Thursday, November 24, 2011


Can you believe it? Its been almost a year since i last posted . Yes.. i was very very ill for the past few months. still, i am now recuperating at home. Too many things to tell, yet, I just wish this year 2011 will just end. God has given me one more chance to become a better person ( and I tot i wasn't able to survive last time). I have yet learned to walk again, still not able to stand up all by myself. been on wheel chair for the past 6 months. But I have this strongest will to start my life again and start working, Insyaallah. AS what my bro told everyone who visited me at the hospital, She is one strong woman.. she always is...

Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Its neither URTV nor MANGGA magazine..okay!

no. i am still not well, in fact i was a bit feverish this afternoon, my whole muscles were aching as i just climbed up a hilly road to attend a meeting at mtdc building in the morning. then in the meeting i had to delay my nature call bcos i was in the middle of the meeting, and i was located at the furthest seat from the exit door..
and due to the reasons above, i develop a stiff muscle at the lower limb, and due to the pain, my fever developed much earlier today..yesterday, i had it after maghrib and it prolonged till 12 am..
and with this ailment,which i tot it was another uti, I feel like strangling those people who intentionally ( i suppose) made my application procedure undergoes thru fussy process.
Owh before that, i came back early this afternoon, about 3.30 as i felt i couldn't get any work done with my feverish condition. some more it was very difficult for me to get up with this aching muscles...
yet, rite after i reached home, popped up one red pill and another white tablet, there i was better in a record time. had a cold shower, i was sweating alredy. Good... as this is the 1st day the sun shines from morning to noon, i did a laundry and i sweated again while hanging the laundry.. sukaaaaa..
anyway back to my application form... ok i seldom whine regarding the management here, but when they tried to make it difficult in approving my aplication by requesting items that were not in their check list ( i tried to fulfil all the items required), that will be wayyyyyy too cruel then. Just , when the top management were advising us to spend the money ( which is a lot) allocated for those particular activities, and when we tried to apply, they will make it harder for us to get it. I mean, why in the first place YOU told us that we can just apply, any time in any condition and later rejected us, in an uncruel way? WHYYY? TIM KAIIIII? POUR QUOIIII? ( see kan akak dah meroyan)..
and by the way, to whom it may concern, a scientific journal can be named in wahtever names, whether it can be named a DOT MAGAZINE, even tho it is not a magazine , unlike the entertainment magazine cam ( majalah URTV tu), and yet u wer3e so confident to reject the paper which has been published already in the magazine and told me that, a magazine is not a scientific journal, and we cannot accept it "although dah sah sah aku dah printed the whole manuscript, sent it out to you, and there was some info given on that particular cjeck list.... " tapi tetapppp ko nak menafikannya.. ( which i have no idea malaon mana yang cannot differentiate a scientific journal from a non scientific magazine? The name itself wont potray the whole concept of the journal, jibraunnnnn wehhh!
I replied the email tho, stating and even gave the website address of the journal.

Fine, if u do not want to approve my application, lantakkkkkkkkkkk. Its just i have this slightest notion of improvising my this year KPI jekkk...I will be going alone anyway, so it wont be abusiness trip with leisure...If i wont get this fund, tak payah pegii sudahhhhh!
Seriously , in way i feel so disappointed with either the rules or (hidden)procedures practised in this university. Sometimes it was the top management people or maybe the staff under them who make it difficult. Yet, what u demand from us ( these marhain people) are impossible to be achieved. Can u at least practise the give and take rather than taking from us everytime..?
Hangat hati betul laaaaa...

