Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Not so new place ..

so.. i m in PJ now.. not going back to ipoh anymore.. went to HUKM for the yearly appt with ortho ( tho actually i m in desperate need of mc.. hehehe.. the ortho surgeon looked at my knee for a while , asked me to cat walk infront of his students, asked me whether i m not aware the existence of a piece of metal in my patela ( tho i ve disappointed him with my anser, i said yes hehehe), asked me wat i ve been doing for the past 15 months, and then he said that he wil see me again after a year.. and tat's it? luckily he did give me a 3 days mc as requested..
i was a bit disappointed tho during the earlier incident when i ve been called at the payment counter ( FYI one needs to pay RM5 for a folow up appt). the clerk, asweet lady ( whom i think is much much younger than me) asked me whether i have any kad kebajikan, so i asked her back? wat is that kad kebajikan for? she said " iya lah, dgn keadaan keadaan akak ni, akak tak apply kad kebajikan kak?" so iasked her again, do i look like im in need of any kad kebajikan? and before she cud utter back, i quickly told her, "saya keja, lagipun saya rasa tsaya tak perlu kad kebajikan tu, byk lagi org uyg memerlukan nya..."
and yes.. i m so so offended.. apala punya org main tibai jek cakap..
unless she saw me with crutches or i ve been wheeled ke, then she got point to say dat.. but i went there with my two big feets, except for a slight limp, which is nothing compared to those who came there, do i look like i need a kad kebajikan? infact i think i earn more than her.. LOL ( ish riak plak aku)
once i chatted with a paralysed guy onlineand he asked me whether i havs tios green card. iasked him wat is a green card? and he said its a special card for disabled.. i told him, my condition is not tat bad to request for a card and he said y not..
he never saw me actually..and im not trying to deny my condition.. neither fishing for any sympathy
except for my deformed hands, ( which they tot i ve suffered for a stroke, i just let them think i am ) , yes, i admit my mobility is very limited, i mean i cant carry things, cant climb, cant do sport activities, but apart than those, i d be able to do my works..unless for a parking lot.. i think i can manage other things, there r lotsa ppl who r less fortunate than me, and being me, i dun think i need some special attention. I ve difficulties to prove to some aircrew that i m disabled when i want to go in first, now do u think they d believe me if i show them my special card..oohhh im offended again..
maybe i m stubborn and still think that im anotrmal person.. cos im not..
i dunno.. i shud gove it a long tot abt that matter..

Saturday, November 26, 2005

Last day in ipoh

so.. today is my last day.. and next week i wll be logging in from somewhere else.. after 1 1/2 years, i m not gonna touch tis keyboard again.. wont be staring at tis pc again ( with powerpuff gals stickers attached to the monitor), i cudnt stick my tongue out at miss khor anymore everytime she's bothering me... and i cudnt say "shut up' again to them whenever they talk nonstop..and i m not able to reply my fav line again everytime they ask me where to have our lunch.. couldnt say " lunch kat mulut la " anymore
Its hard to say goodbye especially when u r too close to them for these past 18 months.. we ve been doing everything togehther, went sightseeing to perak famous places on weekends.. anyway.. nuar will be shifting to MAHSA as well.. next month.. leaving Santi and Fz remain in tis college..
huwaaaaa... imagining myself not to be here starting next week.. its gonna be weird tho.. not to wake up on the same bed... taking bath in the same toilet.. rushing to work bcos Fz always wake up late... going to pasarmalam taman perpaduan.. to buy the delicious nasik kerabu from that akak kelantan.. uwaaaaaaaaaaa.. the memories is torturing me..
and i ll be in Serdang alone.. has to start from scratches again.. making friends again..
sob sob.. im gonna miss em..

Thursday, November 24, 2005


uweeeeeeeee.. its thursday again.. and it ll be my last thursday in ipoh. Tomorrow's friday, gonna be my last friday in ipoh as well.. Finally i ve finished marking all the papers that need to be marked.. one failed, as expected.. luckily its only one. or else, i ll be pulling my hair off trying to xplain to the "high court"
I still havent found the lorry yet, to move all my things to serdand.. and today.. its a lorry hunt day..shud i just leave all my stuffs in ipoh, sell em ( so dat i wont need the lorry service) or... bring it all ( making it easier for me.. as i ve already had a bed, a wardrobe, etc)
hmmm.. ( a long thought)
i think i need to finish tis kuih bahulu first before opting for plan B..
yummy.. yummy..

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Truce and UPSR

Im posting this new post bcos:
1. Im so deadly boring
2. I ve finished my works earlier and rite now I m so very obnoxiusly free.. ewwww
3. Colleagues have stopped asking me to do the programme's tasks , even today i was listed as the one who ll involve in the OSPE..but they asked another colleague instead
4. I miss abg so much.. looks like we have exchanged truce again.. ( the temperamental me triggered the situation, as usual)
well.. abg actually had good news to share, ( shud say he's in joyous mood today, cos he did apologise for his inappropriate manner the other nite), the twin both got UPSR results, the abang got 5As and the adik obtained 4As and 1B, not bad for budak kampungs
I didnt know UPSR result came out today, if its not for abang, then i called Che mimi asking for farhan's result. And as expected, he got 5As as well ( so now, he can actually go to mRSM Lenggong like he dreamed of before).. wats with lenggong actually la? Except for the bypass that will go straight to K.Kangsar/Sauk if we used the East west Highway, there's nothing interesting Pekan Lenggong. Hmm.. being Farhan, even his mom cudnt guess wat's inside his mind.. too cheeky and too smart for an old spinster aunt like me.. huhuhuhu
still fasting.. anthr day before I ll be raya 6 -ing. Im thinking of masak tomyam today, with macaroni.. huhuhu
I dun hv much to tell la.. except for the crappy ideas that wont fit into tis blog. my colleagues said that my mind has been wandering off lately tho the body is still here. Ada betulnya gak.. I m gonna miss em.. i knew i wud...
watever it is.. blogging goes on..

