Monday, December 27, 2010

KM portal thingy

boleh tak akak buat joget lambak sekarang sebab dah selamat isi semua kmportal akak sementelah hari jumaat ni adalah deadline nya? weaahoooooo! taksesia akak bersengkang mata di hari jumaat ( sampai minum air suam jek for lunch on that day) dan juga separuh hari , hari ni untuk mengisi menda alah yang masih menjadi kontroversi walaupun dah 4-5 tahun km portal ni di-isi secara online, bak kata TNC Akademik la..
Yerr.. ikut la resam akak ni ( ecehwahh), even tho i keep on procrastinating it, but at the end i managed to fill it within 1 1/2 day.. (yeay sekali lagi).. sila fokus macam akak and why dun u spend the time that u reserved for complaining this km portal, to fill it.. seriously... exchange of emails, endless sarcasms to other clinical lecturers who managed to get their DU54 without even clicking their fingers ( especially not filling their kmportals), ofcourse there are a tinge of facts in those emails.. akak pun geram gak... penat woooo, we have to supervise students, writing papers, do research, applying for more and more grants, and yet those people who do nothing ( not even teaching) have been promoted in a record time.. tak nangis akak tu ?
but then, if u see on a bright side (mode pegang tangan sambil nyanyi nasyid), dah itu rezeki dorang, ( bak kata dekan akak le), the university cant afford to lose them to other private college/ hospital, thus they have to give wat they demand.. and this is actually in line with what KKM has done to its staff, automatically promoted those who are in service for 10 years or more to U54. owh well.. mek xura has already obtained her portion.. tats why she managed to treat us at dchiengmai last month.. akak pun tak jeles la.. she deserved it..
anyway.. where there is a will, there is a way.. aite.. being a staff, i have signed my akujanji which stated that u need to follow watever the university rules and regulation. Who are u kidding with? I mean, if we have set our mind to just do watever tasks that are essential in this university, eventually we ll manage to do it, with a sincerity hokayyy.. ko kalau mengomel sambil buat kije tu.. pahala pun tak dapat...
Honestly speaking, I love wat i am doing here.. i love working here, I am surrounded with good friends and colleagues, some whom u can lean on yr not so broad shoulder, some whom will listen to yr frequent complaints ( of cleaners, lazy students, bad management hihihi) without trying to spread to others lahh. and as long as u accomplish watever tasks that have been given to u, u r on yr own flexi time...
but the most important thing.. u r paid for wat u do.. paham konsep barakah anak-anak? ekekekeke
onnnn another note, the students will start coming in next week...( huwaaaaa, motif emo ni naper kak?). The door will be knocked every 5 minutes ( owh akak sukerr jek), the labs will be full again class reps will call me to ask whether the class will be on or not ( aku tak paham sungguh bebudak ni, sukerr sangat kalau class cancel awal2 semester, pastu menggelabah biawak at the end of semster kalau class belum habis)..
eh ironically, akak pun macam tu jugak dolu2, cuma kalau class cancel akak pi library hokey sebab tak koser nak panjat bukit balik ke hostel.. arakian bebudak sekarang, disebabkan hostel yg cuma sepelaung jek dari fakulti, asal class cancel jek, pi membuta kat bilik.. pas tu the next class, tak datang sebab terbabas.. sebabnya.. ko nengok K-pop video kat youtube sampai kul 4 pagi kannn ( see, akak adalah seorang yg sangat memahami rutin dorang ekekek)
Wahh skill mode membebel akak masih on rupanya... even tho its been months since i last nagged to the students..:P
owh before i forget, ajih has safely back in Kl last thursday.. despite the delay flight on monday, he managed to take another flight on wednesday to paris-amsterdam-KL. meroyan kot mamat tu tak dapat pulut pagi.. bak called yesterday morning, informed that ajih will be reaching KB within an hour. I can imagine he's gobbling the nasik kerabu, nasik belauk and all kinds of kueh (pulut nisang should be on top of the list) this morning. I havent seen him yet, not sure whether I manage to see him before he's flying back to Marseilles in 2 weeks time.. Hopefully he'll remember his "jjamung' before going back.. My never ending missions on "pow-ing" my siblings is still my priority watt! eekekeke
Lunch time already.. feeling so wonderful today when u ve accomplished a task.. owhh... still got time to write one more paper kot. (whoaaaa hooo, gila produktif ko ye akak... jangan riak sudahhh ekekeke)

Monday, December 20, 2010

Last weekend..

2 more weeks before the new semester starts.. and there's not much that i ve accomplished up to this point.. am trying to fil the so called km-portal but as usual, it is so hard to initiate things like scanning the documents bla bla bla.. how i wish i have an RA to do all these stuffs, also thrashing out out all those papers in my room i wish i have a genie in a bottle that will come to my beck and call and spring clean my room at the end of each semester.. dream on ah akak...
anyway on happier note, weeekend was fruitfully spent at putra height with aleeya, rayyan and lil areej. It's nice to have some changes in yr static life styles anyway. my usual quiet weekend was transformed to a chaotic one with the wailing rayyan demanding his 'oti cekelat' every 5 mins and areej trying to balance her robotic steps while clinging to bibik's knee. Zuni has tested her cooking skill in making nasi beriani and laksa penang.. not bad tho..
Anyway, as today, am back to usual working routine.. just finished a report on a master's thesis.. trying to concentrate on finishing another paper in the mean time..

oh my.. i ll be going extra bz when the students start coming in.. anyway, will be having a unit meeting on thursday.. and i think i have to be rough ( la sangat) at a few lecturers which are in ignorant mode all these while..
apasal la akak sekarang asyik nak marah manjang ek? hmmm... must be one of the aging smptoms ( or perhaps pre-menopausal? ekekekeke)

owh btw, ajih's flite was cancelled and he's only coming back perhaps this thursday.. i m waiting for the right time to demand for a 'makan busat' sponsored by him.. ekekeke..

till then...

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Weekend rambling

ok lah.. sementelah akak log in internet di hari sabtu, akak terasa seperti mahu memblog la pulak, walaupun amatlah 'rare'nya akak nak buat begini during weekends sebab akak lagi suka tengok astro sambil tergolek depan tv sambil makan tak ingat sambil tambah2 2-3 kali ( yeah there goes my diet plan which i have been faithfully followed dbefore ramadhan last time).. tapi sekarang ni cam rasa mencanak canak naik nya berat badan akak ni.. i did blame in on the elevated steroidal dose which i took priorly , op kos la it will decently raise my appetite.. but the truth is, ever since i suffered from a terrible muco cytis last time, which enabled me to eat and drink anything for a week, I ve realised that i should enjoy my appetite and make full use of my taste bud before He takes it away...once again..
Owh, not that i will totally diminish the idea of dieting again in this lil head of mine, but i will take it one step at a time.. and try to reduce my carb intake.. slowly heheh and eat more veges.. and protein.. and rarely eat fast food ( which i think I ve successfully reduced it as the last time i ate mc donald was 3 months ago :))..
owhh and btw, my stress level is lowering down, thanks to those 2 students of mine who managed to submit their thesis on time... and now, I have to concentrate on other essential things such as filling my km portal, writing papers bla bla bla..
on top of all, during my recent rheumy appt, most of my diagnostic levels have come back to normal.. akak sangat suka.. except for the specialist who attended me , dah ala-ala dr Rozmey dah akak nampak dia,dengan bow tie nya (which i found very weird, hahaha) and the way he enquired me pertaining to my pencytopenia last time... i d prefer to see the registrar instead then...
tetiba takder idea.. i woke up at 6 am tis morning, regardless the weekend... had my bfast at 6.30 am.. and staring at the idiot box for hours before i fell back to sleep on the sofa.. while listening to the korean drama lol. i cooked my lunch at 11 and been eating non stop ever since... dunno why but i think my cooking skill is getting better nowadays kah kah kah. ( who am i kidding aye?).. really regretted that I was not able to attend the baking class last saturday.. walaupun chances to do it at home is very slim as I do not have a decent oven ( yeah rite) but stil, if it can kill my time during weekends, why not.... hehehe.. they said it is never too late to make changes in yrself aite....

I d better key off... nak solat... have a fruitful weekend akak.. ( motif wich diri sendiri?...)

Tuesday, December 07, 2010

can I spend my weekend in peace?

Had a tremendous weekend with the parent and siblings. It started with a bbq cum areej's belated bday's party at my younger sis's hse at putra height. ma and bak and xura n family arrived at abg li's house a day before. saturday and sunday were well spent at putra height and we convoyed to DR Cafe's at mont kiara's for coffee session later on. onsunday morning, after having a full breakfast, headed to OU for a shopping session. Back to KD at noon and had a last min dinner reservation at d'cheng mai at sg buloh. we reserved earlier at jeram sea food , alas, as usual, abg li couldnt come back home on time. ( we 're supposed to leave at 5.30 pm so that we'd be able to reach there before maghrib). well it was an excellent dinner as the best meal is always a free meal :). tokk a last minute EL on monday as I feel like being in the same house with the parent. Still at KD :). They went back home this morning , so did i.
anyway, the only thing that spoilt and ruined my weeekend was.. the non stop calls and sms from the studnts which really irritated me. Can't they leave me alone on weekends? can I have my privacy on weekends? I was SOOOO MAD that i neither took any of the calls nor smses.. Seriously, they are too much. During my days i never dare to either call or text my lecturer/supervisor, worried that they might need their own family time during weeeknds.. BUT THE STUDNTS ARE SO INSENSITIVE AND SELFISH NOWADAYS! They will keep on calling you and keep on texting you, thou i did tell them to not to ruin my weeekend.. One of them have already texted me informing that she'll be getting a medical leave due to the chicken pox.. yes, she has been doing nothing since ramadhan. no result no NOTHNG! and she still called me just to inform me that she's having chicken pox? as I if I would not be able to read her sms... ?
I feel like barking at all of them now.. Had enuff with those 2 students whom'r supposed to submit their thesis this week, and yet still struggling with the printing, tho I spent few days of last week to correct their softcopies...
I am sooo tired.. really tired with their attitudes...

Thursday, November 25, 2010

banyak benda nak cerita tapi malas nak update...

Wahh.. udah lama akak tak mengupdate blog.. asyik baca blog org jek, tapi update blog sendiri malasssss.. sebab akak tau paling cepat 30 min gak nak menulis entri baru ni.. buang masa tu.. sebab baca blog org cuma ambik masa tak sampai 5 min.. geddit? ekekeke
Anyways, akak sangat la bz semenjak 2 menjak ni, ni pun sebab dah tak larat nak mengadap draf thesis postgrad students akak yang sangatttt sloww cam kekura tu... arapkan supervisor jek baca laju kalahkan ferrari ekekekeek..
Akak cuba mengupdate previous events secara random ...

