Monday, December 27, 2010

KM portal thingy

boleh tak akak buat joget lambak sekarang sebab dah selamat isi semua kmportal akak sementelah hari jumaat ni adalah deadline nya? weaahoooooo! taksesia akak bersengkang mata di hari jumaat ( sampai minum air suam jek for lunch on that day) dan juga separuh hari , hari ni untuk mengisi menda alah yang masih menjadi kontroversi walaupun dah 4-5 tahun km portal ni di-isi secara online, bak kata TNC Akademik la..
Yerr.. ikut la resam akak ni ( ecehwahh), even tho i keep on procrastinating it, but at the end i managed to fill it within 1 1/2 day.. (yeay sekali lagi).. sila fokus macam akak and why dun u spend the time that u reserved for complaining this km portal, to fill it.. seriously... exchange of emails, endless sarcasms to other clinical lecturers who managed to get their DU54 without even clicking their fingers ( especially not filling their kmportals), ofcourse there are a tinge of facts in those emails.. akak pun geram gak... penat woooo, we have to supervise students, writing papers, do research, applying for more and more grants, and yet those people who do nothing ( not even teaching) have been promoted in a record time.. tak nangis akak tu ?
but then, if u see on a bright side (mode pegang tangan sambil nyanyi nasyid), dah itu rezeki dorang, ( bak kata dekan akak le), the university cant afford to lose them to other private college/ hospital, thus they have to give wat they demand.. and this is actually in line with what KKM has done to its staff, automatically promoted those who are in service for 10 years or more to U54. owh well.. mek xura has already obtained her portion.. tats why she managed to treat us at dchiengmai last month.. akak pun tak jeles la.. she deserved it..
anyway.. where there is a will, there is a way.. aite.. being a staff, i have signed my akujanji which stated that u need to follow watever the university rules and regulation. Who are u kidding with? I mean, if we have set our mind to just do watever tasks that are essential in this university, eventually we ll manage to do it, with a sincerity hokayyy.. ko kalau mengomel sambil buat kije tu.. pahala pun tak dapat...
Honestly speaking, I love wat i am doing here.. i love working here, I am surrounded with good friends and colleagues, some whom u can lean on yr not so broad shoulder, some whom will listen to yr frequent complaints ( of cleaners, lazy students, bad management hihihi) without trying to spread to others lahh. and as long as u accomplish watever tasks that have been given to u, u r on yr own flexi time...
but the most important thing.. u r paid for wat u do.. paham konsep barakah anak-anak? ekekekeke
onnnn another note, the students will start coming in next week...( huwaaaaa, motif emo ni naper kak?). The door will be knocked every 5 minutes ( owh akak sukerr jek), the labs will be full again class reps will call me to ask whether the class will be on or not ( aku tak paham sungguh bebudak ni, sukerr sangat kalau class cancel awal2 semester, pastu menggelabah biawak at the end of semster kalau class belum habis)..
eh ironically, akak pun macam tu jugak dolu2, cuma kalau class cancel akak pi library hokey sebab tak koser nak panjat bukit balik ke hostel.. arakian bebudak sekarang, disebabkan hostel yg cuma sepelaung jek dari fakulti, asal class cancel jek, pi membuta kat bilik.. pas tu the next class, tak datang sebab terbabas.. sebabnya.. ko nengok K-pop video kat youtube sampai kul 4 pagi kannn ( see, akak adalah seorang yg sangat memahami rutin dorang ekekek)
Wahh skill mode membebel akak masih on rupanya... even tho its been months since i last nagged to the students..:P
owh before i forget, ajih has safely back in Kl last thursday.. despite the delay flight on monday, he managed to take another flight on wednesday to paris-amsterdam-KL. meroyan kot mamat tu tak dapat pulut pagi.. bak called yesterday morning, informed that ajih will be reaching KB within an hour. I can imagine he's gobbling the nasik kerabu, nasik belauk and all kinds of kueh (pulut nisang should be on top of the list) this morning. I havent seen him yet, not sure whether I manage to see him before he's flying back to Marseilles in 2 weeks time.. Hopefully he'll remember his "jjamung' before going back.. My never ending missions on "pow-ing" my siblings is still my priority watt! eekekeke
Lunch time already.. feeling so wonderful today when u ve accomplished a task.. owhh... still got time to write one more paper kot. (whoaaaa hooo, gila produktif ko ye akak... jangan riak sudahhh ekekeke)

Monday, December 20, 2010

Last weekend..

