Monday, March 18, 2013

The day I turned 45 Pt 1

Finally, the maid arrived. I ll have to accomplish another mission later which is sending her to mom in KB. I ll take this opportunity then to take a few days off, before coming back to work on monday morning. Isnt it great?

Btw, I got an Elizabeth Arden perfume for my birthday. Oh my, it has such a strong manly smell that I, no doubt will faint if i ever smell it for more than 60 secs. I cant give it back to the sender, as it is meant as a birthday present. She might not know my preference. I m only into floral sweet light smell.

Now i have to find a way to put it in some secret place where I cant find it for like a few months, and if i ever accidentally found it again, maybe it is ok to give it to someone else who love the smell..

Ok, i have weird thought.. i know.

Anyway, there's nothing much happened today. I had a test in the afternoon. waited for the maid all nite ( nahh.. i lied)
anyway, it almost 11 now, I should have been in bed long ago.

anyway, this is some notes that i wrote yesterday. That was meant to be posted today
The day I turned 45
Do you know that u can travel around the world just by bloghopping? I had so much free time
yesterday that i just click on the next blog at the top of my own blog. It leads to everywhere. a
disabled retiring manager's blog who just turned 45 a few months ago, a SAHM who just delivered
her twin many months ago, a teenager with a tag line, I make babies everyday.. and another SAHM
who revealed that she was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease which is most likely an SLE or
RA ( now why did I feel that she sounds like me lol), a Radio DJ whom just confessed he is not into
party that much, and many more blogs which talk about stitching, doll making yada yada .
Ok.. just finished making some fried bee hoon adorned with mince meat and chicken
iiver…………….ok.. I know i m not a good cook myself, but when i cook, i ll really turn it into
something edible and tasty.. believe me lol
still on bloghopping, i am now stuck with blog of trees.. I guess there are people who develops
snapping [ics of trees as their hobbies..
come to think of it.. do i have any hobbies? or did i have any hobbies before? hmmm (long pondering)
2 hours later..
it was a long ponder i guess. as i managed to pray, had 2 plates of fried glass noodles and watched
tv… own and also had a call from my sister, telling about the maid. She ll be available in a few days
time.. *sighing*

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Are we stuck with each other?

I am still waiting for the maid to pop in..
Yes.. my sister has been impatient, and everytime she gets to be on FB, she sent me msges too, asking whether the maid has come or not?
It's supposed to be today. The agent promised us that she'll be coming this weekend.
And I m being impatient too.. so i asked my sister to ask the agent.
Dont get me wrong. The impatient sister is the elder sister, and the sister who connects with the agent is the younger one.

I guess, its hard to differentiate which of the sisters I mentioned in here, as I have tadaaaaa.. 4 sisters
But only 3 are mentioned here every now and then.
Anyway, the younger sister answered my sms just now, she forwarded the agent's msg as well.

Anyway, the maid is all ready, except, they still havent gotten the ticket to be here.
Maybe.. I need to wait for another day or two before 'attacking' the agent again.

Health wise,my ESR reading is still high, despite the jab that i ve been taking. I dunno, we ll just wait and see then.

And, after cursing (silently) everytime my pc trying to get kaput infront my very eyes.. I finally got a (drum rolling) NEW PC!

Now, I can relate, the phrase of 'if u need something too much, just pray silently, and GOD will grant your wish without u even realising it"- is there such kinda phrase? or is it me inventing some lines again? lol

I am still exploring my superfast pc now, and being an alien who just landed on planet earth.. it feels so awesome brailling the features of my new pc. There are still a lot of features that need to be xplored , and i ll be doing that as soon as I came into my office tomorrow. ...
Except that, I still have thousand of things to do, but they are all been put on hold, as the new pc owner is still in cloud 9 when the IT staff upstairs popped in and asked, "do u want a new pc or not"
and I still think I m dreaming :) Please wake me up someone!!

Cut the crap Ida! You re exaggerating again Pbhhht!

Owh, talking about dream. I had a dream after I wrote about the previous entry( about someone lost my documents). and I dreamed that I got the documents back and it seemed that an Iranian student took it accidentally, thinking that the documents was hers. I was so relieved, and rite before I feel like celebrating the "lost and found' episode, I woke up, and realised that it was only a dream.
Anyway, the next day, I went for my rheumy follow up. It was such a boring day, with me discovering i ve gained another kg.. boo hoo hoo.
Tried to connect on the internet using the tablet, cant connect although the signal was there. Anyway, I had another msg from the person who sent my dcument last time, and it seeemd that they have found my documents.. yahooo... I was about to ask him, whether was it the iranian student who took it and  returned it back when she realised that the document wasnt hers, when I realized i was actually referring to my dream last nite..

So, I am now a happy girl who just found her document back. Plus the new pc that i ve just gotten..

owh about the title? it means nothing.. its just a song in a movie that i watched on HBO this afternoon.  I give you a hint here.. A girl with the green scarf? :)
owh well..
I m so tired after cleaning the house today.
Till then..

Monday, March 04, 2013

Frustration with a capital F

maybe its more of disappointment.. truly disappointed when a person did not do his job well.

In another word, I am totally mad..

2 weeks ago, I asked the person in charge with all these deliveries including mails and documents to send my document consists of an application for a postdoc along with all his certificates and papers. I spent half day to compile all the necessary documents and put in the out tray in the dept office. I put a stick on note telling the PIC to deliver it safely to the Research and Internalization office at level 2.

