Friday, January 15, 2021

of steamed banana and toast

 A blessed friday morning...

Dont forget to give your sadaqah today ye :)

Btw, the above title reflects  what I had for breakfast this morning...

I purchased 5 kg of pisang nipah from shopee more than a week ago (hahah yes.. i m a bit crazy about bananas nowadays), and a week before that I bought 2 kg of them and when it came.. 3/4 of them have ripened already... and yes, 2 weeks before that I bought 3 kg of plantain banana and a week before I bought 2 kg of pisang nangka.. (so now you can see how crazy I am with a series of banana purchasing episodes from shopee.. TQ SHOPEE (tetiber)

So, after waiting more than a week, bibik told that 5 pieces of those bananas have already ripened, so I told her to steam it instead of boiling it.. 

I still need to think of what I m going to do to the rest of them..haha

The nostalgic memories of having "pisang rebus" for breakfast still lingers. Many many years ago I used to see some makciks going around in the hospital wards asking us, the patients to buy them for breakfast. You see, I  ve been admitted  very early, the first time was when i was 10 y.o. At that time, as my mom was busy with my kid sisters and bak was busy with works, i ve been all alone without any guardians. The first time I was admitted for 2 weeks and fast forward, i was admitted again when i was 16 y.o. During that year, 1984, i was a frequent patient in HUSM, i even had a pet-medical student bro during that year haha. (still remember his name, Sulaiman.. he must be an established med specialist now)


so  how's your pkp episodes? 

I got a paper accepted this week,and this has demotivated me to complete other tasks for this week, hhahah 

I went to ENT on Monday, appointment to figure out my vertigo. I was diagnosed to have BPPV. and need to go for a physiotherapy 2 weeks from now ( which I dun think its necessary, now I have learned it from the youtube hahah) well we ll see about this. not to mention the quarantine state that we have in Selangor now.

till then.. still need to accomplish another paper today.. 
Next week is gonna be a hectic week thou..

Till then

P.S I m going to insert a motivational quote on the day I post my blog.. at least when He asked me what good that I ve done by posting my blog, I can answer this






Sometimes the best thing you can do is not to think, not wonder, just stay silent, sit still, just calmly breathe & have faith in Allah that every issue in your life will work out for the best

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