Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Orang berbudi kita berbahasa.. kan?

well, if u look at the right side of this blog, im linking another 2 blogs that have put mine as one of the blogs they read, and another one that i have been visiting frequently
well i m honoured actually, to know that there are people who actually linked my blogsite in their blogs. to know tat there r a few kerats who actually read my so so mood -dependable blog... i d say tat its.. ermmm priceless? boley?
---- and to realise tat i m still in the mood of updating my blog, surprisingly.. ( and to share an ugly incidence tat occured yesterday when i went for a usual rheumy follow-up at Hospital X. well nothing cud surprise me anymore.. ( i guess)
--to begin a story, I went out early yesterday morning, to catch a followup appt . reached there at 7.30 and i was the 16th person already. The docs wont be in , not till they have finished their ward round at 10ish. and I was hoping tat by getting there early, i wud finish early la kan? and tat is wat supposed to be happened rite?
So i waited till 10, and surprisingly (again), i was so bz talking to another RA patient tat i forgot the time. The no started blinking around 10ish. and after 1 hr, the docs inside there only managed to see TWO patients only! and the number of patients was increasing till here's not enuff seats for them anymore.
and I have a meeting at 2.30... was hoping that I d be back before 1. But judging from the way they saw the patients, i wonder whether they d be able to see all the patients in one day.
Later on, i have someone to do the not-so dirty work for me. I asked him to ask the nurse whether i can go in later on, even tho i ll have like another 13 patients before me. after compromising wth the nurse, I d be the next one who wud go in, she said.
But then, the patient inside never came out. so i asked him to ask the nurse at the counter again. Few minutes later he told me to stand infront'f d room. well, another 1/2 hr passed and they ( 3 docs) only managed to see 3 patients.
So he bravely knocked the door and asked the person inside. Well at this point, I wasnt able to neither see or hear clearly what he told the doc, but i can feel some heated argument initiated over the conversation. The doctor was inside the room with a large group of his medical students, examining the patient who lie helplessly on the bed!
Owh well, i wont question how the doctor works with his patients, but cant u ( yes, u! the so called doctor who hapepened to claim that he's the best rheumy in town ( which i never tot he is) take a look outside yr room and see how restless yr big crowds of patients are due to a long wait? There'r like 60 patients cramping inside the waiting area, and u still have the time to teach yr students which indeed will spend like aeons to attent every patient? I mean,be realistic la and be considerate as well. U can alwasy change yr teaching sessions with the students at another time, when there's not many patients in the clinic or u can always turn patients to yr guinea pigs when they r in the ward.
and all those people r not fit to be frozen in the clinic.
and I only managed to think out loud at tat time, did not have the gut to give a piece of my mind to the doctor. But he did!
When the doc said tat he's working here, he managed to anser like tis: "I have no doubts tat u r working now and i wont question on how u treat yr patients, but cant u make it short as there's like 60 more patients out there and there u r now, examining yr one patient for the past one hour"
in fact he even put oil to the fire by exclaiming" so how many hrs do u need to see all 50 patients outside? 50 more hours?"
and the doc agreed to see his friend after he finished with his current patient.
well that's supposed to be me then!
and when i entered the room 20 minutes later, there's like 50 pairs of eyes staring at me as i was the tentacled alien from krypton. ..
Not to mention they r staring at my hands rudely.
not to mention my annoyance for these current manners of some medical studnts nowadays.
and i hid my hands under my handbag, serve them rite! i was preparing for some sarky comments tho, luckily not one of them dare to converse wth me. Judging from the furious look of mine, i dun think tbey wud.. hehehe
and when the Doc asked me who tat hamba Allah is,i ansered " he's my friend"
so he went off blabbering tat I shud knock at his door anytime if i want to go in early bcos he has known me and has been seeing me for quite sometime alreday, and there shudnt be any problem bcos I quoted" we re fellow lecturers even tho we re from diff univ"
well I m not tat nasty to cut other ppls line, bcos usually whenever i went for a followup, they managed to see me around 11ish and im back in the office latest by 1, and i always reach the hospital latest by 8 am.
If not due to the staring crowds infron'f him, i wud have given him a worthwhile piece of my mind as well. But I didnt want to ruin his reputation infront'f his respected ( la sangat) students.
I mean being a Medical lecturer is not about u teaching ( or perhaps showing off?) yr best skills to yr students or giving yr best treament to yr patients as well. U shud have empathies towards them too! U shud have put yrself in yr patient's shoes who have been waiting since early in the morning, and is still waiting after 5 hours.
I mean dun any hospital has this piagam khidmat pelanggan of the waiting time for each patient shud not exceed more than an hour? ( i saw one at Pusat kesihatan UPM when i went for the wound dressing) and i think the PK does follow the rules.
Enuff said.
the not so good thing came from it ( or was it bad thing), they r gonna start putting on another new drug starting next week.
and I have to be warded fopr 2 days due to the procedure. its very expensive drug but they ve put me as one of the guinea pig maybe? nahh.. one outta 4 patients who will receive it FOC.
well I do mind the period im gonna spend there. I mean.. I will be xposed to the knowledge/skill hungered students who , definitely will disturb me by asking similar questions repetitively.
I mean if u ve been disrupted by them for more than 20 yrs, who wont, rite?
ok.. I ve decided, i m gonna have laryngitis next week.
opps forgot anthr good thing came from this Rheumy. I was supposed to call the gynae clinic on the 29th asking abth the result of the tissue tat they removed inside me last time.
in fact, they wud call me a day earlier if the result is found to be abnormal.
but he mananged to trace the result yesterday and he said it was totally Endometriosis. nothing malignant ! yeahh!
and i was supposed to pretend tat I havent known abt the result yet and wud still call them on the 29th.
Yes, I m a great peretender.. aint it?
ok.. tats the end of the entry.

