Friday, December 14, 2007

Seribu tahun

On the way back to my bro's house, inside his Grandis, my 2 nephews, both age 13 n 15 were discussing abt a few songs that they have dloaded into their shared PSP ( well, being an illiterated auntie, i was so amazed that besides its function as a portable playstation, it can also function as a MP3 player, and we can even access to internet. whoa! so one of the song is Imran Ajmain's seribu tahun. and as usual, me, a 'never bother wats the latest song on air' aunt, i sorta asked em? who is Imran Ajmain? Afif ansered " laa Che Ngah ni, yg nyanyi lagu 1000 tahun la!" whole shaking his head, he must be amazed, me his so backdated auntie, hahaha. so i asked him again?" lagu apa tu?, tak pernah dengar pun!" well, cant blame me, i rarely listen to any song in radio. neither to any songs that they played in whichever place lately. well my q wasnt unansered. they pretended not to hear it mebbe. or they were too engrossed wth the PSP. Kids nowadays. they dun even knowhow to play the traditional games which r less complicated n more fun to play wth eg congkak, selambut, kites etc.
so back to Imran Ajmain, back in my workplace, i tried to google the name, and i found tis song. yeah.. ikinda like it, even tho im not the mellowy type,, yikes. owh well, with this kinda rainy mood, (heavy downpours outside), listening to the song, brings some knda nice feeling, u know, picture this, me curling on a L-shaped sofa, sipping hot chocolate,tucked wth an intersting chic-lit novel, wahhh! bliss!