Tuesday, April 29, 2008

and life goes on..

Feel like updating my blog (again!). need to be fast tho, read a report from a known source telling that, ppl tend to spend long hours on updating or checking emails during office hours, and now, I am one in those surveys la ek.Cet!
I was sick yesterday ( tho i felt like a horse the day before). Must be the sore throat, ( or i must have fogotten to drink anything b4 going to bed). To make it worse, I felt a slight pain on my prosthetic knee when i went down the stairs. and it hurt like (ermmm hell) when i tried to bend the knee. Not sure whether the joint was inflamed ( eh, its a prosthesis, camna nak bengkak lak kan), but maybe the bone or the muscle around tat joint was roughly sore ( saspen! or i maust have overworked my muscles off since there's some slight pain on the muscles around that area as well). Lantak la kan! (This is the usual, dominant ignorant side of me speaking!)
So it was a half day work for me ysterday. did some works in the morning, and by 2, i am already back home. Took some mtxs at nite, dozed off rite after isyak, and woke up a few times for toilet sessions. the drug, well it gave some nauseous side effect this morning. which is not very nice la kan.
I wont elaborate more on this miserable CC anyway.
Just feel like writing bcos I m now waiting for the studnts to submit their theses so tat i cud give the marks asap. So far, nobody has shown up yet, There r other things tat I cud do while waiting for them such as.. sharpening the pencils (again?), admiring the bracelet, which i got from Korea, a colleague who just came back from Seoul gave it as a souvenir. or bermuhasabahkan diri? (kah kah kah)
I rest my case la. Overall, this is not one of those mornings that i feel like a chatter box- chattering my heart out. I ve to admit, I am sick. It does influence my usual life style tho.
Yahhh! tat doesnt mean, i cant continue to be crappy like always kan!

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Of tuna spaghetti and ...

I have decided to update my blog after numerous session of blog-hopping since this afternoon. yeah, the new hobby that i have developed since i switched to blogspot. No more irritations or annoyance on the blog syok sendiri in ekawan. hahaha. (kutuk tu).. at least. i have started reading high quality blogs , and no more mellow, crappy ntah hapa2 blog. ok enuff about the condemning-session. At this age ( see still with my tag line), i tend to get bored, or to the worst, start nak cari pasal with hmm anyone who ve been trying to cross my path ( eh aku cakap apa ni ha! musykil la plak)
anyway, on a different note, this is another frutiful weeeknd that i ve been spent alone at home. As usual, lazed around, while thinking whether i should clean the house or just leave it in its usual condition. Its not real messy to be exact, and i still can live in this house without worrying of having an asthma attack later on. made some sandwiches in the morning. while munching the sandwich, there's a few interesting movies on tv as well.went out to tapau the lunch meal around 12. yes, outta sudden i feel like going down, while bringing down the trash and let the sun shine on me (huh.. lain macam jek statement aku nih.. hahah)
afternoon was pend watching more programmaes on tv yg ntah hapa2, but still i feel like parading in n outta my kutchen yg sekangkang kera tu, and then i decided to sweep the floor ( hah ambik ko!) still procrastinating on wat to do next, whether mopping it later on or, vacuum it. i decided not to do any. so back to my fav position on the sofa, lying on my rite while clicking on the mouse, 2 books besides me, which i frequently changed its function as japanese pillows.. (hah tu dia, creative amat aku)
i only slept at 2 am.. wont tell what make me stay up till tat wee hour.. hahah
so, today.. i have decided not to go out at all. i can live with the leftover sandwiches for breakfast ( ces!) and dozed off till 1 ( so embrassing kan?) bangun jek, decided to polish my cooking skill by making tuna spaghetti. took an hour ( tat long, ches!) bcos i have decided to peel all those garlics n shallots and blended em. (baguskan aku, even tho i only cooked once in a few months hahah)
i had my lunch at 3. and i m impressed with myself.. even tho, spaghetti tuna yg ku goreng doesnt taste like my SIL's. (I think there'r a few ingredients that lacked in my dishes.. hmm but still its edible to me)
On different story, mom called me a few nites ago. havnt called her for the last 2 weeks. updated me with yat's wedding preparation. and then i updated her with some news at my bro's. owh btw, apa koba la agaknya my 2 sisters tu? the last time i heard from Zuni, was when i went to her hse with Zura, and tat was like a month ago.
tetiba rindu plak kat Aleeya and Rayyan, Zuni's children. haa and speaking about Rayyan, i think its the most fav/ in-name tat most moms want to name his sons nowadays. u know, like when ppl start naming their sons as Danish or Daniel, and the it will quieten down. Now its 'name yr son as Rayyan' season. hehehe.
i did a facial by myself today. again I m impressed of myself hehehe. been very lazy to take care of my skin and now i feel obligated to do it. U know.. AT THIS AGe.. hahaha
eh, till then. My face feel a bit itchy now after applying some mask.. almakum la, wat facial setahun sekali.. sooo not gloria gaynor.. bak kata MG ..

