till it was too late :(
he never showed any symptoms, and he was normally thin back then, so we never thot.........
The brain rapidly degenerated,, and before we knew, he could not recognise any of us anymore..
he passed away last friday, on the day of nuzul quran...It's gonna  feel awkward when we visit my aunt this coming raya.
sooner or later, we re going there too.  I only want to give as many good deeds to my parents before the time's come.... when they are still alive.. those are the things that we, the chldrens should do, before it is too late.
Anyway...Selamat HariRaya to everyone... May we have a blessed and meaningful eid this year..