Friday, April 29, 2016

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Ohh.. sudah lama tidak mengepost.. hahaha
(It's been a long time )

Anyway.. my health is deteriorating at present.. I am not sure whether it is arrythmia.. but I have read regarding all of  it's symptoms and most of them have all occured in me... (nervous). I have been experiencing severe tachycardia for the past few nights, and  back pain as well as jaw pain. It really scared me off  thou..
last week i have undergone another incision and drainage (I&D) procedure, again. I think I have not posted about my previous surgery in December last year, in which the arthro surgeons have already decided in removing my knee implant, due to its aseptic loosening. I have been having infection on the medial knee for a few times, and the last one was in June last year. When the abscess recurred back in December, the doctors have warned me in prior thou, that if it recurs, whether I like it or not, they will have to remove the implant. So when it did recur in December, I  was more than  ready, mentally and physically. and for the next 6 months, i have imagined myself with wheelchair and crutches and knee braces, before they are able to replace  the new implant.
Surprisingly, they did not remove it as according to them, the implant is not loose and still intact. In addition, they found out that the infection was not connected to the implant, thus they closed it .
Well what could I say, I was MORE THAN happy since I am still able to walk like normal. However,
langit tak selalu cerah (sobs), after 2 weeks, another infection was shown on my lateral knee. and with that, they decided to open the knee again.. well, I said - "No! I have given you chance to remove my implant last time.but you did not do it and now, you want to open it again??? NO way JOSE!!!"
well, I did not really say that to them. ( cam berani sangat nak cakap cam tu kat dokter kan) It was in my mind already, but what was just blurted out "Just give me more time, maybe not now, maybe at the end of this year", and I added ( this one for real), "I have already planned so many things  throughout this year", well yeah, the plans that I have decided to postpone when they decided to open up for the first time, and now there's no turning back, comraded.. ( hahah drama sangat kan aku ni)..
So with that final say, they started giving me antibiotic, to suppress the infection. I have been on antibiotic since December until one fine day in march, I went  to another appointment with my Rheumy. Owh.. have i mentioned about  I had my knee aspirated twice within that time, it hurts like hell la weyy, (sakitnya tu disini) and they managed to get the fluid from that infected site.
So when I went for the Rheumy followup, they asked me to stop the antibiotic and started with the antifungal instead, as the results from the fluid preciously taken stating that it's contaminated with Penicillium.
So I started taking Sporanox at the end of March, and last 2 weeks, the infected knee started oozing with some clear fluid, not pus thou. and the next monday, I was admitted again. I asked them again not to remove my implant and was joking with the consultant that I have to go to this one place next month. so he said " Where? 6 feets below?" (Kong hajaq tul kan.. ) hahahaha
anyway to cut the story short, I underwent a surgery on Tuesday afternoon, and the anaesthetist there informed me regarding my abnormal ECG.
But dun worry, I m due for another appt next week, I ll inform them regarding my condition. It might also be from the antifungal drug. I read  that they might give adverse effect of shortness of breath etc, so I m realy hoping that these are just temporary symptoms from the drugs, Aamin...
 owh to get back to work..