Friday, April 29, 2016

No title,

Ohh.. sudah lama tidak mengepost.. hahaha
(It's been a long time )

Anyway.. my health is deteriorating at present.. I am not sure whether it is arrythmia.. but I have read regarding all of  it's symptoms and most of them have all occured in me... (nervous). I have been experiencing severe tachycardia for the past few nights, and  back pain as well as jaw pain. It really scared me off  thou..
last week i have undergone another incision and drainage (I&D) procedure, again. I think I have not posted about my previous surgery in December last year, in which the arthro surgeons have already decided in removing my knee implant, due to its aseptic loosening. I have been having infection on the medial knee for a few times, and the last one was in June last year. When the abscess recurred back in December, the doctors have warned me in prior thou, that if it recurs, whether I like it or not, they will have to remove the implant. So when it did recur in December, I  was more than  ready, mentally and physically. and for the next 6 months, i have imagined myself with wheelchair and crutches and knee braces, before they are able to replace  the new implant.
Surprisingly, they did not remove it as according to them, the implant is not loose and still intact. In addition, they found out that the infection was not connected to the implant, thus they closed it .
Well what could I say, I was MORE THAN happy since I am still able to walk like normal. However,
langit tak selalu cerah (sobs), after 2 weeks, another infection was shown on my lateral knee. and with that, they decided to open the knee again.. well, I said - "No! I have given you chance to remove my implant last time.but you did not do it and now, you want to open it again??? NO way JOSE!!!"
well, I did not really say that to them. ( cam berani sangat nak cakap cam tu kat dokter kan) It was in my mind already, but what was just blurted out "Just give me more time, maybe not now, maybe at the end of this year", and I added ( this one for real), "I have already planned so many things  throughout this year", well yeah, the plans that I have decided to postpone when they decided to open up for the first time, and now there's no turning back, comraded.. ( hahah drama sangat kan aku ni)..
So with that final say, they started giving me antibiotic, to suppress the infection. I have been on antibiotic since December until one fine day in march, I went  to another appointment with my Rheumy. Owh.. have i mentioned about  I had my knee aspirated twice within that time, it hurts like hell la weyy, (sakitnya tu disini) and they managed to get the fluid from that infected site.
So when I went for the Rheumy followup, they asked me to stop the antibiotic and started with the antifungal instead, as the results from the fluid preciously taken stating that it's contaminated with Penicillium.
So I started taking Sporanox at the end of March, and last 2 weeks, the infected knee started oozing with some clear fluid, not pus thou. and the next monday, I was admitted again. I asked them again not to remove my implant and was joking with the consultant that I have to go to this one place next month. so he said " Where? 6 feets below?" (Kong hajaq tul kan.. ) hahahaha
anyway to cut the story short, I underwent a surgery on Tuesday afternoon, and the anaesthetist there informed me regarding my abnormal ECG.
But dun worry, I m due for another appt next week, I ll inform them regarding my condition. It might also be from the antifungal drug. I read  that they might give adverse effect of shortness of breath etc, so I m realy hoping that these are just temporary symptoms from the drugs, Aamin...
 owh to get back to work..


Saturday, January 02, 2016

Azam tahun sangatt

Sempena tahun baru 2016, saya berazam untuk mengupdate post setiap hari......

Ok la... setiap 2 hari...

Come to think of it.... I dont want to promise anything.... i ll settle for a weekly post...

There's nothing interesting will happen to me within a week..
.so how about once a fortnight...

After a long thought.. and numerous pause... ok lah.. i think i can handle a monthly post (mcm la ada org nak baca pun kan)...

Hmm.. i ll start thinking about the next month's post ye...

Ok lah tahun depan la pikir.. aci tak..

Yang tertangguh...
Akak yg hangat-hangat tahik ayam

Friday, August 14, 2015

trying really hard to write.. but as usual.. I failed .. again

I have been trying to update my blog numerous time,,, but alas... to no avail. And today.. I thought, hey since my brain is highly saturated.. as I have been working on a book chapter for the past 2 weeks..I cant stand anymore of all the scientific words..

