Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Blogging is the hardest thing to do..

someone asked me nicely, when will i update my blog? Owh well... I guess a blog should be updated.. at least once a year... or if i were a bit generous, twice per year hahahah..
So here it is...
Do you know that when you are in vacation, you ll always have things that you can properly describe it in detail in your mind and you may translate them into words,, beautiful words.. I might say. The thing is you will be fully inspired with what you feel, see , smell and experience at that time..
and it will only happen when you have emptied your mind from works, stressful works and works again hahaha..
Those are the time that you really see things in their own shapes and sizes.. when in prior you never bother about those tiny things..
Ok lah.. hujan lebat... kang ada yg kena litar pintas lak kat sini hahaha...
anyway.... terimalah..... my favorite place in the world... so far..