Tuesday, February 24, 2009

A hole in his belly

Seriously, it's more like a hell lake actually..
I think after watching eden lake yesterday afternoon, I m not gonna believe of such phrase like ' sepandai-pandai tupai melompat, akhirnya jatuh ke tanah juga' anymore.
That movie gave a perfect eg of how evil ppl wont be caught at the end and will live happily ever after, whilst the good ones have to take the consequence of being good and wud be killed at the end (oopss.. did i actually reveal its ending? )
This is the only movie which made me grumble dissatisfyingly. The only tot tat did occur in my mind was to burn the cinema like the bollywood movie fans did when they did not agree with the ending ( but i did not! wasnt tat agressive tho hihihi)
However i was hypochondriacally having this stomach ache and also the pain on my sole feet while watching it.
hey look.. somebody has actually read my mind abt it..
an excerpt from thecriticalcritics.com about this movie---
But originality notwithstanding, Eden Lake is a lean, mean and genuinely nail-biting piece of filmmaking that literally has you perched on the edge of seat. And, it’s a film that sparks anger in the minds of the audience and a thirst for revenge against the bad guys. Director Watkins knows how to goad his audience

It was violent. No wonder it's a 18SG movie.
Anyway.. Im looking forward to watch anthr Thai Horror Movie "reborn" when it's showed on cinema. A scary ghost in the cinema.. sounds interesting to me ..

as to me , overall. it was worth yr 7 ringgit tickets.

ok.. back to more works..
P.s Apa? i ve been updating this blog daily for 2 days in a row... I am sooo amazeddddddd with myself..

Monday, February 23, 2009

A Quiet Monday

The weekend was a tiring one. I went thru a 2 whole blasted days of conducting a finishing school. As expected, the stduents involved were from medical, nursing and dietetic programmes. and only half of them came. Tu pun, bcos on the 1st day, rite i ve been barking at them ( sorta) of how disappointing i were last time, cos I knew they came here bcos they'r forced to. and they admitted tat too. I even asked them whether they planned to disappear rite after morning break and nobody dare to anser it ( tho deep inside i knew they have planned to do tat). Anyway, rite after break, 8 students wre already missing in action. takpe lah. At least i ve already predicted that it wud happen
So, due to the stress on the 1st day, aku sorta fell asleep very early. It's not yet 9 when i ve alreday dozed off. On the 2nd day, anthr 3 were missing. Somehow i kinda expected it cos the guy who actually promised me not to disappear on his 1st day was now nowehere to be seen on the 2nd day. See, I told u he never planned to stay on his 1st day.
Anyway, all in it was fun . Those medical studnts r very smart, i tell u and able to express their opinions openly. and those r the small amounts who really want to come on their own will.
last nite was not so bad tho. I maaged to open my eyes till 10.30. Tu pun bcos i was stuck with this one movie on hallmark channel. A movie that i remember i ve watched it bfore but since katherine heiigl starred in the movie i wont mind watching it again. wept a bit sum more.
Got quite a late call from bak. I got a reminder from BSN due to the late payment from an ex colleague for his personal loan. and I am his guarantor. Well I do trust this ex colleague and its quite a schocked when i received the letter. Even my family knew this person bcos he has come to my house a few times along wth his fiancee at tat time.
Straightly texted him rite after i put down the call. and it was ages bfore he replied back.( i tot he wud never reply. so outta panic , i left a msg in his YM, and my, i tot it sounded quite harsh ) and then i got a reply from him, a text msg telling that he's already cleared the payment tis afternoon. Oppsss...
and now i m gonna blame the bank for my nasty act. I m quite sure he'd be very offended when he read the msg today. ( owh by the way i did reply back when i got his reply. by saying, "ok, TQ!"
Shud have apologised for 'accidentaly' leaving the evil msg in his YM. Hmmm...
anyway... back to work lah....
feeling quite sleepy tho....

Friday, February 20, 2009

2nd entry in a row? whoaaa!