Thursday, April 24, 2008

The Tibai session

At this very moment, i m desperately seeking for any anti-yawning inducer. tengah tersengguk-sengguk cam burung belatuk while trying to digest every hellish statement that they put in their theses. yes, one more thesis to tibai. 3 done!i mean almost. the only therapy that i can think of rite now, is by sharpening my pencil every 30 mins ( tat showed how much i ve corrected their so called draft). life's been hectic for these last few days. Even tho i ve been reminding them to send their drafts by chapters, and defintely not in one whole stapled booklet tat consists all the chapters, but still they did tat. and aku bagai nak pecah kepala, trying to finish 3 theses in 2 days. since tis is only the first drafts, so bagai nak retak la jugak tempurung kepala, to come out with better, flowed text and sequential para. well, i m not so good in english as well, but when u wrote like u speak, tat means big probbblem. Read this : from the result, we can indicate that treated 32 mg/kg is very significant compare than other treated. 0.6M HCl show not very significant because only necrosis show significant. Just ignore all the grammatical error but focus on the gist of this statement. huh! tangkap nangis aku baca!
Makcik tgh beristighfar bebanyak sambil terus menibai satu-satunya tesis yg harus dihabiskan , let say within 2 hrs. yes, I can do it. CC boleh!
Nonetheless, no matter how much i tried to potray myself as one fierce lecturer, i d certainly miss their presence when they r no longer here. They r graduating this coming July. most of them have registered for Master degree, so i can still see them for the next 2 years.
Another story, I watched Congkak the movie 2 days ago. well, its not my kinda idea to release yr tension by watching horror movie, but then, we, me n my 2 best friends at work have set a date with Congkak long before it's been premierly shown in cinema. the sound effects. mak ai.. i dun think my heart cud take it. its too loud for my sensitive ears and crooked heart, lol.
I am still sleepy. dah penat kunyah popcorn lemau , a leftover from the 2 days ago nya movie. Just done with the viva for all those 81 students. next week, there's another presentation for the best 5 in each health sciences programme. They appointed me as the Timbalan pengerusi. kah kah.. and my task is to attend every meeting and show up during the rehearsal + makan2 lagi for the enxt 2 consecutive days. Sheesh! makan lagik..
Nih mana student aku tak muncul2 lagik ni.. janji kul 2.. cessss!

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Sad Movies always make me cry

