Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Blue blue sky

Just wanna show the fantastic sky pics that i snapped the other day. I tried to find it again when i looked upon the sky again this morning. yet, it wasnt there anymore. i was pretty sure tat the nite b4 it showed on the sky, it must be an amazing nite. apakah????
they said we can actually noticed some changes in the morning . mayybe this is one of em. Wallah hu alam

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Early morning

Nah.. its not early anymore but the actual thing is i ve been up since 4.45 am and hasnt caught a wink afterwards. After sahur, washed the clothes and before i knew,its already azan. at 6, aku dah siap make-up (not!)bagai dah hahaha. P was already downstairs, cos he tot he was late. so at 6.45, berlenggang kangkung la aku turun nak pi kije. Cam best jek kan bila ada org hantar n ambik kije kan?
such a serene morning, with crystal clear sky. It was a breath-taking, picturesque view when i look upon the sky tis morning. managed to snap it wth my hp. Cantekkkk sesangat.
owh well.. i d better continue marking the papers now. managed to finished 10 scripts wthin an hour. Feeling sleepy in the middle of the marking...and Mariah Carey has been singing the same song for like 100 time already, hence this entry. Hhhhaishhhhhhhhh...

another picturesque scenery of The Glenegl Beach at Adelaide tat I snapped Last december, well the sky is a so-so tho. Managed to snap a girl in bikini as well, tapi mana tah aku letak pic tu.. hahaha

Sunday, September 21, 2008

So wut's next?

Posting new entry on sunday, well its not my kinda thing actually. Sundays shud be spent lazing on yr couch, watching ridiculous programmes on tv, clicking to every astro channel and last but not least, dozing yrself off.
Alas, in tis euphoric mind of mine, last friday, i accidentally brought all my works back ( so dat I cud finsih doing at home).. well and till this very moment, I HAVE NOT touched em yet. so much for the resolution la kan!
On a lighter note, ( not talking about my bring works here tho), went to Mines yesterday. and again, going shopping on weekends is like going to the faculty on public holidays for me. ( have to admit tat I am a homely (la sangat) person). Anyway, since I ve promised someone to take her to shop ( and this is the only weekeend tat I d be free cos I m going back home next friday(YAy!, so nak taknak terpaksa la kuar jugak kan! and prior to tat there was like a string of threatening episodes occured ( I can be extra emotional first thing when I woke up in the morning, occay!), before I decided to go out ( tat was another story, not gonna highlight my childish attitude la kan). So off we went, in the midst of the hot day, and there were like, masyaalahhh ramainya umat kat MINES tu. I managed to come back at 3.30, exhausted of course, especially the knee. Luckily have a niece yg rajin nak turun bawah beli lauk untuk buka posa.
Even went to bed early last nite. The eyes were a bit uncomfortable since the morning.. a bit sandy some more. Must be the impact of weeping tragically at 5.30 am while watching a rerun of Seputeh qaseh ramadhan on tv. See.. betapa emotionalnya aku di pagi hari.
Actually its the starting of caratct formation in my cornea. I was told by the endocrinologist when i was in the ward last time. She can even see it from afar, and when i took a close look of my eyes infront'f d mirror, yes, i did notice a very thin foggy film in it. So next operation wud gonna be a cataract removal eh? TIDAK!
well,, Im getting older, tats for sure, ( not gonna brag much @ complain about it tho).. take as wat it is la kan.
I feel lucky enuff to have the loved ones around me, the family epecially ( well we dun meet much during tis fasting month tho), the concern colleagues, and a few othesr who still remember me as their friends ( not sure if I had one) last time I checeked i have NONE, lol! and its not my style to let ppl know how i am la kan. deep inside, i am still a stubborn one who knows for sure tat i can rake care of myself, well with a tiny help from my "angel".
hahhaa.. just thinking of my "childish but its so happened to be true 'remark during the yesterday's 'episode". .
"U know how they made me feel? OFFENDED!"
Well i guess, i ve been offended with so many people during so many ocassions last time, and I guess i ve made them offended as well. Tit for a tat!
so... to those whom ive treated wrongly with or without me realising em before..( aku taktau la sapa.. tapi mesti la ada kan!).. I m sorry for all my wrong doings, intentions, ideas, inclduing all thsoe worst imaginary plans tat I ve in mind to retaliate. Hahaha jahatkan aku.

