Friday, May 30, 2008


Finally, i am able to update my blog.. after ermm 8 days? hmm quite long for someone who faithfully updates her blog recently. and as priorly stated, i did not have time to evn logon to internet when i was home.
I came back last wednesday, took an 8.50 flite, reached lcct at 10 and straighytly headed to the faculty afterwards. siap heret luggage tu huhuhu.
Amboi Incik Shah, tak sayang jari tul tinggal komen cam tu.. takpa takpa.. ada kari ada pengeras.. kahkahkah
The ankle is getting better, on the day i went back, i was the last one who went inside the plane, apa taknya, jalan cepat skit daripada kura-kura jek. tapi dengan semangat yang kental, sampai juga aku ke rumah dengan selamatnya, sempat singgah pasar baung beli nasi kerabu hitam. hari Jumaat, aku dah berjalan sakan.. hari sabtu pergi Pengkalan kubor in the afternoon, and hari ahad, dengan semngat yang berkobar, bcoa i knew, i wont be able to shop for the next 2 days cos I d be bz attending the khenduri. Therefore, i shopped in a record time. as bak wont be able to park anywhere, the people, ( i mean the orang luar as the kelantanese called em ) have flooded all shopping areas in KB. most road are congested. Huh.. tobat aku nak balik Kb time cuti skolah next time. dan dengan gigih juga aku memanjat tangga pasar lama tu semata2 nak beli tudung dekat tenpat makcik yg biasa aku beli. i am one of her regular customers anyway. and believe it or not, i finished my shopping less than an hour, went to 3 shop at different places. im impressed wth myself.
Monday, we were at auntie's at Kg huda whole morning. at 3, we cant stand the heat anymore, so i went back home, terus terbongkang dalam bilik. on Tuesday, we went there after zohor. manusia punya la ramai. lupa pulak nak snap pic with the pengantin yg sungguh bz layan tetamu dan bertukar persalinan 4-5 kali. My sis sent another auntie back home. She just lost a daughter ( my cousin) 2 months ago. Bila dah masuk tumah dia, nampak anak2 dia yg kecik2 tu, ternampak2lak dia berlegar2 dalam rumah tu.. terus menitis airmata.
it was a very packed schedule masa kat sana.. cam tak puas jek duk melepak2 kat rumah.. byk lak tu yg lum makan. i rushed back thinking tat i have to attend a 2days workshop yg tetiba telah dipostpone last minute. arghhh.. rasa nak jek patah balik Kb semula.
The faculty was a bit quiet. looks like everyone has decided to spend the holidays wth the kids. Eh aku yg tak der kids ni pun, patut gak cuti kan?
Mood masih lagi takada untuk bekerja. and due to the heat n humid weather in KB, aku telah mendapat batuk2 dan selsema yg masih lagi tak kuar dengan sepenuhnya.. cam hampeh jek kan...
apart from that... i m still kicking and alive.. boleh gitu?

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

During my absence..

I was exhausted today. First, it was due to my swollen ankle, yang masih sakit bagai nak mati ( mati ke?) bila nak jalan. Tot of calling sick at first, tapi baru ingat aku tak tutup pc kat opis, and besides, i need n have to finish one paper to be submitted to the journal.Kalau tak set cam tu, alamat Im not gonna publish anything la tis year. Being in one of the reserach university, we r forced to publish lotsa papers so tat tis RU status will remain. Sapa cakap kije kat universiti tadak tekanan? Tekanan bagai.. but Im not gonna grumble n complain in here la. Life's too short to do dat anyway.
Anyway, I ll be on leave starting tomorrow till 27th. kalau cuti lama2 tu kiranya balik kampung la. Attending a cousin's wedding as well. I m the only one who ll be back for the khenduri. The rest of my siblings semua bz kalahkan VIP (not blaming them tho). My 1st bro is in Japan till 31 st, The 2nd one is in France on tat khenduri day. The youngest sis sibuk on call pasal kena cover senior yg tgh xm. tat left me yg semedang tak bz la kan ? kah kah kah. Tu pun kira aku dah ponteng 2-3 meeting time aku cuti. alaaahh.. kije tak kan pernah abis la pun.
So I ll be in KB dan berpoya-poya dengan bahagianya for the next few days. I can feel the excitement already.
I wont be posting during my absence. Wud be very lazy to get online at home. With the slow connection over there, who will..
Ishhh sudah terbayang keenakan nasi kerabu nih... yummyy..