Now I know why I m so looking forward to spend my weekends in my humble abode. Its been week since i last had a nice quiet wknd at home. I think it was a month ago, Hmm.. let me recall back d series of 'unfortunate events' that I ve spent outside on weekend a month ago:
Last week. I have to be in the exam hall of the faculty on saturday. Rite after d exam, which is abt 11, i rushed to Kota Damansara. Well its been a while since I last visited the elder sibling ( + the nephews and a niece, with a tagline of " Cik Ngah nak balik bila?" when she first see me arrived (sungguh kurang asam kan?) hahaha
2 weeks ago, I was at Trader hotel from thursday till friday. Motive? : accompanied my sis who attended a medical conference at KLCC there. in terms of room-partnering jek .
3 weeks ago : I was in Royale Bintang Seremban from friday till sunday, atatnded some kinda mind-tiring workshop there.
4 weeks ago: well.. the faculty had a 2 days finishing school for the final studnts and I was one of the facilitators. It's a 8-5 course for 2 consecutive days. A tiring one, to be added
5 weeks ago: Hmm cant really remember but I think, I ws at home, being sick. had a worst dysmenorrhea and i ended up lying down on d sofa most'f d time
6 weeks ago: I think it was an election weekend. i was supposed to attend another finishing school, but it was postponed. Arhh now i remember. i went to anothr TOT for the finishing school tat sunday.
7 weeks ago: The first finishing school ta I attended in Science Faculty.
8 weeks ago: went to Kota Damansara. left my sandals there to be repaired. well i havent got it back when i wanted to collect it last week.

so let me tell you, how my wonderful and not so gloomy but a bit cold (due to last nte's rain) saturday morning turned into a weepy morning.
I slept around 1 ish am. woke up at 7.30 (tats the latest tat i d be able to sleep). cant sleep later than dat during weekend ( funny, i complain about the lack of sleep on weekdays and how i wish I can sleep more on weekends, but the thing is, im not used to wake up late anymore. arh at tis age, u dun need more than 6 hrs of sleep)
Turned on d tv, snuggled in my l-shaped nest, and started crying while watching tis korean movie on astroKirana *rolling my eyes*. Its about a hospital namely garden of heaven. Its a hospital for dying patients. and my tears rolling on my ceek everytime one of the patients died. owh well i empathise, wat can i say. i have such a soft heart huhuhuhu and it 's abeautiful story with beautiful sceneries +a beautiful theme song with a not-so beautiful audience who stupidly sobbing infront of d tv.
What isnore blissful than sipping a mug of coffee ( not 3 in 1), a home made one, i made myself, a small sachet of nescafe ' 2 sachest of sugar and one sachet of creamer ( compliments from the previous hotel tat i stayed last time heheh), and cuddled in yr love-nest ( its a brown one, with a shape of L), a few cushions, so dat i can hide my ugly feet behind it, a stack of books beside me, i m planning to read em tis weeeknd. No, they r all ficstions and most of em r chic lits. need a dab of romance ( tho i know i cant found it in real life) but, it wont hurt to daydream once in a while eh, well.. even at tis age ( phew.. tis is gonna be my tagline from now on ; EVEN AT TIS AGE .. lol)
I love watching astro movies during weeknds . haaa.. its the confession of the month!
After taking a quick bath, while singing my heart out ( this morning, it was Dionne warwick's That's wat friends are for), chnaged the channel to hallmark. Another movie tat made me wept again. Gosh.. pls dun tell me, its gonna be another emotional saturday? i pity my gland tears today. it must have been working very hard , trying to secrete all d tears that i ve accumulated since last month. well good for me actually. more tears, less pressure inside myself.
Now i think i had enuff of weeping and sobbing. its almost 11.30 am now. hope ppl wont notice the red n puffy eyes when i go out for lunch later. eh.. need to put some eyecream around the area then.
owh.. gotta go. we ll update if there r other sad movies on tv induced me to become a cry makcik today. dun think so lah..
excuse me then. want to enjoy the rest of my weekend peacefully.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Dear Cik Sri Siantan

