Sunday, February 26, 2012

Sementara akak tgh bersantai -santai di petang minggu ni.. akak ingin ceritakan sebuah kisah sedih yang berlaku terhadap akak semenjak 2 menjak akak balik kerja ni... Yang sebenonya benda ni semacam dah menjadi duri dalam daging , taknak diingat , teringat-ingat, makin taknak diingat makin kuat perasaan itu waima akak selalu lah jugak menginsafi diri ini , ye lah baru baik sakit kan, haaaruslahh memusahabahkan diri tapi itu la, akak anggap jek ini satu lagi ujian yang Tuhan beri , untuk menduga sejauh mana akak mampu bertahan secara mental ( mode insaf(. Ye lah.. selama ni akak dijui dengan kesakitan fizikal dan alhamdulillah akak mampu menghadapinya.. tapi ini dugaan yang datang dari kawan baik (used to) sekarang pegi mamP** la.. ( baru jek cakap nak musahabah diri kan.. astaghafirullah.. mode kembali insap)
cakap len kali la... cam lapar .. wajib kena pi masak ni.. karang ada yg hypo dulu kang....

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Its the trendy "D' in name-thingy

Almost a decade ago, there's a drama swasta on tv with Elly Mazlein starred in it and Ako Mustafa as the hero. I hardly remember the story, but I do remember Ako Mustapha's character as Dr Rayyan. Later, lotsa mommies name their sons as Rayyan. Rayyan Iskandar or Rayyan Hariz (that is my sister's second son, and he named her son, Rayyan before the beginning of the drama.
talk about 'trendy' names. Later, there are too many gals are named as Batrisya or Qistina. That was the 'in' names at that time. And now, the "D' names started to conquer . Well, Daniel or Danish was the 'in' names a few years ago. And then, someone I know, named her 3sons as Dayyan, Darwish and Darwood.. How about that? and later my sister followed suit. She named her 3 sons as Daniel, Dani and the latest one, Dariss. Those are kewl names, dude! LOL I guess most of the "D" names are all taken. I guess those are sophisticated names for boys. Later, there will be many more little boys named with an initial D. Albeit, those names have their meaning in arabic. Ustaz Don Daniyal for instance. Isn't that a kewl name as well? hehehe
On another note, I m getting better each day. I have stopped using my wheel chair and utilized my cane instead . Instead of leaving all your things scattered all over the floor, I left my wheelchair everywhere hahaha. In fact i asked my maid not to move it, which is in front of the tv.
am addicted with Korean drama, Ojakgyo brothers these days.
owh.. thats all. Tata peepss

Sunday, February 19, 2012

What make cupcakes so heavenly..

Well, its nothing to do with this post tho.. its a quote that i heard a few minutes ago from Rachel Alleb: bake in astro. Frankly speaking, i am not so into pastries, especially sweet ones.. Cupcakes, red velvet albeit any cakes/cheese cakes, cookies are never my forte..Chocolate cakes is a no no too.. whenever my sis baked those during hariraya, i never feel like tasting it... somehow those sweet cakes would not adapt with my 'weird' taste bud tho. hehehe... so if people are crazy with the so 'in' red velvet la,or macaroon la, or cup cakes la, i d opt for those traditional ones like 'sponge' cake. not sure what others call, maybe kek sarang semut kot, the ones which do not use margarine/butter inside. That was one traditional cake, because I used to eat it (at that time, i did no like the taste) many many years ago, when my late grandma was still alive. Nowadays, kek tu ada balk kan.. and it is quite expensive tho from what my mom said, the ingredients to bake it is so cheap..( but being me, I d never made an attempt to learn baking hahaha. Owh, what's the use of learning when u d never feel like eating it.. It'd be such a waste of time and energy mahhh..
There is another traditional cake that I love but people rarely bake it nowadays. Not sure what the KLians call it but me, the kelantanese name it as kuih ambong or apom. That is considered a hard work if u do have a suitable cooking tools, macam the way we make kuih baulu.. It neither needs any butter.. all u have to do is whip the egg with sugar till it becomes so fluffy. add a tablespoon of vanilla essence, add some artificial coloring as well and steam it. Then you will get one fluff among yg sangat sedap dan tidak muak langsung. When i was little, my mom used to bake it during hariraya, and the only cake that mom baked during that time is marble cake. I still love marble cake, in fact I love all plain cakes, the same thing goes to cookies. i still crave for plain raya cookies, yang kita tak bubuh apa2 except for some custard , tepung gandum and some colorings. However, it'd difficult to find em during present raya as people are likely to serve fashionable cookies cam almond london la, mama kerrys la , just naming a few.
I am not into cheese cakes either hahaha. anyway, I can have tiramisu in small portions .. i m suffering from cheesy-syndrome.. once i ate 2 pieces of cheese cakes and that made me a diarhheal one.. hahahaha.. imagine u r not able to stand yr nature call in the middle of yr car trip and to find a decent toilet during the trip was a torturous one... I ve never eaten big portions of cheese cakes afterwards ..
On another store, Beto Kusyairi is so 'in' nowadays. We can watch him on tv like a few times a week. He starred in every drama swasta/cerekarama nowadays. in every channel too..owh he's not a hunk like adyputra or aaron aziz, but he has the talent of making his characters come to live. such a talented actor, he to watch him on tv :). he was in last nite cerekarama as well with Nora Danish. I seldom watch tv at nite tho...but it will be an exception when they put my favorites in the drama.. that is something that i d not be able to resist.. but then it'd be rare of me to stay up till midnite.. normally, after 10 i am already safe and soundly asleep
okk.. end of story.. till next time peeps :)

Sunday, February 05, 2012

A year ago...

On this very day, a year ago. It brought me the sad memorabilia of me , bedridden for almost 6 months on the hospital bed. I never went into detail on that. In fact i wanted to abolish the memories during my stay there. It was full with misery. At times I woke up congratulating myself for being able to live for another day. My mind was blank most of the time. I sometimes forgot the day. Once, a colleague came to visit me, and when i asked her what day it is, she burst into tears. I never knew that i was in the most pathetic state till she make me realized it.
and yet, year later... Thanks to HIM. for giving me another chance to live.. i had this will, that i d be able to work again , with wheelchair or not before a year after the incident. Thanks to HIM, as HE has fulfilled my wish.
2. Do you know that the place that i feel so at ease today is a hospital? I do not feel isolated whenever i wheeled, as i could see that there are ppl who are less fortunate than me.. i see bald kids who just underwent their chemo.. old people who r totally relying on the children.... very sick forlorn people...and with that I feel that i am not that unlucky.. Of course I would not be able to compare myself with strong healthy people..but I d be on par with those unfortunate. I like the idea tho..
Even of lates, getting tired of reading ppl's normal diaries, I d turn to those who r unfortunate. the cancer survivors, the spinal injury victims, the not so straight guys )( I do not know why they should be put under the same less fortunate category).. but with that, I am so so so very grateful that no matter how worsen my condition is... I am still behold to my faith..and I d never want to be the sinner, who will initiate HIS anger... Oh the Al Mighty..U ve made me went thru the tests, as YOU knew that I am able to go thru them...
Seriously, I d never want to go down memory lane, If I could, I d bury all these memories deep inside and just remember only the happiest things.. but who am I to avoid this... i m just hoping that on this very day next year, I m already able to lead a normal life without having to rely on anyone.. really missed travel alone and do things all by myself...