Friday, April 11, 2014

Her web, not Charlotte's

I ve been abandoning my blog for 6 months.. phew.. and what did i miss here? My 2014 so called resolution? The missing MH370?.. my sabbatical leave which started on the 1st January? me being busy with all kinda things? me flared up? me making some new friends? etc etc..
I could write a book with so many things happened to me for the past 6 months.... NOT
Anyway, let's start with what I ve been doing since early January. ...
1.The univ approved my sabbatical leave for 9 months. So I ll be teaching free until 30th September. 
2. Remember the task force? I managed to submit the draft before my long leave to hometown. and then i continued with the task until Mid February, after never ending emails from other team members and the leader.
3. I attended a conference in Tunisia, and gave a presentation in Algeria. been there for 12 days altogether.. and missed the malaysian food more than ever. No more croissant after the trip
4. The joints flared up after coming back.Down with flu and tonsilitis. horrible coughs till my lungs exploded.. literally.
5. Back to hometown for a few days in Early April. am back now.. feeling much better. pheww.. Thank Allah..
6. I hve summarized everything in not more than 300 so kewll..
7. Ok.. be back in October 2014.. by that time I ll have more ideas to rant about the students.. lol
8. Owh by the way, will be going for another short trip to Albania with father in May.
9. I just realized that I forgot to upload any of the conference pics. they are still in my hp.. hundreds of them.. but ... am too lazy..
10. i m tired. taaa