Seriously, I am so so not in the working mood. Every morning, when the alarm in my mobile starts singing Akon's Lonely (see? betapa patetiknya aku), my heart will start feeling so heavy. Its not that I prefer the coziness of my bed to the mundane daily routine tat i have to go thru before i opened the door of my house at 7.20 am
Its just dat....I think I need a change. A drastic change. not a few days leave ( I swear I m gonna be restless after a few hours doing nothing , looking forward to sitting on d chair in my office room). *sighing*
I think its a normal thing for women who r still alone at this age. No, no.. i m not complaining as I believed, jodoh itu di tangan tuhan. Not dat I haven't made any effort to seek for my Mister Right, but then, at tis age, I m not so keen to dat anymore. Am hoping that there' ll be some men who accidentally cross my paths on their way to KFC downstairs, kah kah!.
Ahh,, besides I have tonnes of work tat will never reduce no matter how hard i tried to finish em. There 'll always things to do, even tho the studnts r not around. Papers to write, numerous workshop to attend, lectures and talks to hear bla bla bla.
and other things like my never ending health problems (tho i used to ignore it la, pretending that i m healthy)
Masyallah.. jadi tempat luahan hati la plak blog ni.. cett!
sambung kije lah cam tu..

Monday, April 14, 2008

Not so monotonous Monday

This is the only monday dat I feel so relax, no deadlines,no studnts knocking ( more like bashing) at my door, no phone calls, I m so free,free like nelly furtado's bird, I must say.
No, dun get me wrong. I never hate mondays. There is never a manic monday to me. It always end up as productive mondays to me, because its the first day of the week. U start yr week, by going thru mondy, and for that the energy that u need to obtain for the rest of the week, has to be initiated from the 1st day of week which is the Monday ( best kan theori aku?) again, am impressed wth myself.
So, today, I am safely ensconced in a big leathr sofa at my bro's. The feeling of not going towork on monday, is undescribable. However, being a dedicated worker,I have brought 2unfinshed thesis draft of my students, 2 nttah-hapa-hapa- yg dorng tulis, sampai aku rasa depressed bila baca, ( but still i managed to correct all the grammatical errors, plagiarism text that they copied from non-mentioned sources.
The funny thing is, I dun have any mood to read any reading materials except for the students' theses. I have stackof novels that i havent opened yet, and with the only free time i have now, I am supposed to read em,no pressurre, no nothing. Tapi, apasal la aku malas sangat nih! haiyaaa
I cut my hair yesterday.with the assistance of a girl at one of the saloon in KD. hence,the head feels lighter today. Best best. Last i cut my hair, was 6 months ago, when i was with a cast and a sling on my left arm.
Eh, wat else is new la?
owh.. am thinking of merayau2 to any nearby shopping complex, but the nearest shopping conplex from tempat jin berendang ni pun is very far way ( to me la). ie The Curve ( not my fav place tho), Tapi.. it feels boring to explore it all by myself. need a companion cam Kak Sab tu, who will cheer me up everytime. Arghh.. talking about them,apa kabo la si Zura who has hurt her ankle last friday? Havent sent her any condolence yet, Cet.. kawan apa la aku nih..
Hmm..received 2 sms already from a student who wants to see me today. Eh.. aku on leave la.. tis is one thing which actually cud ruin my happy mood. Can inot be distracted with any thing from the office while i m trying to enjoy my not less than 24 hrs freedom ?
Can they just forget my presence for at least one day? what do they think Iam? a robot ( well ok, a cute one maybe) who wil serve them 24/7/365?
Please.. its been weeks since i last smell the fresh air after the rain. I dun even have time to check on my fine wrinkles which is forming more n more on my forehead. I havent socialised for a while, i mean a 'long while' , well a trip to Ampang Yong Tow Foo with the family last nite is not my definition of a 'social outing' . at 40,sometimes i think I need ppl to talk abt watever things under the sun except work.maybe a movie outing will do, seriously,i need to clear out my mind a bit. I need a vacation ( d one tat i dun need to eat along all d time). Boleh gitu?
I rest my case.. sakit belakang lak dah..