Till then.. have a good life !

Monday, May 19, 2008

ahh another day to go thru.. i think i had enuff of the rest, and in my case, too much rest, will make my condition worsen.. the ankle is still swollen tho..
anyway, it's such a fine morning.. a bit cloudy, such a nice day to be tucked in bed all day long.. my sis text-ed me, cant wait for me to go home.. she has passed her exam by the way, and now she cant wait to treat the rest of the family members (me included la kan, kakak sayang dia.. kah kah kah). im going back to attend a cousin's wedding. besides i havent been back sincle last raya haji.. and tat was like 6 months ago? fuiyooo! Zura, the sis, asked me wehther i wanna share in buying a wedding gift for the cousin, and I said yes, yeah, its another wedding gift of microwave for the cousin, we gave a microwave to anthr cousin on her wedding last year.. yes.. we re a 'microwave' family.. kah kah kah.
am trying to paste some pics in here.. well, it was me 39 years ago.. heheh just kidding.. it's my youngest niece.. oppss.. the second youngest i think.. lost counts of the numbers of nieces n nephews..

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Tis is one dull entry!

I m so so in need of a break.. a long one.. a trip to overseas maybe (unfortunately i dun hv enuff money to purchase an airfare, not even when AIRASIA is selling 0 cent tickets), even if i do, i cant go alone, after a series of unfortunate event lst september, I have this phobia of going to any place by myself (work place is an exception la )
I dun feel like 'bonding' wth the rest of the family this wkend. Even tho i have already packed my.. errm things to stay overnite ( actually i only packed my pills) at my bro's, i changed my mind at the last min. So as usual la, i m hooked with the tv + my l-shaped sofa, soooo malas nak pi mana2, even too lazy to eat.. sheeshh.. as tis age.. i am not supposed to act like a middle 20s missy la kan.
and this afternoon, tetiba keinginan untuk keluar dan menyedut udara segar membuak2.. kah kah kah..
but still malasnya nak melangkah keluar and one more thing.. i dun have any friends nowadays...
most of the freinds r either married with kids n spouse, the single ones, they have their own league of frends, and tat left me with...hmmm? me, myself and i? kah kah kah.. so pathetic!
im too old to develop a new hobby.. by the way...
* still tryng to figure out how to upload the pics in here* all the wordings with no pic ni.. ishhh. * tetiba jek rasa jeles kat blog Encik Shah*