Cuti semester : Undergrads dah start cuti starting 22/11 hari tu, tapi akak nengok masih bersepah lagi bebudak yang tak balik.. especially budak final year dann juga budak postgrads.. hari tu minggu exam sengap la kejap.. ( motif akak nak fac takder org ni napa tah)

Raya Haji : akak balik raya haji dengan jayanya selama 5 hari. belum cerah tanah on the hari raya day, akak dah terpacak kat subang tunggu fireflyz yg telah delay selama 10 min dari waktu jangkaan dan membuatkan perut akak tak sabar2 nak melantak hidangan di pagi raya iiatu nasi kerabu. sampai rumah terus bfast dan tepat2 pukul 10 akak pergi mengakadkan jual beli korban.. Fuh, tahun ni, sangat punctual tak macam tahun lepas. sampai jek, semua pengorban dan mangsa korban sudah berada di lokasi. Akak selamba saja tanpa kamera dslr dan juga video cam (tak macam org lain yang berkobar nak rakam), tapi bila melihat lembu tu yang tak putus asa nak jugak bangun walaupun dah direbahkan, akak ada gak pikir.. eh lembu ni cam taknak masuk sorga jek.. kurang redha bila dilihat dari segi perlakuannya.. ( atau pun dia rimas nengok manusia ber-iya nak rakam aksi 18SG nak masukkan dalam facebook ekekekeek)
Balik rumah akak layan 'beretoh" =tidor dalam slang kelantan yang kasar. lama tak dengar perkataan tu, tapi itulah ayat ala2 gangsater yang di letakkan dalam Fb status akak di hariraya oleh abng akak yang berada jauhhh di marseilles sana, disebabkan time dia call, akak tengah tido.. oh by the way, dia dan family yang terdiri drpd seorang isteri dan seorang anak pompuan berumur 7 tahun dan seorang anak lelaki berumur 9 tahun akan balik ke Malaysia pada cuti krismas ini. Siap dah cakap nak makan macam2.. itu le.. masa zaman duk KL dulu.. takmaunya nak balik kg.. sekarang.. ala-ala merindu dendam kat segala masakan kelantan ekekekek
Akak sorang jek yang balik raya haji, sebab abg akak sorang lagi balik on friday. Khamis dia ada meeting yang takleh ponteng.. so ptg jumaat tu dah tercongok kat KB. Walaubagaimana pun, kalau nengok FB akak, perasan tak betapa kuciwanya akak sebab segala keinginan sebelum balik tidak dapat dipenuhi.. Cam ampesss jek org kelantan ni ( eeii ni akak terkecuali ekk) kalau raya haji... abis segala kedai ditutup selama seminggu.. mengalahkan raya poser lagi...

kesihatan : owhh semalam akak kena ambik darah untuk banyak test termasuklah HIV, heoatitis, SLE dan pelabagai lagi.. nasib la akak rasa cam darah dah byk sikit sebab bila MLT tu took out, takder la dia menggodek-godek jarum tu kat lengan akak sampai lebam berbulan.. memancut jek darah tu walaupun slow dan proses itu mengambil masa yang lama la jugak sebab darah tu kena dimasukkan dalam banyak heparinised tubes.
Had another depo jab untuk mengurangkan endometriosis simtoms akak.. sap sap sui jek tu... Hopefully by the next appointment ie on 2/12, akak punya FBC and Hb and liver function semua dah ok... aminn... of lates pun, akak rasa akak dah makin ok.. walaupun sesekali tu cam nak sesak napas gak ( tapi mungkin sesak nafas tu due to akak yang dah gain weight ni, sampai takut nak diri atas weighing scale ekekeke)

Works: haaa.. ni memang takder final end nya... patutnya dah student cuti ni boleh la akak menarik nafas kelegaan dan buat kije sendiri tapi tidakkkkk, ok. Dek kerana 2 post grads akak yang supposed to submit their thesis on 10/12 tapi masih belum habis tulis some parts, akak akan sekejap2 jadi naga atau pun harimau atau pun sang kancil dengan mereka. akak akan juga menyingakan diri dengan staf yang terlibat sebab depa tak buat kije.. asyik ilangkan form orgg jek kije dia pastu antar surat reminder kununnya kita tak hantar report la apa la.. pas tu ada hati nak threaten org.. ptuihhhh..

Home: owhh akak baru la buleh start buat hse chores balik bila confirm menyapu pun takkan rasa mengah cam dulu. At the mo, tengah nak transfer my bedroom to a bigger one sebab selama ni akak duk bilik belakang and master bedroom buat jadi store room, ( bijak tak akak ekekeke). So sekarang dah pasang railing and akak kan hari tu pi bandung, akak siap pi beli lace curtain yang dah siap tu untuk dipasang. owh bandung trip will be narrated later in another para.. ekekekek

Bandung trip : akak kan stranded satu hari bila nak balik KL.masa tu duk pk, mati la aku kalau lama2 stranded ni aku nak makan apa, sebab segala rupiah dah dibelanjakan kat bandung ekekekee. Nasib la.. starnded sehari jek, dan accomodation was fully sponsored by MAS.. merasa la duk 5 star hotel kat jakarta with buffet spread ekekeke. owh it was a fruitful and overspent trip ekekeke. tapi konferens nya takder la memberangsangkan sangat sbb the facilities are badly accomodated. Bayangkan international conference cam tu, toliets boleh takder air dan ditutup by noon. nasib ada toilet kat masjid dimana tempat para students nya melepak. nasib akak tak lepak sekali kat beranda masjid tu ekekeke. Tapi pegi Pasar baru ada lah pengalaman yang cukup menyeronokkan, sampai ada keinginan nak pegi lagik dan borong banyak2 bcos the items there are triple cheaper than those in KL. You can get a blouse with RM10. where as kat sini those yang borong the same item will markup the price to the normal blouse price in KL. owhh sangat heaven bila bershopping altho im not into factory outlet things.. when u spent yr money in pasar baru first then later, u ll be comparing prices with what avail in factory outlets. But still the FO items are cheaper than those in KL. Owh btw i am now addicted with indon sos,ABC which they called it as sambal asli.. sangat la sedappp compared to chili sauce kat malaysia yang manis.. I even requested my brother's bibik who will be going back to surabaya tomorrow to buy me bottles and bottles of that particular brand. Alaaa yang ada iklan kat tv yg duta dia tu Chef Zam tu.,but that one is a different sauce, saus manis ABC yang cam kicap and boleh jugak buat pencecah. Saus asli rasanya cam tak sampai jek kat Mesia ni..
and btw, saus extra pedas in Indon is not pedas at all.. siap cashier tuh warning akak masa akak nak beli.. apparently akak makan sambil marah sebab rasa tertipu... ekekekek

kan dah cakap tulis entri baru dah ambik masa dekat sejam.. sheeshhhhh... anyway this is just the beginiing of the longchained entries.. ecewahhh.. dream on la.. kurang2 lagik 2 bulan ko update kan ekekeke

Till then..

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

updating..( as if anyone care..)

Life has been pretty quiet lately.. last week was a bit hectic tho.. with 2 events to attend to in the fac (tapi org lain tak heran pun nak attend tu), but being me, I always remind myself to be involved in any events held in the fac.. yes i am such a pekerja contoh sampai any events to be held.. akak jugak yg kena jadi commiteenya.. kekekeke..
my health condition is deteriorating again.. i thot I m done with it, tapi roper2nya.. i just realized i ve been in shortness of breath lately... tried to climb up a flite of stairs.. i felt like collapsing in the middle of students' crowd while in the process..
bila bangun tido pulak.. i feel a tightness in my chest everytime... having 2 sistas as medical doctors only worsened the situation as they scared me off with their "diagnosis". One made me dementedly worried when she tot i might have lung fibrosis due to the adverse effect of mtx and another sis told me that my eyes looked a bit yellowish..that may lead to the liver failure.. might be.. so akak , being a hypochondriac mula la imagine macam2.. ended up me begging for an early appt of my rheumy clinic..
My weekends are fully occupied.. since the previous weeks.. and it will continue till the end of October.. early Nov, I m going to bandung for a conference cum jalan2 trip. with this current condition.. i dun think I can afford to walk more than 200 m in faster paces... last week, while attending the student's convocation, i couldn't even catch up with a person infront of me while parading from the admin building to the hall.. . i was like.. ya allah.. jgn la aku pengsan tgh2 jalan ni...
I am so pathetic kan? To add it up.. I have like tons of works to be done ( which is not suprising anymore)... I think my Hb is dropping off again... tu yg buat akak rasa macam hypoxia all the time...
Seriously, with this condition, I dun think I m able to take care of myself, let alone others.. when i look at my messy house, i feel like hiring a maid to get it all done...
Enuff said... the colleagues are mostly supportive tho..

Friday, October 01, 2010

I'm blessed

baru balik makan nasik ayam dgn one of the colleagues.. ingatkan nak kena tunggu kul 5 baru leh makan.. nasib ada yg psychic kat dept ni kekekek..
Anyways,, akak semakin sehat... yang semestinya akak dah agak sebab kalau dah start kije.. seluruh jiwaraga dan juga otak akak akan bertmabah baik.. in fact kalau beku kejung kat rumah tak buat apa2 tu la yang buleh membuatkan rohani dan jasmani (ewahh) makin tak sehat...
So dah hampir 5 hari balik KL ni, selera akak juga makin menjadi2.. recently lak craving for sandwich bread.. semalam beli roti makan ngan mayonis ayam brand tu rasa macam wahhh ohhhhhh heaven.... esok ingat nak buat sandwich sardin la plak...
almaklumla akak ni kan penggemar roti dan segala jenis makanan bertepung (except for roti canai yang jarang2 la dimakan... )... hasilnya... akak dah naik 400 g dalam masa 5 hari.. tak ke bangga dengan pencapaian akak tu hihihihi
esok ada open house kat rumah adik bungsu akak kat putra height.. ahad kena jaga exam barang 2 jam.. ok la tu.. tugas kena baca thesis yg berlambak2 ni masih tak jalan jugak.. insyaallah.. minggu depan boleh initiate.. walaupun banyak lak event kat fakulti ni minggu depan...
akak cuba untuk mengurangkan rasa marah kat post grad akak yg tak jugak hantar draf ni.. walaupun deadline antar thesis lagi 1 bulan... malas nak stress.. kang ada pulak yg tak leh nak telan air liur lagi kang...
driver dah sampai... nak kena balik dulu..

Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Akak baru balik ke KL 2 hari lepas.. Lama gilerrr balik kg.. seronok sangat kot sampai taknak balik kije semula? Silappp tuan puan adik kakak..
Akak terpaksa mengorbankan tiket balik ke KL dan pulang seminggu kemudian sebabnya...

jeng jeng jeng.....

yer.. akak hospitalized..

sangatlah shahdu raya tahun ni... sebab ...
akak TAK BERAYA langsung... nasib puasa sebulan habis ..
jadi akak bersyukur yang amat sebab akak berjaya menghabiskan puasa tapi tak dan nak menyambut raya..

Sakit yang Allah nak bagi, terima jek la.. takyah komplen komplen kan.. tapi akak rasa ini adalah kifarah daripada segala dosa2 akak waktu bulan posa... hambek ko.. TUHAN bayar cash kakakaka..

Serius akak tak beraya lansung... raya pertama akak minum air dengan kepayahan.. makan pun dah tak boleh.. raya ke empat... since dah tak boleh minum waima makan, nak telan air liur pun hazab sampai pressure telinga... maka akak terpaksa rela masuk hopsital untuk di bagi drip...

Akak rasa akak la org pertama yang time raya turun mendadak berat badan kakakaka.. 4 kg dalam masa 4 hari...

Anyways... bila akak kuar spital iaitu 9 hari selepas raya, semua maknosia dah balik kg.. segala jenis kuih raya semua dah tinggal serbuk kat rumah akak.. so akak pun menyambut raya dgn cara akak sendiri la..nak posa 6 pun maktak bagi sebab dia cakap badan lemah lagi..
Of course, tangan akak masih lebam2 ala2 didera sebab doktor nak ambik darah tak dapat.. katanya urat akak halus sgt.. nasib branula boleh masuk.. kalau tak akak dah mati kekeringan..

Alhamdulillah, akak dah boleh makan dengan sempurna.. walaupun phobia farink ngan tekak akak membengkak sampai air liur sendiri pun takleh telan... Surprisingly akak tak demam langsung... cuma merasa la jadik makcik bisu 3-4 hari...

Now dah balik kije, walaupun segala urat saraf rasa cam disentap2.. tapi kije tetap kije... nak jalan lebih 200 m pun rasa nak tergolek tengah jalan sebab oksigen tak sampai kat kepala...redha jek la akak....
Insyaalah raya tahun depan kalau belum meninggal.. boleh sambut lagik..kan kan?