Monday, January 19, 2009

ok.. its published

outta sudden im in 'updating mode' ( sangat menyampah rasanya bila tetiba terbit mode ini, cos i tend to spend like hrs to write, reread due to lotsa typo error and later on.. will hesitate like umpteenths times whether to publish it or not ! enuff said... the damage is done already! erkk!

anyway, tis is my 1st day at work after a month medical leave ( actually its 33 days to be exact). and i reached the faculty 10 minutes to 11 due to a meeting whch took place at the main campus . I was not in the meeting actually, but The Research TD wanted me to be around regarding the post doc aplication of an iranian researcher.
Anyway, taking an iranian as either your postgrad @ post doc student is like risking yrself to some bad ( or might be worst) consequences of not achieving yr project's objective. But... i have to take the risk due to my 2 post grad students who quit before they even registered for the course, and tat left me with NO post grad student at all and i have like 6 months away to produce a progress report for a project which 's supposed to start now, alas.. i have no one to conduct the labworks for the project.

and now I have one student who came 'menyerah diri' to me and another post doc to do all the works . so i m now in a very secured position, providing i have to bark, yell and push them very hard.. ( nahhh.. am not that kinda person tho)

For the past few days, there was a hot issue been discussed in every academic staff's email box. There's like a few sarky responses from the professors and all those top hierarchys regarding the parking issue ever since the admin reminded us not to park the car at the area which's not the parking area or else the car wud be clamped. as usual, we blamed the students for parking their cars at the staff's area and the professors demand their own parking spots. have to admit there is not enuff parking spaces in the faculty since the number of the staffs have increased gradually,not to mention the numbers of cars been driven by the students as well.
well not my problem anyway, tho my heart bleeds for those who have to face the problem everyday when they came to work.. well I have someone who sends and picks me up everyday then! hihihih

Anyway, back to usual routine now. I have class on monday and tuesday evening. and pharmacology class wil start after the break, the toxicology class will start in march.. and ( eh.. i m republishing the same statements taht i wrote in my prev entry la plak).. nampak sangat dah takder idea cett!
owh.. byw i spent the weekend, attending a 2 days TOT for the 5th Finishing School in Marriot Putrajaya...well makcik is back in action I guess..hihih
till then..

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Come to think of it.. i have lotsa freeeee time nowadays, considering i m still on medical leave till next week..
but.. i still have to attend d entrepeneurship class on monday n tuesday..
and that wud leave me free for the rest of the week..(yeahh i am so so freee.. ) any appointments have to be forwarded to the weeks after my medical leave ended..
and starting this week, i do not have to do any wound dressing anymore ( dr's order)..
making me more more free ( like a nelly furtado's bird lagikkk)..
and since i m still on medical leave, all works and tasks shud be avoided.. do not ever think about it..( tho i have like mounds of things to be done rite after i came back to work next week)..
nah.. not gonna think abt it..
am in the office now tho.. its been ages since we ( me n my 2 kakis) berpoya2 sambil melepak2 makan tgk movie during office hrs kahkahkahkah...
opss gtg now..

Friday, January 09, 2009

and what's the story?

Hmm.. its been 3 weeks since i underwent my op..
The wound is not completely healed yet... and I have to visit the clinic and let them do the dressing for me daily...
still not able to wear my jeans.. ( sebab takut nanti bergeser ngan my wound)
I m now living on (real) healthy diet.. Most'f d time I consume vege soup n fish. Reducing my carbs a lot ( tapi idak jugak aku kurus kekdahnya cett)
My sister's maid has run away with the next door's maid, leaving her 2 toddlers at home, alone at tat time. ( sangat kejik itu maid,, and FYI, makcik dah puas mengutuk maid tersebut)
I have collected the key for my new apartment.. but i m still not sure when am i gonna move in..
I still have another week leave yet, i have lectures on mondays n tuesday n labs on wednesdays..
Tot of listing my 2009's resolution... but on 2nd tot... nantilah dulu...
(tetiba jek rasa cam maleh nak meng-update dahh)...

