Friday, October 04, 2013

of teaching, supervising and such

Nice..I m in my writing mood on this blessed friday... we ll see whether I am able to post this one or it may end up again in the draft section.. hahaha
By the way.. i am a bit busy with classes, students and what else... more tests for the students. we are now in our 4th week, so there is another 10 more weeks to go before the semester ends.. wohooo...
I have submitted my sabbatical leave form and I guess they will approve my application. I got fed up with some people in the faculty and feel like gonna quit at that time...
But then, i got back to my sense, thus life has to be continued with or without the malicious people surround us.
and out of sudden, i was called for an interview for the Faculty's selected lecturer! darn! and this means more and more works to be done. I mean how on earth i am being selected for that category? My HOD must be in her impossible mood last time when she nominated me for the 'award" and next tuesday, I have to go for an interview with another 5 shorlisted candidates to convince the juries of my potential performance.. the question is Do i have one? wohaaaa... in silence i did curse my boss for submitting my name to the commitee.. I mean compared to other 'makan garam' lecturers.. i am still building mounds of salt hills instead of consuming  em.. got what i meant?
Frankly speaking, I do enjoy teaching.. the students expressions on their face while gaping their mouths when I told them stories related to the syllabus is priceless. But there are several cases when they gaped their mouths as in snoring would just bring some irritation to anyone who teach them hahaha. but this is neither the time nor the trend of hitting their palm with the ruler anymore.. or make them stand on the chair as our primary school teachers did to us many moons ago.
Some of the students especially the guys are even taller than me.. ehem i am only 4'9" mind you..
But what enjoys me the most is seeing them expressed their ideas in various forms. I frequently ask them to do  presentations in unconventional way. hence, they came up with scenarios, drama, pantomime etc, and the class will roar with laughter when they performed. Their acts were way better than the AF thingy or they can even beat the comedians in superspontan show hahaha.
hey wait... am i still on the same subject? Come to think of it, the chances of me being selected is like 0.0001%. How do you compare yourself with a pediatrician, ortopaedic surgeon, pathologist or family med doctor? I neither have their expertise nor experiences. Hmmm..

on a lighter note, I am going back for Eid-ul-Adha. We ll be having our 'korban' at the isolated kampung with beautiful sceneries ( I hope). None of my siblings will go back except me and my sister who is living with my mom. Anyway, she 'd be very busy with her stroke patients and i doubt whether she's be able to make it on that day. She has moved back to the general hospital which is only distance away from my parent's.
By the way, I ve been spending my weekend by making trifles, a type of simple pudding dessert. ever since I brought it to our dept meeting + potluck, a few have been requesting it from me. So i gave them for free, and with that my brother called me ' a trifle entrepreneur" hahaha.. I'd be so  lazy to bake or make edible things and have to eat it by myself tho. My niece whom is in her fresh year is always unavailable and therefore, I cant ask her to spend her weekend with me.
I am still stuck with one thesis report  and the faculty is very quiet on friday. I have 7 final year students who will be doing their projects under me. They came just now asking about their proposed project.To answer their questions about so many things have worn me out hahahaha.
taaa.. till next time