Friday, January 15, 2021

of steamed banana and toast

 A blessed friday morning...

Dont forget to give your sadaqah today ye :)

Btw, the above title reflects  what I had for breakfast this morning...

I purchased 5 kg of pisang nipah from shopee more than a week ago (hahah yes.. i m a bit crazy about bananas nowadays), and a week before that I bought 2 kg of them and when it came.. 3/4 of them have ripened already... and yes, 2 weeks before that I bought 3 kg of plantain banana and a week before I bought 2 kg of pisang nangka.. (so now you can see how crazy I am with a series of banana purchasing episodes from shopee.. TQ SHOPEE (tetiber)

So, after waiting more than a week, bibik told that 5 pieces of those bananas have already ripened, so I told her to steam it instead of boiling it.. 

I still need to think of what I m going to do to the rest of them..haha

The nostalgic memories of having "pisang rebus" for breakfast still lingers. Many many years ago I used to see some makciks going around in the hospital wards asking us, the patients to buy them for breakfast. You see, I  ve been admitted  very early, the first time was when i was 10 y.o. At that time, as my mom was busy with my kid sisters and bak was busy with works, i ve been all alone without any guardians. The first time I was admitted for 2 weeks and fast forward, i was admitted again when i was 16 y.o. During that year, 1984, i was a frequent patient in HUSM, i even had a pet-medical student bro during that year haha. (still remember his name, Sulaiman.. he must be an established med specialist now)


so  how's your pkp episodes? 

I got a paper accepted this week,and this has demotivated me to complete other tasks for this week, hhahah 

I went to ENT on Monday, appointment to figure out my vertigo. I was diagnosed to have BPPV. and need to go for a physiotherapy 2 weeks from now ( which I dun think its necessary, now I have learned it from the youtube hahah) well we ll see about this. not to mention the quarantine state that we have in Selangor now.

till then.. still need to accomplish another paper today.. 
Next week is gonna be a hectic week thou..

Till then

P.S I m going to insert a motivational quote on the day I post my blog.. at least when He asked me what good that I ve done by posting my blog, I can answer this






Sometimes the best thing you can do is not to think, not wonder, just stay silent, sit still, just calmly breathe & have faith in Allah that every issue in your life will work out for the best

Tuesday, January 05, 2021


 Hello 2021...

Believe it or not.. i did not post any last year.. 

I had one drafted last November but ...

NVM.. nothing to expect thou in 2021..

Working from home did make me a lazy one..

Till then

Friday, April 19, 2019


Seriously.... its been a year already since my last post??? ( surprised face inserted)
 Well.. a lot of things happened thou.. . jeng jeng

1. I went for a haj pilgrimage on 14/8 last year.. with my bff, as my companion.. and surprisingly I did survive.. walaupun masa kat Mina I think I was the most suffered person on earth hahaha..
nevertheless, with all those hardships, Allah swt still ease me as I managed to go "melontar' by myself. It was such a memorable experience, and I m beginning to miss masjidil haram and masjid nabawi more and more after that.. a new haj year is approaching, and its still a wonder I managed to survive and perform my haj with this condition of mine..

2. My niece got married in November.

3. My brother in law passed away in January 2019. and until this moment. I still weep in silence whenever his name is mentioned. he was such a kind BIL, and his death really utmostly shocked us.

4. Another niece was married last month, in March

5. Not in chronological order, I managed to get a new maid which is now still working with me rite after I came back from haj. After 2 "kabur" maids before that, the current maid is.. hmmm.. ok la beggars cant be choosers anyway.

6. I had a very high fever during raya last year. that left me "blurred" during the first and 3rd day of raya. dunno why..

Workwise... am good. had to use my veto for the postgrad yang tak gheti nak take the many chances  that I ve given. I  think I m being too lenient all these while. until I cannot take it anymore.. so bermula la a series of meroyan episodes which I feel like cursing and slapping that particular student... only I didnt do it in real lives. Alhamdulillah.. the emotion is still controllable

Frankly speaking, its been getting more and more stressful with the current working scenarios. The top people are planning to merge our department and there will be a new restructuring starting June. as a marhaen staff, we ll just follow suit, disappointment is there anyways.

well.. I guess that's all. for now

Friday, April 27, 2018

End of April...

Luckily I still remember my pw. it is so confusing sometimes as my both working and non-working emails were registered with google. so in order to activate this one I have to quit another one.. ( occay, not important thou)

Anyway, remember when I previously stated that I am undergoing a major surgery in january? owh well it was postponed to February due to a higher crp level. I then saw my Rheumy and she suggested to take another biologic which can be taken orally. I took a 3 wek trial and my crp went down drastically. So the surgery was set up to february.

 A week prior to my surgery date, I fell again... ( like againnn??? whyy whyy) .. 
I hurt my arm.. thot it was dislocated.. they sent me straight away to emergency after taking an xray. Funny thing happened, the doctors were all set up to straighten my arm.. and suddenly another ortho MO asked them " are u sure it is dislocated".. so they were all "menggelupur" and sent me for another x ray for both elbow joints to compare.. and it was ... jeng jeng jeng... NOT DISLOCATED..

so they sent me back home at 10pm, wishing me well for my elbow recovery.. haha

I came back after a week.. and my crp was found high again.. another HO clotted my blood sample so it came back to be diagnosed as low platelet count... so again.. the drs were all menggelupur again.. and asking me ridiculous question whether I had dengue or anaemia recently. I texted my rheumy and she suspected a technical error on the blood result. she asked for another test and it came normal the next day..
but.... the ortho HO still came 'menggelupur" and asked whether the hematologist did come to see me or not or which part of the joint is in pain.. I got tired of answering so I just went with their flow  to avoid the" menggelupurness" haha

Since they postpone it for the 2nd time I asked them to just set another date at the end of the year.. Ye know... not all things that we planned will be fulfilled... its up to 'Yang Di Atas" to make it actually happened..