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

P.S I love you

I know I should stop being a crybaby. I wish I could stop sobbing whenever i watch a romantic movie. Tis is so tiring la. i m all dehydrated because of this ( and yes, I am exaggerating!)
I managed to watch P.S I love you, this morning. and yes, i am at home and yes, i m not well.. the knee started to swell and became very painful over the nite, and yes, its normal condition to me.. and no, I dun cry bcos my knee hurts, no, not at all.. ( u dun cry over the pain experience routine ( or watever thing u call it).
so back to this morning's event, i text-ed my colleague telling her dat I wont be in today, and also text-ed pakcik cab tat he doesnt have to pick me up today.
My day started a bit late tho, as i decided to sleep a lil bit more. owh.. and its the day tat miss 'dysmenorrhea' decided to attack me, so now i have another reason for not going to work . I felt the "swollen knee' thingy is not a concerete excuse for taking a leave, but with miss dysmenorrhea pestering my womb, yahhh... it sure one good excuse to call sick.
back to P.S I love you.. yes its a movie title based on the same novel written by Cecilia Ahern. Nahh.. havent read the book yet, tho i ve been flipping over a few pages, even read the review bla bla bla when I was at Kikokuniya some weeks ago. Somehow, the plot has the similarity with anthr book that i read, its by ermm.. i cant remember, i think the book is on the messy table beside the dining table. Owh,, now I remember, written by Marian Keyes, and its called.. ermm never mind not important tho.
I didnt finish the book, i got so tired sobbing over every page tat i decided i should stop.. nevertheless i cant do the same when i watched Ps I love u, although i did pause the dvd for like 3 times, as I need to get some drink, and yes, whilst tears r still brimming on my cheek. it is such a pathetic sight anyway ( Thank God, Im all alone at home).
Hmm.. maybe I shud read the book later..( and risking yrself of the dehydrating ) No wayyy!
It is a very good movie, and I would recommend to every one ( who read my blog, yeah.. i know only a few kerats of them)
Some how this movie made us ( i mean me) think, of how yr life wud be like after u lost someone u loved. and how she has managed to go on with the life with the assistance of stacks of letters posted to her after her husband's death.
I should have not read the synopsis before watching it, I ended up sobbing as soon as the movie started and sobbing thru out the movie. I pity my tear gland today. It has been working exhaustively since last sunday.
I think i should take anti-sad movie pills for dat.
on a better note, the knee cap is not as painful as it was this morning. I wish i cud cry due to the pain, but nah.. i ve been crying, weeping over the illness many years ago ( and been asking Why, why me GOd? ) nahh just kidding. i didnt do dat la.
i m over the pain. over the grieve. at this age ( tagline tu!), i tend to mope over the things that i m not able to anser, or things that u ve knwn for a long time, but u r so scared to bring up the qs because you think, if u finally reveal yr trueself to others, they wud know tat u r not as strong as they tot u r. and all these years, u r actually pretending to be strong ( and ignorant too )bcos u realise there r other people who r more helpless n more unfortunate than u r, but still not even once, they wud grumble or complain like by being themselves, its the end of their world.
ahaaa.. i know all these sobbing over some 'sad' movies will lead me to some crappy philosophies of mine.
I rest the case then. I know I m still normal bcos I ve been drooling over the guys in tat movie, and mann.. Harry Connick Jr is so slimm. didnt recognise him till i saw his name appeared on the screen.
Owh.. u may not know him anyway..
last but not least..
P.S I love u *chuckles*

Monday, May 12, 2008

27 blobs of tears

I was so besotted with my 'gembeng-ness' yesterday dat i forgot to update how my weekend was really like (minus the overflowed dam part i mean). i always look forward to weeeknds, and to top up my excitement, i have purchased 2 movie dvds. Yes, and those movies, I have been so looking fwd to watch it, even tried asking my colleagues to watch it at the cinema, tapi memandangkan masa tu i was superduper occupied, sampai nak makan pun tak sempat, i missed both movies when they were shown in cinema.
First thing, i did on saturday nite, I switched on d dvd player and this is the first time i used it after astro been installed at home. Unfortunately, the player cant detect the dvd, so apa lagi i tot it must have been the tv ( best kan aku, blame everything that is around u), to make it worse, the dvd player yg hampeh tu wasnt able to detect both dvds , howwever, after a few attempts, it did detect the 3rd dvd, Juno . I ve alreday blamed the dvd player actually, so when d 3rd movie was peacefully shown on tv, i blamed it on the dvd la kan. im not going to blame myself la of course, for not asking Sam, the dvd shop owner to try it first on his dvd player.
So, dengan yakinnya , i tot there was something wrong wth the dvds. and my friday nite has been ruined already. Dengan tak kosernya , aku tengok gak citer tah apa2 kat astro tu and decided to go to bed, bila tv dah tgk aku. owh juga dgn satu harapan, i still hv saturday n sunday, to return the dvds.
Saturday was spent with me hesitating whether i shud have either breakfast or lunch outside. ended up wth mehaving bfast at home and aku tapau lunch from kedai belakang rumah ( the bestest and cheapest ikan bakar with air asam tat u cud get, not to mention kakak cantik's sambal tempoyak)
Im not gonna narrate how the rest of the saturday went on la kan as u may puke if u know tat aku asyik terbaring jek atas sofa tu ,tanpa rasa bosan (i am so amazed with myself).
I have to skip telling how my sunday went on, bcos i ve put the events in my prev entry.
ok la.. so citer ni bersambung sampai kul 8 malam tadik. this morning i went to work as usual. and my knee is still in pain. Nothing much to do at work, ( actually there r things to do), but I ve been trying to book a ticket for an august trip. and since buying online is much cheaper, ( actually dah mengoodek2 menda ni since last nite, but i have problem to fill my last name online. ended with an incomplete booking, credit card error bla bla, and i need to go to KL to purchase the ticket. Cam hampehh la kan. Kl tu aku pergi 2 kali setahun jek tau. Luckily i have someone volunteered to drive me there. we came back from KL around 5 and i straightly went to kedai Sam to return d dvds. and when he tried it on his dvd player, jeng jeng jeng.. it worked! haaaa i was so embrassed while mumbled something like, i i shud try it in my lappy first la kan( ishh.. it did occur in my tot, tapi tu lahh.. )
so tanpa berlengah2 lagi, sebaik sahaj sampai dirumah, terus lah daku meng-on lappy ku itu , inserted d dvd, put on d headphone, so dat i ll get a 100% concentration, and yesh.. seperti biasa mak cik gembeng ini ended up sobbing infront d lappy.
it was 27 dresses d movie, and i couldnt find any sentimental elements in d movie, but still i cried. hmm come to think of it, i cry in watever ocassions, sedih ka, gumbira ka, seram ka, thriller ka, bosan ka, happily ever after ka, bla bla bla...
anyway 27 dresses is a good movie. owh.. i m watching P.S i Love you, next.
itu jek nak citer, nothing interesting pun
owh.. moral of the entry :
1. kena beli dvd player baru
2. i m such a romantic fool.. action packed is not my kinda movie
3. I cant drink nescafe after 3 pm. or else, i d get the worst palpitation..
... sungguh tak relevannya kan...