Thursday, September 02, 2010

Saat menjelang balik kampung

Esok akak balik! hahaha advance betul.. di saat bebduak skolah masih lagi kena belajar lagi satu hari, akak dah terbang balik KB, gila taknak kalah ngan bebduak ingusan yang excited balik kampung ( akak yang tua bangka ni pun taknak kalah ekekek).
Alkisahnya, akak ingat akak dah tak lewat nak book tiket balik, tetiba sebulan sebelum posa, akak check semua airlines, tarikh a few days belum raya tu dah sold out ( cam hampeh), kalau ada pun makan 3-4 ratus untuk one way trip, akak mana mampu!.. last2, browse tengok tiket paling murah adalah seminggu sebelum raya dan seminggu selepas raya.. so akak pun turut la sama menyertai kekalutan budak skolah untuk balik awal berposa kat kampung kekekek.
dedulu akak rajin jugak menumpang adik beradik yang balik kampung naik kereta, tapi sekarang, anak dorang pun post kot udara, apa kes akak nak menyelit2 nak tumpang disebalik celah2 kerepek, biskut dan beg2 dorang tu.. lagi satu, akak tak larat nak rasa kematu kat dalam kereta sebab lama sangat nak sampai.. ada 4-5 tahun sudah... akak nasib tak terkencing dalam kereta jek sebab terlalu lama menahan .. abis nak berenti, jem bumper to bumper.. tu bykan highway.. jalan kampung jek..
so resolusi semenjak 23-4 tahun keelakangan ni, balik sendiri, hari tu akak baru tingat nak beli tiket balik raya haji, dah sold out semua dah.. nak taknak akak balik pagi raya jek.. :)
4-5 hari lepas, akak melepak (tak ingat) kat KD. 5 hari tuuu.. siap ambik cuti lagi isnin tu sebab selasa kan cuti merdeka. kunun2 bawak kije nak buat sekali.. harammm tak disentuhnyaaaa.. tapi kan, ikut hati akak rasa cam nak balik rumah sendiri juga bila kebosanan menjelma.. so ptg selasa tu rasa cam legaaa jek bhila dah sampai rumah.. akak tak tunggu pun nak buka posa kat KD selasa tu.. sebab ingat nak mendobi kain baju yang ditinggalkan since jumaat.. sampai2 jek terus bawak masuk kain baju masuk washing machine... tengok2 air takderrr.... ! sakit hati betul.. ghopa2nya dorang rajin nak cuci tangki hari cuti tu.. akak expect dorang cuci time hari kerja... so pahala posa akak kurang le hari selasa tu sebab duk menyumpah2 pihak pengurusan yang amat cerdik pi cuci tangki hari cuti pas tu offkan air sampai la lepas buka posa...
cuti lama hari tu, akak sempat la buka ngan hoemmade nasik kerabu yg sangat bestt sampai tak cukup satu periuk besar... sangat sangat sedappppp.. tapi sebab panggil org datang buka, so portion org yg ambik makanan terhegeh2 ni sangat ciput sebab tak sempat nak tambah dah habis ekekeke.. padan muka ko akak...
hari sabtu lak bukak posa kat puncak alam, ok le.. tapi sebab hari tu akak dah makan kari kepala ikan, dah tak rasa nak jamah lagi.. hari ahad buka ngan spaghetti meat ball, hari isnin ngan lauk ketam.. tak koser akak nak makan. nak abiskan sekor tu pun punya la lama sampai kering nasik kat tangan kekekek
since balik rumah, akak cam takberapa lalu makan jek.. napa tah.. tengah tido sebelum bangun sahur pun asyik rasa mual... masalah tul la.. tapi bukak posa abis gak apa2 makanan hehehe..
kerja pun ada yang akak dah settle especially yang ada deadlines tu.. tetiba jek bersemangat buat kije sebab taknak ler balik nanti, kerja banyak pending... actually bila akak balik nanti mungkin akak sorang jek kot kat rumah.. len2 maybe balik lewat skit.. sorang dah berambus ke france, sorang lagi beraya kat penang.. cam tak cukup kuorum jek.. tak best rasanyaa..
mak akak pun time posa mesti tak berapa sehat... moyok jek.. akak lagi la takder mood kalau dah tengok keadaan cam tu.. adik akak sorang lagi hopefully balik sama akak esok since dia kat KT jek.. manjang tulis tak sabo nak balik kat status FB dia.. dan akak seperti biasa la mematahkan semangat dia dengan mengeruhkan keadaan kekekeke.. dah memang tu nature sorang kakak kan.. takder nya nak bagi muka kat adik2 dia kekekeke..
akak dah belikan baju kat bapak akak kat the curve last week.. sukerr.. sebab akak memang suker soping kat bapak akak ( anak sapa la mithali sangat ni ekekeke), pas tu kan nanti akak akan kira berapa kerap dia pakai baju akak beli compared to baju yg siblings akak yg lain beli... selalunya.. kalau dia kerapa pakai tu maknanya dia suka la... purata akak beli baju kak bapak akak kan.. ada lah dalam 5-6 helai setahun.. kalau ada trip ke indon mesti akak beli kan.. last trip kat jogja pun ada beli.. ( eh ni dah ada unsur2 riak ni akak)
okeh la nak pi solat dulu.. tgh pikir camna nak bawak balik biskut raya nanti.. selalunya akak pos thru abg akak jek.. tapi memandangkan hari ni baru nak ambik.. esok dah nak balik.. takder la nak berkirim2 bagai.. kalau boleh masuk semua dalam checked in luggage ok jek ( pas tu bila sampai tinggal serdak kekekek), ni nak kena p hand carry leceh la.. sebab akak tak nak feeling2 balik kampung bawak biskut raya.( ecewahh). akak cuma gheti balik kg nak raya lenggang kangkung ekekekeke...pas tu jeling jek bila satu family balik kg checked in luggage satu kontena.. no no no itu bukan akak okeyyy... kekekee.. last year lagi bagus.. akak beli set pinggan mangkuk kat pengkalan kubur untuk pakai hari2 kat umah akak, akak kirim kat adik akak suh bawak balik KL.. apa2 jek yg boleh dikirim semua akak suh kirim.. hasilnya.. akak berjalan2 kat airport tu dengan handbag jek.. tanpa luggage kekeke
since balik kg ni takder internet... so akak awal2 lagi mengucapkan selamat hari raya dan maap zahir batin... mana la tau kot tulisan akak ni ada membuatkan sapa2 tersindir ke tersentap ke.... tanpa sengaja... balik kg ni for sure kena bergaduh ngan anak buah akak si daniel gumuok tu... dia tu kalau tak buli makcik dia memang tak sah le...

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Things that make me wonder...

1. Ko sebuk duk bergame fb bagai lagi sedangkan tak sampai 12 jam ko akan fly ke negara orang dan menetap di sana selama beberapa tahun.. dun u have anything better to do than playing those stupid games at this moment? ok fine, kalau dah siap packing bagai, tapi u ll be leaving yr home country and the rest of yr families in here, u can always do the game online, takkan larinya game kat FB tu.. but thinking that a rational person would choose a stupid game rather than .. u know.... *sighing*.. entah le tak paham aku org cam ni.. there are lotsa beter things to do to fulfil this moment... bulan puasa plak ni.. haishhhhh...! (buat ke sekian kalinya)
2. Realizing that there r certain women who dare to risk her lives by conceiving 3 babies in 3 years by c-sect... not sure whether i need to compliment them for her bravery.. i mean kalau normal procedure ikut suka hati ko la nak conceive tiap tahun pun kan.. but... c sect every year? ko memang nak menempuh maut la tu... of course la they will get back to takdir and rezeki.. tapi kan dah nama nya kita manusia, do some extra effort with birth planning... macam org miskin gak.. ko nak salahkan takdir sebab ko miskin? abis kalau ko tak usaha macamana Allah nak permudahkannya... ( kan akak quote hadith kan.. kekekek)
hello dey...some people think medical advices ni are bull shit... cam ada la satu pakcik yang akak kenal tu... dia cakap kalau wat med check up kat hospital of course macam2 la penyakit yang di diagnosa, end up stress tu yang buat lagi sakit... I totally disagree with this theory.. abis ko lagi suka la ek die in a sudden, as u wont have to take any medication for the diagnosed ailments.. biarlah rahsia gitu... tup tup kejung kat mana-mana.. biarlah.. dah ajalnya... kan?
Precaution... ko paham tak apa maknanya tuuu ?

ok la enuff about it... akak plak emo tengahari buta ni... some ppl think they r not selfish as all the actions they they took would be defined as their sacrifices to the loved ones... tapi bagi ahkak kan.. i have to be selfish for my own good... if it considers my body... tapi akak taktau la org lain kan... kunun berkorban apa saja.. harta atau pun nyawa... ko ingat laki ko akan stay single once u r dead? ntah ntah kubur masih merah , laki dah cari org lain.. kununnya nak kena jaga anak2 kecik yang beceretek arek tu...
Peviously, my sister mentioned in her fb regarding her junior MO yang passed away due to the birth complications.. most of her friend doctors siap komen kat status , more likely kutuk sebab this poor lady had a frequent pregnancy previously..
I have no idea why our moms boleh jek conceive every year,, tapi ko tengok la cara pantanga dia org lepas bersalin.. tip top... if they were to conceive the next year, the uterus dah totally healed... tu pun its not recommendable kan... compared to the modern ladies nowadays, jauh panggang dr api la... kan
( i dun know why i m still perturbed with this issue, I had my sister telling me regarding the similar case of her patient).. of course ahkak memang tak layak untuk mengkritik cos i dun have any tiny experinece regarding this... but i have LOTSA experiences ergarding other ailments.. U name it.. I am like a box full with lotsa diagnosed diseases... semua akak rembat hahahah..
Ok lah... tetiba emo di siang hari apasal kak? kekekee.. some people cant take any critics i guess.. somehow those critics would actually make u wonder abt yr life in person... kita takkan nampak apa kekurangan dan kelebihan kita sendiri unless ada org yg habaqkan kat kita honestly kan? I for instance somehow have been denying that i have this reporter insntinct in me.. my siblings used to call me that when i was a kid.. gara2 nak spread first hand info kat my father, akak boleh tergelincir atas titi dan terus terhumban dalama patrit yang penuh minyak hahahaa... tu pun tak insaf2 lagi... of lates jek, i have tried to reduce this so called attitude in me... tried to seal my mouth whenever i obtained some info from the rest of the family.. at times, it can be a good deed for conveying it,, but wat if the info was supposed to be a confidential.. ? tapi si reporter ni tak gheti2 nak tutup mulut?
sama la juga cam org yg suka membuat fitnah, ko ingat dia suka ke kalau org lain nasihat dia.. still cakap yang dia tu baik sebab bukak kain dalam org lain kan?

... Ok lah... nak tido sat... resolusi bulan ramadhan ni cam tak berapa menjadik jek.. cakap tak nak marah2.. tapi kalau ko marah tak melibatkan org lain tak pe kot..... marah sorang2 ngomel sorang2... hihihi

Saturday, August 21, 2010


jari sangat pijar, taktau kenapa.. agaknya sebab tadi duk pegang cili api nak blend.. ataupun sebab akak kuoas bawang putih dalam gelap.. entah entah dah tersagat jari sendiri..
dah 2-3 hari tak puasa.. frust la juga sebab tengah berkobar kununnya nak menkhatamkan quran yang dah terbengkalai sejak tahun lepas.. ingatkan dah ambik jab ni, selang sebulan la ke dia 'datang' tapi ambik jab ke idok, regular jek.. dah le tu, selalunya 15 hari baru ok... (motif nak elaborate ni pehal kak?)
Anyway, anak buah akak yang kat SSP tu ada kat rumah this weekend.. kalau akak la sementelah tak puasa ni, ala kadar jek la makan.. tapi since dah tetamu ada, terpaksa la ke param.. ( bukan terpaksa masak kakaka).. semalam te5jadi la satu kekecohan sebab org yg nak pick up niece akak kat ktm serdang tu, tak berapa nak kenal muka niece akak tu.. so saling tunggu menunggu, akak pulak jadik perantara.. niece akak tu pulak takder hp, rely on public phone, dah le public phone byk yang rosak.. dekat 1/2 jam la jugak baru ketemu..
pas ambik akak kitaorg ke param depan rumah..tayau la apa nak makan, beli nasik kerabu for the 2nd time pas tu beli onde2 , 8 ketui 2 ringgit .. ish ish ish.. nasi kerabu pun takder la sedap mana.. cam tak cukup syarat tapi boolehh la..
kul 4.30 pagi, kejutkan niece, panaskan nasik dan lauk dia nak makan pas tu akak pun turut sama tak tido sampai la dah dekat nak masuk subuh... mithali sungguh la mak sedara ni kan kekekeke
petang ni mungkin ke param.. kalau budak skolah tu cakap nak pegi tapi akak cadang nak masak mihun goreng , tadi tgh kupas bawang la yang tersagat jari tu...
esok, ada bukak puasa kat KD, sempena nak meraikan abg ke 2 akak yang dah nak 'blah' ke marseilles jumaat depan.. (selamat duit raya akak untuk anak2 dia tahun ni hahaha). so kitorang the rest of the clan pakat2 sponsor bukak posa utk dia satu famili.. abangnda yang sulung dah delegate sapa kena bawak kuih apa.. byk cantikkann.. hahaha.. abis yang diraikan tu seperti biasa la main lenggang kangkung jek la kot datang kekekeke.. ( motip kutok abang sendiri kan)
so.. itu lah dia.. dah tak berposa ni.. cam tak best jekkk.. harap2 takder la lama 'cuti'.. tahun lepas akak cuti satu hari jek tu pun sebab akak kena posa utk xray.. so akak tak dapat sahur.. tak sahur maknanya tak makan ubat.. so pas xray akak buka jek la :)
dah pukul 4.. jap lagi kalau rajin ke param yang ntah hapa-hapa tu.. round 2-3 kali pun cam tak der menda yg rasa nak makan...