Monday, January 05, 2009


I m in my office room, at the faculty, trying to xerox 40 copies of handouts to be distributed for my 5 pm class. cehhh gigih bertugas walaupun im ubiquitously still on medical leave.. haishhh...
Owhh before I forgot, many thanks to Tim Tams for yr prayers and continuous concern.. I shud have known at least I can count on one virtual reader who anxiously waiting for my health progress.. (yang len hammmpehhhhh tak leh harap.. kekekeek)
owh by the way, the wound is still not completely healed.. starting today, i need to go for a daily dressing.. and they r gonna take one last look ( hopefully) at the wound next week.. owh btw, iwas so so in pain when they pulled out the remain of the stitches this morning... (nearly wet my pant hahahaha)..
katernya pain endurance level is very high.. cettt!
and they only gave me antibiotics today, ( i did beg them to prescribe last week, tapi nan ado yg nak dengar kata aku..) but today, even tho its not as watery as the week before, i tot i was just the serous, but then diff MOs will have diff opinions. They r afraid the wound will be infected, and my opinion it's just some flakes from the skin.. but who am i to question their opinions kan? Im just a normal human with an untypical cervical bones.. keh keh keh..
anyway... I cant find any replacement lecturer that wud be able to deliver this one particular course. and lectures still have to be on schedule.. I ve missed 3 hrs slot last week.. and i m catching up this week.. tak koser sebenarnya nak wat kelas ganti...
so tat makes me wat? dedicated lecturer la kan? ekekekekeke
well.. gotta run.. im trying to discuss with the students later .. perhaps i can change the class schedule to earlier slot..
well im not too keen to end my class at 7 pm every monday...
Till then...

Sunday, January 04, 2009

Post-op Part 1

Im one piece. ( was too lazy to update the blog,even tho I ve been outta the ward 3 days after undergoing the surgery.It was a successful one 'tho it was quite a messy jungle inside there'to quote one of the registrar who also assisted her specialist in the OT.
Yeah,being the lazy bum, i ve been recuperating for almost 10 days at my bro's in KD.The wonderful parent are beside me during the healing time tho. ( and I ll be on medical leave till 18th January, yaaaa makcik harus la berpantang segalabagaikan, as if i were in confiinement ( and I ve been mistakenly assumed that they have given me 6 weeks medical ye ye jek).
Hmmm having said that,Im not supposed to give any lectures la kan, for the timebeing...
but ermm... as a dedicated one, ( apakah?) I llbe delivering the lecture tomorrow,tho in themorning, I m going to the hospital again, so that they cud take a look at my suture,it was still quite reddish,the wound I mean, last week, when they r supposed to unstitched it...It was quite lengthy ,they have cut me rite below my bellybutton to the suprapubic region,and yes it was a midline incision..and the first few days of post-op, I have refrained on either coughing or sneezing, afraid that all those tiny movements on the stomach may tear the sutures.
Come to think of it,I know that my pain endurance level is very high,of course la, I mean if u r living with arthritis for more than2 decades, u tend not to wince or flinch whenever they jab a needle to take out yr blood from any small vein of yrs, and usually they wont succeeed in sucking out my blood,not till they tried on uncountable attempts,and by that time, I djust give them one of my winning smiles, when they apologised frequently for purposely hurting me.. Its so so immuned to it kanz/ ( walhal dalam hati dah berbakul aku menyumpah)..somuch for the 'hospital courtesy'lakan?
to make it worst,they anaesthetized me while I was still fully conscious..Yes,I am very impressed with my self..they shud put me in the ultimate guiness record la kan..I mean,the feeling of being intubated while u felt like u r choking to death,and priorly,they inserted the fibre optic inside my nose,along the nasal tothe trachea ..GOD, I squeezed the anaesthetist's hand so hard,i hope i didnt crush any finger of hers .....I wish i wont have to go thru the same experience again... i mean... i dun mind if they sedated me first like the typical procedure of GA..but then again..I aint a typical ,normal human possessing a typical normalbones...cehhhh dream on la makcik...
The good thing is,I wasnt into post-op emetic state,not like my previous 2 ops before,(but i was on spinal anesthesia in both ops before, even for this one,they changed it to GA via fibre optic 12 hrs before the op, luckily they decided dat bcos the op took about 4 hours,and the damages tat they'r supposed to remove was more than they have presumed( they even cancelled one op bcos mine have taken longer than expected).
Ish i cud go on n on with the procedures (camla they cut me alive kan?) hahaha... once I started choking to death,I was put into sleep,and once i was connscious again,i felt the pain onmy abdomen,and the nurses were bz giving me instruction on how to push the patient control analgesic aka PCA. hey I was on morphine,can u imagine how cool I am.. one small push with my finger will release a smalldose of morphine into my body to relieve the pain I was having at tat time...
I was in my own hallucinating coccoon (not toforget, a tube of morphine bside me)..half awake, halfnaked (oppsss),when i was wheeled tothe ward again,I cud hear the voices of my parent asking ,me how Iam... ( oppss i did remember,one of the anesthetist did mention that by consenting on tis one risky procedure,I m exposed to d risk of becoming paralysed ( if the procedure went wrong or if i were not so lucky)... so instantly i wiggled my toe.. great i can feel it..alhamdulillah..
To be continued