So I was discharged  and have to reshuffle all my "full"working schedule. 
so my february. march and april went on smoothly except for a few hiccups... 

to be continued---

Wednesday, December 27, 2017


ai malas nau nak update post. muncul sesekali bulan mengambang jek kahkahakah.
so last post bulan puasa ni lagi 2-3 hari nak masuk 2018 dah.
peristiwa sepanjang 2017 ni benar2 menguji kesabaran. ujian ALLAH yang maha Esa kepada hambanya... kita terima  je la dengan redho..
Kalau nak list kan satu persatu.. sampai tahun depan pun beljum tentu abis.. jadi ...
biar lah akak simpan dalam memori 16GB ini aje kekdahnyaa..kahkahkah

Ada pun...
I ll be undergoing another hip replacement surgery in middle January. Ini adalah bersangkutan dengan Tragedi Oktober di Jakarta baru baru ni...
Nak cakap banyak pun tak guna.. pasal time tu akak tak boleh jalan sebulan setelah tersungkur macam nangka busuk betul2 depan restoran padang kat Jakarta. Adalah dekat sebulan juga akak terpaksa tido terbaring jek.

Anyhoo due to that incidence I was able to pujuk the ortho surgeons to undergo the incoming surgery. Ko mampoo patient yg pujuk dokter suruh buat operation.. bukan ke doktor ke yg selalu pujuk patients buat op? kahkahakh.. jarang anak melayu nih.. syabass betty syabbas.. hahahaha

Sebab itoo lah there is a blessing indisguise in every fall... ecehhh. kalau tidak disebabkan jatuh tersungkur hari tu... takder nya tuan dokter nak layann patient cam akak ni..
akak pun taktau la... dokter selalu cakap akak ni sakit jatuh tersungkur pun manjang happy... lalu akak menjawab/.. "dokter as a patient we need to stay positive all the time.. kan dr tengok saya depressed kan takpasal2 saya kena refer kat psychiatrist plak.. " lalu tuan dokter pun membalas "kong hajaq ko!" kahkahkah

susah jugak dapat consultant junior akak  njh.. dia cakap sepatah akak menjawab 10 patah... stress pakcik tu..

Oke lahh.. akak nak mengundur diri dulu.. ramai org dah cuti dari minggu lepas.. yang akak rajin datang opis ni pun tah apa motif. akak nak balik kg la plak esok barang sehari dua plak..

Semoga bertemu lagi di tahun depan.. time akak rajin nak mengupdate..
semoga 2018 akan memberi kebahagiaan, keinsafan dan harapan buat akak..
excuse kan bahasa2 wicet akak. yang terselit sebiik dua kat post ni..
biasa lah.. akak ni kan cepat terpengaruh.. hahaha

Bye 2017..
Be good to me 2018 kahkah (matik lah kena carut ngan pacik Shahe)

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Ramadhan kareem

5th day of Ramadhan....
Dont expect me to show off the dishes that I cooked for Ramadhan..
Nan ado ye tuan puan..
"bukan kah puasa itu sinonim dengan memperbanyakkan amalan bukannya memperbanyakkan juadah?" sarcasm di situ hahaha

lagipun puasa tu makan ala kadar jer... kalau boleh rasanya nak makan kurma jek seketul pastu minum air....
memang nak buat macam tu.. tapi hasilnya acik hypo kul 1.30 pagi terus suruh bibik buat air sirap dan pergi makan coklat hahaha..

eksen sangat ko ni makcik kann

Tapi acik memang kurang selera skit bulan puasa ni... penat la bibik kena masak sendiri sebab acik asik buka posa makan pizza je.. westernnn sangat tu

Oranglain asyik tunjuk juadah berbuka ngan anak2.. acik cuma ada anak tekak.. elok sangat la tuuu

bulan puasa tu niatnya nak jadi sebaikbaik manusia...
kalau kita tak buat orang orang yang buat kat kitakan..
elok2 acik tgh bergurau senda dgn colleague kat WA, ada pulak orang yang salah paham dengan statement pastu marah2 tak tentu pasal..
sedih pulak rasa hati.. takpe itu ujian di bulan Ramadhan
maka acik pun minta maaf dengan sekelian umat..
balik rumah stress terus demam malam tu hahahaha

manja sangat ko ni acikk..


Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Doom's (ke?) day

I am gonna have my teeth ( as in a row of teeth) extracted tomorrow. Sila pegi menangis balik pintu hahahaha.
I have to prepare my mind for a  week liquid diet starting tomorrow hu hu hu
Tak tahu lah.. kan dah 20 tahun acik tak pernah cabut gigi dengan dentist... asyik cabut sendiri je
I have to mark tomorrow's date as one of the unforgettable day in my life...

Ok... propa overloaded..