Friday, January 28, 2011

in random.. (la sangat)

Syukurlah hari ini sudah hari jumaat.. or dengan kata2 omputeh.. TGIF ahakk..
I have not been well for the past few days.. actually it started since the thaipusam day.. my resolution of having my kitchen and balcony floors scrubbed was not fulfilled.. I was too sick to do all the house chores.. i had a n excruciatingly painful stomach.. and a day before i had a roti canai sardin (which i thot i shud blame on this roti canai, fir initiating my stomach colic)..The pain is somehow extraordinary, not like a normal typical stomach pain.. On 2nd tot, it might due to UTI or endometriosis.. I duuno.. I m having another apointment at Rheumy clinic rite after CNY and another one at O&G. in the end of february.. If i could not bear pain till then, I d seek for help in the nearby clinic...( which i think it'd be impossible as I do have a very high pain treshold, unless akak tak meriau terjaga tengah2 malam due to the colic, takder la nak pegi emergency begging for an i.m kakakaka..
I am not going back for CNY. I ll spend 4 days of the festive holiday in Kajang or perhaps KD or Putra Height.. it depends on how well i am.. if i were not in the bestest state, alamaknya terbongkang kat Kajang jek la.. seriously, i dun feel like memerap kat rumah org when i m in my sorry state..
I d be extra bz when February comes.. A bit worried of my deteriorated health... as I dun wanna miss any of the February events.. tapi mampukah akak? huhuhuhu
I ve just been informed that the students will have a very long semester holiday which consists of 4 long months. They will only come in September after Eidul Fitri as KPT has set the beginning of the new semester which will be tallied with europe/uk summer hols.. owhh is that a good news? ntah le akak pun taktau..sebab there wont be anymore sem break and the students esp the final year wil be rushing for their project..
eh akak nak chalo dulu.. nak pi beryls, beli chocolate.. ada CNY sale kat kilang dia kat Sri kembangan till 31st...

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Like mother like daughter?

