Friday, January 08, 2010

Knock.. knock

Hmm.. Its Friday.. the 2nd weekend of the year..
am spending too much money for houseehold items.. which .. on 2nd tot, I think its a need to buy em.. ( due to my lazybones syndrome).. but on anthr tot.. why am i spending like i am the Bung Mukhtar's 2nd wife (oopsss) daughter? ( motif masuk nama Bung Mukhtar kat sini? hahaha)
but then ok la.. now i have time to 'swing' while watching tv ala2 menyanyi lagu ikan kaloi.. while listening to the vacuum.. doing its work without any supervisory of the house owner... well.. its gonna be very soothing to the ears from now on without me having to sweat sampai ke ketiak.. heheh
owh well...
rather be a reader than a writer..
yes i would.. if i only could... i'd surely would..