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

yesterday's emotion

I was so disappointed yesterday, that i wept silently while cooking . remember how i longed for the nasik kerabu in my yesterday's post? Someone did buy it for me, along with all the tempting kelantanese kuih muih, ie lompat tikam and tepung pelita. I was so happy on the way back home yesterday, ala-ala my dream has come true.
panas tidak sampai ke petang...
Rite after i cleaned myself, i unwrapped all the purchased food, and looks like someone has MISINTERPRETED my request.
I was asking for NASI KERABU, not the NASI DAGANG...
so there went my resolution of going to be extra patience during the fasting month.. Tried not to get angry at anyone.. but... yes, I was babbling to myself in between.. cant help vented out my frustration via 2 sms-es to that person (yang tukang beli)..
in the meantime, I defroze the fish, planned to fry it and cooked the rice, the nasik dagang will go straight into the thrash bin... ( see, kunun nak insaf... takder maknanyaa)..
I have no idea why i went a bit berserk + emotional.. ala2 cam orang mengidam la plak...
but then, after 30 minutes, i have calmed down.. i m breaking my iftar with nasik panas and ikan goreng jek + ulam timun jek la...
Not knowing that someone took a real effort to go back to the place where he bought the food ( in the middle of the heavy rain) and came back to my place just to give me a pack of nasi kerabu (yang dah tak cukup syarat)..
Am not sure whether i should thank that person of it (due to his kasih sayang yang melimpah ruah hahah) or he cant stand my cruel sms-es that have been sent to him earlier. I wasn't that cruel la.. besides there 'd be another day..( never felt apreciated tho, if that was the reason )
Anyway.. the nasi kerabu is under-rated... so i guess the same goes to the untouched nasi dagang.. and all the kuih muih, i only managed to take a spoonful, which gave me the bitter taste ( gilo, lompat tikam rasa sangat pahit), and it cant even be covered with the sugarless air nisan.. similar case with the tepung pelita.. i think they added bucket of water to the diluted santan.. which doesnt give any creamy taste of the santan... which have made me so so so.... frustrated that I vowed i m not gonna buy anymore food from the param tis year... and if i ever did, it shud be from the same established stall that i bought it in SS... ( makan nasik ngan ikan goreng lagik best babe!!)
Dont have the heart to curse them. I bet lotsa customer have already done tat...
On another note.... I finished my follow up at rheumy clinic very early today. yeay!.. accoding to my blood test, everything is under control.. my sugar level is ok, my cholestrol level is going down.. and i feel so happy... (cant afford to get stressful during fasting month aye?)
Got another O&G follow up next week, time for another jab :)..

p.S still cant believe i got so emotional over an unworthy pack of bland nasik kerabu yesterday.. haishhh

Monday, August 16, 2010

and still...

day 6..
Bukan kira berapa hari posa.. tapi.. berapa hari duk mendetoksifikasikn badan ni...
Dah 5 hari.. keluar masuk toilet.. penat wooo.. ada kalanya tak kerap sangat..adakalanya ( cam hari ni) hishh... toliet bowl pun dah bosan kot nengok akak bertenggek atas dia hahahah
since esok nak kena pi rheumy klinik... haruslah stop untuk sehari.. tak koser nak berulang pi tandas spital.. kat opis ngan rumah boleh la.. bersih..
dah dah 5 hari, akak berjaya tidak pergi kemana-mana pasar ramadhan.. masak sendiri.. takder la grand sangat, tambah2 duk sorang lagi la... buka posa makan kuih jek.. semalam teringin nak makan popia, buat la barang 20 ketul, goreng 5 ketul pas tu minum air teh secawan.. itu je la juadah buka puasa.. semenjak ambik supplemen detoks , rasa kenyang jek.. tapi sahur harus gak la makan carbs.. so sahur makan leftover spaghetti tuna yang digoreng di ptg sabtu.. letak brocolli dan cendawan banyak2.. ( yang menyumbang kepada kekerapan masuk tandas juga la tu)
petang ni, since kelas abis kul 6, rasanya terpaksa la juga beli (wahh terpaksa tu).. dedulu, 2 tahun lepas ingat lagi, asyik tulis dalam blog , hari2 kena jamah nasik kerabu.. dulu boleh la param depan rumah.. pas tu org yg jual tu memang yg jual hari2 bukan bidan terjun bulan poser jek..
akak bulan pose memang allergi dengan masakan bersantan.. napa tah.. so dalam hati cuma ada kuah yang jernih jek cam tomyam ke, sup ka, masak bening ke.. ayam cuma boleh makan ayam goreng jek.. (ayam percik pun ok )tapi yang lain meman g hanya akan menjadi santapan mata sahaja... senang nak bela akak ni :).. tak der nak perabiskan duit pun hahahha
duk sorang ni,, nak buat kuih pun malas,,, nak buat banyak bagi kat jiran? ermmm jiran pun akak tak kenal tau... yg depan rumah.. pasangan tanpa anak.. kalau terserempak keluar rumah sekali,, laju2 jek dia blah masuk lif cam taknak berdepan jek... org sebelah pun dah bertukar ganti... bila akak kuar menyapu, kalau kebetulan dorang ada kat luar, cepat2 masuk... ishh terasa sungguh akak.. cuma yang kat hujung tu jek.. yang dah beranak pinak... kalau jumpa jek senyum.. tapi itu la akak ni kadang2 jumpa sekali dua lum cam.. kalau org senyum esp lelaki.. antara dua.. nak senyum ke tak.. mana tau akak yang perasan ke ...
Rasanya tak der bezanya ramadhan atau tak... cuma amal ibadah jek yang rasa lebih skit bila bulan posa.. yang lain tu.. macam nak makan ke apa.. sama jek sbb bukan bulan posa pun ramai jugak yang tak makan beriya...
rasanya hidup sebatang kara ni cam tu lah.. bulan posa cuma meriah bagi yang hidup berkeluarga.. tanya la manusia ke jin afrit mana pun... akak kalau nak rasa meriah, pegi la lepak rumah abang yang penuh dengan anak buah.. tapi tu la.. yg dah besar pun buat kije sendiri2... manjang duk atas main playstation la.. bukak internet la... layanyang kecik jek la... *sebak*
Semua orang ada kehidupan masing2, macam akak pun.. dah lama berseorangan ni, bunyi2 bising jek rasa nak marah orang... nak ketenangan la kunun.. sekali sekala boleh la jumpa kawan.. tapi kalau dah selalu.. apa ke pekdahnya.. waima.. kawan baik pun semua dah berkeluarga... yang tak berkeluarga.. tak boleh masuk dia org punya peel lak...
kalau zaman dulu, umur cam akak ni dah ada cucu tau ( ewahh motif nak cucu hahaha), hari tu ada sorang budak kecik dalam umur 3-4 tahun masuk lif ngan mak dia.. makdia duk panggil akak ni "nenek' bila bahsakan kat anak dia.. ishh sentap disitu akak.... hahahaha.. tapi pk2 betul la.. kalau akak ada anak masa umo 17 tahn, anak sulung dah 25, mesti dah berkawin bagai ada anak der kan... so tak jadi la sentap, tapi jegil2 manja jek kat mak dia hahaha.. nak sedapkan hati.. ok la ok la akak jadi nenek vogue jek la heheheh
Frankly speaking, akak tak kesal pun kalau dah ditakdirkan takder jodoh sampai ke akhir hayat.. Itu dah bahagian akak dari Nya.. Ada la sebab musabab nya TUhan dah takdirkan cam tu.. Akak redha sebenarnya ( waahhh siri meluah perasaan la pulak)..
Tapi kan, akak rasa mungkin masa dalam kandungan dulu masa Tuhan bagi pilihan kat akak, kau nak Phd ke kau nak kawin dan ada anak, dan akak yang materialistik ini pun memilih nak ada Phd sebab kalau ada Phd dapat banyak duit, dan kalau ada duit banyak, ada kau kesah ko ada anak ke laki? so akak pun memilih pilihan yang kurang tepat hahah ( astaghafirullah, akak joke jek ni tau)
tapi kan, akak selalu terfikir.. in a way musahabah, kalau akak ni tak sakit sejak kecik, mungkin bila besar, akak akan jadi liar dan bebas dan jahat mengalahkan jin afrit, kalau akak ni punya suami dan anak, mungkin akak tak boleh menjaga rumahtangga akak dengan baik, end up dengan cerai berai dan sebagainya.. so konklusinya,, segala yang berlaku itu mesti ada hikmahnyaaa.. kalau dah kita berusaha tapi Allah tetap tunjukkan yang itulah pengakhiran hidup kita... akak pasrah.. sebab DIA tahu, akak bleh menerima dan menempuh segala dugaan dan cabaran serta ujian yang diberikan.. ( wahhh adakah akak mengangkat bakul sendiri?)..
Ilmu akhirat takder la sebanyak mana, seriously masa akak kecik dulu biasa la budak kecik), bla sakit jek akak nangis, tanya kenapa lah DIA beri ujian yang berat ini pada akak yang masih kecik ni , tapi bila dah meningkat dewasa dan 'menua" akak bolehjek terima apa jua dugaan tanpa bersungut atau merungut. kadang2 persekitaran tersebut boleh menginsafkan kita sebenarnya.. baca blog minah loaded yang berbapakan tansri, rasa macam.. wahh bestnya diaaa... semua yang dia nak dia dapat.. tapi bila baca blog yang meruntun jiwa, macam ibu yang ada anak bermasalah ke.. terasa betapa bertuahnya kita... bila baca berita bayi dibuang.. terfikir, macamana la ibu dia tu menghadapinya berseorangan... dengan masalah maha besar.. pas tu mengambil keputusan melulu...dan otomatik terus mensyukuri diri kerana diberi akal yang rasional sepanjang 42 tahun hidup di dunia ini... Banyak benda sebenarnya yang kita boleh fikir-fikirkann dan mensyukuri nikmat yang Tuhan bagi...
.. dan bulan puasa ini jugalah yang membuatkan akak berfikir sejenak.. tanpa perlu memikirkan.. apasal la aku lapar sangat ni,, nak makan pun takder apa.. sebab banyak masa yang kita boleh peruntukkan di bulan puasa ni untuk memperbaiki diri.. bukan hanya dibulan puasa tapi untuk bulan2 seterusnya...
Akak insaf.... ( harapnya untuk selama-lamanya la ).. ni idok, esok manjang duk komplen marah tak leh bukak botol sos cili, la tak leh capai hanger kat kabinet atas la.. (itu bukan marah, itu keciwa sebenarnya) hahahaha

Ok lah... memulas untuk kesekian kalinya...

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Detoxifying month of Ramadhan

Not in the mood to update the blog, as I have lost it while marking the students' ethno paper. Senatp hokeyyy. Akak merasa sedikit sakit jiwa juga sedikit kuciwa dengan prestasi pelajar akak yang sangat kelaut... dorang ni paham apa tak yg akak ajar ke jenis main spot soalan.. so soalan yang masuk totally outta their league..
Sunnguh akak kuciwa.. so marking amat mengambil masa.. walaupun hanya 22 ketui sahaja yang ambik paper ni... kata paper elektif... Soalan part akak memamng ko setakat ni.. so ada lagi 2 soalan daripada topik lecturer lain..
Sesungguhnya emosional di hari pertama ramadhan adalah amat tidakk sesuai yer....
Sementelah waktu kerja di bulan ramadhan ini dipercepatkan setengah jam, (tapi akak kul 6.30 pagi dah terpacak dalam bilik), haruslah akak balik awal sikit petang ini untuk mengubati hati yang lara.. ( motif?)
Dan seperti kebanyakan blogger lain yang memperihalkan kisah sahur di hari pertama, maka akak juga adalah tidak ketinggalan untuk berkonngsi cerita (ewah!).. Cuma cerita sahur akak tidaklah berapa meriah kerana akak hanyalah bersahur berseorangan sahaja diiringi dengan jeritan anak2 pak iran di luar bangunan. Disebabkan akak telah berazam untuk men-detoksikan diri di bulan ramadhan ini, maka akak telah mengambil minuman ( yang kununnya mampu mendektoksikan) yang menyebabkan perut akak memulas mulas sahaja sejak dari pukul 10 pagi tadi.
Owh , lupa pula,, sahur akak adalah berupa tomyam (paling sedap kat Sri Lavnder, Kajang) dan juga paling pedas yang amat. Akak masak satu periuk besar ( sebab tak gheti nak ration untuk sorang ni).. dan haruslah akak mengulangi makan tomyam tersebut sehinggahabis licin satu periuk. Paling cepat lagi 2 kali buka puasa dan 2 kali sahur.
Buka puasa nanti, akak akan mendetoksikan diri lagi sekali sebelummenjamah apa sahaja makanan yang berada di dalam fridge. Adakah kesan minum detoks itu menyebabkan akak terasa tidak terliur langsung dari membayangkan makanan2 enak di tghari ini? hmmm mungkin juga.. sbb akak rasa masih kenyang walaupun dah 2-3 kali berulang alik ke tandas. Owhh... hati akak sudah mula berbunga kerana sekiranya rutin ini boleh diteruskan sepanjang bulan ramadhan , harus la akak berjaya mencapai saiz model of the year nanti.. hahahah ( ok, tak kelakar)
harus mintak diri dulu kerana perut akak kembali memulas2.. (owhh btw, minuman tadi mengandungi ekstrak nenas di samping pelbagai ekstrak tumbuhan yang menampilkan kaler yang sungguh tak menarik iaitu kaler hijau.. tapi rasanya sedap dan everytime akak sendawa, akak rasa nenas... hihihi)

permisi ke tandas dulu!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Ramadhan's coming..

