Wednesday, September 10, 2014

5 months later..

New semester started a week ago, and even thou I still have another few weeks before my leave ends.. they have appointed me to be the coordinator for SBP4302, and I willingly accepted it..
No harm thou...
Anyway... time flies... in between the last post, Managed to get another new bibik for mom.. lesson learnt thou.. I sent her to my sis for a week before she went back with my father to KB..
Owh by the way, went to Albania for the conference in May with beloved father. managed to visit the kruja castle at skandenberg mountain.. It was a breathtaking view up there, thou there were a few sellers who exhibited their hand made knitted material up there which kinda interfere the ambience.. went to visit the mosque as well, the clock tower at Tirana.. and joined the group to National Park.. which I found out later it was a Ramsa site, and not like our national park which consists of flora and fauna.. and errmm leeches... hikhik
Anyway. we managed to walk for a few miles under the sun... had the hearties lunch of baked fish and salad.. at the restaurant nearby...
Albania is such a beautiful country... the roses they planted there were the biggest I have ever seen, and being the 'jakun' girl, I snapped most of the rosebushes i  saw during the trip there..
By the way, I  was invited for another conference in Algeria, and this time I m hoping that I d be able to visit Oran and have my picture taken at one of the spot that I aimed during my last trip there. Too bad it was raining that time and we did  not bring any umbrella, and some more we were rushing to the airport to catch an afternoon flight to Algiers
Hoping to meet the people whom I met in the conference in Tunisia.
Apart from that... I had a quiet Eid this year.. all the siblings came back... and my big bro has come back for good from Bahrain. My niece and her friend were at my house for 3 months for their practical at MINT.
owh another tragic incident during ramadhan.. MH17.. I wept  a lot during that time and still weeping whenever i read about the passengers's stories in newspaper these days..
Life is too short... we would never know when is our times.. those are the reminders for us then..
okayy.. one more paper to review..

till then