Sunday, May 11, 2008

A tale of a prodigal daughter

Hari ni hari ibu. since yesterday, I dun know how many times i have wept. Dengar lagu Bonda, aku nangis, dengar Aisyah nyanyi lagu syurga ditelapak kaki ibu, aku berair mata lagi. tengok citer kat astro tu, tak tau manyak kali aku teresak-esak, tengok berita pun aku leh meleleh airmata.
Must be the hormone.. huhuhu
Ni sambil tulis blog ni pun, mata dah start berair..
owh,, and i wept too when i tried to put the bedsheet last nite..
The good thing is ( eh good thing ke? ), I live alone, so i dun have to answer to anyone, the reason I cried.. or i do not have to control tis human dam from flowing..
Owh.. and i cried again when i watched the cerekarama last nite.. u know the mom who gave her one eye to his son. ( bunyi cam familiar jek kan citer tu )
If my mom were here ( I mean beside me, she must have told me, tat such stories do occur in real lives, and we both will weep together while watching the drama)
I love my mom ( everybody does, except for those characters y kat drama tu kan, tu pun Bak will have the anser for it.. which is " dah Pnegarah dia suruh berlakon cam tu " )
I used to think tat my mom loves my youngest sister more than me. and it wud be very obvious when we both avail at the same time. Mom will give more attnetion to my sis.
Mom wont let me do a lot of things, ( yeah, I know it's due to my health and mobility problem. Mom worries a lot about me. when i was hospitalised for a few months and later i was not able to walk for 2 years. I missed the old life so much ( I was in my 1st year at dat time).and when i wanna start my life back again by continuing my study, my mom was so reluctant to let me go. It took some time to convince her tat I wud be all rite.
"Macamana nak pergi kelas, nak turun naik tangga" I have to admit that she was dementedly worried. Even tho how many times that I told her that I would survive, she still didnt believe me.
>"tak payah la belajar, duduk jek kat rumah.. ma ada kat rumah. Kalau jadi apa2 ma tak risau"
but i am always a stubborn girl. No one is able to stop me when i ve decided. Luckily I ve Bak who really understand me. He's the one who backed me up everytime. Without his support, I dun think I ll end up as I wat I am now.
Tapi tak dapat la dinafikan, kedegilan aku ni kadang2 melampau2 sampai Ma pun pening dengan aku. However as time goes by, she has started to go with my flow. memang aku ni anak yg tak makan saman.
tak dinafikan juga, kalau kira kes yg buat aku nak berkecil hati ngan dia, i shud say, there r countless times. When i was younger< i used to think tat I was always rite and i wud never compromise. But now, I wud come out with so many excuses n reasons for any mom's doings. I wont simply accuse or blame my mom even tho she hurts me with her sayings. I blame myself for not trying to be in her shoes. and I think, I dun have any problem with my mom anymore. After all im her only unmarried daughter, kah kah kah. She can confide to me anytime. We spend hours talking via phone , updating about everything under the sun.
Well at this age, it s a bit weird when u still dun have yr own family, but with ma n bak beside me, I can face anything. Somehow, i have a tot that the reason I still live till now because I still have my parent and their endless support.
yeah.. its not easy to become me, u know..
I have tears streaming on my cheek while trying to finish te entry. ceh.. gembeng betul aku hari ni.
As i was brought in a typical malay family, we do not express our loves openly like the western-oriented family. I never said I love you to my mom directly (yeah, aku memang teruk), but I show it via my actions ( tapi taktau la kot2 mak aku tu tak paham2 jugak).
I know she knows, and Z know she wont read this blog. Reason? alaa nak baca paper pun dia malas, apatah lagi menda2 yg virtual ni kan.
Kalau nak dikira jasa ibu, aku rasa kalau aku persembahkan segunung intan dan segaung emas pun, belum tentu memadai lagi. Segala kerisaua dia untuk aku yg dari kecik sampai besar asyik sakit jek, yang menyebabkan dia cepat dapat darah tinggi pun, agaknya penyebbabnya pun aku la.
Sementelah aku ni pun, tak der sapa2 selain ibu, ayah dan adik beradik. Iya lah, kalau org lain.. ehem , AT THIS AGE, u have to divide yr attention n love to different groups of people. when u already have yr own family, yr parents comes second dah la kan.
as for me,, my Ma n bak will always come first. Taktau la macamana rasanya kalau ditakdirkan Allah mengambil mereka dahulu daripada aku. I dun wanna imagine it.
Well, since airmata aku dah hampir kering, and all this weeping thingy has starved me up.. I wud better stop now.
A friend used to say to to me, "' CC ko ni nampakjek kuat kat luar, but inside, u r very fragile" Hmm aku tak ingat dah sapa yg cakap cam tu.. Ko ke tu MG?
heheh.. betul la tu.. but im trying to be strong internally n externally now. Well for a start, i will accept watever things tat are served infront'f me. I wud try not to complain and grumble ( except dalam blog ni la kan, keh keh ). I'd try to adjust in watever my life has been dictated to.
ishh penat la nangis ni... cehhhh!

