Thursday, June 17, 2004

so many family events..

Its been 2 weeks since i last posted. within the period.. i ve been thru so many events, family events. it all started with the formal khenduri kawin of zura.. it was held last week.. on the 10th and 2 days later, the menghantar event and just after tat, the 'ramai2 back to KL".
and i ve decided that i wanted to stay anthr week in Kb before going back to dull, boring rushing town called KL.
then life was not so bored a few days afterwards as zuni decided not to go back with her hubby, she left 2 days later.
and here I am.. stuck in Kb till next tuesday...
till then.. trying to figure out how to paste som pics in ere.. last time.. i cud do it..

Friday, June 04, 2004

its been too long

lama betul rasanya tak menjenguk blog ni.. as there's nothing much to write.. still got too much free time and while abg li's n co are now happily travelling all over NZ, i m happily browsing n chattiing all day n nite. Lotsa novels had been read. Lotsa time have been wasted actually. and I am still JOBLESS! Huwarghhh.. while visiting Dr KIm this morning, getting a job sounded so easy it seemed.. U have got the highest qualification.. why shudnt they want u? and i was grinning like a fool? yes.. and if there is ever anthr highest degree that i havent obtained, this is gonna be the perfect time to say that I ll continue pursuing..Duhh
well there r lotsa pvt or IPTAs tumbuh bagai cendawan.. tapi sukarnya nak mendapat kerja.. mungkin kah aku tidak bersungguh2 mencari? Pasti!
watever it is by hook or by crook.. i ll have to get a job b4 my convo.. and the reason is?..
I need to fill this blog with lotsa exciting things.. works for eg.. shud be one excitement of my life..
i m just so sick with my life lately,..
being unproductive.. is actually not the main goal...