As usual, when i am so worn out with works i ll take a secret little break by updating my blog in lightning speed ( hopefully).. I m about to finish a 2-3 pages of thesis report. I have other 2 queuing up for the "GOD-knows when the vivas are' and another 1 is adding up. Managed to finish reading the thesis in a record time, yes i spend a whole morning reading it yesterday, as I had an afternoon class afterwards. This morning, took a peek on its discussion and ran to a meeting which took place the whole morning. I am now trying to write a report based on the thesis content, have marked many pages of it, and silly me, i forgot to bookmark which pages so now i have to flip over the pages in order to mention the corrections that she has to make in the report.
Then, i think i need a break.. ok a short break.. to be precise a 5 mins break..
Eh lupa.. the fasting month will begin tomorrow.. I should be extra excited... and less sleepy... as I tend to go to be dearly so that I can wake up early for sahur and coming straight to work rite after subuh prayer... ok i lied.. i tend to get sleepy again while waiting for him to pick me up in the early morning. On 2nd tot.. i wont if i managed to find myself a suitable tv series that i might watch it with interest during those early hours...
I have one.. Its in KBS world channel.. they have tis one programme called "Screening humanity' which it actually a reality show on all sorta people in Korea.. This week, they are featuring a stay at home korean dad who take full care of his 10 months old son..Owh,, and last week, they featured a group of elderly women who lead independent livesamongst themselves.. I wept during one of the stories.. ( actually i wept in each of the stories.. heheh).This programme is on air every monday to friday at 6.48-7.28 am. see how god i am with the time? heheheh
On another story, mom called me last nite, informing me that she has collected all 4 pasang of my baju raya.. I asked her of the colors of those baju raya (i have the same problem of going back for raya with the mismatched tudung every year, and ended up with my sister's tudung). So this year, I m pretty sure i have the matching tudung to go with my simplest (motif?) baju kurung raya... lol
Can i talk a bit about my weekend? before the time's up... (cett!)
had a visit to SMC , maybe i havent blogged about this yet.. my 20 yrs old niece has undergone a surgery to remove a cyst and a fibroid (which has been ruptured into 3)on friday. Dunno wat happen these days, too many youngsters and teenagers suffer from the gynae problem. She( the niece) wont be diagnosed if she did not go for a thorough medical check up for her overseas admission priorly. She did not feel any pain, and the only things that they found out in prior was her BP which was a bit high for a 20 yrs old female . That led to a thorough check up, and since one of the aunties is a gynaecologist, she managed to find abdominal masses via the CTscan. And now, the bp is finally back to normal.. my elder sis flew back from kelantan since thursday and now going back with her daughter this evening. Hope, she will have a speeedy recovery. She was supposed to register in UQ last month, yet due to her failed medical check up and now this, she might be able to start her study latest after raya.... hopefully.. (now i have one more place to go for another overseas trip *grinning*)
My brother and his family will be flying to Marseilles at the end of this month. he will be working there for 2 years, bringing his whole family together. Now they are so free, as the niece and the nephew have quit school since last month and along with the mom, they are engrossedly knocking their heads off over FB games..*eyes rolling off*.. and owh Marseilles.. here i come next year lol!
owh.. its more than a 10 mins break.. and before i end up my entry, I m gonna wish my readers ( i know there is one or two) a happy ramadhan.. and another mundane picca from the last Kyoto trip lol.. me and the rest of the gang infront'f the Golden temple... don't know why , but I feel so serene everytime i look at this picca.. must be the surrounding.. i guess..

Friday, August 06, 2010

drooling over the kelantan delights during ramadhan

Hari Jumaat yang sangat mengeringkan tekak. Dah puas akak menggagau cari ayaq minum, nak turun koop beli mineral water malas, kat dalam pantry, bekalan air dah abis.. so puasla akak menelan air liur (eeeww) tapi tetap tak hilang hausnyaa.. tapi kunyah biskut mayat for lunch tanpa air... rasa cam unta la plak...
anywayyyy... untuk menghilangkan ngantuk, akak berblog(bley?), since nak minum kopi hang tuah.. ayaq panaih takdakkk...
Ada satu thesis nak kena baca dan satu paper nak kena write up. Gigih write paper sebab nak cukupkan quota hikhikhik. owhh insentif last year publication pun lum dapat.. so tahun ni berazam untuk publish kat impact factor journals la plak...
Akak ada satu lecture jek weekly sekarang.. lepas raya ada balik lectures untuk subject lain.. so skrg takder la bz sangat nak prepare lecture.. boleh la membuat kegiatan sampingan yang bermenafaat ..
Semalam lunch kat Mohd Chan dengan adik akak dan colleaguenya.. they all dtg untuk meeting department yang setahun sekali pun tak penah attend tu hikhik ( motif kutok adik sendiri).. Anyway, most of the siblings balik kg this weekend membuatkan kejelasan akak melampau-lampau... takpe.. tak sampai sebulan lagi, akak akan balik untuk beraya... ( ewahh posa pun lum dah berangan nak balik raya)..
bese la abg akak itu, nak masuk bulan posa, wajeeebul balik kg untuk membeli serbo mok-niko kuih2 kelantan untuk dibawak bekal berbuka posa di KL. Akak pun cam tu sebenonya, bulan posa teringin la nak makan kuih2 kelantan yang sangat menarik tu.. esp sagumpal.. lapis sekaya, akok, buah mulong, nekbat,tepung pelita, colek ayam wahhhh meleleh airliur akak dissat menaipnya.. sorry karipap org kelantan tak makan yer.. tak der langsung nilai2 estetika karipap di bulan posa...
dan dibulan posa juga la akak akan mengidam segala jenis kerabu, nasik kerabu, ayam percik,solok ikan dan segala lauk2 kelantan.. tapi sorrii.. kat pasar ramadhan tu sangatlah taksedapnyaa dan sgt la mahalnta hapa2.. rasa pun tak sama ngan kat Kelantan punya.. so dibulan posa ini akak hanya boleh menaruh kepercayaan kepada restoran sup UK kat sek7 sahaj yang berupaya untuk mengembalikan nostalgia indah berbuka kat kelantan.. ( tak la sepenuhnya tapi ok la dari ngko menyumpah seranah sipenjual lauk yang tk berdosa di pasar ramadhan itu)..
Takpasal rasa lapar plak duk menyenaraikan lauk2 kegemaran nih.. ishhhh
owhh nak balik nak balik.. kalau kat rumah.. lauk singgang daging pun dah sangat sedappp masa buka posa...mak aihh ngidam singgang daging la plakkk...

Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Pathetic Tuesday..

I was in such a pathetic state yesterday ( waaa.. trust me when it comes to seeking sympathy).. alkisahnya.. i planned to fast yesterday.. and while cleaning and mopping a corner of the room ( as they were going to install the wardrobe and the book shelf in those corner the next day), I accidentally shifted my body in an awkward way ( kununnya nak bersihkan debu kat bawah katil). later on i felt the sharp pain on my left waist, ironically, I ve just gone for a follow up in the urology clinic in the morning, and they found out that there're another 2 tiny stones remain in the kidney, at the lower bottom, after my post-eslw last month. when the dr asked me whether i had any pain lately, i brushed off his question while boastfully answerd that " i m good nowaadays, dr".. and on that very nite, those sharp pain haunted me back.. padan muka aku..
I did swallow a mild pain killer before i went to bed ( thinking that the pain will go away later on ). But it did not. I managed to call for help, at 5 am. and that was because, I did not think i d be able to stand the pain anymore.. it throbbed every 5 minutes which made me felt like i was in labour pain ( ok, i lied,, never knew how'd it feel).. The rescue came 5 mins to 6, and we rushed to emergency Hospital Serdang. After getting a jab, I was half ok already. It was already half past 7 when we left the hospital, and i ve decided to take a medical leave for a day. Since I was at home, the plan still went on and they came around 11 to install the items. It was quite noisy with all those drilling watsoever, and i was like a zombie trying to stay awake infront'f the tv. It would be so appropriate if i had just lied infront of the tv like always, so I decided to lie down in the rom ( minus the noises in the next room). They still havent finish installing those stuffs at 4 pm, and i was a bit shaky already, due to the lower glucose level. Switched on the tv again, while feeling sorry to myself ( motif?). They did a good job tho, tho the floor ne3ed to be mopped when they left. Had the leftover of nasi beriyani, from the sunday's khenduri ( it was supposed to be my sahur actually)..Still had those pain on and off, and they only gave me ponstan for oral painkiller. and this morning, i had my sahur with the leftover nasi beritani and ayam masakl merah again ( for the 3rd time duhh), and came early for work. Feeling good today tho, despite the yesterday's unfortunate event..
P.s no pic today. enuff of kyoto's piccas..

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Coffee orgasm :)

Tajuk tak boleh blah keh keh keh:)
Oh yeah.. this is bliss.. while sipping a mug of hot coffee ( unfortunately its not kopi aik cheong, my fav, but hang tuah is as good as the former brand).. and sorry to all the starbuck lover or coffee bean ke apo as I am not their fans.. which is kopi yang mahal nak mampuih.. but the pleasure of drinking it is as good as @ even less than drinking the kopi kampung.. ( please check the calories of those branded ones..boleh terus ambik insulin pas tu hahahaha.
Anyway, i had a pleasant morning today.. not to mention i spent half of the morning chit-chatting with the etika agent whom happened to be the brother of actor jehan miskin ( no we did not gossip about the entertainment world, more likely into complaining of my iranian neighbours whom have conquered those 3 blocks of the apartment..
I had lunch with an istant mee in a cup, :) ever since we had our water dispenser refunctions in the so called pantry, i ve been going to and fro, thinking of wat sorta meal that Im gonna have next. Instant beverages are also been provided, and the only thing that they forgot to put in is either nasik lemak or mee hoon for instant breakfast. well its not that 'happening' now, it will even become quieter once the fasting month starts, yet now i dun have to worry to look for a glass of hot@ cold water like before. Its just a few steps away from yrs truly's coccoon:)
..... let me again enjoy another sip before the coffee's getting cold hehehehe..

The parent is coming this afternoon, I m not sure whether they will be picked by the 'ignorant brother' or the 'concern sister' hahaha. See.. i have names for each of my siblings.. Another 'totful sister' the one with the 'tantrum son' will be joining us tomorrow. And yes, she left the maid behind and will only be accompanied by her 'middle child syndrome' son lol..
The ignorant brother will be having sorta hse-warming on saturday nite, I m thinking of going to the idolised bro's house first so that i can tag along with the family later on.. eh wait a sec.. i think i ve narrated all of these in the prev entry.. rite.. cet..

almost 2, hope that this cofee wil make me awake till 5. need to look bz till then..

and. another kyoto pic.. ( as this is the only pic folder in tis pc)

us infront of the palace which was the previos location for The Last Samurai movie..:) never had neither the courage nor the strength to climb all those flight of stairs, ended up with us grinning infront of the place, as we did not have enough time to go to all the historical places.. Last stop was the tempura restaurant and i had another orgasm meal there... hahahaha

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

A yg meruntun jiwaaaaaaaaaa

lunch time, tapi hari ni akak posa (harapnya sampai ke petang.. amin)
alkisahnya semalaaaaam air tumpah ( air kotak) kat atas keyboard ni, so hari ni huruf 'A" adalah stuck, dan akak terpaksaa menggunakan segenap tenagaa akak untuk menekan keypad a itu. See kalau tekan haruslah byk aaaaaaaaa yang akaaaaan keluar.. TENSENNN! Tengok!

