Sunday, December 30, 2012

Of frozen food and medical diagnosis

Owh no.. the above title is for 2 separate stories, but lets start with yours truly, The Queen of frozen food recently.. Lol
I guess, being single and a lonesome ranger, u never tend to cook for yourself.. Its either you cant estimate the single nice portion for one or it d be a waste of time to cook just to feed one single tiny mouth. In my case, it is both. and sometimes when i craved for  tom yam soup or any kind of soup, i accidentally made  a whole medium pot which resulted of me consuming it for a few consecutive days. The same goes with any fried dishes. Once I fried a whole kuali of fried mee hoon , and after a few days, it was safely went into trash bin.
Anyhoo, during working days, it is ok as I can just go down to the cafetaria, and order ala-carte meal, or usually it will be a nice plate of nasi campur. The problem usually occurs during weekend, at times i will be caught staring longingly at the kedai mamak outside my apartment, and was wishing that tehre 'd be someone who will voluntarily send me one crunchy roti canai telur with its marvellous curry.. yum yummy.. ( when is the mamak gonna start his delivery service..)
Actually, there is a pasar segar next to the mamak's and they sell fresh veges as well all kind of proteins such as meat, chicken, seafoods etc. The only problem is, I wont have the strength to carry em all the way to my apartment again ( ok, maybe i am  bit underestimating), but according to the doctor ( and also wikipedia lol), i am not supposed to carry heavy things as it might worsen my hernia...
Okay, I havent told you yet about my hernia, aite :). Those 'thing' existed after the surgeon finally sutured my open wound , and all those happened last year,.. when i was warded for 5 months and numerous times at ICU.. well.. u can browse thru my last year posts ( if i had any pbhtt!)
Mr Azim has occassionally reminded me regarding the hernia that will be developed once I was up and about. and I only noticed it when there is a medium lump formed at my right stomach when i ws standing infront'f the mirror one day. Its not hazardous anyway hahaha. some people will ignore ( or I was told to) it , unless it creates any problem later on. One thing you cant do when u have it is not to carry heavythings, or overworking yourself. it will disappear somehow, when u r lying down.

Owww,, tis entry is deviating from its actual title lol. okay, so, yesterday, I went to HUKM to have my blood taken out, as usual. The MLTs, no matter how efficient they are, they wont be able to take out my blood at first attempt. usually, it will be after numerous attempts, and that time, my arm was about to swell, not to mention me, grimacing painfully lol.

The procedure only lasted for a few mins, but if they unable to find my tiny vein, it would be a never ending experience for us both. Luckily I had my student willing to send me yesterday ( i did ask her tho), and normally we ll have our late bfast at the restaurant nearby. Normally, i need to  fast before having my blood taken.

We stopped by at the petrol station at bandar tasik selatan, and this is my 1st time being here. There is a row of shops there, and we were aiming for the vacant parking lot. Unfortunately, there wasnt any, and we have to make another round before we parked at the side of the end road.

(to be continued.. it takes ages for me to finish the entry.. arghhhh)

Thursday, December 27, 2012

..and I said, there wont be any more resolutions for year 2012.. duhh!

Indeed, I forgot to mention that another new resolution of mine for year 2013 (tho I did state there wont be any new year resolution in previous entry) is to fill up my almost dying blog with daily entri(es). Seriously, I need to polish up my writing mode as well as my creativity ( ahaaa:)). I seriously feel that my blog needs more pic ( and that will lead to another so called plan of buying a new camera..pbhtt!) and since I havent been to any foreign countries for the past 2 years, I guess its about time, that i start traveling again. Last time, there are untold memories from previous trip to Greece, Turkey, Austria and Kyoto, yet i only summarized it with a few dull piccas of me posing infront of some pretty buildings. I should write my own travelogue next time..with some unpredicted excitement and all.. ngeeeehh
Anyhoo, I am planning to start my first trip in 2013, in 3 weeks time. Tho, I know it will consist of me and my parent, visiting my bro and family.. (i know there wont be much excitement in terms of hitch hiking, or serendipitious stumbles) but I promise I ll try to create one (eyes rolling).
oh well, lets see.. after some thinkings, I m seeing too much probabilities of me being a big spender in year 2013. there are uncountable need-to buy items queuing in my list, but then again, i ll prioritize it into a few more meaningful overseas trip next year, and of course, the one ranking high in the chart is my future umrah trip with family..