Tuesday, November 15, 2005


so i ve finished marking pharm chem paper.. yippeee.. 6 failed ( thanks GOD its lesser than last sem.. ) but i wont be respnsible for the resit paper.. cos i ll be 250 km away from ipoh at that time.. ganesh will be handling it on my b ehalf..who cares.. heheh
had a mild fight with abang last time.. and he's hasnt called me till now.. haiyaaa..
i wont be lenient tis time.. let he call me and say sorry.. i m tired with his yellow jokes.. as if i have nothing in mind exceot that 3 letter words.. erghhhhh
.. tho its a bit quieter without his sms and calls...
nvm.. i ll survive..
4th day puasa 6...
anthr 2 days to go.. then
RAYA 6...

Monday, November 14, 2005

a full weekend

yesterday we had a very 'full' day.. went to 3 open houses and came back feeling like a fat cow. Drank gallons of water and ended up being diuretic LOL. Anyway thinking that its gonna be my last raya in ipoh..i m gonna cherish everymoment of it.. its not easy to bfrend ppl,, but in ipoh i have the bestest colleagues and we re really like happy family
it will be different when i m in UPM. I ll be so lonely ( can hear Akon singing the song now).. and miserable as usual.. ( it wont be so if abang is still around, I hope)
by the way , he's planning something and thinking of buying anew car, ( for the biz, tats wat he told me).. well lets just wait and see.. hmmmm
and today is also the first day of the final exam. started with my paper.. hope that i can finsih marking em within 2 days.. hahhh.. nowadays it seems like time is not sufficient for me.. i ve got lotsa things to do and plan.. but at the end of day, i ll be terbongkang on the bed as usual..
yes.. im getting old.. i can hear my bones crunching everytime i toss n turn on the bed.. duhh
cant wait to go back to KL tis friday.. but the top of all, the idea of looking for a new place to stay in serdang..make me so enthusiastic..
its sad to leave ipoh.. yes,, if its not for being so ambitious ( am I, hmm?) , I d rather stay in ipoh for the rest of my life.. but then.. yeah.. life goes on..yuckss..

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Eid.. 2005

a week after raya. Too lazy to update tis blog, but then when i started reading other ppl's blog, semangat tu dtg berkobar.. huhuhu.. still got no idea to write about.. Guess i m not in tis blog-ging anymore.used to love writing where i cud write abt anything or most of the times i write in my minds.. got all the words right in this right brain of mine.. hmmm
maybe i shud start reading abt " how to used yr brain effectively"
so i f u have started fasting on 2nd syawal tomorrow will be yr last day fasting before celebrating raya 6. ( i ve just started today)
Selamat HariRaya 6 to those ppl.. usually elder ppl yg suka start posa awal2 ni.. the middle and the young ones like me.. will only start fasting within the end of syawal.. but this year, i tried to change.. hahahaha.. last 2 years, tak posa 6 langsung pun.. ilang cam tu jek dia bawa arus malas... heheh
my relationship with abang? hmm.. been on n off since malam raya.. and we ve been bertekak every alternate days.. maybe its just me.. or its him.. been so sensitive and me been so hard headed..
tah le..sambung len kali la plak.. mood gone in a sudden.. missing him a lot..
and i still havent packed all my things yet.. moving out is within 2 weeks.. huhuhuhu
Happy Eid..

Tuesday, November 01, 2005


2 days before raya.. not much thing happened tho. And after a few days been in kg, i went out for the first time today, pi KB mall.. huhuhu.. abg li went back to Pasir Mas with his crewcabin.. so rasa aman skit dunia hari ni.. except for rafael and elsa yg sekali sekala menguji kesabaran mummy n papanya..
hari buat kek sedunnia, tho i dozed off all evening.. overall nothing much happened.. rasa damai duk kat kg ni.. suh bak pi alter jeans, unfortunately kdai repair dah tutup.. camna nak balik Kl nanti since aku tak bawak extra clothes..
called abang.. he's in alor setar, bawak anak2 pi beli mainan kat kedai depan, i could imagine.. pas tu he walked to the nearest bus station to go back to perlis.. in the bus, he sms-ed but i was too drowsy to call back.. when i called again, he has reached kangar..
im gonna call him later tonite.. rindunyaaaa
and i still dun hv the gut to tell ma abt him.. biarlah.. let time decides.. when he's ready (financially and emotionally) to marry me, I ll inform em.. but rite now.. no need.. besides, abg li dah tau my relationship with him..
esok.. last day preparation for hariraya.. and today's Diwali for the hindus...