Takder benda nak update sebab penat nak menekan hurup A ini, try nak cungkil tadi taaaaaaaapi cam tak boleh.. ishhhh

Anyway, akak sekadar blog hopping dan membaca manaaaaaaa- manaaaaaaaaa blog yg boleh dibaaaaaaaaaaaaaca... hah

Tahap kronik dah ni...
anyway terimalah....

akak di tengah sebatang jalan di kyoto, konon2nya misi mencari geiko.. jumpa sorang tapi lari lintang pukang bila nmpak kita org... owh terasa feeling2 ala sakura kat sini, tu sebelah adalah tokong diaa apa tah, sgt sunyi walau pun masa tu tghari.. ini adaaaaaaaalah perkampungan geiko.. atau pun trainee geisha.. so bese la kan.. geiko kalu siang dia tido, malam baru beroperasi keh keh keh ( motif diakhiri dengan keh keh keh?)

okeh, akak nak jadi mcgyver jap.. nak repair keypad A nih

Sunday, July 25, 2010

se-entri sekeping gambar

seorang makcik tembum with a picturesque scenery as the background, Lupa dah nama waterfall tu, tapi ianya adalah sangattt cantik, dan akak terpaksa turun natural marble stairs dengan railing kayunya untuk sampai ke sini.. tapi tetap la gigih nak turun jugak... nasib baik ada 2 PA membantu, sebab nak turun adalah sangat licin... my other frends siap ambik picas bawah waterfall tu lagik.. ni yang anak dia jek,, ada lagik yang beso... yang akak rasa cam ala2 nak posing 7 puteri kayangan.. tapi ( sedo diri muka tembum hasil lantakan kebab dan pelbagai turkish mealselama beberapa hari..pas tu bawak knapsack yang berat jugak la sampai tetarik baju akak.. gilo...kan) surprisingly kedai jual souvenirs kat waterfall ni lagik murah drpd bazaar yang hidup2 tipu kitorang masa kat antalya tuh.. ingatkan sini lagik mahal... ces ces )
I m gonna update with a lightning speed... bley?
Akak baru perasan, asal jek weeeknd, berat akak macam mencanak sedikit and then goes back to normal on weekdays...(yes, akak sekarang cam weight conscious jek.. nape tah)
pas tu, akak kan.. tengah2 baca thesis students, pas tu pegilap sliding door.. pas tu dalam 10 minit lagi... pegi basuh balkoni.. suka suki jek take a break nak buat spontaneous hse chores.. is it good or bad? ( or sekadar indicate yang akak ni bukan jenis yang organised)
Of lates, akak sangat suka tido awal.. asal jek terlelap kat sofa tu.. terus akak off tv pegi kroh2 dalam bilik.. malam sabtu hari tu, boleh tak, akak masuk tido kul 7.20.. ( walaupun dah boleh my mom will be calling malam tu , wahh tak sengke akak ada ESP:))
dan seperti yang dijangka.. akak dengar deringan telepon dalam kul 8 lebih gitu.. ingat malas jek nak angkat.. tapi akak taknak la plak mak akak stak wasangka, ingat anak dia pi clubbing ke jadi kutu berembun kat mana2 ke... ( padahal anak dia dah terbongkang tido, siap mimpi2 lagik).. so akak call dia balik... cakap lebih kurang.. boleh sambung tido tanpa sebarang masalahh... ( does it indicate i m such a 'pentido' yang berjaya? hahahaa)
tapi kan akak memang perasan kalau siangnya akak stress baca draf thesis budak2 amalatnya awal la akak lelap malam tu.. penat woo otak baca hasil ilmiah ni esp hasil ilmiah yang kelauttttt...
owh tak lupa jugak... mimpi akak cam meleret2 ntah mana2 pi kalau dah tido lebih 8 jam tu... hari tu akak mimpi handbag akak kena ragut.. gila boleh fikir dalam mimpi tu... kad atm tu dorang bleh pakai ke sbb akak cuma boleh report kehilangan kad atm tu keesokan paginya jek.. pas tu dalam mimpi tu boleh akak pk, eh.. kan aklau kita buat transfer dalam internet.. kan dia akan acknowlede samada kita ke yg buat transaction tersebut thru their sms to them.. so akak gumbira.. pas tu ehh tetiba terpk tu, applicable to credit card jek.. bukan atm card.. boleh lak tersedar mimpi pegi kencing.. pas tu gi check handbag ada ke tak atas meja.... hahahaha ( does it indicate that I have a REM stage of my sleep?)
owh lagi satu.. akak jugak astyik mimpi kawan2 masa skolah dulu... masa za,an primary school dulu... eh tapi kan.. byk kali jugak.. bila akak mimpi that partuclar person, nanti lagi 2-3 hari akak akan jumpa dia dalam face book... ( sekali lagi, adalah akak mempunyai ESP?)
Akak jugak baru prasan, kalau weekend, barnyak betul akak consume caffeine intake.. sekejap kopi, sekejap teh... bagus sangat la tu.. trigger akak punya batu karang lagi kan...
owh I hasd another eslw last month. as I had another attack in april, aweek before i flew to turkey.. so during tat period, akak posa kopi.. tengok jek la org minum kopi masa kat antalya.. pas tu ada this one day, akak made myself a cup of mint tea, tetiba jek akak rasa it soon gonna be anthr attack occur.. terus naik bilik... ambik painkiller.. tapi sementara nak tunggu drug took effect, sempat la jugak akak muntah seraun dua, sambil menggigil tahan sakit.. the pain went off adter a few hours...
so when i went for an appt after 6 months of having my 1st eslw, I had my ultra sound prior to the appt, so the registrar cakap.. ada lagi one stone kat my left kidney.. terus akak suh dia buat another procedure... tapi tis time gilerr sakit... sbb dia masoh in the kidney, last time it was already in the urethra...the dr cakap i can only do the same procedure 3x.. hopefully all of the stones dah selamat keluar.... tapi tu le,, akak ni degil, bila tak sakit minum balik nescafe... bencikkkk
so there's the end of my ranbdom rambling yang takder hala tuju itu.. I m gonna iron my baju for tomorrow. owh by the way, my parent is coming this weekend, my 2nd brother kununnya nak was 'naik rumah'.on saturday nite.. and then ada kenduri my parent's besan ( my sis's SIL) on sunday..) waaaaa ala2 ala bz la akak this weekend ye...
owh.. and there's another random pic in tis entry..
P.S cant wait to go to work tomorrow.. (harusla motivate diri sedniri kan... apart of kena sambung baca hasil ilimiah my student yang sangattt ke laut tu.... another probability that I m gonna have an early nite again tomorrow.. heheheheh)

Friday, July 23, 2010

Pukul 2 pagi...

Di Jogja , may hari tu.. ni gigih mendaki candi borobudur semata2 nak ambik gambar.. ikut hati tak larat tapi sebab dah sampai, naik la jugak walaupun slow kalahkan kura-kura... tu pun posing kat tanah jek.. tak koser akak nak naik sampai ke puncak AF sana.. keliling candi ambik gambar barang dua 40 keping pas tu turun ... on the way turun dikerumuni oleh penjaja yang mengekor sampai 1 km suruh beli barang jualan dorang ... ikut hati kalau kaki akak panjang la.. akak terajang jek ( ewahh ada hati tu), tak koser den nak beli tshirt yang ada gambar candi hindu... tau!

Morninggg.. *while yawning*...
i ve been up since 2 am this morning. Gila tersakit perut di pagi buta.. puas akak pejam mata buat derk.. tapi takleh jugak tahan.. last2 terpaksa meninggalkan katil yang empuk dan panas itu untuk melepaskan qada` hajat.. dan selepas keluar.. terus mata jadi terang benderang... bergolek-golek sampai kul 4 , takleh jadi ni.. akak bangun pas tu layan movie kat hallmark.. bijak bijak akak kan...
owh btw, akak tidur kul 9 malam so kalau dihitung akak dah tido 4 jam sebelum terjaga untuk memerut. Pukul 4 pagi akak bangun masak... tetiba nak makan sup yg ala2 di makan kat restoran mohd chan bangi tu... nampak cam sap sap sui jek.. so ala-ala rasa cam lebih kurang sama tu kira suksesss la jugak masakan akak tu....
posa tinggal sehari lagi.. since bendera tgh merah so rasa cam membazir jek bangun pagi2 tapi taleh posa.. ( ha iya la tu... masa belum uzur hari tu, punya la liat nak bangun pagi utk sahur...ishhh apa nak jadi ngan ko ni kak.... )
Habis movie kul 5.30 akak pi mandi and then bfast di pagi buta... pas tu sempat vacuum segala bagai sebelum nyaris tertido di sofa.... hasilnya.. akak menapak sampai gate depan supaya segar sikit bila sampai opis ( tapi nengok kije kat atas meja , yakni kena baca draf thesis yang ayar tah hapa2.. semangat yang berkobar nak buat kije tu menipis balik).. lemah betul la,, kalau kita kena betulkan ayat yang bukan ciptaan sendiri... bukan sikit lak tu.. berkajang2 kertas... cam ni alamatnya... lagi 2 tahun la student akak ni grad agaknya... nak kena hadiri kursus menulis tesis yang betul dulu kot...
This weekend, tak der aktiviti kat fak, jadi yahoooo akak boleh bersantai.. ( opps lupo ada satu tesis lagi kena hantar report), semenjak tua ni, akak memang kena bangun pagi waima hari cuti pun sebab rasanya macam tak best jek kalau ketiduran sampai matahari dah tegak atas kepala... lagi weeeknd lagi awal akak bangun
sebenonya.. napa tah...
Lagi apa ek nak tulis.. sebenonya akak cuba nak menghibur hati sebab dah 3 hari duk ngadap draf thesis yang dah kali keberapa dah tapi tetapppp... nahu ayat bagai makin banyak salahnya... Minum nescafe pekat dipagi buta pun dah tak jalan.. bila nampak ayat2 yang ditulis ni... ( penat sebenarnya duk complain benda sama ni)
petang ni rasa cam nak memperabiskan duit jek.. tapi on 2 nd tot.. tak bulehh... bulan depan gaji cam biasa pas tu bulan 9 pun gaji cam biasa.. abis book shelf ngan wardrobe kat umah akak tu nak bayo ngan apa? sisik ikan?
iya.. sisik ikan la sangatt.....
harus sambung kije balik... semalam fb takleh bukak the whole day rasa cam resah gelisah, tapi kalau leh bukak pun bukannya akak nak bukak pun.. saje ngada kan... ( elok la tu sendiri kutuk sendiri iyakan).. nampak sangat kehidupan akak sehari2 terbatas dalam bilik sendiri sensorang ...

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The itchy feet

Its been 4 months since i last have an enjoyable trip with fun companies and now my feet has started to itch again... Flipping thru the pictures.. ( waa akak rasa cam kurus sedikit last year), i can still feel the warmth of kyoto sun while trying to explore every inch of the Kyoto land... well not much that we were able to explore during the short stay and limited time on excursions.. but I remember, while sitting on the backseat of the luxurious MPV that sent us to the places we felt it's worth to visit( indeed), i promised myself that I m gonna come again to Kyoto, to finish my exploration.. there are so much to see yet so little time....and yes, with some good companies, the visit wud be more than worthwhile....
owh.. i dun have any complaints today, apart of 3 hrs straight lecture.. and a soggy homemade sandwich to munch .. Life is totally perfect for me at the moment... I m feeling motivated as well... err...

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Ala-ala ibu tiri yang garang...

