Wednesday, March 25, 2009

A retreat to BeeZee island

Seriously! I need a break! Rasa cam lama sangat dah tak cuti, cuti in the sense of balik kg. kalau stakat cootey kat TSS ni, takder maknenyerr.. setakat tukar2 channel astro sambil baring2,, tat's not my idea of a break.
recently I ve been juggling btw my working life which full of deadlines.. and paper markings and my not so well condition. Tomorrow i ll be admitted again for my 3rd cycle of Infliximab infusion. a 4 long hrs of me doing nothing while waiting for the drug to be administered inside me.
I havent started making a whole load of MCQs exam for one of the courses i taught this semester. feel like i dun have time to do all thise during my daily 8 working hrs ( but i do have time to take an hr peek into my fb plak kah kah kah, never intend to spend the whole hrs kat situ tho)
Anyway, on happier note ( happy kah?), I d be moving outta my rented flat tis coming sunday to my own tiny weeny apartment in kajang. redah je la kan, tho I ve to admit i havent renovated anything yet, but it is surely fit to be occupied, for a start. Lantak la, langsir pun tarak ( harus la tampal2 kertas suratkhabar jek kat tingkap nanti hehehe)
hmm wat else to write? ..
other than that, apart of me suffering from a few side effects due to the drug ( i think), i m still happy.. and ok...

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

She vomitted, she croaked

Last week was... ( uwahhhh).. sangat menyedihkan okay..
I was not supposed to narrate em all here.. bcos.. as much as I dun like people whining about their disappointing health condition.. I shud not do the same thing here rite! ( dengan lain perkataan, tidak baik untuk aku merungut atau berkata-kata dengan segala kejadian malang yg menimpa ku.. wite?)
but,, nak juga aku berkata-kata.. since I ve gone hru a few episodes of.... ( drum rollings)
1. renal colics ( when i typed colics, meaning, i ve gone thru it more than once... tersangat sakit okay. in chronological order:
a.Wednesday evening, while waiting for pakcik to fetch me, outta sudden i felt the pain initiated on my left waist, and it continously throbbed inside till i reached home. after an hour, lying on the bed, i managed to wake up, thinking of going to the clinic, and outta blue, the pain diasppeared.
b. Thursday evening, The smiliar pain started again at 7 pm. I managed to take my bath, washed the clothes, and after i took my dinner and painkiller, i lied down. It became worst, i know its a renal colic, bcos i ve experienced the similar pain 5 yrs ago, a week before i underwent my TKR at dat time. so, the it has ttacked me again. Vomiited for like 5 times before pakcik arrived and brought me to the clinic. ( ok ini part yg aku rasa cam nak belasah jek the doctor yg buat locum kat Klinik P*enawar tu tau!)
Masa aku masuk, dia tgh baca paper dgn bagusnya. Aku baru pas muntah untuk kali ke 6 kat toilet klinik. This is part of theconversation occured:
Makcik: Dr, I think i got a renal colic la
Dr ampeh (DA): macamana awak tau?
Makcik: Sebab saya dah pernah dapat sakit yg cam ni 5 yeras ago, and besides,my ct scan report said there are multiple renal calculi inside my left kidney.
DA : So apasal dia org tak buat apa2
Makcik ; (sambail tahan sakit) bcos they did the ct scan for my endometriosis
DA ( membebel panjang lebar) sambil masih baca paper
Makcik: So can u give me the injection to reduce this pain
DA: Membebel tak abis lagik
Makcik: Boleh tak dr? saya dah tak tahan sakit ni
DA: ok, boleh but mungkin bukan kidney stone, mungkin muscles ( he pronounced it as muzzles)yang buat aku terkebil2 tak paham
Makcik: can u give me the injection NOW dr?
DA: maih dengan 'muzzles" dia sambil duk baca paper lagik. pas tu bagi instruction yg tah hapa2 kat aku.. sedangkan aku dah siap baring kat atas katil dah
Makcik : so pissed off at dat time
DA : ok saya bagi buscopan?
Makcik : (dalam ati : wat? gila apa nak bagi aku anti-spasmodic.. aku dah cakap ni bukan muscle spasm.. bagi la voltaren ke weiiii).. hm ok la ( wutever)
after for like 5 mins, dia injek aku wh buscopan, (yg dapat aku rasa, it wont give any effect to me)
DA: so balik nanti meniarap, pas tu letak airbatu kat pinggang bla bla bla
i went back home, did as he instructed, and as predicted, that buscopan didnt give any effect to me. I vomiited for like a few times more. siap2 menggelupu atas katil sbb tak tahan sakit ( boleh imagine tak? ).. not a pretty sight i must say.
at 11, we decided to go to A&E hospital serdang. tu pun aku rasa cam lama sgt nak sampainya.. sampai sana jek, aku paksa adik kat registration to attend aku dulu. terus dia antar aku kat dalam. masa baring kat atas katil tu, terasa lama sangat dengan aku yg pegang plastik in case aku muntah yg kali ke berapa dah. so they put me on a drip, and then since i cantake tramal, so they injceted me with voltaren sajork. after 10 mins, ( lama skit sbb my level of pain tu kira dah level 8 outta 10), the pain was decresing slowly. after getting my blod and urine and xray result, they discharged me at 3 am.
c. hari jumaat aku ok sajork. Since dapat mc, aku pi opis jap ptg tu nak ambik buku untuk finsihing school aku. stomach muscles aku tersangat sakit disebabkan gerakan yg terover masa muntah pada malam sebelumnya. suapar aku terus ilang jugak
d. saturday, aku ada FS, so dengan suara yg sgt merdu, aku mengfasilitasi kan bebudak tu , and at 4.30 pm, tetiba aku rasa sakit tu dtg balik.. haaa sudahhhh.
ambik another pain killer, kul 5.30 abis jek sakit makin menjadi2 lak.. jadi sebelum terngadah, aku pi klinik P*enawar tu lagi for anthr voltaren jab. Check dulu sapa dr bertugas, tobat aku taknak masuk kalau dr yg sama cam malam tu ada.. nasib baik dr lain. Dr ni mmg dah selalu aku jumpa.. so he kinda knows me la. When i narrate that nite incidence, terusdia cakap sambil geleng kepala.. "eh tak cukup ngan buscopan, mana boleh bagik tu saja... renal colic ni mmg sakit.... "
See. dia sangat memahami.,..
e. Ahad, aku siap2 ambik another voltaren tablet sebelum kul 4.30. so bila balik rumah, terasa sakit skit dah, cepat2 ambik another voltaren. nasib baik the pain ease away after an hour
f. Isnin, bangun dgn sakit matanya on the left side ( tatau kenapa) and batuk2 yg mengokol2 now. Took one tab at 1 pm and at 7pm dia start sakit balik. terus ambil another tab, anthr panadol actifast and off to bed. around 10 pm baru la dia betul2 ilang.
and today... im at work. have taken one tab at 1.30 pm just now.. i know the trick now. sebelum dia sakit atau rasa sakit skkit2, terus ambil ubat.. tapi tu la.. i m now so so relying on painkillers. baru jek steroid free... cett
well... thinking of going to urologist earliest next week. sangat sibuk tis week with tests etc. besides hospital serdang only have visiting urologist which is actually from KL. and I have asked them to give me ther referral letter to HUKM, senang, all my medical history kat sana..
owh well... tata