Anticipating the trip on the incoming school-hols.. In shaa Allah

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

The day I became a telecom operator

Great... I guess it is still too early to say that all's well end well in 2012.. as a few days ago, I suffered from a excruciating stomach pain.. Last monday, not that many people came to work on that day, i had the colic till i have to give up and went back early at 2.30 pm. While waiting for the cab to pick me up, I have been to and fro, since I wasnt unable to stand up for too long. The cab finally showed around 3 pm and i straightly laid down once I reached home. On X'mas day, i felt much better, and today, we visited a colleague at HS.

Anyway, i have been tricked again by this so called company who insisted that I am obliged to take the insurance for the my credit card. I have been receiving numerous calls before, and I managed to put down the phone before they talked further. But this one, I was blinded by her statement saying that she's gonna take out my name from their system in 2014, and how stupid I am thinking that 2014 is next year. Later she mumbled something and verified my particulars in their system. I, at that time, still refused to take the insurance, but she kept on mentioning something which sounded like compulsory, and before I realised, i had been put thru her superior, which again verified my name and address, and before I can say no again, everything is done.

Realising that, I called the credit card centre, and narrating my problem, seems like there is no such insurance which cover the credit card, and the phone call went kaput. I tried again, and got another person answered my call. story retold, and at the end, that person said that I need to call the credit card service, not the banking service for that matter.. I was like WTH%^&*^%$##!

Latre, I dialled again the customer service, and it did not get thru after 2 hours. I called the company who has credited the payment into my CC, it was RM399 okay.. a lot.. besides i was tricked last year, and i lost another 399 for nothing. The woman answerd my call, and she said that her superior will contact me later.

Right now, I have been dialling the credit card service no, and still it kept saying that all the CS ppl are busy. I have issued an e-complaint already. After a few hours waiting, no one from the company called me, so I called again. Another woman answered, telling that all the superiors are in the meeting. Anyway, I have given my no so that he can call me after the meeting.. ( i hope)

This so darn annoying. I cant even stop the payment as I am not able to get thru. am really pissed off. .
Ok, ill try to call again before I leave. Oh darnyy.. I m busier than the telecom operator today

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Oh Emm Gee

oh my oh my oh my, another additional number to my age in a week...
What have I achieved for the past one year? 2013 in less than 10 days.. next year resolution? should I add on to the list?

On the other hand.. I never had a resolution list .. (duh!). Nahh.. I m not gonna be panicked and bite my finger because I did not achieve any thing in 2012..

The only thing matter is.....

I have lived for a year healthily.. no chronic illness.. no cold ( except one maybe)..a series of joint pains ( that's normal), and the grand victory is.. I managed to walk properly again ( I mean, without crutches, without wheel chair) early this year.

Apart of that, I have been fed well, the house is clean, clothes are more than enough to wear.. i have some savings in the bank ( since I started working back).. I have supportive friends and students around me..had a couple of my papers published in IF journal

I have good reasons to be grateful enough...

What more can I chase for?

Alhamdulillah and Syukur, The ALmighty

Monday, December 10, 2012

One bad habit..( is it?)

Has this ever occured to you? You have like so many deadlines to catch up and only a few hours left before you call it a day, and tomorrow is a public holiday, and you have a few manuscripts that need to be submit after revising.. but kaching! you feel like updating your blog at that particular time, mumbling about you have a lot of things that you can narrate, and you need to our it down before they are all forgotten and erased from your memory. And to make it worst, you had your peaceful weekend doing nothing, you even turned on your mac-cy for several times, bloghopping from one into another, yet you never feel like posting an entry in your blog....?
Life is weird. You need to feel your boost of adrenalin secreting in your system first, and to overcome so many self-made obstacles, pbhhtt!
The truth is, I have been staring at the same entry which was posted almost a month ago, and i was waiting for the moment to come. yeah, it is more like a writer's block (rolling eyes), and I guess today is the day, when you have like tons of things in your mind to be solved, and the inner voice is inducing you to spend you precious few hours by doing non-beneficial works.. ahaaaa..

Ok, enough about the so-called philosophy.. Anyhoo, I am visiting the hand surgeon again tomorrow, had my ct-scan 3 weeks ago, and tomorrow is the day that she's gonna decide, whether the surgery can be preceded or not.

ok, i m outta idea already ( tadi berkobar2 nak tulis hahaha),  owh tomorrow's sultan selangor's birthday, but KL people are still working tho. The house is a bit messy recently, as I have been procrastinating again the idea of cleaning and mopping the floor. owh well, not much to clean tho. Zura is coming this weekend, and I also promised my student to attend her wedding in Sabak Bernam.

Later peeps, the alarm is ringing ( i set it to only 30 mins break, so that I can continue my half completed work back, such a cool idea eh .. LoL)

Later peeps..