Saturday, February 18, 2006

a blissful siesta

This is supposed to be my entry for the ekawan blog *still in rage*. as that blog only allowed entries with less than 1000 words, it's gonna be ashort entry. so here it is..... jeng jeng
ok, so i just came back from the world of unsconsciousness aka dreamland. Its not everyday that i or we can take a long siesta.There were times when i was safely ensconsced in my inner chaotic sanctum of mine aka workplace, i dream of putting my head onto the fluffy pillow aka bantai bucuk , rest my feet on anthr pillow, dim the room a bit and straightly doze off . So tis afternoon i ve made an opportunity to take a nap ( a long one i must say, just after having my lunch..hehe).I straightly fell into a deep slumber as my thick skull touched the pillow ( I am at my bro's today), and my siesta went on smoothly tho at times i ve been interrupted by a series ofwar session from the next room. i was fully awoke 3 hrs later due to my lil nephw's pitifull lament from the next room and i m now as fresh as the mountain breeze could be.*dancing on my feet*

Friday, February 10, 2006

the mind ranting

Ok.. so i have been neglecting my blog. Its ok tho as nobody is reading it except for a precious one or two ppl heheh. besides i have developed anthr blog at ekawan so i m taking turn to write in these 2 blogs, not that i m a true blog writer cos i only update it once in an orange moon (depends on my mood)
besides i was stuck in kelantan for a week ( stuck is a strong word tho), did nothing due to my careless foot act ( i had an ankle pain in KB)
Life is not bad tho, after a vague relationship with "u know who" i ve set out my wings , preying for other victims * giggling*. The things is, i dun think i can save my relationship anymore, on the top of it, i have lost the feeling, the warmth towrads him, the euphoria when thinking of him , the impatience to meet him everythime. its all over, in one nite ( ok.. its more than a nite actually). wat i have for him now, is all bland, im not looking fwd to meeting him anymore, i feel annoyed everytime he appears in my tot, irritated when i think abt things he did without informing me, infact im sooo over him now and im not gonna lick my wound, feeling sorry to myself, shut my life in a room bcos of HIM. he's not worth my 2 cents pun, and yes, I dun intend to put a block in our frindhip. he's still a fren for all i knew, he still does his favours whenever i asked him to
there goes my love life, dumped into a thrash bin after ermm 4 months? wow.. tat fast.. tho deep inside i somehow regretted all the lucres and energy wasted in tat r'ship.
im happy now, for the life i lead, for the live i went thru, for the experinece gained, for the time loss, for the good and the bad, yipeee.. i ve become a real human at last!
carpe diem!