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

and today..and also 2 days ago..

terasa sangat letih...
ok.. i was a bit hyperactive rite after i ve been put on my 2nd cycle infusion..
and i have stopped taking my usual daily dose of steroid yeay! am tapering it down to half of the dose now.. hopefully i d be able to stop it totally in a week time..
well anthr symptom came up... anyway..
I m beginning to feel nauseous once in a while now.. ( not sure whether it's from the post effect of this infliximab).. ( written 2 days ago)
and as today..
life's not been as hectic as before tho.. well.. on n off actually. This weekend I ll have another finishing school at FEP. ( and i ll have anothr extra money for the new house heheh)
SIRIM audit ended yesterday. and I was one of the auditee. The auditor is actually my junior from MRSM and also UKM. So meeting her was like.. owww! ( and i have things in miy mind like, how much money did she get for all these audits arr, must be bundles.. wahhhh ) tetiba mode teringin nak kije kat sirim ... apakah!
Anyway.. outt sudden, i was hooked wth the FB. whilst all these while i never bothered abt all the gadgets in FB. I registered in November last year, cos I heard my sister mentioned how good it is, since she has been connected with all of her ex schoolmates/coursematess via this FB.
so one day i decided to register with the intention tofind all my x schoolmates/coursemates. Nan ado ghopanyaaa.. tho i ve been typing all their names. Nampak sgt the older batches never bothered abt this FB. Looks like I m the one who's catching up with the trend eh? ( bangga di situ)
so.. (the first para was drafted a few days ago).. I m now sitting in my room.. at half past 8, ( ill have a lecture at 12 actually), trying to figure out what hud i do wth the rest of my day? Tho there'r tonnes of works to be done... but as weeeknd is getting nearer ( takder maknonya,, as I still have to work)..
anyway, I l be moving out at the end of this month. There's still lotsa to be done, Pakcik wants to paint it again, and I m thinking of buying a new cooker hob ( for a start).. but come to think of it.. where got time to go n survey for all these la..
Ada orang tu cakap... byk masa lagi.. as if.. pbhttt! tapi aku ni kan... suka panik dulu and berasional kemudian.. and there r lotsa things that i ve neatly planned... tapiso far,.. satu pun lum menjadi lagik...haishhh...
so much for the whining..
till then