Ehemm.. Please give a loud applause to akak for successfully updating this blog within one week.. let me waste an hour of my time here to ramble over things that had happened over the numbering form ye kengkawan...
1. My niece had her 2nd operation within 6 months, last friday. Akak got a call from mom last wednesday, informing the news. tup tup called my sister, dia cakap esok dah nak kena operate lagik.. terkejut badaks akak ok.. i had one 2 years ago, and the memory of being pushed over to OT is still clear in my mind.. Not to mention of how they stuck a device thru my nose and this device will go deeper thru the nostril till it reaches the wall of my trachea.. and suddenly i was like reaching out for the air.. giler akak rasa cam nak putus nyawa time tu... b4 i really passed out.. ( ermm rasanya dah 'publish' kot this entry previously...), but the experience i tell u, it was once in a lifetime as I am not able to receive a normal GA...
owh back to my niece's story, she's doing well now. I managed to visit her on sunday, and she was still in pain and groggy due to the post-anaesthesia effect. She's only 20 and i really salute her for being able to go thru 2 operations within 6 months.. ko ada?
2. Another niece of mine ( yes i have many nieces, okay) has decided to put an end to her study, after returning to the university 2 weeks ago.. She took a semester leave last semester, after she went there also for 2 weeks.. ( kira 2 minggu tu dia punya treshold la kot kakakak). At that time, she was down with fever, like everyone was not kan..? and decided to take a semester's leave... unfortunately , she's not a strong willed person like her auntie. so she returned to UiTM this semester, at the end of December, and not less than 2 weeks, she's now back at her home.. my eldest sister, which is not very close to me because she was upbrought by my late grandma, which was not very close to me either, has actually backed up her eldest, by saying.. " takpe la, bukan 6 ni, kita mintak pergi UiTM Machang pulak", AS IF, UiTM tu dia yang punyaa... lol...
so iritating la my sister tu,, and my niece tu... is so hardheaded that she never listen to her aunties, yet listen to her 'hampeh' best friend. (Ithink i ve already rambled regarding this..).
My dad is so frustrated, yet he didnt mutter a word when Kak Na ( my eldest sister) broke the news. yet Kak Na was so darn confident thinking that her daughter will be admitted to UiTM with the new course this time.
I kept thinking of how my 2nieces differed so much. One who is now in the hospital , is flying to Australia next month. She 's forced to take a semester's leave last time because she was undergone the 1st operation, when she was about to register At UQ last July, and just about she's going to register back this coming february, she was diagnosed with another lump in her uterus. Despite of her current condition, she's still keen to go there on time, and I hope she'll be able to recuperate in a few weeks time. On the other hand, the eldest sis's daughter, has all the opportunities, yet she tend to waste it.. and thinks that every opportunity will be given right infront'f her face every time face.. fat chance la kan.. as u might be 1st time lucky but the other time, only God knows..
My bro called me last nite, just to hear me give some comments... Sangat la lucu abg akak tu tau, as when i finished rambling thru the phone, he said, "thanks for the komentar" apakah?.... kakkakakaa
I dunno la, maybe its in my blood... I have the talent of u know, keeping inside wats in my mind, and then will vommit it out especially when people start asking.. However tis will only occur to selected people only such as to my siblings and family, my colleagues and good friends. Tak kuasa akak nak berkomentar bagai kat semua orang..
2. I am so happy that this thursday is a public holiday.. yippeeee.. everytime when i wake up from the bed, i wish i can be at home , not that I am not keen to go to work.. , as when i have 2 days during weeekend, i wish that i could be at work instead..see akak adalah sorang yg tidak tetap pendirian hokeyyy..but i plan to go scrub my balcony and the kitchen floor this thursday.. keep on procrastinating the task.. (as if I were so bz during the weekend rite, padahalnya terbongkang depan tv jek kekdahnya kakkakakaa). But u need to have the mood to do the housechores rite.. ( and a proper clothes somemore) as akak biasanya duk sensorang kat rumah, dan kalau takder keinginan nak menyidai kain kat balkoni, i'd be in my skimpiest ever( not in the sense of wearing 2 piece bikini la people, but i ll have my seluar katok on with the tshirt senteng.. (sebijik macam bibik indon tu kakakaka)
3. I had 2 bouts of simpul biawak last nite when i was sleeping.. very double painful as the first one was on my right foot and 6 minutes before my alarm rings, I had another one at the left ... tapi tetap sambung tido till the alarms really rung... of course akak tau la akak kurang calcium.. tapi sekarang dalam progress to take more calcium... ( cant afford to take the calcium tablets yg besar gedabakk tu)
4. I am still feeling disappointed at Kak Na's daughter. My mom suggests that I should narrate my story when i was sick ( all the time) and how i managed to go thru all these , so she ( the niece) eventually will realise how precious her life is, withouthaving to go thru I ve experienced, yet she simply wasted her life just like that when Allah has given her a good health. (tapi akak rasa org yg macam ni takkan sedar sampai Allah tarik balik segala pemberiannya tu kan? Somemore, she ll think that she can totally rely on the parent for life,, Doesnt she has her own life to think about, in the near future? as if the parent will protect her for 100 years, macam la mak bapak ko tu takkan mati kan? Seriously, for a 19 years old girl, she 's still have a mentality of 6 yrs old kid.. ( Hah ambik ko, makcik ko telah mengutuk secara halus kakakaka).. and I didnt agree at all with Kak Na. She's too darn protective which at times, stupidity has becometh her.. Irrational and thinks what she did to her daughter is the best.. even my dad pun malas dah nak layan... he said, it was easier dealing with his children last time, compared to the current grandchildren... Bila my father datang, tau la plak, sembunyi dalam bilik, takut my dad marah.. berkepit celah ketiak mak takpe la plak.. Ikut hati aku sekehh jekkkkk... ishhhh (marah mode is on)
4. ok lah sekian sahaja pelampiasan perasaan tidak puas hati buat masa ini terhadap adik beradik sendiri... I had enuff of rambling this matter priorly to the close people around me.. and it's still not enuff that I need to let it out in the blog... kakakakaka...

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Pagi yang panjang..

