Sunday, October 28, 2012

Oh no.. there is blood all over..

3rd day of eid-ul adha.. am stuck at home, the stove is broken with both of the gas burners kaput. I cooked my chicken soup using a rice cooker yesterday. Had called the handyman, he promised to come this evening.
on a lighter note, I had a quiet eid this year. Called mom and dad in the eid morning, and they were left alone as the younger sister went back to her in laws that day. A colleague invited me to go to her house which is only a distance away from yours truly. I was supposed to go there, yet early in the morning, before the eid prayer, the 2nd elder brother called me asking to meet up. The youngest sister was also availed in KL, thus we decided to gather in the evening. I cancelled my visit to the colleague's thinking that my bro will come early, rite after the jumaat prayer. yet, I had to wait till 5 before he called me ( rolling eyes). Alas, we managed to go to Gardens and my sister's family will be meeting us there. Had dinner at Chillies, with my BIL treated us .. again (rolling eyes, one more time). My bro insisted on paying it separately, but then my BIL eventually succeeded in swiping his CC , to pay everyone's meal. okay, i supposed my bro who should pay for everyone's meal instead of my BIL. (rolling eyes for the 2nd time).
i reached home almost 10 pm, took a quick shower and later,  crashed into bed. heaven..
and it was still heaven to think that i can wake up a bit late for 3 consecutive days.. anyway, yesterday, before i realised that the stove was not working i have already ordered some groceries from the mini market. when that indian guy came to send my supplies, he accidentally dropped a big bottle of grape juice infront the door. so the juice was left on the corridor, created a pool of blood-like liquid on the tiles outside. an hour later, i heard some noises outside my house, and it seemed that the indon cleaner was talking aloud with this one security guard regarding the spilled liquid. From the kitchen window, i could see the scenario outside, the guard was somehow yelling at I-dont know who, and the cleaner came out from the elevator, looking very nervous. Earlier, that indian guy from the mini market covered the damage with the newspaper as he thought the liquid is quite slippery for those who step on it. Not that i know, the cleaner thot it was a pool of blood, and she was very reluctant to clean it. So i yelled from the kitchen yard, that the liquid was actually grape juice. "owh really," she still didnt take my words, so i convinced her by telling that if she really noticed that the color of the liquid was actually purple, and you can smell the sweet grapey smell, of the liquid. hahaha it was a very funny scenario, when the guard later joking that maybe i could serve them the juice instead.
Hmm.. its been very hot these past few days. the good thing is, my laundry are all crispy dried when i hanged them outside. Anyway, it is too hot to walk to the nearest restaurant to have my lunch there.. (remember, i am not able to cook) .
I m having anther appt with both the rheumy and hand surgeon next tuesday. They have confirmed that i m able to undergo a wrist replacement, but still i have to undergo another ct-scan for my wrist. (and why it feels a deja-vu, everytime i mention ct-scan...*winking*)
Just wish me luck okay. I am working again next weekend for the purpose of gaining some cash for the prosthesis :)

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

deep diving, caffeine overdose and bingeing

I had a hectic weekend last week.  Everytime i have student activities during weekend, I would try to organize my house chores ( which i always do it on weeekends) accordingly. It rained mostly everyday last week. and by saturday, I feared that if i put my laundry outside, the rain will come and wet all of them again. So i just hanged a few headscarves  and one or 2 pieces of my handwashed clothes on saturday, thinking that i will have another day to hand the remaining of my laundry. It was a bright sunny day on saturday which actually extended to the evening. Hence, i hanged most of the clothes from the washing machine on sunday in the balcony. Too bad, it was raining heavily in the afternoon, and even me, almost got wet while walking to the car thru the heavy downpours.
On happier note, it was one fruitful finishing school. Thou i did sacrifice my weekend to facilitate the final year students on the probable outcomes once they re graduated, i was definitely satisfied with the results. Most of the students managed to obtain as much info, and they actually tried to practice it once they r applying jobs. Unlike the previous FSs, most students seemed to focus on the content and the gist of the ideas of FS. Some even asked to take photos with me, and i was overjoyed.
As an educator, nothing will most excite us, rather than the positive response obtained from our students.

Alas, due to the yester's heavy rain, I woke up with  cold shivers all over my body. I thought it was due to the cold morning, yet it prolonged even after i have reached the faculty. I went to the hospital with one of my student as right after eidul adha, i ll be having 2 appointments with 2 clinics at HUKM. Therefore, I need to do the blood test a week prior. The rest of the week will be spent attending a workshop.
 The shivering thing however started to diminsih once im done with a glass of iced nescafe and one large piece of tosai to be eaten with coconut chutney.. yummylicious..
Yesterday, i attended a workshop of 'deep dive'. It is actually an established sequential  procedures in developing ideas of either innovation or invention. This procedure has been applied by many infamous innovation/design companies to produce thousands of innovations. As we were in 2 small groups of less than 10 people yesterday, we had so much fun doing the assignment by the facilitator ( he is an english professor who specialised in this particular procedure, he even had the license to practise this process). And, we were assigned to redesign the airline meal tray.