Friday, May 09, 2008

hard habit to break

I have one bad habit to share with a few kerats of my readers here * while rolling my eyes*. Ecewah! Honestly, i dun think i m the only one who has this problem. I guess everybody does, and maybe they dun think its one bad habit. They might call it as.. killing time , or working or intending, or apa la2 ( haha aku dah meroyan), but I called it as one of my bad habits,.. which is..
jeng jeng..
bloghopping in between your task..
which is not very good la..
as it may consume half of yr working time , but suddenly.. ko dah melompat2 sampai kemana-mana..
and dat time is wasted by doing things tat is totally unrelated to yr works.. ( ok i guess if u have so much free time and u dun have anything to do, its ok la to bloghop)
but I m now referring to myself n my deadlines.. ( more like promises to myself)
Hoih.. back to work.. enuff ramblings..
P.s saja buat gempaq.. sebab tetiba rasa nak post entry..
I was actually reminding myself la...

Thursday, May 08, 2008

Men Never Listen!

Its a fine morning today, In a few minutes, I ll be attending a "sorta' seminar on biotechnology ( which is not my niche area anyway, but hantam sajalah.. ) at Shangrila. and the reason i m posting so early today is because.. jeng jeng jeng.. I have a joke to share with a few kerats of the readers who read my blog ( la kan! ).. No.. i m not ambitious anyway. Never intend to advertise my blog to public. and never leave any marks in other ppl's blogs cos I m just a silent Reader. heh apa aku merapu pepagi ari nih? .. By the way, here's the joke. got it from my colleague when i opened my mail box just now.. Men never listen! .. ( Indeed!) kah kah kah


In a Chicago hospital, a gentleman had made several attempts
to get into the men's restroom, but it had always been occupied.

A nurse noticed his predicament. "Sir", she said " You may
use the ladies room if you promise not to touch any of the buttons on
the wall."

He did what he needed to, and as he sat there he noticed the
buttons he had promised not to touch. Each button was identified by
letters: WW , WA , PP, and a red one labeled ATR. Who would know if he
touched them?

