Monday, September 16, 2013

Now and back then

I guess i m getting even lazier to post anymore.. yet i have time to watch the korean drama series which i am not able to catch up on tv.. duhhh
there's nothing interesting in life too.. as I lead one monotonous, boring life. I mean.. how would I go on and on with my work.. lectures are still lectures... students come and go.. i got fed up of my postgraduate students.. how many times i have been babbling about that?
does this world consist of non-stop complaining? should i rant about it again and again? nahhh i dont think so..
I guess i have lost the passion of writing.. I used to love writing... I wrote essays and fiction stories when i was younger.. hahaha
when i was on leave due to medical problems 20 years ago, i spent my time doing cross-stitch, wrote interesting articles to Jelita Magazine.. and they gave free gifts like a set of tupperware containers when the article got published. hahaha those were the time.. and every week I got to guess the list of the songs in Muzik Muzik.. and once i managed to get it right. and they gave me RM1000 for that...I remember i bought an exercise equipment with the money and treated my family with an enormous dinner..
and later i became fit to go back to school, soi neglected the hobby.
I guess my life was more interesting during those years.. we are not too engrossed with the internet.. there was no FB yet, and people do not post some weird status and post whatever unnecesary pictures.. ( ok i have to admit the reality btes when i watched lawak ke der 2 a few nites ago.. lol)
We lived in an honest and unpretentious world last time.Nowadays, I cant even ask my niece to chat with me when they always glue to their laptops 24/7.
Even people confide their feelings and how they felt in the internet..we may become advance in technology.. but our lives have not improvised..
am i complaining now? Darn...
ok enough crap..