Its 30 mins to 5. and I m looking forward to balik time. ecehh.
tapi ingat sat gi nak pi refreshen my make up kot dalam toilet.. apply lipstick ka lipliner ka.. puff my cheek a bit, replacing the remain of the foundation ka..
Cissss... takder masa nya heii.. (ntah angin meroyan mana lak tetiba ngigau sebut cam ni)
I havent eaten anything since this morning. Reason.. too lazy to go down without any companion. Dah le aircond kat bilik ni dah call maintennace. dorang datang buat lawatan muhibbah jek yesterday, janji nak 'do something', but other than took a look while adjusting the temperature to a lower scale, they havent done nothing so far . Tu pun aku leh wat.. yg kuar jek angin jek.. manyak panas tau... and my colleague said, the reason the aircond unit broke down in my room bcos.. ermm I ve been hyperventilating too much.. errmm apakah?
yesterday, I have been forced to become a middle person in a conflict between my students, in another word, since I m the 'oldest' amnongst them all ( and also the smartest, bley? ), i tried not to either offend or fingerpoint to any of them. Bak kata Karam Singh Walia, to become a good problem solver, rambut yang ditarik dalam tepung tu jgn dibiarkan bersepah.. sorta la..
It started when a group of my Entrepeneurship nya class, started accusing one of the member in a group of 'curi tulang' and not doing his responsibilty as a team work. Furthermore, he's been making the profit only for himself. So the rest of the gp which only consist of girls only, voiced out their dissatisfaction for tis one member nih..
so being a good lecturer ( cehh), i asked them to meet me in my room the next day, so dat they wud tell watever things they had in mind about this poor male victim nih.
and this poor victim was quite surprised when i asked him whether he has any prob wth the rest of the group. Then, the gals representative ni started to narrate the whole story again infront of him. It seemed that, the rest of the gp ni cam dengar from other party and never feel like asking directly from the victim.
Aku pun sympathized gak, if i were in his shoes, ye lah tetiba jek.. kena panggil without any warning. Supposedly they shud ask him first and settle la amongst themselves before they included me in their disagreement.
and I have to admit tis is one ofmy weaknesses la, i do not know how to remain a poker faced ) ke cool-faced?) once they broke down infront me. Try to sympathise tapi kang cam ak professional la plak kan? ( eceh.. tetiba nak mantain professional composure ere).
so after they have knwn the real story behind it, aku pun menyuruh la dorang bersalam-salaman dan membuang yang keruh, ambil yang jernih..( haha tetiba). bagi aku its just only small matter (tats for me, tapi tau la bebudak ni kang, perkara cam ni pun bagi mereka sangat la besar nya impaknya di masa akan datang)..
and as a team, they shud know how to compromise, a character tat u shdu have if u wanna become an entrepeneur kan?
kan dah.. tak pasal aku perlu mengeluarkan segala hujah2 and point2 yg dah aku emphasize masa kat lecture..
terangguk2 jek dorang..
so aku ingatkan dah settle.. and indeed it is..
tapi ptg skit, the poor victim came knowcking my room. after a few hrs tot, he said he feels like dropping the subject. Sudahhh..
Puas la aku mujuk bagai jgn drop.. "saya dah nampak awak ada bakat keusahawanan nih"
itu la antara taktik2 aku yg ak berapa menjadi masa sesi memujuk tu..
and he still insisited in dropping the subject.
Last2 aku guna reverse psychology,. ish cam menjadi la plak.. so dia kata nak balik fikirkan and see how it goes within tis week. Tu pun pas dia dah nangis bagai depan aku citer pasal family problem dia, which he didnt want to mention at first. tapi napa tah.. tetiba he confided ... ish rasa cam kaunselor plak aku....
so itulah dia....tetiba jek aku rasa cam.... wahhhh best!
so the gist of the entry is... I really love my work.. even though there wud be ugly stuffs cam continuous audit tu ke, ( yg dah taklarat dah aku nak whine abt), tapi in general, other than feeding them more n more knowledge, befriending them,tis is a duration of period in their lives which they have included me in, and even put in their trust in me with their stories.. and God knows how it cud influence them in the future.
korang paham tak apa yg aku nak sampaikan?
tak paham tak pe la... biar aku syok sendiri jek.. hihihihi
whoa.. i spent 30 mins just to write tis one simple entry? Hmm remind me again why i cudnt update my blog everyday ok...
Signing off...

