Thursday, July 29, 2004

Rindu bertandang lagi

Saja buat topic havoc, tho i ve nobody to be missed of.. senyap dan sunyi je rasa alam maya ini.. yet it is definteky serene to me.. its been 3 weeks since i last posted anything.. eventually, i ve been too lazy.. tho there r lotsa things that i really want em to be captured in ere.. and my convocation is only a few days away..
biasa jek rasanya.. tho i guess.. ma n bak are actually abit excited abt tis.. esp when they ve been to the same convo in the same university thrice..tis one gonna be a bit difefrent then... diff Unive i must say.. will give  adiff environment to em..
I m still jobless with so much free time to spend.. Tho i did attend an interview 2 weeks ago.. and my confidence level to get the job.. is actually 99%.. i m still wondering.. wat if they dun want me bcos of wat I am? hmm.. tat will be one tough decision they d gonna make..
but for now.. i m praying for the ipoh job.. hopefully i wll get it...

Sunday, July 04, 2004

Hemorrhoids and all

Huwarghh... i ve been back in KL for more than a week already.. been suffering with hemorrhoids for the past few days.. very painful indeed... and i read in an article.. stress n pressure influenced it.. ( in my case, i know.. it does) apart from.. err bad eating habit? or my lacking of drinking water.. definitely.. too lazy to go downstairs for a glass of water everytime i m up here..have to blame tis artificial knee cap again.. lol
so now both of my sistas are i feel like i m the only one left alone in tis world now? a bit perhaps..
realy happy for them tho i had enuff of em complaining abt their nausea and hormonal changes.. lol
i havent sent my application form yet.. been procrastinating it for days already.. firts abt the difficulties to certify the certs.. i had zuni's chop for a few days till she came and took ikt back...
i dunno.. i had enuff free times already.. been doing the same routine for almost a year.. ( and it only changed if i m sick or sth.. not that i m happy to have ailments.. ) but i need a goal.. something that i look fewd too...
TUHAN.. tolonglah aku.. redakan keresahankuuu...