I have gone through raya and the previous months successfully even though in between I have been admitted twice ( Hey I realized I did not finish the draft narrating about this as I was like writing halfway.. and after a few sentences I had a writer's block hahaha)

Anyway.. I have a maid now... so my house is now double shining and the floor can now be utilized as a mirror... in case you cant find one lol

ok.. what else should I write ere then?

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Blogging is the hardest thing to do..

someone asked me nicely, when will i update my blog? Owh well... I guess a blog should be updated.. at least once a year... or if i were a bit generous, twice per year hahahah..
So here it is...
Do you know that when you are in vacation, you ll always have things that you can properly describe it in detail in your mind and you may translate them into words,, beautiful words.. I might say. The thing is you will be fully inspired with what you feel, see , smell and experience at that time..
and it will only happen when you have emptied your mind from works, stressful works and works again hahaha..
Those are the time that you really see things in their own shapes and sizes.. when in prior you never bother about those tiny things..
Ok lah.. hujan lebat... kang ada yg kena litar pintas lak kat sini hahaha...
anyway.... terimalah..... my favorite place in the world... so far..

Friday, January 16, 2015

Batuks- post umrah

batuk sampai nak terburai isi perut.. nak terseliuh pinggang pun ada... apakah...
anyway, I just came back from umrah, hence the coughs, and the flu and fever.. the perfect combo... ingatkan dah hero sangat la.. lalu kot construction next to our hotel in Mecca ie Kenzi Hotel tak tutup hidung bagai... However the effect of drinking gallons of zam zam water in mecca, really helped me (dengan izin Allah swt jugak).
In mecca, we went down and climbed up the hill every solat time, as Kenzi Hotel is located on the top of the steep hill, and next to the construction site. So imagine me donned with the telekung semayang which towards the end of our stay in Mecca has turned to yellow... and according to the pedometer in my S4 i actually walked almost 3 miles per day during my trip to Mecca and Madina.. Tapi harommm tak turun berat badan... lagi naik ada la.. hukhukhuk
the crowd was extremely congested either in mecca or madina, in fact the population was more than during the haj season.
temperature in Madina is colder and dry. Tapi akak mantain takpakai sweater hahaha. What really amazed me, we celebrated the new year in Mecca and maulidul rasul sambil berselawat ke atas Junjungan Nya in Medina. Both events brought tears in my eyes. Sambil menghadap kubah hijau yang mana di tempatkan maqam Rasulullah s.a.w, the ustaz  narrated the story about the prophet's sacrifice and everyone wept in silence, digesting the story and brought it close to our heart and soul.
I am indeed one of the lucky person on earth to be given a chance to be close to him on his birthday.
We were then brought to the ziarah which included Quba' Mosque, Jabal Uhud, Mina etc. It was indeed a very beautiful experience for a first timer like me. Nothing can compare the experience of visiting Madina and performing umrah in Mecca. but, one thing for sure, do clean and empty your heart and soul from all sins that you have done in prior.
I broke my reading glasses in masjidil haram, and I know it was meant to be. The umrah was performed smoothly despite the huge crowd, and we successfully completed our tawaf wida` right after the friday prayer. Looking at the Kaabah for the last time, brought another silent tears to us, whilst in heart, we prayed that this wont be our last umrah here.
Overall, this trip was so sweet and so meaningful, despite the post-effect, We performed Ziarah wida`, right before we climbed the bus to the airport, and it was another memorable moment  which keeps on playing in my mind until now. Surrounded by so many people whom just finished their asr prayer, we ( me and mom) stood there, staring at the green dome, whilst silently saying goodbye to Rasullullah s.a.w with tears brimming our eyes. We felt his love towards his ummah and we really felt our love keeps going stronger towards him. Ameen

A few impromptu pics taken during the trip. Pic akak takde yek sbb akak cam malas sgt nak bergambo. ada la a few from my bro's hp.nan ado kat sini

Thursday, December 11, 2014

The day that I lost my temper..

In chronology:
1.i banged the phone
2. emailed the complaint while wailing
3. came back to my senses and listened to a long explanation from someone over the phone
4. Insaf... terus ambik wuduk pi solat hahaha

and no.. it got nothing to do with lover's quarrel. I was actually raging over some stupid rules and some senseless delivery staff who refused to deliver my grocery when the delivery truck was not allowed to go inside.

mintak mahap abang guard yerr...

PEACE NO WAR!! hahaha