Mood akak untuk mengupdate hanya datang malam2 jek.. itu pun kalau bukak lappy.. dan online.. ada jugak masa-masanya online dan mengupdate lecture notes.. tapi itu hanya beberapa kali dalam setahun sahaja... heheheh
My classes for this semester only avail on monday and tuseday jek.. so the rest of the weekdays adalah masa untuk menghabiskan kerja-kerja yang masih pending since cuti semester hari tu.. akak pun taktau kenapa... rasanya cam kije dah tekun.. tapi nak siapkan satu paper makan lebih dr dua minggu... owh that wont be my paper.. i asked the post grad student to write the paper, tapi biasa la sampai kat kita, caca marba jek dibuatnya.. quote reference kat text, tapi tengok dalam list reference takder... masa nak amend.. hati duk menyumpah-nyumpah, rasa cam nak penyekk jek budak tu if she were infront me at dat time.. seriously... post grad students nowadays are of lowest quality... and i keep comparing myself during those years, masa akak jadi postgrad student dulu... (idokla akak nak bangga akak dulu bagus.. tapi ex-supervisor akak si Datin yang dah ada pangkat P kat satu universiti kat tengah2 KL tu masih lagi menyebut2 nama akak kepada students2 nya sekarang... ) tak ke bangga akak? sebab nanti dia akan cakap " haa,, akak tu, walaupun saya dah marah dia, maki dia , panggil dia tolol, tapi tetap dia buat kije dia dgn baik.." haaaa tak ke kembang kempis idung akak tu...
Akak tatau kenapa bebudak sekarang are very indecisive, dan tak determined... contoh paling dekat, anak2 buah akak yang baru masuk U. Sorang, pas sebulan kat matrik kat satu univ kat PJ tu tetiba nak tukar masuk satu univ kat kajang tu. Masa kita org nasihat dulu suh masuk the latter univ, macam2 alasan dia.. at the end dia ikut juga kata mak bapak dia tapi during the process, dia telah banyak menyusahkan dan menghari-birukan keadaan. Alasan dia kenapa nak tukar univ? sebab the former univ hostel dia tak best sebab kena duk ramai2 dlm satu dorm.. dan dia mau masuk the latter univ sebab kawan dia bgtau duduk situ macam apartment.. sangat best... haaa tengok.. he can be easily influenced by the friends.. whioch i think is totally RIDICULOUS... abis lepas ko masuk the latter univ ko tau. bahawa indah khabar dari rupa.. mana lagi ko nak masuk? Universiti of Tanjung Rambutan lol..
kes dua, anak buah akak yang perempuan... dapat dua offer, satu matrikulasi, satu lagi diploma kursus yang agak sukar le ko nak dapat kije rite after ko abis diploma tu.. so makcik2 dia dan juga atuk neneknya bagi la tau.. masuk la matrikulasi .. tapi disebabkan.. tempat matrikulasi tu mestilah jauh skit drpd kampung halaman tercenta..and tempat yg tawarkan diploma tu masih dalam negeri yang sama.. so dia pun memutuskan untuk mengambil diploma dengan memberi pelbagai alasan yang tak masuk dek akal seperti... ambik matrik susah... (sebab ada org kampung yang balik kg sebab tak lulus matriks) dan juga alasan yang dia dah taknak ambik subjek yang berasaskan sains... well hello.. abis ko ambik diploma tu.. ko masih kena ambik basic science courses...
so ok la.. since its her decision, kita org redhakan ajer... so pergilah dia untuk mendaftar... tup tup tak sampai seminggu dah talipon maknya.. cakap dia nak duk luar la.. demam la.. basuh baju tak sempat la... bila mak akak cerita dlm talipon.. akak gelak tergolek2.. tu taktik kotor la tu.. nak cakap dia tak suka duk kat situ... minggu orientasi pun belum abis, dah merungut macam2...
sebab tu la akak kater.. hudak2 zaman sekarang memang manja... mengada2... semua nak yg senang.. talleh rasa susah sikit... padahal anak buah akak yang pompuan tu bukannya duduk kat bandar besar.. takder orang gaji pun kat rumah.. tapi memang duduk menyelit bawah ketiak mak ajer.. yang mak dia pun (akak yang sulung) tu pun mengikut jek cakap anak dia...kalau nak dibandingkan hidup akak dengan hidup dia.. memang cam langit dan bumi ler.. akak ni sakit bukan yang sikit2.. tapi semangat nak belajar tu berkobar2...mak akak tegah pun akak buat bo layan.. bial mak akak acah2.. abis kalau sakit tak leh berjalan camna nak pergi kelas, sapa nak tolong.. kat u sana tu semua org buat hal masing2...akak balas balik, alaaa Allah kan ada.. Dia la yang tolong.. kalau nak harapkan manusia.. memanglah tak leh harap...
Dan itu lah yang menjadi pegangan akak... memang la.. segala apa yang mak akak acah2 tu memnag jadi kenyataan.. akak pernah tergolek sorang2 kat bilik.. tak boleh bangun, nak pegi kelas pun tak boleh, tapi betul la, Tuhan akan menolong hambanya... ada jek orang yg akan tolong akak walaupun akak tak mintak...
Entahlah, budak2 sekarang.. tak perlu tengok yang jauh.. yg dekatpun dah ada contoh terbaik.. seriously, akak sangat kuciwa ( ewahh), apasal la budak2 sekarang lemah-lemah.. segala2nya mintak disuap.. kalau tak, komplen, cakap kita yang tak baik.. tak tolong.. abis kalau dah mentaliti macam tu.. apa ko ingat ko boleh survive kalau dicampak dalam hutan? ini dicampak kat Dungun pun, dah mengonggoi nak balik...Agaknya sebab banyak makan fast food kot mental pun jadi cam kentang goreng yg akan lemau kalau dah sejuk...
Tapi kan.. akak rasa serba sedikit, ini juga mungkin berpunca darupada didikan ibubapa... kalau dah tak tegas dengan anak dari awal.. cam tu la jadinyaaa.. kalau mak tegas, bapak asyik lembik tengkok jek ngan anak pun tak jadik...abis kesedaran pun tak diberi dari awal.. asal jek dapat ok sikit result.. reward la dengan PSP la, kamera la, hp la,, akak dulu dapat no 1, takpernah dapat apa2.. sebab apa? sebab akak tau... ayah akak tak mampu nak mereward bagai ni.. gaji cuma cukup untuk makan pakai dan sara idup anak2... memang la.. akak rasa itulah sebab utamanyaaaa....Tidak syak lagik....
(wah lamanya ko membebel akak... macam la anak ko ada sepuluh tapi hakikatnya... NAN ADO..) . agaknya sebab tu la Tuhan tak kurniakan anak kat akak sebab Dia tahu kalau akak ada anak, mereka akan sengsara sebab dapat mak yang amat tegas.. yang tak akan teragak2 melempang kalau anak dia mengada2.. hahahaah).
Ok la.. akak dah tak nak cakap lagi.. tak pasal stress di malam hari sebab cerita pasal benda

Monday, July 12, 2010


semester baru sudah pun bermula.. not good not good...sebabnya..
1. hidup kembali kelam kabut dengan kunjungan students yang tak putus-putus bertali arus... tak berapa nak suka.. sebab... sakit kepala sebab mulut kena bercakap sepanjang masa.. seriously.. akak kalau bercakap jek esp dengan nada yg sedikit kuat.. akan menyebabkan kepala rasa sakit...dan juga...
2. bila kena bercakap banyak... kije tak berapa nak jalan.. konsentrasi asyik terganggu... sekejap2 bilik kena ketuk... seriously.. susah jadi org poplar ni.. ahahahah
3. semangat nak bagi lecture awal2 ni.. sangat lah kurang... dah 2 bulan tak perlu pung pang pung pang depan students.. akak ni kan org tua.. kalau mengajar kalau tak diselit dengan nasihat dan omelan cam mak nenek.. cam tak berapa nak lengkap jek lecture tu...
4. akak rasa akak need a break.. bukan nak break yg duduk goyang kaki kat rumah.. pas tu jalan2 makan angin nak memperabiskan duit.. akak ni kan ada satu lagi passion yakni buat penyelidikan.. tapi semenjak dua menjak mengajar jek.. takder masa nak menyelidik sepenuh masa.. setakat supervise students tu jek... itu tak thrill...
5. akak sebenarnya sangat suka dengan kije akak.. yelah.. wat more do i want.. ada kawan2 yg memahami.. yang bila akak tension akak leh confide to them... ada deadlines.. tu pun akak suka.. walaupun kadang2 rasa nak meroyan bila tak leh achieve deadlines.. ada jugak sorang dua yg akak rasamenyampah ngan attitudes dorang.. ( tu yg pangkat dah tinggi tapi bab2 melukakan hati manusia sekeliling amatlah cekap).. tapi.. ada akak kesahhh? moto akak. tak suka jgn campo dorang...
6. kadang2 rasa frust juga dengan management.. tapi akak tau dorang tu durian akak ni kan mentimun.. sob sob sob
7. overall.. akak sangat suka ngan kije akak.. flexi time.. walaupun kena punch in punch out and bila lepas kul 8 dia akan jadu merah.. tapi ada akak kesahhh?as long as kije kita siap takdernya dorang nak warning kita datang lambat ke hapa....
8.walaupun akak dan kwn2 yg lain telah di label sebagai syok sendiri... oleh sorang mamat hampeh tu.. tapi akak tak kesahh.. sekurang2nya penat jerih akak untuk memajukan tempat kije akak ni dihargai..
-- owh lagi satu.... akak sangat suka kalau dapat students yg first day.. dah menunjukkan minat yang amat mendalam pada subjek yang kita ajar.. dan penuh hormat pula ucap terimaksih bila kita lepas dia awal... and datang sorang2 cium tangan... owhh sangat terharu disitu.. dan tiba2 akak rasa its worthwhile akak mengajar pelajar2 yang penuh tertib macam tu...tetiba rasa seronok sangat jadi guru nih... bila dpt pelajar cam nih... TAPI..
bila dpt pelajar yg manjang komplen.. semua nak komplen.. masa itu lah akak mula jadi mak nenek.. membebel dalam kelas... nak bagi pelempang jek sorang2..
so SELAMAT HARI GURU.. akak ( haha tetiba.. motif nak berhari guru walaupun dah lepas.... )
... ok lah.. akak nak kena tido.. bukak lappy ni pun sobab kena update lecture notes utk esok.. last minute punya kije...

Tuesday, July 06, 2010


akak di royal garden, istanbul.. dikelilingi ribuan kembang tau tak.. tulips are actually originated from turkey.. tapi tanah belanda yang dapat nama land of tulip.. sungguh tak patut... kalau ke istanbul musim bunga, memang akan nampak tulip dengan pelbagai warna sepanjang jalan dan di mana2 taman.. sangat sanntekkkkkk....

Terlebih dahulu, akak ingin menyusun sepuluh jari memohon kemaafan sekiranya entri ini ada berbau sedikit keriakan.. memandangkan.. menjadi seorang akak yang 24 jam duk sensorang ni, kat mana lagi akak nak mengabarkan perkembangan diri, kalau tidak di blog sendiri ( tapi tu pun jarang-jarang la sbb akak ni kan ikut mood, time mood siri bercakap ngan dinding, sekejap2 siri ketawa sensorang depan tv, kadang0kadang siri bermyahsabah diri,, watever lahh)
Arakiannya, sudah lebih sepurnama, akak meng'haram'kan nasi dalam menu akak.. nasik sahaja tau sebab segala jenis karbohidrat lain, akak masih makan dalam kuantiti yang tidak banyak. ye, akak masih perlukan karbohidrat untuk menjana tenaga supaya senang akak nak marah students master akak yang serba lembab tu..
tapi semalam, akak terpaksa la juga makan nasik ( nasik beriani herba lagi tu) di ladang herba kat pagoh tu, memandangkan akak dah membayo harga untuk pakej lawatan yang termasuk set nasik beriani herba dgn ayam herna dan segala2nya yang berunsur herba la kekdahnya..itu pun akak menyuap bersama sendu di hati.. guilty sangat la rasanya.. ( tak padan balik tibai roti separuh buku hahahaah)
nak cakap berat badan akak turun pun idak la, tapi akak rasa kandungan gula dalam darah takder la mencanak sepanjang masa.. ( owh lupa nak cakap, akak ni sebenonya ada diabetes ye kawan-kawan).. sepanjang satu bulan akak kerap la mengambik sayur dan protin sahaja sewaktu tghari ( sampaikan budak kat kafe kelab golf tu dah sedia maklum), akak ni umpama arnab yang telepas di padang golf itu gamaknya..
hasilnya... owh.. akak gumbira.. berat nya mantain sahaja.. dan akak merasa lebih sihat.. dan tak ngantuk pas lunch.. bley? yang penting kandungan gula dalam darah tetpa mantain sepanjaang hari dan akak pasti rheumy akak akan kagum dgn pemeriksaan darah akak.. cehh perasannn..
yang penting, akak punya waistline semakin mengurang, walaupun berat total takder la mengurang banyak sgt.. so beberapa helai jeans yang tak muat dulu sudah boleh dipakai (sila tepuk utk kejayaan ini)..
owh..masa akak balik turki bulan april lepas, akak sangat terperanjat bila menapak ke atas weighing scale, harap jek berjalan punya la jhauh.. tapi akak naik sampai 2 kg time tu.. separuh pengsan dibuatnya...
of course la, akak ni dinasihatkan tidak selalu menapak disebabkan ingin menjaga segala sendi yang menunggu masa untuk collapse itu.. apatah akak kan tidak berupaya untuk naik turun tangga, so apa lagi yg akak boleh buat untuk exercise kan?
so akak ingin teruskan dengan kempen tidak makan nasik ini selama yang boleh untuk kesihatan diri...