Friday, April 11, 2008


Seriously, i am sooo impressed with myself. I ve updated my blog after 3 days.. seriously unbelieavable. In eSaWan, i have to be careful with d words, have to count every word i type so dat it wont exceed 1000 characters, yeah.. it did limit my creativity. I used to write lotttssaaa craps, ranting n rambling like nobody's biz.
ok la enuff abt it. in here, u dun have to worry wat other ppl think abt u, or 'brand' u. Nobody cares abt anyone here. I care abt no one here. nobody knew me here and vice versa. even Ida is not my real name. My real name is actually, Puteri Pucuk Kalumpang aka Pucuk Selom hahaha.
erkk.. not funny at all.
Starting today, I am now a proud owner of my own humble abode, di atas tanah yg sekangkang kera, tapi tetap la akan jadi umah aku jugak. I ve signed the S&P for the apartment. ye, hanyalah sebijik apartment yg berukuran 1045 sq feet, tapi cukuplah untuk cik kalumpang ini menumpang teduh daripada panas dan hujan juga tsunami keh keh keh.
and huwaaa... esok kena jaga exam, on saturday,, sungguh patetiknya.. but then i m eligible for one unrecorded leave on monday.. so rite after exam, im gonna rush to KD, Abg Li's still in KB. the last time i went there was like monthss ago, so harus lah aku pergi melawat anak2 menakan ku esok setelah sekian lama.
am still bz with the task of reading the studnts's thesis draft. still got unfinished 2 on d table. been engrossed with applying a grant for the greece's conference. ohh Acropolis, i ll be coming to u in August. Just wait for me!
GOd! i really dun understand myself, I can sit n watch these ppl blabbering abaout AF , watching loyally every AF diary, but I never wanna watch their concerts. Tis is the 4th week , and in d concert, i dozed off in the begining of d concert and only able to wake up when they announced who's gonna be voted out. never liked it tho
(mati la aku kena hentam kat pengundi AF)
arghh.. i m leaving. not gonna apply d eyecream at nite anymore, The eyes looks so puffy in d morning, well maybe its my imagination.. maybe i m meant to look ugly in d morning. well not only in dmorning, i m meant to look ugly all d time.
ces... inferiority complex dah plak...
tido la..

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Am Back!

Yes, I have given up on the eSawan, and Im gonna concentrate on this abandoned blog from now on. I ll write from time to time ( if i can remember my id n pw to open my own blog hahahah) and yes, i ll survive ( pls read it like u r singing the Tina turner's number, or is it a Celine Dion's? hmm wuteva! yes, i went to my rheumy yesteday ( for those who have no idea wat is rheumy, its an an american abbrev for rheumatologist. For those who still have no idea wat is Rheumatologist, i can only tell u, its related to Rheumatoid arthritis ( for those who still dun no wat is RA, haiyaaaa.. takgheti2 nak pi check kat wikipedia? my blog is not a walking dict-blog okay!
Shud I tell u about myself ( as i assumedthere r a few people who r gonna stop by and peek into my blog, its been neglected for tooo long, and with tis dull, unattractive blog-drop, i m sure not many will accidentally come across tis blog. Ok la, remind me to seek for a sifu regarding tis matter.
complained to my favorite rheumy yesterday, dat i ve been having frequent headache lately, and since my BP is so normal, regardless my mild hypertension, i have to blame it on my stressful days at work. No.. dun get me wrong, I so love my work, i love to feel d adrenalin rush whenever i have deadlines to meet. But when u r always in a hurry over yr meal break, and u got 9 missed calls if u leave yr cell phone in yr room when u r out for 1/2 hr.. or u still have to give consultation thru yr phone when u have put a big notice infront yr door that u r on medical leave... or when u r so looking forward to watch a movie with yr 2 best frends during working hrs, wat dat supposed to mean la? or when u started to feel annoyed bcos u read craps in other people's blog when they r able to update for like 2-3 entries in an hour, and their entries r so stupid dat u feel like lashing yer sharp tongue aka condemning them ( remind me not to do dat, last time i did dat, in ekawan, i regretted it so much for being so nosy haha)
ne nong ne nong.. writer's block alert! aka laziness is tagging along. now, will u excuse me, i need to have my beauty sleep now, need to put some eyecream some more..hahaha.. cam hampeh jek aku.. so so metrosexual nowadays kah kah kah
Till next time