...disebabkan traffic jam yg ala2 ular dipalu dah... kuar pukul 7.20 pagi sampai kul 8.40 pagi... di saat kalau traffic smooth, akak boleh sampai dalam 10 minit sajork... ni kalau mengikut masa, akak dah boleh sampai Kota Damansara, sempat ambik sos ABC yang akak kirim kat bibik mistiah lagik.. nih idok le.. hatta, 1 jam 20 minit itu di manafaatkan dengan mengutuk-ngutuk pemandu yang memandu melintang kalang.. tetiba decide nak ambik lane yg paling kiri semedang sedangkan saat itudia berada di lane yang paling kanan sekali... iya lah.. di ssat traffic jam tu la ko baru ingat yg ko kena ambik exit lane menghala ke KL la, ke Monggolia la kan? ended up makin menjadi2 la massive jam yang sampai post ni ditulis pun akak still taktahu apa kah punca kejadian... takder accident.. ada la kereta rosak tapi tu mungkin sbb berada di jalan terlalu lama kot.. penat tau.. (walaupun akak takdrive hehehee).. nasib takder kelas kul 8.. nasib la akak tak ikut sama ambik pic dgn handphone ( seperti yang 3/4 of the drivers buat) kununnya nak jadi bahan bukti yang ko datang lewat pasal trafic jam kan? nanti boleh fwd kat boss bahan buktinya kan? ada akak kesah? akak walaupun jam 2 -3 jam pun, tetap akak sampai clock in time tu jek.. tak kira la walaupun sampai kul 2 petang akakakaka. ( ni apasal ko bitter mode ni kak?)

Lupa arr nak criter apa.. kelas start lagi 10 minit.. kije cam dah complete la ( for today), dengan pc yg slow cam siput ....
owhh perlu ke akak meng-komplen lagi? Dah takder apa2 yg nak dikomplen kot pun (for today)...
Owh malam tadi akak tido awal.. sebab akak tak lunch ptgnya.. pas tu akak pi makan kat SUP urat Keting ( akak makan nasik dgn ikar bakar jek pun) dan hasil daripada memakan nasik, sangat la mengantuk.. owh jumpa Zizan RL and Cat farish kat situ... (ada akak kesah)... lepas makan rasa sngt mengantuk,,, hasilnya peniduran yang sangat awal iaitu lepas isyak sampai la 20 minit nak suboh... selalunya kalau terlebih tido ni pun dia akan mengundang ke kemengantukan juga pada esok harinyaaa yakni hari ini...
so intipati daripada entri merapu ini... kesan daripada pagi yang panjang itu ( see ada relevant kan entri akak ini hehehhe).. akak ada kelas sampai kul 7 malam.. keleeeess kan? so sepatutnya akak tukar tajuk entri ini daripada pagi yang panjang.. kepada HARI YANG PANJANG.....
motif akak tak tukar tajuk ni.. sebab kalau dah tukar.. apa pekdah akak nak publish entri ni kan? it will be straight to the point... tapikan manusia mana suker direct to the point... dia mesti ada mukadimmah dulu yang memakan masa 4-5 jam... pas tu baru come to the point.. kan kan kan?
Dah.. akak nak pi kelas...

Monday, January 03, 2011

Tahun Baru 2011 dimulakan dengan kemalasan melampau

....untuk meng-update blog...
sementelah semester baru jek bermula dan pagi ni. belum kuar sinar diufuk timur, akak dan kereta2 lain dah sama2 tersekat dalam trafik jam ke HUKM. Cepat2 pi ultrasound my kidney, and cepat2 melepak nunggu urologist kat klinik..pastu cepat2 pi makan walaupun dah kul 10 am (dah ala2 hypo dah time tu) sebelum betul2 kebulur. Balik fac.. baca thesis lebih kurang.. stress lagi ada lah.. tulis thesis cam tulis karangan saya nak pergi bercuti di New Delhi.. bahasa lintang pukang.. ( makk sangat stresss hokey) yang menyebabkan kemengantukan melampau, lalu akak pun kononnya nak catch my 40 winks , siap off light, kunci pintu lalu tido lah akak beralas kan bantal strawberry.. di atas 2 kerusi yang disusun sebelah menyebelah... 40 winks la sangat.. 10 minit kul 2 baru akak bangun ekekeke...
ok lah. nak sambung my 40 winks ptg tadi to an 8 hours beauty sleep..