He couldn't resist. He pushed WW. Warm water was sprayed
gently upon his bottom. What a nice feeling, he thought. Men's
restrooms don't have nice things like this.

Anticipating greater pleasure, he pushed the WA button. Warm
air replaced the warm water, gently drying his underside. When this
stopped, he pushed the PP button.

A large powder puff caressed his bottom adding a fragile
scent of spring flower to this unbelievable pleasure. The ladies
restroom was more than a restroom, it is tender loving pleasure.

When the powder puff completed its pleasure, he couldn't
wait to push the ATR button which he knew would be supreme ecstasy. He
was immediately knocked out by an excruciating pain.

Next thing he knew he opened his eyes, he was in a hospital
bed, and a nurse was staring down at him.

"What happened?" he exclaimed.

"The last thing I remember was pushing the ATR button."

"The button ATR is an Automatic Tampon Remover. Your
testicles are now in this jar, sir."

kah ! kah ! kah!

Monday, May 05, 2008

4 hari 5 malam.

Ok la, so i ve come back to work.. after 4 fantabulous days at my bro's. *Grinning*. I only reached office at 11. Tumpang my bro to KL sentral ( he has forewarned me tat he's going late to work this morning, and since i dun have anything to do pun kalau datang awal. so i just go with his flow la) took a train to serdang , bersiar2 makan angin kat kajang silk highway since the cab sent someone to petronas reserach 1st , and he missed the exit to hospital serdang, thus it took me abt 30 minutes to reach my beloved fac from serdang station. I didnt mind at all.
whilst at my bro's i ve: ( not in chronological order)
1. finished 5 novel mlayu in 3 days
2. sobbed like 1/2 jug of tears
3. hibernated for more than 48 hours in the house. Favorite spot is the breakfast table at the patio, which is at the backyard. Second fav spot is a rest chair which faces the fish pond. IF i opened the sliding door, i cud hear the sound of the man-made fountain. soooo soothing
4. finished half jar of the chow rasta;s jeruk in the fridge
5. broke my own Guiness's record, to sit still for more than 3 hours trying to finish a book. Did it twice, and my sis in law said.. i can actually imitate a patung cendana.. kah kah kah
6. tried to cut down my food intake by taking only 2 meals/day but how come i still feel tat i m gaining on for the things that i didnt eat
7. Went to MPH and spent more than 200 ringgit buying all those novels.. hah makcik gelap mata tetiba tengok byknya bukuu.. tats how i ended up reading so many books within 3 days
8. my green lappy keep on missing in action .. tetiba jek tengok dah ada kat atas

Overall.. i just love being surounded with the family. Ngeehh..
Upating on the nephews in nieces..
Afif is so into 'shuffle; nowadaays and he's so creative tat he started putting his own video in u-tube.
Amir is so into music nowadays.. Abg Li gave him an electronic keyboard for his good PMR result last year.. so every now and then, he'd googling on u-tube to listen to his kinds music, and I have to admit.. he has a good choice of music.
Afif can take good photos.. I ll try to post some of his photos in my blog later
Amal asked me once" Che Ngah, r u a scientist" and her Che Ngah buat tatau jek.. later on, he confessed to his umi.. and wrote on his so called scrap book.. December 4th. When his umi asked what' such date is for.. he retorted.. The day I m gonna be a scientist!".. kah kah kah
Aina sofia, the 2 yrs old amoi jepon look-alike.. is so obsessed with bunga cina. Whenever she pointed at any flowers planted at the front yard of the house.. she said.. "bunga cina"
Abg Li bought a new handphone with so many gadgets. there's a GPS, 3G ( the reason he bought it bcos he need a 3G phone to call the family when he's in Japan. there'd be numerous trips to japan in the future.
tasha?.. still bz with the tuitions n all.
I have realised tat all of them ( except Amal and Nana) are much taller than me now *sighing*
and I just realised.. i am gonna be ( actually am becoming more) like my mom.. I m so lazy to go out nowadays. Really love the comfort of my own home.. or anyone's home.. as longa s I dun have to go out... I d be extra happier..
owh.. btw we had dinner at William's last nite. I finally convinced my bro to bring us to William's after seeing so many blogs recommending this place. owh well, its not very far from my bro's hse anyway. Afif even snapped pics while we're there. owh.. the food was good.. as they wrote. its very worthwhile.
and i m gonna go back home in a few minutes.
yay! back to my own quiet abode.. udah 4 hari dong aku ninggal-ing rumah. Rindu banget!
Till then..