yours truly infront'f the remnant temple of zeus, last august. It was a very hot day, and i nearly melted dat day, without a sunglass, my eyes cant even open properly. Hence, I bought a pair of sunglass yesterday, so dat this thing would never occur in the future. hahahaha. well am not gonna post a pic of new sunglass la kan.. nanti org cakap riak! huhuhuhu

Friday, September 19, 2008

From Sri Serdang to Banting

Feel like updating the blog.. tetiba lak kan.. ( nampak sgt mode malas tu)
Anyway, i woke up very early today. at 3.30 am ( hambik ko), feel like dozing off again for anthr 1/2 hr yet i ve been sleeping since 8.30 pm last nite , rasa2nya cukup2 la tu membuta kan? terawih pun tak buat.. isyak pun solat dalam keadaan separuh sedar.. heee ( sah ke idak ntahnya).
so, bila bangun pagi ni, dgn gigihnya pergi panaskan nasik.. abiskan murtabak yg tak bersentuh lanngsung semalam ( inagt nak makan pas terawih). makan dgn keadaan sepenuhnya sedar.. and for the past 15 days, macik tak sambung tido rite pas sahur. i waited for subuh instead, had my bath.. n terus bersiap pi kije. Sometimes it can be as early as 6.30 tapi tu pun kalau pintu grill kat laluan dpean tu dah buka. makcik tatau pun slama nih.. they have started locking the grill which is actually an access for all the flats from 1st to 4th floor.
so smalam bila pi kije awal, puas la makcik mengetuk2 padlock mintak buka.. luckily cina kat depan tu tolong buka kan.. siap tanya macik.. u tadak kunci ya?
ishh bila plak aku simpan kuncinya.. aku pun tatau bila masa dorang dah start kunci grill tu.. Rupa2nya budak2 kilang kat atas tu semua ada kunci masing2.. ishh., tak di-update rupanya aku neyhh..
Im going to Banting again rite after work to fetch my niece. Of lates, kije akunya pi banting on friday , once again on sunday to send her back. My niece is doing her IB course kat Kolej Mara Banting. Iya la berkat hasutan gigih ku, suh dia tukar wat course kat obersea.. She was in UIA matriculation course before till FELDA called her for a second intake in Buotecnology course . hahaha hadap sgt mak sedara dia ni.. kunun2nya kalau dia dah study kat sana, leh la mak sedara dia selalu2 pi menyinggah sana. provided the countries she goes restricted to yg belah2 europe sana jek.. ke kat ostolia ke.. kat NZ ka.. ermm kalau belah2 Pakistan ke India sana ke.. hmmm.. semangat nak menyinggah tu tersangat la kurang..
anyway, makcik's youngest sis ajak buka posa umah dia on sunday..kunun2nya dia post call tu sempat la masak2 bagai kat kakak dia neyhh..bagus la jugak.. since makcik dah tadak idea nak makan apa dah tuk buka posa.. 2-3x round kat pasar ramadhan sedrang tu pun.. still tadak idea nak makan apa.. Balik2 kerabu mangga, asam rebus keladi..ikan keli bakar tu jek yg leh masuk dek tekak.. Masak sendiri malas tu.. lagik mau komplen kann (astghafirullah)..
well... sambung kije.. makcikk!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Pagi yang indah

Pagi Khamis yang damai ( la sangatt). I had an 8 am lecture . and then will be going to the main campus for JObmarket talk. and i ll have anthr class at 2 pm.
wahhhh sungguh gigihnya macik meng-lecturekan diri di bulan posa yang mulia ini..despite the painful kneecap.. yg tetiba rasa nak 'membengkak'kan sendinya when i woke up for sahur this morning. Tapi aimna tak kesahh..
should i do the countdown starting from today?
Cam bebudak lakrasanya kan..
am still waiting for P|-|IL to probe into my pc via skype so dat he can actually 'kill' the hijacker taht 's been nested inside my pc since last year. The reason why i m not able to browse using Mozilla anymore..
Thanks a lot Phil, ( if u r reading tis, i know u r). he's my IT angel. as he installed so many programmes which cudnt be installed before, organised my pc as well, among other things, and its a wonder bcos he can actually installed it in my pc when he's like at the other side of the world.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Nih nak komplen nih.. Sebab rasanya dah lama makcik tak komplen.. ( iya la.. kira prev entry tu bukan komplen, itu.. sesi meluahkan perasaan yang terbuku dalam hati)
Komplen pertama.
Outta sudden i ve becoming a favorite person in the faculty ( in terms of putting my name to go to any events organised either by univ or the fac ). dan tetiba jek aku asyik diarahkan utk pi kuru-sus la, talk la, taklimat la. macam la tak der org lain la ek.. skit2 nama macik naik.. skit2 nama macik naik.. ( mode ketuk2 meja tak puas ati). OF course la, buleh aje nak tepis.. iya la dah tepis pun kalau clash ngan kelas tapi kalau dah tak clash.. nak bohong cakap ada kelas? haishhh idok le teman nak buat cam tu..
Komplen kedua
Hmm takder da kot.. itu jek.. komplen byk2 bulan posa ni.. akan mencacatkan pahala berposa jek kan? kan?
Astaghafirullah-al-azim.. ( mode beristighfar dalam hati byk2)