extremely exhausted

referring to the title.. cam best sgt kan aku ni kan? cam aku sorang jek la yg buat kije non stop whilst the others makan gaji buta blogging gossipping ym-ing semata-mata kan?cam orang lain dtg kije post 3-4 entries per day pas tu skype-ing bagai pas tu siap bloghopping agi? kih kih kih
ada ke org sentap kalau aku ckp cam ni? bunyi cam aku jek tu? NOT! hehehe
(tetiba jek feeling ala-ala evil pagi nih.. abaikan jek la perangai aku yg tak semengah nih)
anyway on lighter note...disebabkan aku selalu sgt komplen weeekend cam tak produktif jek.. hah hambik ko.. minggu ni.. aku tetiba jek dibebani ngan workload yg melimpah ruah..sampai tak sempat nak lunch bagai... my weekend too wud be filled with the finishing school. Ermm ini aku yg nak bukan dorang bagik.. at least dalam LPP aku ada la gak penglibatan aku dalam aktiviti pelajar ( not to mention the benefit tat they reward me for being with the stds for 14 straight hours! Muntah darah la dorang manjang tgk muka macik yg kiut ni kan kah kah kah )
Alkisahnya dari sehari ke sehari.. aku nak upload pics dr hp aku ( yang dah nak kong tu.. alih2 tetiba jek off sendiri), pas tu ada a few piccas dr camera jugak.. tapi tu la.. nak memulakan mencari cable usb yg aku simpan kat tempat baiiikk punya sampai aku pun dah lupa kat mana.. tersangat laaa menciknya aku...
tetiba gak mode nak post entri disertai dgn piccas sebagai bukti menguasai diri..
so dari sehari ke sehari jugak.. aku simpan segala bentuk citer yg kununnya nak di-narratekan balik kat sini ( sebagai iktibar ye tuan puan.. )tapi tu lah... dah lama sgt aku pun malas nak backdate dah...
Tak rajin sebenarnya aku ni.. baru aku perasan hihihhi
--stop jap.. nak pi studentnya practical barang 2-3 jam.. kalau rajin.. sambung le balik.. 2 entries in one day? fuhhhh makcik sudah bagus nihh...

Monday, February 09, 2009

outta'f blue, feel like updating the blog... sementelah tengok semua org update blog at least once a day.. tapi daku... hmmm... seminggu sekali pun lum tentu....
yes.. procrastination is my middle name.. people..
dan this sudden urging to update this blog came.. when i m in the middle of updating my lecture notes aka lecture slides...
yer tuan puan, to deliver full details of my lecture content, ill at least read 3 books.. but at the end, i ll just quote the most difficult and extra lengthy explanations amongst those 3.. and i ll end up making the students more confused and suffered...
owh well.. i guess that one of the nature becoming a lecturer kot ( or is it only moi) to torture the students to the max.. kah kah kah...
and all those things will lead to the worst evaluation of moi as a lecturer...
heh peduli apa aku ( in denial mode kekekeke)
owh enuff abt tat.... actually my intention is purely innocent.. and good.. i want to share with those not so hungry knowledge seeking students of wat i have known and have gone thru... some of those informations cant be found in any text book.. yet somehow... these students arrr... i tell u.. always misunderstood my sincere intention.. they accuse me ( and others) for getting back at them.... as if we really hate our prev lecturers during our heycollege days and now.. we re bullying em as sorta revenge...
pleaseeee la.. mak bukan cam tu ohkayyyyy.... in fact mak really appreciate wat my prev lectureers have done to me and have made me as wat i am now... the way they yelled and made us suffered, has transformed me to a responsible, independent, respectable and popular and cute amongst the students now.. ( haihhh tetibaaaa) hahahahah

abaikan jek la.. kemerapuan melampau ni.. gara2 nak mengupdate sangat la nihhhh....
anyway on lighter note ( cam la merapu yg kat atas tu heavy topic sangat la kan?)
am sending my niece to banting in a few minutes... owh btw...
i ve been domestically functional at home since she arrived 3 days ago...hahahaha
i ve cooked bfast meal for 3 days in a row.. one lunch meal which consisted of asam pedas ikan pari, ikam pekasam and sayur goreng yang cam, sedap sangat daku rasa ( wahh puji diri sendiri nampakk)..
sorry no pics taken peiple.. tak koser nak snap..
there's still lots more to write.. biasaaa la.. kalau dah memblog tak reti2 nak stop kan... but due to the time constraint.. haishhh... i have like some picacs to show as well.. tapi tu lahh.....
memnadangkan masa mencemburui daku.. kah kah kah.. i d betetr go now.. azan zohor dah berkumandang... kena siap2....cos am planning to look for more items for the new apartment after sending her back....