Thursday, May 01, 2008

Satu hari di hari Pekerja

Basically, Im not supposed to post anything today la kan? bcos its Hari pekerja, and as a pekerja, I should not do anything today, touch anything which relates to work, or think abt work as well. Stop thinking abt your work for only one day because Its Labour Day ! duhh! ( anyway Im not sure about other ppl's interpretation, some think by doing OT today, they ll get triple pay ( tat's wat I learnt for having factory operators' as hsemates)
As for me, money is not everything (ewah, coming from me, sounds like hypocrites la plak kan?). Of course, u need to have lotsa money to satisfy yr needs, yr shopping lusts( duh!), your childrens's school fees etc, yr house loan, yr PTPN loan, yr credit card bills, yr Gucci handbag, yr twice a month meal at Secret Recipe, kah kah kah)
But.. MOney cant buy happiness ! ( yeah sounds familiar rite? ) its the favorite quote of the year when a mullticorporate man ( on CerekaRama) neglects his wife and children due to his workaholic attitude ( and there r such dialogues as " saya buat semua ni, untuk awak juga, untuk anak2 kita juga, awak kan nak kalung gedabak yg dipakai oleh Cik Yam sebelah rumah tu juga kan, dari minggu lepas awak duk hint-hint dekat saya . ha, si Pi'e ( which happend to be his 15 yrs old son who s so into Indie group, even mimicking like one) tu asyik duk sms saya ( the wonder of handphone) mintak belikan drum, nak suruh masukkan dia kat kelas muzik, nak jadi cam pakcik Husin dia tu ( well, of course he doesnt have any idea tat Pie was actualy telling him about his dream to form a group like the famous (famous ka? sheeesh!) Meet Uncle Hussin"
later this multicorporate man continues, while confronting his nagging wife ( the one who suddenly showed some concerns about her family , and tat is due to an unforgettable event happened at her kitchen tat afternoon( that is anther story which will be narrated later)
"lea tu lagik la ( happened to be her 12 yrs old daughter who thinks tat she has a barbie image with Britney Spear's voice) duk merengek2 kat saya nak kan handphone Nokia E series tu, Katanya senang dia nak tahu latest news pasal Britney, leh bukak internet lagi masa cikgu tengah mengajar"
he clears his throat for like a few seconds, and again continues " Semua tu nak kena pakai duit, jadi saya kena kerja kuat la Mah ( the wife's name), kena entertain clients, kena main golf ngan client, bla bla bla ( tak kose aku nak sambung alasan dia tu)"
the wife , with aworried face, while trying to pat the husband's back ansered" tapi duit bukan segalanya Bang. Anak kita tu perlukan abang. Saya perlukan abang! " ( u can hear mah sobbing a little at this time)
In the mean time, Lea is engroessedly talking thru the phone with a friend, Danny ( happened to be her one nonth bf), and Pie? yes.. Pie is ym-ing wth his friend Muiz, and at the same time, listening to some 'loud cracking' songs in YouTube.
yeah, some typical scenario of malay cerekaramas rite? ( Im not gonna tell u how the cerekarama ends, u sure can guess la, u can even become the director for the drama hahaha.
So back to our Hari Pekerja ( see, how far I went just to elaborate the quote, kah kah kah)
i wish all of you, Selamat hari Pekerja, irregardless u r a Blue collar, white collar, orange collar, dog collar? kah kah kah.
and Pls remember one thing..This is the day that u shud think abt yrself, not everyone else, Please be selfish on this one day. think abt yr children, yr wife, and ur bibik, let her go out today so dat she wud have a time of her own. Do your own cooking today. Pls erase any idea of going to any shopping complex today ( even tho its yr kinda idea of spending quality time with yr beloved family)
well its more than a thing already.
yeah, I know , i know.. i am overbabbling. Its such a fine day anyway, the sky is clear, the weather is fabulous, and yes.. i m about to go to my bro's and 'bond' myself with the rest of the family.. kah kah kah
( Tho i prefer to laze on this sofa, watching Tv all day, stuck at my own home, raving in my blog )
Ciao sin!