Friday, September 12, 2008

Seriously.. i was so darn bzzz lately. and recently too, i ve been warded twice in 2 months. Being admitted while u r in yr so-called healthy condition brought a different meaning to the term 'admitted' itself. Wont mention mention anything about the system.. or else, they may blacklist me forever. owh.. by the way, I m gonna be admitted again for the real op, which wud take place at the end of October. the so called pre-op assessment ( katernya) didnt make my life easier anyway, as they assumed it wud be. Instead of going to numerous clinics on different days for the specialist reviews, they put me in a ward for one whole day so dat 'they' cud come and 'assess' me simultaneously BUT it didnt happen like it was supposed to be. The only 'good'thing came from this is.. i gotta rest for 3 days, ( but i was disturbed by those 'knowledge' sucker medical students non stop, who touched every bit of my organ (even the tot of them can actually make me raging,, erghhh!). I mean, its not my first time tho.. been acting as their'guinea pig' since i was 16. Somehow, they can be too much. i mean, do u really have to disturb the patients who actually wanna rest, and can accept it when the patients say NO, rather than insisting tat they r having their exam soon.
Seriously, they pissed me off at times. Not tat i refused to contribute for the medical community sake.. but hey... I am a patient here, u shud respect them, the patients cos they r human beings too.. like u. Sheeshh... i wont have this prob if i went to other hospitals which r not teaching hospitals.. alas.. im suck for life wth it tho...
The reason why i cant just simply got admitted.. as i wud go out more miserable than b4 i went in. Shud hire the clowns to cheer up those patients who r having similar problem as mine.. or am i the only one who feels this way aboutthis matter?

Thursday, September 04, 2008

If I were

a bird, i might have found a shelter already on the roof of this fac while waiting for the rain to stop.. owhh and please.. if i could choose wat kinda bird i wanna be.. i d choose erm.. a parakeet..

huh! gilo ke apo tetiba makcik nak jadi parakeet.. tapi itulah dia.. i feel like flying thru the clouds , while singing my heart out on the azure blue sky..
with my bright and attractive color, i m sure i m gonna get as much attention as i ve been dreaming on..
No no no.. dun get me wrong.. I m neither attention seeker not having a problem of attention deficit disorder (ADD).. Its just dat..
For once.. i wish tat i dun have all thse (megaHUGE) problems dangling in my minds.. was referring to tat major one.. ( nah.. not gonna mention it in ere)..
anyway.. on not much heavier note...
If i were given one more chance to seize my day.. ....
shud i or shud i not have nasik kerabu hitam for iftar again this evening?
(Hampehhh punya soalan kan)..
and i wonder.. whether parakeets love nasik kerabu or not? *pondering*..At least i shud have one thing in common with it.
Enuff about the birds...
Am thinking about the next trip.. tapi taktau mana.. Probably to a place called NeverNeverLand.. (just came across the name of Kyrgyz Republic when i visited MOSTI's website just now. Tot they misspelt the country's name. yet the country does exist in the world's map. I m just being ignorance as usual. .. not gonna elaborate more abt my 'ignorance' karang meraung jek kat sini nanti..
Hmm.. I d better do some works then.. Cam bagus jek kan.. berblogging2 kat sini.. even tho the files on my desk are mounting up..
Talk abt multitasking.. duhh..

this pic was taken when I was in Graz, Austria last September. It's been snapped by my Indonesian fren who's still doing her Phd in Leiden University. She did not attend this year congress which was held in Athens recently. But I did bump into a few familiar faces from last year's congress, and they cud still recognise me as the fractured armed lady.. kah kah kah.