2 more weeks before the new semester starts.. and there's not much that i ve accomplished up to this point.. am trying to fil the so called km-portal but as usual, it is so hard to initiate things like scanning the documents bla bla bla.. how i wish i have an RA to do all these stuffs, also thrashing out out all those papers in my room i wish i have a genie in a bottle that will come to my beck and call and spring clean my room at the end of each semester.. dream on ah akak...
anyway on happier note, weeekend was fruitfully spent at putra height with aleeya, rayyan and lil areej. It's nice to have some changes in yr static life styles anyway. my usual quiet weekend was transformed to a chaotic one with the wailing rayyan demanding his 'oti cekelat' every 5 mins and areej trying to balance her robotic steps while clinging to bibik's knee. Zuni has tested her cooking skill in making nasi beriani and laksa penang.. not bad tho..
Anyway, as today, am back to usual working routine.. just finished a report on a master's thesis.. trying to concentrate on finishing another paper in the mean time..

oh my.. i ll be going extra bz when the students start coming in.. anyway, will be having a unit meeting on thursday.. and i think i have to be rough ( la sangat) at a few lecturers which are in ignorant mode all these while..
apasal la akak sekarang asyik nak marah manjang ek? hmmm... must be one of the aging smptoms ( or perhaps pre-menopausal? ekekekeke)

owh btw, ajih's flite was cancelled and he's only coming back perhaps this thursday.. i m waiting for the right time to demand for a 'makan busat' sponsored by him.. ekekeke..

till then...

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Weekend rambling

ok lah.. sementelah akak log in internet di hari sabtu, akak terasa seperti mahu memblog la pulak, walaupun amatlah 'rare'nya akak nak buat begini during weekends sebab akak lagi suka tengok astro sambil tergolek depan tv sambil makan tak ingat sambil tambah2 2-3 kali ( yeah there goes my diet plan which i have been faithfully followed dbefore ramadhan last time).. tapi sekarang ni cam rasa mencanak canak naik nya berat badan akak ni.. i did blame in on the elevated steroidal dose which i took priorly , op kos la it will decently raise my appetite.. but the truth is, ever since i suffered from a terrible muco cytis last time, which enabled me to eat and drink anything for a week, I ve realised that i should enjoy my appetite and make full use of my taste bud before He takes it away...once again..
Owh, not that i will totally diminish the idea of dieting again in this lil head of mine, but i will take it one step at a time.. and try to reduce my carb intake.. slowly heheh and eat more veges.. and protein.. and rarely eat fast food ( which i think I ve successfully reduced it as the last time i ate mc donald was 3 months ago :))..
owhh and btw, my stress level is lowering down, thanks to those 2 students of mine who managed to submit their thesis on time... and now, I have to concentrate on other essential things such as filling my km portal, writing papers bla bla bla..
on top of all, during my recent rheumy appt, most of my diagnostic levels have come back to normal.. akak sangat suka.. except for the specialist who attended me , dah ala-ala dr Rozmey dah akak nampak dia,dengan bow tie nya (which i found very weird, hahaha) and the way he enquired me pertaining to my pencytopenia last time... i d prefer to see the registrar instead then...
tetiba takder idea.. i woke up at 6 am tis morning, regardless the weekend... had my bfast at 6.30 am.. and staring at the idiot box for hours before i fell back to sleep on the sofa.. while listening to the korean drama lol. i cooked my lunch at 11 and been eating non stop ever since... dunno why but i think my cooking skill is getting better nowadays kah kah kah. ( who am i kidding aye?).. really regretted that I was not able to attend the baking class last saturday.. walaupun chances to do it at home is very slim as I do not have a decent oven ( yeah rite) but stil, if it can kill my time during weekends, why not.... hehehe.. they said it is never too late to make changes in yrself aite....

I d better key off... nak solat... have a fruitful weekend akak.. ( motif wich diri sendiri?...)

Tuesday, December 07, 2010

can I spend my weekend in peace?

Had a tremendous weekend with the parent and siblings. It started with a bbq cum areej's belated bday's party at my younger sis's hse at putra height. ma and bak and xura n family arrived at abg li's house a day before. saturday and sunday were well spent at putra height and we convoyed to DR Cafe's at mont kiara's for coffee session later on. onsunday morning, after having a full breakfast, headed to OU for a shopping session. Back to KD at noon and had a last min dinner reservation at d'cheng mai at sg buloh. we reserved earlier at jeram sea food , alas, as usual, abg li couldnt come back home on time. ( we 're supposed to leave at 5.30 pm so that we'd be able to reach there before maghrib). well it was an excellent dinner as the best meal is always a free meal :). tokk a last minute EL on monday as I feel like being in the same house with the parent. Still at KD :). They went back home this morning , so did i.
anyway, the only thing that spoilt and ruined my weeekend was.. the non stop calls and sms from the studnts which really irritated me. Can't they leave me alone on weekends? can I have my privacy on weekends? I was SOOOO MAD that i neither took any of the calls nor smses.. Seriously, they are too much. During my days i never dare to either call or text my lecturer/supervisor, worried that they might need their own family time during weeeknds.. BUT THE STUDNTS ARE SO INSENSITIVE AND SELFISH NOWADAYS! They will keep on calling you and keep on texting you, thou i did tell them to not to ruin my weeekend.. One of them have already texted me informing that she'll be getting a medical leave due to the chicken pox.. yes, she has been doing nothing since ramadhan. no result no NOTHNG! and she still called me just to inform me that she's having chicken pox? as I if I would not be able to read her sms... ?
I feel like barking at all of them now.. Had enuff with those 2 students whom'r supposed to submit their thesis this week, and yet still struggling with the printing, tho I spent few days of last week to correct their softcopies...
I am sooo tired.. really tired with their attitudes...