As i havent heard any news from the office, i ve been looking for the guy whom sent my document and everytime I looked for him in the office, he is either missing in action or went to some other place.

But today, I cant wait any longer, he was nowhere to be seen so I asked for his mobile no instead from another girl in the office. I called him wanting to know to whom did he sent the document previously. He said he just put the document in the counter as no one is around that time.

Priorly, I called the girl in charge with the document at the Research office and she informed that she hasnt received any documents before. She then lookedevery nook and cranny for the document but to no avail.

I later messaged the guy asking him to trace back the document. Since I had class from 2-5 this afternoon, i never got to see him in person. Never thought of checking any phone msg as well

And guess what, i just read the msg, and he told me to reprint the document again because he said ' it is ok to do that"

so, here comes the ugly part..
I feel like banging his head on the wall (if i were there infront of him now).. feel like cursing as well. but my vocabulary is so limited tho.

So i replied his msg- I have no problem with reprinting the document but the fact that I have spent half day to prepare the documents and to compile all the appendices which God Knows, where the hell shall i start to look for them again in my congested superslow pc.. and how should i let the candidate knows that the staff here is so underefficient , he can always lose your documents-

The only thing that I can do now is crying with frustation..

I so detest the people who take for granted of their works.

Enough said.

and i so hate the people who think that they re so superior they can belittle others without mercy.. and if u think u r witty and funny.. i suggest u should use other words to describe yourself, maybe old, and snobbish? or maybe u think u re so good u can act like GOD?

People have feelings and u have none?

Case closed

Sunday, March 03, 2013

Ides of March?

March already... woweeee.. how time flies..
I know this sounds so cliche.. but every now and then I m thanking The Almighty for letting me to live in this world.. to enjoy whatever i m having now ( watching the grace card on HBO early in the morning.. yes I know.. its not good)

Class seems to be not so hectic at the beginning of the semester, but I ll be having more towards the end of it. well, at least i can concentrate in preparing my CV, which is nothing to be boasted about..

One of the post grads has finally submitted her master's thesis, and being pregnant while trying so hard to finish up your dissertation is something that you should be amazed , i mean as her SV.. so she was so overjoyed that she sent me a lengthy message saying how thankful she is for having me as her SV, and thanking me too for having her all these while...

and tears brimming on my cheek while I read her msg..
Dear Erna, I am thankful too for having such a good student as you.. and well i have to admit that i am such a snob sometimes lol

I guess,when it comes to my students.. i would be the happiest if they appreciated what I have given them so far, be it.. dozens of encouraging words or gallons of complaints..

ok, I m being such a sensitive fool again..

Health wise, I have my weekly enbrel jab in my room since last month. There are always someone who would be willing to play nurse everytime I had my injection. So far, I havent missed any yet, and it was quite painful when u need to put into yourself like a 50 mg of the fluid.. yes.. it is painful, and I cant do without the help of my colleagues..

My rheumy followup is next tuesday. hopefully I ll have some good news from the Rheumy, ever since I had this medication..Its been more than a month already

We have decided to take a maid for my parents. We ll get it most probably by today, have to train it for a few days at zuni's and I ll be sending her back to hometown, next week.

I guess, ma would be glad to know tat she has someone whom can help her with the house chores, and the most important thing, assisting her taking care of the kids. When ma called me last nite, telling me that Zura was shocked to know tat I m bringing the maid home.. which quoted from ma' terkejut beruk~translated "monkey shock" lol
i was like.. kind surprised too as I noticed she was on the FB and she'd surely read the status that Abang Li put up last week. I asked ma, didnt she read the post? and ma told me she has to hang up now, in case Zura's coming in.. lol
My mom is so adorable, and now she's acting like a spy telling her 5th daughter about the 6th daughter..
Frankly speaking, I do not have any problem with my sister, but I have been thinking a lot for these past few days, and i personally think that it is so inappropriate of her to let my mom, i mean my 70 years old mom taking care of her 3 kids. and being mom, she wont dare to complain that she's too old for 'grandchild' sitting anymore.

I ended up asking Zuni, the youngest sister to get me a maid. It was so quick, and after a few days she told me the agent called saying that there are 3 indonesian maids coming in the next week. I was about to handle everything on my own, when i remember I still have my other siblings, and being a good sister (rolling eyes), i informed my decision to my brother. and then the brother put up a post in our family group in FB, asking whether everybody would  agree to take a maid for the parents. We had a consensus right after that, but Zura never responded to the post.
so, we thought she might be offended of our decision since she has decided not to take any maid since the last tragic incident. But i still feel, she should not let my mom to take care of the kids.. I mean my mom has been taking care of us the siblings when she was younger, and she should not take any other responsibilities now she's older. When it comes to your kids, please do not burden your mom any more. She had enough already,and now it is the time that we should takecare of our own kids, and not relying on our parents anymore.

Owh well, easier said than done eh. I havent gotten any kids, and its easier to condemn others when u were never been in their shoes.
Well, maybe that's why i am neither married nor having kids. So that, I would not burden my parents with my kids, if i had one.
Ok.. i am ranting now.. lol

I have to start doing the house chores now. Its not tat i have to do it, as this is my house, and nobody will ever bother whether its cleaned or not. but as my mom always say to me, "do it in your own sweet time, Ida"..
and being a prodigal daughter, lol.. nah.. an obdient one I would say.. I will start vacuuming the floor, one I m done with the  movie. Flashdance is on tv now. Such a good movie to go down on the memory lane..

tata peeps.