We had so much fun, cutting the paper, babbling non stops, fighting over crazy ideas, cracking jokes whilst the professor will blow the whistle if things went overboard. and.. oh yes, I m thinking of changing my profession now that I am exposed to such activities yesterday lol. Sharim was one of the attendees yesterday, and knowing him who enormously full of humors, we giggled a lot while explaining our sacred innovation to the professor. Oh, by the way Sharim will be featured as one of the juries in the next Malaysian Masterchef episode that will be shot in cameron Highlands. He is supposed to go to CH next week, and we were green with jealousy when he was talking about it.
Anyway, I sincerely think that product designer has the most impressive vocation of all. We were shown of the video regarding the creativities occured whilst members of one established design company in US brainstormed on a reinnovation of a shopping cart. After 5 days, they managed to come up with the new shopping cart, selected amongst a few prototypes. Ohh Emm Gee, now i really feel that I need to be in such environment, where creativity rules and you ll never get bored with your working environment.

Anyway, after a few cups of brewed coffee, a lot of carb and proteins in buffet style, we managed to finish our innovation with some interesting features hahaha. Unfortunately, it cannot be put in here, as we worried that other airline companies will actually steal the ideas of our wacky definition of airline meal tray. Trust me, after seeing our tray, one can never be bored with the meal tray anymore LoL.

I do not mind to come back for another enjoyable session this morning. Yet, the session has completely ended yesterday. So here I am at my workplace, half mindedly thinking of my dream vocation ( again.. *sighing*). Talking about this coming eid-ul-adha, I am not going back home to celebrate it. I had clinic appt right after the eid, and if i were to go back home, i probably need to drag my leave which probably will past the eid leave. Anyway, in KL, they only celebrate the eid for a day. My family however will not perform any 'qurban' this year, and if there is no 'qurban' meaning that this year's celebration wont have the definite meaning behind it. Besides, none of my siblings will be back. My youngest sis is going to Bali with her hubby, and the rest will be busy as ever. I will fill my time to clean my house, and on the eid day, I ll be going to my collegue's. So cleverr missy ( pat my own back).
And,, next weekend after the eid, I m having my 2nd FS. owhh.. havent i told you, the reason of m edoing all the extra works is to save some money for my prosthetic surgery. ohh yeahhh...
Ta peeps..

Saturday, October 06, 2012

So, what's your excuse this time?

I feel like pouring out my rage today. It started with this one student who  takes for granted of her study. I got so annoyed that I lashed out at her over an email. Ermm not really an email, but more like a msg that i sent via FB. These students nowadays, they do not bother their respects towards their SVs anymore. As for me, you are not showing your respect towards your SV when you did not bother to do what they asked you to do, long time ago. I asked her to add some other studies as I found out the existing one is not sufficient for a master's project. I think I ve been asking her to do that since last April, but till now, she hasnnt done anything yet. not even 1/10 it. She kept on giving excuses like she hasnt got the animals yet ( which sounds illogical to me) . The latest you can get the animals for the experiment is within a month time. whilst narrating on other stories like her laptop is broken etc. GOD, i wish like strangling her now if she were infront of me.
Just because I was too friendly around them lately, doesnt mean that I can just be lenient over those things. she replied and numerously asked me to forgive her. This is her 6th semester already, how long does she think the university will allow her to extend? Even the progress is toooo darn slow. and to top of it, she was too darn confident that she would be able to submit the thesis by the end of this semester. Whereas , I havent found any progress of hers yet. Dream on then!!
I am not going to start (again) with " during my years last time.. bla bla bla...". There is too muchh gap between the current students with the ones during my time. Find it yourselves. GRrrrrrr!

On a happier note, Its saturday afternoon anyway. I ve been waiting for the weekend anxiously.  Too much stresses during weekdays + pressures dealing with that particular student. She has been given a chance  as i was helping her when she asked me to become her SV last time. I made her promised to not waste her time by working hard under my supervision. Yet, she broke her promise, and occupied most of her time with other things. I am not the sort of person who went berserk over the students. I advised and waited whether she would follow my instruction. But she just put it all aside, and focused on other unworthy things. And that made me infuriated! whilst other students have to sacrifice a lot more just to continue their tertiary education, and have to beg others to let them study, she has the whole plate infront her and she purposely ignoring it. ( see, I cant stop whining and nagging her).

Ok, enough is enough. If things are out of control. I have to terminate her then. She doesnt appreciate what she has, and it might be better if i just give to others who deserved it.

Adam and Eve, translated Adam dan Hawa, is the 'in' drama nowadays. It has been mentioned in every blog and everybody cant wait to watch it on air for 4 consecutive nights. Me is no exception lol. For those who do not subscribe the channel in Astro, they can watch it online. As for me, I ll compile all 4s in one day. but then those will be a rerun. never mind, as saturday and sunday are my definition of TV time.

Other than that, life is still a routine. oh. another rerun of malaysian masterchef is on tv now. Ciao..

Monday, October 01, 2012

I had 2 sets of McDonald's burger in a week? matiler gemuk nanti LOL

This status is suitable to be posted in FB, but then, tried not to put these crappy status in there, or else, this would bring the disgusting snorts from all the people in my list lol.
Anyway, weekend was spent quietly and productively ( in the kitchen). It is very rare of me to be seen cooking in the morning for heavy dishes such as fried koay teow or anything, but then, I had enough of toast and butter already. Besides, the heavy dishes will last till afternoon. I had meatball spaghetti on sunday. need to buy the grocery  by next week, then.
Today is the 1st day of October. It seems yesterday, since I last stepped my foot on this house after a year medical leave. That was in early January. How time flies. I am maid-free  since last May, and things are going better. I even tried to clean the house once a while, thou it'd be quite difficult for me to do it, but, it is ok as i take it as one step at at a time.
Schedules are a bit hectic at workplace. Next week, we ll be conducting the 1st test. Not much to narrate in here, anyway. Happy working all :)