Thursday, December 31, 2009

Hi 2010, adios 2009..

hmm.. so in less than 24 hours, we re going to step in the year of 2010. At tis time of the year, ie a year ago, i was still recuperating from post-cystectomy. and within less than 3 weeks, i was back on the road, as it was not a perfect time to extend my medical leave. The new semester started a week after i underwent my surgery.
So this year, while i reminescence over the events which occured exactly a year ago,( not many tragic events tho, Thank God), I m also looking forward to seeing some positive changes in my life.. well, call it as resolutions or wateva..
and at tis hour, next year, i d probably look back over the things that happened to me throughout this year.. heh
Compared to year 2008, my health condition is improvising, except for the earlier months, which i was forced to undergo the rituximab therapy (yeah, darn u Dr S.. hahaha ( motif tetiba mencarut!) It didnt even make me better instead. The only good thing that i gained from it is, i managed to put off a few extra kgs and up till now, the weight is still in good control ( still thinking of reducing a few kg perhaps, and no, it wont be under my new year resolution list tho)
anyway, on lighter note, with the year 2010 coming, I m wishing for the good healths of me , my parents and the rest of thefamily, another trip to any overseas country + perform an umrah as well, adopting one of the child in Rumah anak yatim (in the process of doing it now)..and last but not least, dimurahkan rezeki so dat i can share my earning with the ones who r less fortunate. Amin...
I dun ask much.. do i... hehehe
Welcome 2010..