Friday, April 27, 2018

End of April...

Luckily I still remember my pw. it is so confusing sometimes as my both working and non-working emails were registered with google. so in order to activate this one I have to quit another one.. ( occay, not important thou)

Anyway, remember when I previously stated that I am undergoing a major surgery in january? owh well it was postponed to February due to a higher crp level. I then saw my Rheumy and she suggested to take another biologic which can be taken orally. I took a 3 wek trial and my crp went down drastically. So the surgery was set up to february.

 A week prior to my surgery date, I fell again... ( like againnn??? whyy whyy) .. 
I hurt my arm.. thot it was dislocated.. they sent me straight away to emergency after taking an xray. Funny thing happened, the doctors were all set up to straighten my arm.. and suddenly another ortho MO asked them " are u sure it is dislocated".. so they were all "menggelupur" and sent me for another x ray for both elbow joints to compare.. and it was ... jeng jeng jeng... NOT DISLOCATED..

so they sent me back home at 10pm, wishing me well for my elbow recovery.. haha

I came back after a week.. and my crp was found high again.. another HO clotted my blood sample so it came back to be diagnosed as low platelet count... so again.. the drs were all menggelupur again.. and asking me ridiculous question whether I had dengue or anaemia recently. I texted my rheumy and she suspected a technical error on the blood result. she asked for another test and it came normal the next day..
but.... the ortho HO still came 'menggelupur" and asked whether the hematologist did come to see me or not or which part of the joint is in pain.. I got tired of answering so I just went with their flow  to avoid the" menggelupurness" haha

Since they postpone it for the 2nd time I asked them to just set another date at the end of the year.. Ye know... not all things that we planned will be fulfilled... its up to 'Yang Di Atas" to make it actually happened..

So I was discharged  and have to reshuffle all my "full"working schedule. 
so my february. march and april went on smoothly except for a few hiccups... 

to be continued---

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