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Things that were in mind today..and also at the moment

1. still raging over my postgrad students yang tak gheti2 nak submit the papers that i ordered her to do 2days ago. Thus, i sent another email this afternoon..
2. a bit disappointed with someone's email today . previous emails raise my hope and today, it crushing down infront of my eye.. *sobbing*.. never mind.. im gonna put another try by writing to others.
3. heard from a friend that bae yong jun, the winter sonata's hero killed himself today.. by strangling himself with the mobile charger.... so saddd.. :( i pity him for not appreciating his own life... its the nowadays trend kot..
4. still have another week for myself before the students start coming in.. owhhh mengapakah masa begitu cepat berlalu...
5. how i wish my kid sisters have their own blog.. so dat i will know what really happen in their lives.. owh well facebook tidak membawa makna apa2 rupanya...(motif ko nak tau apa adik2 ko buat tu kenapa kak? lol)
6. Im thinking of ending a 'not going anywhere'-relationship.. at least tat's wat i ve been realising all these while..
7. during the closing ceremony of one event this afternoon, the speaker was talking abt 2S ie sincerity and sacrifice.... .. cant help being cynical thus i asked silently.. SO?
8.Can i just leave all the works behind and fly back to hometown????? can? can?
9.Ok this may sound a bit... ermm i dunno.. gedik... but i ve been checking the cinema website twice for the twilight saga series... should i say.. i cant wait to watch eclipse... erkk..
10. I should buy the padlock tomorrow. This apt is not safe anymore.. just read it from the facebook site of the apt committee... ( ada tempat proses syabu at the 4th floor.. wa cakap lu.. maybe its abt time that they called karam singh walia... )
10. wat i m gonna have for bfast tomorrow?
dats it... im off to bed...

Friday, June 18, 2010

Am I being too lenient?

Motif berblog di pagi hari? hahah mesti ada yang tak kena ni kan?
yes. ini entri luahan rasa yang akak rasa nak tulis cepat-cepat dan lupakan cepat2 ( ehh tak bleh lupa.. lepas tulis nak lempang cepat2 kat the main target.. boleh?
tadi.. sekejap tadi.. akak bukak facebook.. pas tu tengok status one of my post grad studnts yang begitu excited sebab dah book tiket nak ke Berlin for the spetember conference...
Ok.. akak tak jealous pun.. sebab akak yang galakkan dia org participate.. tapi yang tetiba jiwa akak rasa menngelodak dan perasaan 'irritating' dan 'annoying' yang tetiba bermaharajalela dalam dada akak ini ialah kerana..
1. owh excited ye nak pi berlin.. thesis ko dah submit lum?
2. dah berjanggut aku tunggu ko pass up draf thesis.. langsun NAN ADO
3. bebudak zaman sekarang.. ingat nak yg best jek.. abis ko ingat wat master tu hasilnya ko leh berjalan makan angin pi oversea je ke? THESIS nya mana dol?
4. apasal la aku tak leh ikut jejak langkah supervisor aku masa buat master dulu.. sebab dia la i can finish my master on time
5. dah masuk 3 tahun , hantar draf sebulan sekali tu pun macam buat cincai-cincai jek... apa dia ingat aku yg nak betulkan semua yg dia tulis.. DREAM ON!
5. Pas ni aku nak bagi deadline.. aku nak garang segarang garangnyaaaaaaaa bley!
6. tapi budak2 ni memang selalu wat taktik kotor.. sebelum aku marah dia. awal2 lagi dah buat drama ayermata depan aku
7. *7^%#&%$#@(KH*(()*^^&^%$#@#

Dah... nak pergi buat kije.. hati masih membara nih...

Thursday, June 17, 2010


Kadang-kadang kita akan rasa dada kita sarat dengan masalah yang takboleh diluahkan. Sebab penyelesaian kepada masalah itu tiada penghujungnya. Maka, jalan yang paling baik, simpan dalam dada dan makin bertambah senaklah rasanya. Lagi satu, pura-pura masalah itu tidak wujud dan bergembiralah melalui kehidupan yang penuh kepura-puraan. manusia mana yang tiada masalah? samada masalah itu besar atau kecik sahaja., atau memang sifat manusia memperbesar-besarkan masalah yang kecil dan meremeh-remehkan masalah yang besar? kategori manakah kamu?
Sekiranya kita boleh melalui kehidupan tanpa gangguan daripada anasir'subversif', tanpa hasad dengki makhluk sekeliling, tanpa kutukan yang ingin menjatuhkan; kritikan membina memang dialu2kan tetapi kebanyakan manusia cuba berselindung disebalik maksud kritikan itu kononnya 'membina' la sangat walhal niat sebenar hanyalah untuk 'mencari pasal'.
Dan sebab itu lah ada lah jenis manusia yang totally akan memendam rasa dan sebaliknya berdoa semoga Allah yang Maha Kaya itu akan memberi balasan kepada kaum pengzalim itu. Biarlah dendam dan kezaliman makhluk Allah itu diadili dengan saksamanya oleh si Pencipta...
Dan saya juga percaya dengan hukum Karma.. cuma masa sahaja yang menentukannya...

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Turkey trip- Antalya

Memandangkan malam ni malam minggu, so akak sikit terajin mengelod piccas masa kat turki hari tu.. ni pun jenuh nunggu padahal baru beberapa piccas jek.. maka terimalahhhhhh.... ( ye akak nengok masa kat sana makin tombam la plak.. muka cam buah epal dah hahaha) tapi skrg pun cam tu... nak wat camna.. dah tak fotogenit.. wat camna pun muka cam tu le.. tanpa dibantu oleh mana2 perisian komputer yek.. hahaha. owhh kronologi sepatutnya bermula dengan pic yg paling bawah tu... so caption macam tiba2 lompat sana lompat sini la yek

ini ada lah muka-muka yg excited nak pi excursion ke water fall ( yg sangat cantik very piocturesque wa cakap lu, tapi disebabkan tunggu bas lama sangat, muka yg excited tu lama2 jadi boring.. ini ada lah group 1 ASIA yek.. ada from brunei, india dan juga portugal.. ( tu european sesat.. muka minah tu cam iras2 ugly betty kan?)

owh ini view from jetty at the beach.. since i have once come here, and the other 2 havent come to this part of theresort yet, so akak pun jadi ala2 tourist guide bawak dioarang.. sebenonya kita org ingat kan nak pi snacking.. sbb terlepas lunch.. malangnya dia org dah tukar snack time to earlier time.. so lagi 5 min diaorang nak bawak masuk.. tgh kita org duk ambik tu tepat jek kul 6 dorang terus bawak masuk,,, kurang hasam betul... kalau kat mesia takder nya dorang buat cam tu kan... kalau ada hoteliers yg tengah ambik makanan...huh!

dan ini adalah muka2 yg sangat puas hati dengan perkhidmatan turkish bath and massage..on the 1st day we arrived, since conference started in the afternoon, we managed to go out pi try turkish bath and hamamm at the nearby area. kat hotel will cost aby 46 euri tapi kat luar we managed to get 19 euro/person for 11/2 hour. gila murah.. lara is the name of the city and hamami means massage.. basically it comes in a package of bath and massage.. akak siap buat facial lagi hahahah . 1st time for ppl yang takpernak masuk turkish bath.. akan mendapat kejutan which will give a cardiovascular side effect... akak rasa heart rate akak increased crastically + BP pun mencanak naik time tu.. nasib tak muntah jek masa tu.. tapi akak tengok turkish cam biasa jek.. akak telah disental dengan jayanya oleh masseur yang badannya masyaalah... pas tu naik atsa rehat jap.. minum turkish tea yang sangat best... di massage pulak... since kulit akak ni kan sensitip.. akak suh dorang go gently..tapi time urur kat belakang.. sangatlah besttt.. time kat peha.. menggeletis punya la sakit... aka rasa la kalau akak duk turki memang tiap2 bulan la akak pi sana... takpayah gosok daki sendiri.. org lain buat muahahaha...selepas disental akak dapat rasakan akak sangatlah putih bersih dan tak comot lagi hahahah

at the beach.. since kita org ( me and one of the bruneian colleague) tak sempat lunch, so berusaha menapak ke beach yang punya la jauh for the snack.. muka yang tak basuh tak mandi dah lebih 24 jam tapi ada hati nak pi beach .. tapi masyaalahh... viewnya sangat la losuy ( sebab makcik2 tua ada hati pakai bikini lalulalang depan kita org.. wat a sore sight heheh)

ini view daripada bilik akak... excited gila bila sampai ( padahal penat punya la 10 jam dalam flight, pas tu tunggu berejam plak tunggu flight ke antalya.. excited punya pasal....tu sebenonya swimming pool resort sebelah.. kat antalya ni semuanya beach resort.. dah namanya turkey riviera.. tapi best.. rentalnya sekali ngan meals 6x perday dengan semua facilities are usable.. ada semuanya siap ngan mini theater, golf miniature ( motif nak cakap juga?), turkish bath, sauna, gym etc...

-to be continued-(kalau rajin)

Tuesday, June 08, 2010

updating la sikit-sikit

Lama sungguh tak update. Lotsa things to write but as usual, I was too lazy to memerah otak untuk mentintakan bait-bait tulisan di layar internet ( ecewahh... bahasa)
And as today.. i took an MC.. i was at O&G clinic for a followup... kalau appointment abis after 12, harus ambik Mc as i d be too lazy to go to work and do things within less than 5 hours ( ada baiknya balik dan tido saja kat rumah .. and pas tu bukak internet kan kan kan)
I started my depo back.. due to the recurrence of my endometrial pain during my menses ( that is the 1st time in 1 1/2 years).. so not to take anymore risk of my ovaries forming the cysts, I begged the MO to give me a depo ( padahal previously berkeras taknak tu).. but since the mercilon gave me the pain and i think it trigger my enodmetriosis again, ( please dun ask me why, my response to drugs are very different from others).. so have to be prepared to get bald hahahaha. one of the side effects of depo is.. it will make your hair fall down.. lotsa hair ( haa kau dengar tu sedi hahahah)
owh well.. enuff about updates on my health.. the laymen wont even know wat i m talking about.. living with 2 sisters who are medical specialists make me become like i am now lol.. owh btw, the MO who attended me , she's from UPM too.. just started her master in family medicine.. when she mentioned her name.. it just occured to me that I once came across her blog while i was bloghopping.. ( so i did remember her whines regarding her bz life as previous MO in hospital kajang and she was very grateful when she got a permanent post as UPM staff).. did mutter to her regarding her blog and she was quite surprised hehehe. anyway, i did not manage to get back to her blog.again...
owh ok.. on lighter note, my fav bro and family dah siap bersukaria kat kg for a week.. ces ces ces.. balik sikit punya i has gone back home earlier, the tot of joining the crowd tu masih membara-bara, but due to the unfinished business kat fakulti ni.. ( the students are on semester holidays tapi tatap la juga akak kije dengan tekunnya)... cikgu kan cuti kalau students cuti kan... best kan jadi cikgu? NOT! hahahaha..
Owh btw my bp has gone down to normal level when the students are all gone. ( nampak sangat akak stress time students ada hahaha)
am going to penang esok for students practical visit. hajat hati nak pi memborong jeruk salak kat chowrasta bazaar but it depends on the 'tourist guide'. selalunya akak memang makan ati dengan the tourist guide's sense of direction. susah sangat akak naik cab jek la..
I m leading a very quiet life la nowadays .. i do admit it.. neither going out at nite nor weekends... must be the age factor... i m transforming to an anti-social personality la kot hahahah... ( but the only thing that i love doing till now i is gossiping with my kid sisters.. tapi haram... both of them are stuck with kids and their hectic life as MOs.. so i rarely meet them. But i did visit one of the sister at her Putra height's home last weekend. tu pun after too many procrastinations..
owh well.. need to take a shower now.. its very hot nowadays.. rarely rain in kajang... feel like sleepingt naked jek... hahahaha